He was only doing his job for Make-A-Wish.. right??

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  1. Joey Wood

    Joey Wood

    44 minuten geleden

    After watching for a couple of day, I subbed. Y'all are genuinely funny without it seeming forced. And Jeannie is so damned adorable.

  2. Brady Ferguson

    Brady Ferguson

    15 uur geleden

    Sees shadman on Henry’s channel, nice

  3. Jerry Berglund

    Jerry Berglund

    15 uur geleden

    Remember when I was in the Swedish military and belonged to the change of guards at the royal castle in Stockholm. I coyld actually jump on to the horses back quite easy then. :-)



    15 uur geleden

    “Police forcing guy to ground for secret proposal” Henry: do you wouldn’t want that? Jeanie: yeah no.

  5. Chronic Tinnitus Z

    Chronic Tinnitus Z

    19 uur geleden

    Ok why is it from this vid on the likes drastically drop? Compared to the previous ones... NLcameras being incompetent?

  6. Nerdy_Joker


    23 uur geleden

    I'm sorry but did they call the ESTUARINE crocodile an alligator

  7. Luna Morwen

    Luna Morwen

    Dag geleden

    Why is this age restricted?

  8. VolfKami


    Dag geleden

    Going back to re-like videos cause NLcameras is being a bitch

  9. Rojj Lacuarta

    Rojj Lacuarta

    Dag geleden

    I liked this vid, I'm not a bot, I think.

  10. Acidic Garden

    Acidic Garden

    Dag geleden

    yep, my like still exists

  11. 藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke

    藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke

    Dag geleden

    Recording for 13 April 2021: 30k likes

  12. Banjo Kazooie

    Banjo Kazooie

    Dag geleden

    Just back liking the video again as NLcameras removed it

  13. Maikeru Kurosaki

    Maikeru Kurosaki

    Dag geleden

    What in the flying fuck is this age restricted for?!?!?

  14. Pandormaniac


    Dag geleden

    Gordon Ramsay is actually a really cool guy . Most of the yelling is a act.

  15. ppunion


    Dag geleden

    I'm just here to check that they are still alive after eating at that restaurant.

  16. Telogor


    Dag geleden

    "He finished dead last" No, dead last is 12th.

  17. Nicki


    2 dagen geleden

    Just wanna say real quick, at 10:40 , that is a Crocodile. That's abiiiiit too big for an Aligator, then there's the climate thing

  18. Dominic Galarosa

    Dominic Galarosa

    2 dagen geleden

    1st clip is used widely in the Ph

  19. DirectT3Ch


    2 dagen geleden

    I don't think Jeannie got the joke at the end there.

  20. Youtube test

    Youtube test

    2 dagen geleden

    i'm not gay' who else?

  21. Deathgod472


    2 dagen geleden

    when a video is age restricted but an ad still plays before the video. progress?

    • Mary Joy Gelizon

      Mary Joy Gelizon

      2 dagen geleden

      Could be yt putting ads in vids but not giving the creator anything

  22. Ol33_ 2k9

    Ol33_ 2k9

    2 dagen geleden

    13:25 The delayed WTF

  23. dappapdap


    2 dagen geleden

    The original gets removed then this one gets two warnings about inappropriate vid

  24. xaendark


    2 dagen geleden

    Hey MxR, I would really love to keep watching your videos, but google/youtube isn't smart enough to understand that Switzerland isn't part of the EU. So they try to blackmail me into sending them my personal infomation by blocking your videos under the guise of "we need to verify your age". So I'm sorry but probably many more such blocks coming in the future until the whole EU needs to switch to a new platform alltogether. Good luck to you guys.

  25. Noah Osonokwu

    Noah Osonokwu

    2 dagen geleden

    it got age restricted time to crusade

  26. RelativelyRelated64


    2 dagen geleden

    Why the fuck

  27. LonerlyMan


    3 dagen geleden

    You know it's gonna be a good video when you have to confirm that you want to watch it.

  28. Jon-Thomas McCullough-Helm

    Jon-Thomas McCullough-Helm

    3 dagen geleden

    Crocodiles are pretty chill after they eat

  29. Torres Dyer

    Torres Dyer

    3 dagen geleden

    i i i i i i i yeah no

  30. CreatureOfTheVoid


    3 dagen geleden

    wth, age restricted, like hell im givng google my CC or drivers licence lmao ... sorry guys, but its a nope

  31. Migroovin'


    3 dagen geleden

    4:43 he's going to brazil.

  32. jonathan schenck

    jonathan schenck

    3 dagen geleden

    What about a dying boy with the same wish at the other end of the hospital!? 😹😹😹

  33. Thomas Cheow

    Thomas Cheow

    3 dagen geleden

    14:44 I.....think i might help her even though I might going to jail i mean she is dying anyway 😳

  34. Chase Thompson

    Chase Thompson

    3 dagen geleden

    5:08 clearly they never raced of don't understand you can't go from your top speed and then just stop

  35. Adlan Kacak

    Adlan Kacak

    3 dagen geleden

    2:47 i`m already started to hear he scream "you idiot sandwich!"

