Last Gymnast To Fall from a Handstand Wins '£1000'

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  1. Amy Corallo

    Amy Corallo

    2 dagen geleden

    Absolutely love Ash! Damn that strength though! ❤️ 💪

  2. Jessica Gray

    Jessica Gray

    8 dagen geleden

    Your birthday is 2 days before mine

  3. Sofia MANCINI

    Sofia MANCINI

    Maand geleden

    You have the same birthday as me

  4. Ayema Eyalit

    Ayema Eyalit

    2 maanden geleden

    Emily is so strong

  5. MyFlexibilityChallenges


    2 maanden geleden

    How did you add that timer to your video when you did the handstand?

  6. VToM


    3 maanden geleden

    Im jelaous of that friendship what you all have. I wish for me friends like you guys are..

  7. Phones PG3D YT

    Phones PG3D YT

    3 maanden geleden

    A thausand eauros

  8. TheGhostof Versailles

    TheGhostof Versailles

    3 maanden geleden

    Is 1000 lb like 10 dollars US?

  9. Agustina Castellano

    Agustina Castellano

    3 maanden geleden

    4:39 you can literally see where all their blood is going is insane

  10. XPM3gaCr0w


    3 maanden geleden

    Your beatiful😍 it' s a prank 😂😂😂😂 your video is beatiful

  11. Truth Bomb

    Truth Bomb

    3 maanden geleden

    GREAT VID!!!

  12. Grateful Pianist

    Grateful Pianist

    3 maanden geleden

    whattt nele can hold only 108 sec, even I can do it...

  13. saggi amir

    saggi amir

    3 maanden geleden

    Ash is still a BEAST but how did he get so chubby?😭😭😭

  14. Visual Art

    Visual Art

    3 maanden geleden

    The last guy had also the real handstand position from beggining till the end.He won fair!!!!!He did not move at all,and is the most difficult way to hold it.

  15. Amelia1611


    3 maanden geleden

    Ash looks like either a munch bunch yogurt or a drumstick lolly

  16. Babby Helga

    Babby Helga

    3 maanden geleden

    Is it just me or is Emily taller than Nile? Sista's got some long-ass legs! Killin' it!

  17. Destany ferrara

    Destany ferrara

    3 maanden geleden

    I love how Nile went from 'whats my birthday?' to 'How many metals did I..' 🤣 I would've been so fkn lost. 🚀

    • Destany ferrara

      Destany ferrara

      3 maanden geleden

      The switch up was so quick 😆

  18. Caitlin Mckissock

    Caitlin Mckissock

    4 maanden geleden

    The editing on this video 😂🔥

  19. A big bucket of chicken nuggies

    A big bucket of chicken nuggies

    4 maanden geleden

    My best is 4 minutes. You just have to breath and not think about the handstand, maybe think about some exciting stuff that may happen. Also watch podcasts xD

  20. Emilia No wag

    Emilia No wag

    4 maanden geleden

    it was my birthday on 27 of november and i live in london

  21. Dara Cubin

    Dara Cubin

    4 maanden geleden

    I think I've missed something... Emily's your girlfriend????? Yep I've missed something...

  22. Lianeth Alberda

    Lianeth Alberda

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash is the best😍

  23. Nolan Herring

    Nolan Herring

    4 maanden geleden

    Dude. Tom Holland would be an absolutely epic video. Hope you will be able to get him on.

  24. Crystal Waters

    Crystal Waters

    4 maanden geleden

    I like these vlogs but i did think the content would improve with them in this house but it’s been pretty boring. Hoping it gets better now the lockdown is finished

  25. Marc-Antoine Lajeunesse Rousseau

    Marc-Antoine Lajeunesse Rousseau

    4 maanden geleden

    11:56 song ?

  26. Mo Tam

    Mo Tam

    4 maanden geleden


  27. Darren Price

    Darren Price

    4 maanden geleden

    The shorty fat bloke cracks me up

  28. muscledog666


    4 maanden geleden

    Oops she fell :)

  29. Tan Chu

    Tan Chu

    4 maanden geleden

    Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

  30. Ivy Evers

    Ivy Evers

    4 maanden geleden

    the comment section reassures me that im not the only one high key crushing on Ash

  31. rebuz87


    4 maanden geleden

    Champange drunk is universally the "Best Drunk". Even I got that one.

  32. Thuy Thu

    Thuy Thu

    4 maanden geleden


  33. Op Wau

    Op Wau

    4 maanden geleden

    Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

  34. Thi Tan

    Thi Tan

    4 maanden geleden


  35. Ca Thu

    Ca Thu

    4 maanden geleden

    1:40 dog: help my please

  36. Day Tha

    Day Tha

    4 maanden geleden

    I love this movie.

