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Here's Why My Ferrari Keeps Breaking Down !

My Ferrari 360 is one troubled prancing horse, how much is it going to cost to fix this time ? Plus a Boxer update.
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  1. Tim Mantle

    Tim Mantle

    14 uur geleden

    My experience with USPS tells me that when the shipment came to the UK it did not then depart the UK again, it went to customs and this is despite what the tracking tells you. USPS tracking is misleading, I don't know why it tells you this. So, trust that it is now in UK customs clearing and it will transfer to Royal Mail before they hit you with import and handling fee.

  2. gottiducati


    17 uur geleden

    There is something to be said about not having the prettiest or show quality pieces... takes little stress off about keeping it ideal... adds to the fun factor

  3. gottiducati


    18 uur geleden

    Good luck with USPS... they are in a world of hurt... worst service of all time

  4. Brum Tastic

    Brum Tastic

    Dag geleden

    Love your videos - I keep checking back for the next update. Can't wait :D

  5. positivesecret


    2 dagen geleden

    Im poor ,,i would never treat my Ferrari that way.

  6. Jay K

    Jay K

    4 dagen geleden

    I live in Chicago and near O'Hare Intl Airport. If I can help, let me know. Otherwise, Good luck!

  7. Okey Ezeilo

    Okey Ezeilo

    4 dagen geleden

    Hey, it's a twenty year old Ferrari not a two year old Camry...

  8. mark alcock

    mark alcock

    4 dagen geleden

    I want a Testarossa convertible as a workbench too!

  9. John Jackson

    John Jackson

    4 dagen geleden

    I've fixed dozens of that style of starter motors. You needed to replace the 2 L shaped copper contacts in the solenoid and buff the plunger contact area. Never had one come back.

    • Ratarossa


      4 dagen geleden

      Thanks buddy

  10. Stephen Wrigglesworth

    Stephen Wrigglesworth

    4 dagen geleden

    Love your work

  11. glenn arnold

    glenn arnold

    4 dagen geleden

    hey have you heard anymore about your nicked tool roll from the ferrari

  12. Jerry Hawk

    Jerry Hawk

    5 dagen geleden

    If it was me I would have just bought a new starter

  13. Future Classics

    Future Classics

    5 dagen geleden

    A man after my own heart. If I had a Ferrari I'd work on it on the drive too

  14. Rodger Johnson

    Rodger Johnson

    5 dagen geleden

    My 575M has been trouble free for the last 9 years.

  15. Mr G

    Mr G

    5 dagen geleden

    Would it be possible to make a wiring loom/extension and move the ecus inside the cabin?

  16. Redneck


    6 dagen geleden

    This guy is a hard worker for a British guy.

  17. Phil Daniel

    Phil Daniel

    6 dagen geleden

    Next video ?

  18. Jeremy Saunders

    Jeremy Saunders

    6 dagen geleden

    The way I see it if you got shit loads of money to throw away buy a Ferrari, and become a mechanic 🧰.

  19. Howard Swing

    Howard Swing

    7 dagen geleden

    What a big waste of time and monies FERRARIS SUCK

  20. Maarten Rijsdijk

    Maarten Rijsdijk

    7 dagen geleden

    It looks more like a junkyard than a sportscar workshop. It hurts my eyes.

    • positivesecret


      2 dagen geleden

      Im poor ,,i would never treat my Ferrari that way.

  21. MegaSKAGGS


    7 dagen geleden

    Has made it possible for people to attempt repairs on so called super cars... Really impressive to be honest

  22. mfennell70


    7 dagen geleden

    When we did the mounts on my friend's 10k mile 430, the rubber was broken on both of them! Same part as 360, way more power.

  23. Body-kitted 316-shed

    Body-kitted 316-shed

    7 dagen geleden

    Couriers losing parts is a nightmare. Don't ever use Parcel Hero as they make it as difficult as possible to search and refuse to allow calls or easy contact. They've lost my wheels and tyres!

  24. Antony Griffiths

    Antony Griffiths

    8 dagen geleden

    For goodness sake... Why don’t you actually finish a project... Fix all the faults, including start buttons and carpets, etc. Then start another Ferrari project.... You’re just another gunna... Gunna do this and gunna do that... Be a finisher!

  25. alan bullock

    alan bullock

    8 dagen geleden

    I was on the Nurburgring about ten years ago ,where you there with two other 360 ?

  26. Oliver Hodgetts

    Oliver Hodgetts

    8 dagen geleden

    If the starter packs up completely mate give me a shout. I've got a fully working one spare

  27. flyingvengeance


    8 dagen geleden

    Love how the Testarossa is basically a work bench and just gets crap sprayed all over it. :-) Doing the best with the space you have though which is great. Thanks for the videos.