  36. Çınar Varlık

    Çınar Varlık

    3 dagen geleden

    This video is so dirty there is no recommended section under it.

  37. Galaxyman1233


    3 dagen geleden

    He was transferring fuel or something so he had to cut it off first before trying to stop the fire

  38. Ayoni02 The Bad Gamer

    Ayoni02 The Bad Gamer

    3 dagen geleden

    0:37 their faces Perfect wtf faces

  39. Skipper


    3 dagen geleden

    Why promote Chinese propaganda?

  40. Mattari


    4 dagen geleden

    With the fire, I think he was turning off fuel mains so the fire didn't become a bomb instead. Fantastic save though, dang.

  41. Izaiah Cooks

    Izaiah Cooks

    4 dagen geleden

    Just wanna ask who made the comic at the end

  42. Kevin Sullivan

    Kevin Sullivan

    4 dagen geleden

    11:30 Didn't anyone play that computer game where you had to box off the ball? Nobody? Oh, OK. I'll go boomer somewhere else then...

  43. Oliver JUSTICE

    Oliver JUSTICE

    4 dagen geleden

    why does youtube say that thisis age restricted i cant watch it and my email im 21

  44. Kéan Dominick

    Kéan Dominick

    4 dagen geleden

    Gonna be honest I skipped all the way to end of the video to see the end of that comic strip

  45. Bladeless13


    4 dagen geleden

    aghhhhh age restricted. :C cant watch ffs

  46. Wage Robot

    Wage Robot

    4 dagen geleden

    my wish is for more funny videos Jeannie can definitely grant that wish

  47. CristalCody


    4 dagen geleden

    Jeannie i already told you to stop yawning :reeee: !

  48. Michael Reinert

    Michael Reinert

    4 dagen geleden


  49. Birki gts

    Birki gts

    4 dagen geleden

    Humans weigh more than dogs and have longer limbs. So we're easier to break.

  50. redegal


    4 dagen geleden

    well i got question was it henry or youtube that put the age restriction on the video because i can't see the video and i'm 18 so yeah youtube is a bitch sometimes

  51. Zany Jumper

    Zany Jumper

    4 dagen geleden

    12:37 this is America what would you expect, 2nd amendment ring any bells, oh wait y’all are Californians that think the cops will help you with a home invasion

  52. catblanket the original

    catblanket the original

    4 dagen geleden

    halfway henry pc was trying to esend

  53. uniformcrown3043


    4 dagen geleden

    i agree with the make a wish kid

  54. moniek pl

    moniek pl

    5 dagen geleden


  55. Noah McK Gray

    Noah McK Gray

    5 dagen geleden

    Thumbnail ruined it. Atleast you can fish out some fucked up ppl.

  56. Rob Konkol

    Rob Konkol

    5 dagen geleden

    14:31 if you know the full line than you know that is the perfect line for that situation

  57. GentlemenGhidorah


    5 dagen geleden

    Why do you cover Shadman comics? I've seen this multiple times and you always seem to be so surprised.

  58. Rin Takamishi

    Rin Takamishi

    5 dagen geleden

    Explain the Turkey logic

  59. Runner Lotus

    Runner Lotus

    5 dagen geleden

    He had to cut the fuel source before extinguishing the fire otherwise it’ll continue to burn and possibly back feed to the tank and cause an explosion

  60. Yellow head

    Yellow head

    5 dagen geleden

    It's aged restricted Nice

  61. Weston Mercer

    Weston Mercer

    5 dagen geleden

    but your jeannie lol

  62. N0diggityN0doubt


    5 dagen geleden

    This video may be inappropriate for some users.

  63. TTV_XxX_yyramenkingyy_XxX_TTV


    5 dagen geleden

    how is this shit still up from the thumbnail alone

  64. Treb


    5 dagen geleden

    "Why didn't he go for that first?" To stop the spill of flammable fluid first?

  65. Jean-Paul Audette

    Jean-Paul Audette

    5 dagen geleden

    I once caught a magical wish-granting fish, who told me the only thing I couldn't wish for was more wishes. So I wished for more magic fish.

  66. ForemostCrab7


    5 dagen geleden

    Jeannie, Henry, have you Ever tried to stop runing when you are sprinting for your damn life? I get you've been watching too much anime or cartoons, but you Don't just come to a screeshing halt when you try to stop at that speed. You need to run slower and slower until you can stop, cause if you try to plant your feet square into the ground at That speed, you will end up eating the ground in the next second.

  67. Edogawa Conan

    Edogawa Conan

    5 dagen geleden

    Please react to Dashiegames

  68. pain


    5 dagen geleden


  69. DsimXD


    5 dagen geleden

    It pisses me off that Shad is the face of Rule 34 because there are WAY better people than him in that community



    5 dagen geleden


  71. Jack and Jeff Hardy

    Jack and Jeff Hardy

    5 dagen geleden

    2:39 i bet he did that when he still had his hand also, perhaps a dog ate it?