  37. Ko Kem

    Ko Kem

    4 maanden geleden

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  38. Ma Nha

    Ma Nha

    4 maanden geleden

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  39. Renaissance Venus

    Renaissance Venus

    4 maanden geleden

    Emily is a beast!

  40. Thi Tan

    Thi Tan

    4 maanden geleden

    Que Dios nos perdone.

  41. Eve h

    Eve h

    4 maanden geleden

    11:18 ✊

  42. Eleanor Mayerfeld

    Eleanor Mayerfeld

    4 maanden geleden

    Please collab with Nikita Nagorniy!

  43. Kasia Dusik

    Kasia Dusik

    4 maanden geleden

    how come Nile stood longer in a normal handstand 4 months ago on Rybka twins video than now against the wall?? Something is not summing up :D

  44. emily Stent

    emily Stent

    4 maanden geleden

    I am with Emily on the handstand challenge

  45. Em Casey

    Em Casey

    4 maanden geleden

    I'm a film major and your editing really helped me get an idea of how I was going to edit my final project for this semester. I feel like editors don't get enough credit (I have a concentration in cinematography so I don't really do much of editing), but ya just thought I'd let you know and thanks

  46. Dawn brit

    Dawn brit

    4 maanden geleden

    I don't like what he has been posting lately. I'm out.

  47. Lily Catherine Macdonald

    Lily Catherine Macdonald

    4 maanden geleden

    dude gets drunk off of champagne? ;)

  48. Yazmín Garcia

    Yazmín Garcia

    4 maanden geleden

    Nile you should try Ballet pleaseee :D or you can try Capoeira it has a lot of acrobatic stuff, it's a brazilian martial art but I think you could like it :)

  49. Charlie Giddings

    Charlie Giddings

    4 maanden geleden

    Emily is my cousin

  50. Summer Duff

    Summer Duff

    4 maanden geleden

    The way nile says see ya latar yea is honestly so cute i dont even know why it just is

  51. Miss Stephanie Walker

    Miss Stephanie Walker

    4 maanden geleden

    Hey Guys! Please tell me youve seen this! Popped up on my youtube feed. You already know what yall have to do!!!! Let the ideas roll!!! Go! #paulhunt #hilarious

  52. RissaBaby 88

    RissaBaby 88

    4 maanden geleden

    You should just start making a series called ash is the best at everything 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Summer Rain

    Summer Rain

    4 maanden geleden

    I agree with the Tom Holland thing

  54. Lianna Mackie

    Lianna Mackie

    4 maanden geleden

    I’ve been watching you for ages because of the banter but my 5 year old autistic son just got accepted into male artistic gymnastics. Can’t express how proud I am. He came home from school upset because someone told him gymnastics is only for girls, I showed him some of your videos and he now idolises you, and the boys. Thank you for this content ❤️

  55. Trena Richardson

    Trena Richardson

    4 maanden geleden

    You can see the blood rush to their neck and shoulders.

  56. χρηστος Λυτρας

    χρηστος Λυτρας

    4 maanden geleden

    Yoo I swear Ash is Never Trash 😎😎🤙🏼🤟

  57. Kimberly Nava

    Kimberly Nava

    4 maanden geleden

    i love that your dad tells you to eff off about the lawn

  58. mimi park

    mimi park

    4 maanden geleden

    at 6:30 when he says got him is it just me or that does not sound like nile AT ALL I'm having a really hard time believing that's his voice

  59. Be Decent

    Be Decent

    4 maanden geleden

    Love from india ❤️

  60. ForgotMyCameraAgain


    4 maanden geleden

    Ash is always winning🤣😁 I knew your date of birth but nothing else😐

  61. Meiralora Duncan

    Meiralora Duncan

    4 maanden geleden

    Since you like making people wear a leotard I thought you might get a kick out of this video of Paul Hunt and his comedy gymnastics routine . He has many other videos on here. He is actually pretty good considering he is attempting women’s gymnastics.

  62. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon

    4 maanden geleden

    The boys win the challenge but Emily wins you 😉. Are you still training for the Olympics?

  63. Jade Hamilton

    Jade Hamilton

    4 maanden geleden

    Hi Nile Wilson, I got to your gym in dinnington and I would love if u could come on Friday just so I could see u as your my idol and I would love to meet you please

  64. Joanne Bentley

    Joanne Bentley

    4 maanden geleden

    Let's be honest we all knew who would win!! 😉

  65. Thomas McMahon

    Thomas McMahon

    4 maanden geleden

    you were born in 1996.i thought you were 21?oh wow!

