The Billion Ant Mega Colony and the Biggest War on Earth

In nearly every corner of the Earth, ants wage war against each other. Their weapons are what nature gave them. Some have strong armour, deadly stingers or sharp mandibles. And then there is this tiny, and not very impressive ant. But it rules the biggest empire any ant has ever built. A colony spanning continents and fighting wars that leave millions of casualties. Let’s take a look at this unlikely warrioress: Linepithema humile, the Argentine ant.

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  1. K Maq

    K Maq

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    What does 6:45 mean with "1 Death/s"?

  2. Doc P

    Doc P

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    Am I the only one that thinks, that although informative.. Kurzgesagt is a show off?

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  4. Galih Riski Pratama

    Galih Riski Pratama

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    is there any game available about building this ant empire and epic war simulator about ant?

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    Greetings from Argentina, I am not an ant :)

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    M.Abd-ur-Rehman Garewal

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  8. DeadlyDanDaMan


    6 dagen geleden

    Humans have more in common with ants than we realize.

  9. Wilfredo Vazquez

    Wilfredo Vazquez

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    Empires always collapse from within, even in the animal kingdom.

  10. 6Eevee Dreamland

    6Eevee Dreamland

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    this is 10 times better that studying 'bount ww2

  11. EunJi Kim

    EunJi Kim

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    Ants are scary

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    Waldemar Marwalde

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    I, For One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords

  14. Meh Meh

    Meh Meh

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    Ant priest performs summoning ritual! *Foot of human steps across battle line, crushing a few dozen ants*

  15. Lucas Lopez

    Lucas Lopez

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  16. Niv 'Mohnd

    Niv 'Mohnd

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    It's not about food, it's about keeping those ants in line.

  17. Jörmun Gandr

    Jörmun Gandr

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    No-one: The History channel at 2am:

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    Gabriel Nicholas

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    Dio Brando

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    Argentine ants is Christopher Columbus in ant kingdom

  22. Brent Lim

    Brent Lim

    11 dagen geleden

    I hate it when ants makes their nest everywhere like that one time they made a nest on the back of my bed and on the electric beater.....but it was only about 1 day when i found them on my bed ,so they didnt really made a large nest ....but the ones that made their home on the electric egg beater oh that sh"t was a sight of was a medium sized nest and had hundreds of eggs....i was scared when i looked down on the hole and found hundreds of ants swarmed up when i poured water inside..........😑😑😑😑😑

  23. Blue Cat

    Blue Cat

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    I got it I’m not gonna say it’s OK it’s OK on crack and what is the baby oh

  24. Minn Chit

    Minn Chit

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    Imagine: If Hitler was a leader of ants.

  25. Tofiu Games

    Tofiu Games

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    Can you make a video about Warp Drive

  26. Chan Tim

    Chan Tim

    11 dagen geleden

    dear mother nature: your scaring me

  27. Zoë


    12 dagen geleden

    "Hi," said the Argentine ant super colony, eating the entire world for breakfast.

  28. chael ruiz

    chael ruiz

    12 dagen geleden

    you forgot about philippines

  29. Felix Robertsson

    Felix Robertsson

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    So uhh are these ants in Sweden?

  30. Chirayu Rabari

    Chirayu Rabari

    13 dagen geleden

    "We can make a religion out of this."

  31. NotGabriel


    14 dagen geleden

    Argentine Ants are basically the zombie apocalypse of the ant world, never ending hordes of hungry cannibalistic ants taking over the world

  32. William Anderson

    William Anderson

    14 dagen geleden

    Sounds like humans

  33. Vince


    14 dagen geleden

    Fuckers are in Oregon too. I was in a hike once we we reached a point where there was no biodiversity in the plant life and the ground was writhing with ants and in just 3 square meters, there were 7 ant hills, all 3/4m high

  34. MrSuga


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    Imagine being so bored you find my comment

  35. Aavin Abeydeera

    Aavin Abeydeera

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  36. Meme Mite

    Meme Mite

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    Viole Tovar

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    • Viole Tovar

      Viole Tovar

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  38. achik mohamad

    achik mohamad

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  40. Mr.Nugget


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    Dude thank you for making such good videos

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  43. Nick D

    Nick D

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  44. Sinking Raft

    Sinking Raft

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    Joanne McIlraith

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  51. Mobile


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    Here I thought I would be learning about biology. Currently listening to history classes, legit if I was born an ant all my classes would be history

  52. Mobile


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    This could be a game! Build your own colony! Thousands of species of ants, bullet’s, fire’s, crazy’s, leafcutter’s. All have their superior strengths, agility, stings, armour, strategy, numbers. Breed your army and scour the land for war. The choice is yours, choose wisely.

  53. Schlecht


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    Soviant Union

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    Evelynn Tran

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  57. Tristan MITCHELL [09H1]

    Tristan MITCHELL [09H1]

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    Beat maker

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    " ants will fight anyone " Me : RUN ! AND FIND A SAFE PLACE

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      Beat maker

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    • Randommations


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  63. Beat maker

    Beat maker

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    2020 : humans rule 9017 : Argentinian ants rule

  64. NameLess Hero

    NameLess Hero

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    imagine being an ant...that would be not awsome if your not a ueen somewhat youll just a pawn

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    Ant Timelapse

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    ant vs mango timelapse video here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Justin Ng

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    overlux resing

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    AGE OF EMPIRES: Ants edition

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    Dr. E Ahaghotu

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    Jeff Lee

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    i love this channel, but the biggest plegue are not six legged animals, or some flesh eathing microscopic organism or i.a but....... the human race

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    Andrzej Obrotomorda

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    Andrzej Obrotomorda

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  81. e l

    e l

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    Ants Kingdom Asia

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    I love your videos on Ants. Thanks for making them...

  83. Frosty the snow man

    Frosty the snow man

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    Deluxe Edition

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    Ignacio Manuel Aicardi

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    Debojyoti Sarkar

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    Noobie :-P

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    No wonder why ants are so backward in science and technology, we must have seen them flying in space if they weren't fighting each other every now and then. P.s. just like humans !

  93. Shaunak Nadkarni

    Shaunak Nadkarni

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  94. Fogweet S.A

    Fogweet S.A

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  95. Dexter cochran

    Dexter cochran

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    Media: "Argentine ants may be hoarding oil." *America has entered the chat* "And tea." *UK has entered the chat* "And opium." *China has entered the chat* "And gold." *Spain has entered the chat* "And emus." *Australia has left the chat*

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    Wilian Rodrigues

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    nikusha popxadze

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    Ben Robertson

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    A.J. Courier

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