  72. Gra'nz III

    Gra'nz III

    5 dagen geleden

    For 5 fucking minutes I thought Henry's phone was a big ass Hershey's bar.

  73. Gra'nz III

    Gra'nz III

    5 dagen geleden

    "What determines the car to move back forward?" Me: "Autobots."

  74. Gra'nz III

    Gra'nz III

    5 dagen geleden

    After watching dogos fall down stairs and a turkey get lodged in the grill of a car I feel we need an animal durability tier list so I can get some sleep at night and not freak out if I ever get a dog and it runs and slides on the linoleum and crashes into a wall.

  75. Gra'nz III

    Gra'nz III

    5 dagen geleden

    That is a crocodile, Miss!

  76. Eight Bacon

    Eight Bacon

    5 dagen geleden

    *Is my computer ok*......*bah* computer explodes

  77. Random Traveler

    Random Traveler

    5 dagen geleden

    Is it bad that I already know the comics from *that* artist(You know the one...) _way_ ahead of watching these videos?

  78. Brotherkiller17


    5 dagen geleden

    R/technicallythetrue r/cursedcomment?

  79. Doubting Rich

    Doubting Rich

    5 dagen geleden

    It's a crocodile. They don't have zebras in Florida.

  80. The Smurfy18 archive

    The Smurfy18 archive

    5 dagen geleden

    14:43 Bruh

  81. Jace Beacham

    Jace Beacham

    5 dagen geleden

    That giraffe says I grant your death by snoo snoo

  82. Captain Juno

    Captain Juno

    5 dagen geleden

    Gordon : "This egg is fuc_ing RAW"

  83. Little WitchE

    Little WitchE

    5 dagen geleden

    I came from twitter Bad NLcameras Content account lmao

  84. jimmyju76


    5 dagen geleden

    But you're a jeannie

  85. Monkeyism’s Huge Simp

    Monkeyism’s Huge Simp

    5 dagen geleden

    Wtf...Wtf......WHAAAAT THE FUUUUUUUCK??????

  86. KrKyoutube


    5 dagen geleden

    Is this video on another platform ??? NLcameras just couple of weeks ago started to demand me for age vertification and wants me to freely relinquish my most important document to their power (take an image of my document eughter birth sertificate or passport and send it to them), and wiving up my identity so anyone who works in google or hacks their actually not secure systems can imitate or completly take over my life! They started messing with content creators some time ago, now (started with so called child content that most of it that's auto marked as it is not) and now they are mass unsubing user subbs(started just over a week ago) and finally age restricting accounts that are close to the age that the restrictions passing age must be for a person. My account is something like 14 years old, i do not think that 4 year old was able to creat google account and reading forein language! Also my google account is over 18 years old that my youtube account is attached with! SO GOOGLE FIX IT !!!!! It there can be class action lawsuits as facebook is constantly getting and paying billions !!

  87. xaendark


    5 dagen geleden

    Can't watch it because youtube wants to obtain my ID or creditcard info. Horribly annoying.

  88. thecommonvoice


    5 dagen geleden

    4:17 me trying to find a way to escape my family lulz

  89. Herman The Brawler

    Herman The Brawler

    5 dagen geleden

    No, the guy fufilling the girls wish was not a villain, and if he was? Then sue me, wait not that's the opposite of the point I'm tryin to make

  90. Abhishek Dixit

    Abhishek Dixit

    5 dagen geleden

    that noise from the pc was your fan nothing else. had something similar happen to me

  91. jessy koster

    jessy koster

    5 dagen geleden

    Henry finally got to the point that adults are warned that his videos are inappropriate when they click on them.

  92. servant itona

    servant itona

    5 dagen geleden

    sauce '

  93. Alukard TheDeathknight

    Alukard TheDeathknight

    5 dagen geleden

    Hahaha aaaaah 😂

  94. Andrew Yonemura

    Andrew Yonemura

    6 dagen geleden


  95. LordofMojang


    6 dagen geleden

    Loved the last minute joke 🤣

  96. SamisBored


    6 dagen geleden

    I love how Henry's like taking notes during the proposal like yes,no....maybe..?

  97. JorBur3


    6 dagen geleden

    At 6:33 I’m pretty sure he was turning off the valves on that truck so that fire didn’t spread to it and cause an explosion. Which is why he didn’t go for the fire extinguisher first

  98. Adam Tunick

    Adam Tunick

    6 dagen geleden

    I would love to see a whole video of reactions to Shadbase comics.

  99. azombie8mybaby


    6 dagen geleden

    13:10 a former priest at the church my parents used to go to did this... Only instead of a turkey it was a Native American man... And he drove home with him sticking out of his windshield... And then called an auto glass company to fix the window... And then the auto glass guy showed up and the Native American man was still alive and still stuck in the he called 911...and then the Native American man died on route to the hospital...and the priest never went to jail. So yeah... lucky turkey.

  100. Miguel Lopez

    Miguel Lopez

    6 dagen geleden

    But you’re a genie