  28. DubTech Tv

    DubTech Tv

    8 dagen geleden

    Bring her to Barkaways, we will fix her for you 🤙

  29. Day Rosenberg

    Day Rosenberg

    8 dagen geleden

    I had the same issue with USPS, however this is the number to speak to a HUMAN (US) 1 800 222 1811. If it is a long hold they will call you back, they did for me twice. Also, take the claim number it gets everything moving a lot faster, it is different than an insurance claim number. My package showed up 4 weeks late, Good Luck!!

  30. Ordinaryavg.guy


    8 dagen geleden

    Here's an idea. Instead of pulling off the rear valance. Use a floor jack to jack up the car, put some jack stands under the car and access the starter from underneath the car. It's less labor intensive and quicker.

    • Ordinaryavg.guy


      8 dagen geleden

      @Ratarossa Ah, so they make it complicated like every other car manufacturer.

    • Ratarossa


      8 dagen geleden

      Impossible the undertray needs to come off the car which requires the removal of the rear bumper... nice idea though in theory

  31. John Matarazzo

    John Matarazzo

    8 dagen geleden

    It was determined that it had contracted covid

  32. Vincent Agius

    Vincent Agius

    8 dagen geleden

    Nice to see you calling your 360 a 360 for a change. Fair play all the effort that you’ve gone to with sourcing parts etc., but ultimately it isn’t a stradale. Just like any other brand of car where people add parts to improve what they have, it’ll never truly be one unless it left the factory that way. Audi S versions made to RS never really be an RS. Or old school Ford’s made to be a Cosworth. Keep up the good work though. Love the way you get stuck in and nothing bothers you.

  33. Arno Dyck

    Arno Dyck

    9 dagen geleden

    You did well by cleaning and lubing everything up but you left the parts alone that actually cause the problem on those. I used to get new contacts for about $5 here in Canada. Lots of Toyotas have those starters and usually there's a click and nothing else. If it's dead quiet, often the brushes are bad and the pull in winding is not getting a connection. I couldn't actually see the condition of the brushes from your camera angle.

  34. bergi85


    9 dagen geleden

    USPS has been slammed. Especially things in the East coast. Anytime anything of mine goes through the New Jersey hub it is alway at least 10 days late coming out West.

  35. Laurens Nieuwland

    Laurens Nieuwland

    9 dagen geleden

    Hi dude, I know that it isn't a Ferrari, but the Lancia Beta from the Top Gear Botswana special has been rediscovered and the owner is looking for someone to do something about the sorry state it's in. Might be something up your alley?

  36. gliddofglood


    9 dagen geleden

    The US Postal Service is more broken than your Ferraris. My Christmas cards took a month to arrive. That's airmail, not boat (at least, that's what I paid for). I think your parts got caught up in Trump's (failed) election strategy.

  37. Peter Dodd

    Peter Dodd

    9 dagen geleden

    Put heat proof tape over the ecu's this will divert the heat away from the ecu body which I can only presume as a massive portion of its circuit board attached to a heat sink to absorb the heat that the circuit generates alone

  38. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

    9 dagen geleden

    Hey dude, no new vids on the bbi yet? Or am i being impatient lol?

  39. Kai Ulrich

    Kai Ulrich

    9 dagen geleden

    How about a lifting ramp.

  40. Kai Ulrich

    Kai Ulrich

    9 dagen geleden

    In fact the method with the hammer was what I had to do to my first car, a beaten up VW bus back in 1983.

  41. TheIDGE


    9 dagen geleden

    Had to laugh when he pulled out the mount, I knew the new one wasn't going back in that gap :)

  42. James Dean

    James Dean

    9 dagen geleden

    Ask to speak with district manager of UPS for your late parcel.

  43. James Dean

    James Dean

    9 dagen geleden

    Italian super car that won't turn over?

  44. MOE


    9 dagen geleden

    Good luck with USPS. I live in the US and just got a utility bill that was due a month ago. They dropped all shipments to process that farce of a mail in ballots for the election. Be patient. They will get to it.

  45. True Tech

    True Tech

    9 dagen geleden

    Those are very low sitting cars. You could easily bolt up a double lift made just for your tiny garage, then you'd get 4 of em kept in climate controlled collectable condition, thus making you extremely happy with your purchase. It would look pretty groovy wouldn't it?

    • Ratarossa


      9 dagen geleden

      I did measure up to see if that was possible but couldn’t find a lift that was small enough to lift ... but yes that would be awesome

  46. Bg1


    9 dagen geleden

    Avoid usps when you can

  47. steffydog1


    9 dagen geleden

    Always a great watch, thanks.

  48. e_ski e

    e_ski e

    10 dagen geleden

    The US postoffice is the worst. We here in America never use them.

  49. Carl hall

    Carl hall

    10 dagen geleden

    Always try and use Fedex from the US, I use Rockauto for my Jeep parts with Fedex shipping taking 3 days from ordering to my door!