  66. Thomas McMahon

    Thomas McMahon

    4 maanden geleden

    iam niles cousin , thomas, please shout me out

  67. J&T Baker

    J&T Baker

    4 maanden geleden

    Believe it or not I had faith in nile

  68. freddy sabo

    freddy sabo

    4 maanden geleden

    Nile is watching stanbrowney

  69. TCt83067695


    4 maanden geleden

    What does the thumbnail spell?

  70. Kirk Hudson

    Kirk Hudson

    4 maanden geleden

    Ashley, keep the stache, and ignore the negative comments. And keep on winning challenges while in isolation.

  71. Pedigru


    4 maanden geleden

    Bear hugs my favorite.

  72. Savage Sam Gymnastics

    Savage Sam Gymnastics

    4 maanden geleden

    Nile what the hell happened to your handstand

  73. Abi Jayne

    Abi Jayne

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash is good at everythkmg lmao

  74. Daisey Casey

    Daisey Casey

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash is a deadset legend

  75. Omandu HUisLife

    Omandu HUisLife

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash you are legend 🙌 👏 ❤

  76. Aliccus M

    Aliccus M

    4 maanden geleden

    Anyone with the slightest resemblance to Ash can marry me. Thanks.

  77. ALBUMOF2008


    4 maanden geleden

    It’s so weird that you can see all the blood go to their shoulders/head loll

  78. Luana Gentile

    Luana Gentile

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash sure was the best but come on Emily did great

  79. Friendly_Pies


    4 maanden geleden

    I bought the merch 📦

  80. Power Avery

    Power Avery

    4 maanden geleden

    That fella does alright for fat lad

  81. Vanessa Mitchell

    Vanessa Mitchell

    4 maanden geleden

    Dang your shoulder is still lookin wonky...hope you fully recover soon Nile!

  82. Cama Dax

    Cama Dax

    4 maanden geleden

    I'm not a gymnast and I don't practice often but I can do 2 minutes hand stand straight. I expected the first person to fall wold fall after the 4th minute and above.

  83. Kira’s Journey

    Kira’s Journey

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash twerking in every vlog is the highlight- but Nile, Ash, and Luke yelling at the end of the trivia was adorable. It’s impossible to not smile and laugh while watching y’all!

  84. Anna Delport

    Anna Delport

    4 maanden geleden

    We need a Tom Holland colab

  85. Douwe Feenstra

    Douwe Feenstra

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash's a beast with the greatest spirit.

  86. re se

    re se

    4 maanden geleden

    Also, why is Ash the best at everything? He should be ref because he always wins.

    • Kirk Hudson

      Kirk Hudson

      4 maanden geleden

      Noooo, let Ashley compete, and dominate. It just makes winning for someone else that much sweeter.

  87. re se

    re se

    4 maanden geleden

    I'm here for the NLcameras Sensation. This is what we want.

  88. Petersen


    4 maanden geleden

    Love the bear 🐻!♥️♥️♥️

  89. Petersen


    4 maanden geleden

    The two circus freaks🤪🤣 stay up on the wall the longest🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Petersen


    4 maanden geleden

    Nile poking fun at Neils lawn on FaceTime classic🤣🤣🤣🤣♥️

  91. Kathy Kilpatrick

    Kathy Kilpatrick

    4 maanden geleden

    I have an Ashley crush and I can’t deny it

  92. Lisa Hamilton-Triebels

    Lisa Hamilton-Triebels

    4 maanden geleden

    Why does Ash always win everything??? Could he beat ross edgley in a challenge??

  93. Amy Haynes

    Amy Haynes

    4 maanden geleden

    Where is Ash's youtube? Yeah alright!

  94. Amy Haynes

    Amy Haynes

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash, there's something on your face and it's gotten worse!

  95. William Mauldin

    William Mauldin

    4 maanden geleden

    Compile with Magnus Midtbo or any Ninja Warrior athlete.

  96. William Mauldin

    William Mauldin

    4 maanden geleden

    Bravo, Ashley, pull up your pants.

  97. Mandy Richardson

    Mandy Richardson

    4 maanden geleden

    Ash is a Beast! 💪

  98. Row Wilson

    Row Wilson

    4 maanden geleden

    we all bloody knew who would win xDDD

  99. Susan Houmøller

    Susan Houmøller

    4 maanden geleden

    Definately one of the better vlogs 🥰 Happiness, warmth and good relations shine through, and on top of that, you have fun, laugh and are both serious and completely crazy at the same time. Me lovez ❤

  100. Michael Biggs

    Michael Biggs

    4 maanden geleden

    After Covid-19 you should collaborate with Aleksei Goloborodko. You have shown clips of him on your channel before. He is back in Russia now, but I am sure he will be back on tour with Cirque when that can happen again.