  50. BOBXFILES2374a


    10 dagen geleden

    You're a wild man, sir! My hat's off to you!

  51. BOBXFILES2374a


    10 dagen geleden

    Uh, if you remove the engine mounts (which hold up the engine) isn't it going to fall on your HEAD?????

  52. BOBXFILES2374a


    10 dagen geleden

    Interesting. I would have said "dead battery." I've never seen someone whack the starter and have it actually work! Good engineering, putting it where all the road dirt and grime can get to it. Good job, Enzo!

  53. J.A.M


    10 dagen geleden

    Wtf... are you kidding??? Couple taps with the mallet and it started !? Crazzzzzy ! LoL 👏👏

  54. MG John

    MG John

    10 dagen geleden

    Really enjoy DIYer spannering like this on YT be it on something exotic like a Ferrari or something more humble like a Ford or old Rover. Keep up the good work. One question, with your time saving Time-lapse stuff, what setting do you use? ... about ten seconds I would guess from watching your footage. Impressive attention to details when giving the Starter Motor a severe dose of TLC. Makes a BIG difference. Been doing much the same since I bought my first car as a teenager many moons ago. Learned early that taking your time and being thorough with cleaning etc during stripping and reassembly pays dividends. Friends and relatives accuse me of being "lucky" with my cars reliability but, as you most certainly know, there's more to it than pure luck. Looking forward to more of the same now a subscriber.

  55. Steward Reed

    Steward Reed

    10 dagen geleden

    Get the actual physical address and phone number of the local post office and call the postmaster

  56. lowfinger


    10 dagen geleden

    When Im spraying switch cleaner I move it away from the bench so it dribbles on the floor and my bench is just a bench !

  57. Filippo Pages

    Filippo Pages

    10 dagen geleden

    man your videos are simply great! cheers from Italy!

  58. Tom Blatch

    Tom Blatch

    10 dagen geleden drive vid once the work was done?! - that's always a nice way to end. Still, love the content Scott and always love the driveway ferrari fettling.

  59. Fufu


    10 dagen geleden

    Tem algum Brasileiro indiquinado em ve esse cara usar o capô do carro como mesa de apoio de ferramentas e peças ?

  60. Thomas Rossi

    Thomas Rossi

    10 dagen geleden

    Ahh, those startups & quick shut downs make me cringe!

  61. JDcarguy


    10 dagen geleden

    I keep checking daily for progress on the 512 restoration, I know you're waiting for parts to arrive, I hope they come soon, many of us are waiting, good luck

  62. Brian Warner

    Brian Warner

    10 dagen geleden

    Hey bro its not a solenoid thing its called a Bendix. Learn what your working on and the proper Verbage otherwise you sound like a dope as you do.

  63. Rs Rick

    Rs Rick

    10 dagen geleden

    It’s nice too see a car being used instead of being a Garege queen👍

  64. Matt Fritch

    Matt Fritch

    10 dagen geleden

    How cool is it to use a Testarossa as a work bench? Living the life!

  65. Matt S

    Matt S

    10 dagen geleden

    That's a nice Ferrari workbench you've got there!



    10 dagen geleden

    Very good job, keep it up! 👍

  67. Muhammad Afif

    Muhammad Afif

    10 dagen geleden

    Testarossa as a workbench... Damn...

  68. trevor morgan

    trevor morgan

    10 dagen geleden

    WHY DID he not just put in gear and rock

    • Ratarossa


      10 dagen geleden

      Tried it but with the F1 System its not that simple

  69. Stephen300o


    10 dagen geleden

    Due to buying the least cared for cars you can find.

  70. Mr Watto

    Mr Watto

    10 dagen geleden

    The problems in today's world...... and what Ferrari to play, men's fix on the day?? 😏🙂

  71. carlos Nuno cardoso

    carlos Nuno cardoso

    10 dagen geleden

    You need a bigger garage mate

  72. Dumi Phama

    Dumi Phama

    11 dagen geleden

    he actually gets more done than Tarvarish. That guy would talk for half the video about random crap and show you all 30 of his current projects that he will never finish before actually fixing his car in the captions. Lol

  73. Tumbleweed Lights

    Tumbleweed Lights

    11 dagen geleden

    hah, just like a Fiat. Fiat tool number one is a big hammer. Tool number two is a bigger hammer.

  74. Iris C

    Iris C

    11 dagen geleden

    U're prob ... is believing the fezza fairytale Everything pre 458 /488 was purely build as an auction investment "sculpture" to fund enzo's racing addiction they break down just by looking at them ! fezza is/was Pure mafia !!! as in lieing cheating bribing and blackmailing they're cars to the top of every car test just ask Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Harris, they got banned from testing fezza's just because they told the thruth !!!

  75. CarGuy66


    11 dagen geleden

    Have ABCARBON redo the carbon work. He's amazing! check his IG.

  76. Karpie Dewlap

    Karpie Dewlap

    11 dagen geleden

    Nice work bench😂

  77. Stefan Czechorski DDS

    Stefan Czechorski DDS

    11 dagen geleden

    Love it...... a Japanese starter on a Italian Super car! It was really great how you could service it as well. I'm in the USA, And can confirm that there has been some slow deliveries lately -even here in the States . What I had to do was go to the post office with the tracking number and the person at the counter ran a very detailed tracking scan for me; they are helpful , but as you indicated you must be there in person (no phone calls) . (you can't , But I could) , Now, to be clear I may be only able to get more information for you, but you never know as I might be able to get it moving for you also. (???). Stefan

  78. Dudefinch


    11 dagen geleden

    All courier companies are the same these days, impossible to speak to a real person if and when they lose your parcel.

  79. Philip Cupid

    Philip Cupid

    11 dagen geleden

    You are the real deal Scott!! The best Ferrari video diy channel ever mate! Big hello from Zug Switzerland - Cheers! Just love the Boxer and Stradale builds!!

  80. Neil Cowie

    Neil Cowie

    11 dagen geleden

    Very insightful. Impressed how how Ratarossa does't mess around and gets stuck in.

  81. William 13

    William 13

    11 dagen geleden

    F1 system should be FI system?

  82. Rob Leopold

    Rob Leopold

    11 dagen geleden

    Don't we all use old Ferraris for a workbench?

  83. Mr. Adventure

    Mr. Adventure

    11 dagen geleden

    I'm not all that impressed with Ferrari.

  84. Jerry Earley

    Jerry Earley

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you for this video!!! Your Subsciber over here from Los Angeles California U.S!! I've own a 81 Ferrari 400i in past some times I wan't to buy another one but scared!!

  85. Alex Manning

    Alex Manning

    11 dagen geleden

    Nice Ferrari work table!!!!

  86. Alex Manning

    Alex Manning

    11 dagen geleden

    I really enjoy these types of videos where you so how these wonderful machines work. Keep it going Ratarossa!!!!

  87. neil arnold

    neil arnold

    11 dagen geleden

    This guy is to fix Ferraris on a budget...great stuff!!

  88. mclingo


    11 dagen geleden

    You really need to take better care of these cars, the interior on this one is horrific and you are using another as a work bench, good god man...

  89. Lap of the World

    Lap of the World

    11 dagen geleden

    Lol, good old 'technical tap' on the starter. I may or may not have had to do that at a hotel to start my NSX after a severe over-night cold snap.

  90. Max Gomez

    Max Gomez

    11 dagen geleden

    some greatfuel soul can give this man a work Bench ?????

  91. Info Modenaspares

    Info Modenaspares

    11 dagen geleden

    USPS awful dhl or ups only i would use

  92. Paweł Szymański

    Paweł Szymański

    11 dagen geleden

    What a baller! He is using a back end of one of his Ferraries as a work bench :) hahahah! Mega!

  93. Matthew Youens

    Matthew Youens

    11 dagen geleden

    The denso starter motor solenoids are rebuild-able your contacts look very warn in side solenoid body, Not sure if its the same rebuild kit but the land rover TD5 starter motor rebuild kits are about 11 quid on ebay and the contacts should be the same

  94. vlodpg


    11 dagen geleden

    No workbench really? Using the tail of the white car as a bench!

  95. Pete Lunn

    Pete Lunn

    11 dagen geleden

    You might not get your parts from outside the UK. On Jan 1st the rules changed for import VAT. If a foreign company is selling to someone in the UK they have to VAT register with the UK government, collect the VAT at point of sale and pay it to the UK Government. Whereas all they used to have to do was complete the customs declaration and you would be charged the VAT and pay it online when it arrived in the UK. I've had several companies mail me to say they are no longer willing to sell into the UK due to all the extra admin they now have to do.

  96. Dans VW channel

    Dans VW channel

    11 dagen geleden

    Man you need a lift in a bad way.

  97. P D

    P D

    11 dagen geleden

    Most unorganised work I have ever seen. Uses a Ferrari Testarossa as a work bench and spray solvents on the paint. Admire his attacking the work but he would be better off organising his garage and build a collapsible work bench.

  98. Krule World

    Krule World

    11 dagen geleden

    Advantages of a ratty ferrari: 1. work bench 2. storage 3. spare parts bin

  99. Jacques Raymond

    Jacques Raymond

    11 dagen geleden

    Always make me freak-out when i see you using your TESTAROSSA as a work bench. By the way... I was wondering. In the near future, instead of spending big money on another Ferrari, don't you think investing in another home with a bigger garage where you could work in better condition would be a good idea???

  100. D Burgess

    D Burgess

    11 dagen geleden

    Great vid loved it