New SHOES for my Honda CB500x 🏍 [S3 - Eps 23]

In this episode I am riding to Umeå in Sweden to get some new tires for my Honda CB500X. It wasn't so easy to find dual purpose tires in this part of Sweden as the shops only sell street tires! Luckily, the Pirelli MT-60 tires didn't take long to order so that's what I went for. Ready to continue my journey North after this!
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  1. Elestro Air-soft

    Elestro Air-soft

    2 dagen geleden

    Snow-mobiles are GREAT fun 🙂

  2. Thile Sherpa

    Thile Sherpa

    6 dagen geleden

    Wow super

  3. Vinoth Kumar

    Vinoth Kumar

    7 dagen geleden

    I revv it !!!

  4. Александр Мачоховский

    Александр Мачоховский

    8 dagen geleden

    Hi from Russia )))

  5. Luis E Martinez

    Luis E Martinez

    11 dagen geleden

    I have always motorcycle I'm 59 years old I ride a lot, but I never can ride without my glasses...I don't know how you can do it...Excellent videos...Congrats.

  6. dino


    12 dagen geleden

    i am amazed you got a northern swedish mechanic to open up and chat! that was so sweet. as a swede, i know how reserved we can be and i can tell you make people’s days with how friendly you are.

  7. Be We

    Be We

    13 dagen geleden

    3:44 Wait, Sweden, ...hmmm... but they drive on the right - and the arrow points towards us!!?? I really panicked for a moment, as if I was on that bike and found out I f****d up because I was filming instead of concentrating... :-D

  8. Aydın Tolunay

    Aydın Tolunay

    13 dagen geleden

    hello to Turkey

  9. Aydın Tolunay

    Aydın Tolunay

    13 dagen geleden

    I would be glad if you tell the hotel meal prices

  10. Aydın Tolunay

    Aydın Tolunay

    13 dagen geleden

    I am watching you with pleasure

  11. Gitte Berntsdotter

    Gitte Berntsdotter

    14 dagen geleden

    Oh, if you want to visit Sweden during winter I suggest you go north again, to the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. 💙🌬💨☃️ And snowmobiles motto: live fast, die young!

  12. ZeD & Nico

    ZeD & Nico

    17 dagen geleden

    Hey i live in luleå :D Nice and se you drive to sweden :) Hope you have agod time her in luleå

  13. Kølig Kaj

    Kølig Kaj

    17 dagen geleden

    2:10 If you try to say OH, that's how you pronounce the last letter in the city of Umeå.

  14. kunnal Mangar

    kunnal Mangar

    17 dagen geleden

    U hv been my crush since one year

  15. Panagiotis Antoniou

    Panagiotis Antoniou

    18 dagen geleden

    Flying Jacob hahahaha funny name tho

  16. wileycsg


    19 dagen geleden

    why do people choose narrow and short windscreens, ... anyone/?

  17. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody

    20 dagen geleden

    I love you nora

  18. All Of Us

    All Of Us

    21 dag geleden

    Wat is tet?

    • All Of Us

      All Of Us

      20 dagen geleden

      @Toto Arriba bedankt;)

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      20 dagen geleden

  19. brizzo


    21 dag geleden

    The bike at 12m11s is a Honda CB 500 from 2005. Old Ronin Family.

  20. Roadsey


    21 dag geleden

    Hi Noraly, Sorry I watched you vid a liitle too late, Im in Enland, but my so nis a Motorcyclist and he lives just down the road fof the Motorcycle dealer, I would have put you in touch cause he would have really loved to meet you and help with your tyres and accomadation as his hospitality and cooking iare great. Great vis as always. Srevie.

  21. Rolf Juto

    Rolf Juto

    23 dagen geleden

    Incredible woman .... love you!

  22. Boalol lal

    Boalol lal

    23 dagen geleden

    Å is more like an O btw :)

  23. Rogelio Baga

    Rogelio Baga

    24 dagen geleden

    Beautiful places 💕 thanks Noraly from Philippines Quezon city

  24. zteid99


    24 dagen geleden

    That camping place looks exactly the one i stayed with some polish guy years ago in umeå. We arrived in the middle of the night with our bikes. The reception was closed, but after 18h riding we just had to get some sleep. We slept 4h on the floor of some shed in the common area. In the morning the receptionist still charged us full price... The polish guy was coming from norway and had so worn out rear tyre that the strings can be seen. The tyre broke in umeå in the night and he had ferry leaving to germany later that day. We managed to find used tire from some tyre shops trash bin, changed that by hand and filled it in some 24h service station which was the only open one in the area. After all that we got to the camping place... Later the polish guy sent me mail that he got to the ferry just in time 😅👍

  25. goldug


    24 dagen geleden

    My home town! Yay! :D

  26. DarkDondi


    25 dagen geleden

    Really doing good butchering our swedish townnames. 😂 Be safe.

  27. Redmond Hart

    Redmond Hart

    25 dagen geleden

    Someone should have told you not to camp when it gets cold. Great during the other seasons.

  28. Patric Molin

    Patric Molin

    25 dagen geleden

    3:51 did you go against traffic? 😂

    • Kvicksilverpuman


      25 dagen geleden

      Yellow temporary lines, the right side lanes was closed because road work.

  29. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia

    26 dagen geleden

    You will never “ grow old “. Your flame will extinguish one day, but it will never “ grow old “.

  30. N paw

    N paw

    26 dagen geleden

    I love all the little spots that have cabins for rent, way better than a Motel . Time to burn some rubber now hehehehhe

  31. loch70


    27 dagen geleden

    Great series. But did you ride on the wrong side of the road at 3:46?

  32. Fernando Mcgreel

    Fernando Mcgreel

    27 dagen geleden


  33. Rebel63


    27 dagen geleden

    How did you get on the wrong side of the High Coast Bridge (at 3:51min), against the arrows on the road?

  34. Michael Weskamp

    Michael Weskamp

    28 dagen geleden

    That chicken, banana, peanut cream thing sounds weird.

  35. Leslie Nelwan

    Leslie Nelwan

    28 dagen geleden

    Heerlijk dat steenkolen engels

  36. The Dirty Birch

    The Dirty Birch

    28 dagen geleden

    Love your videos !! Whould love to know how tall you are and your inseam(leg length) to compare with us shorter riders ? Thank you.

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      28 dagen geleden

      Please watch her episode 'I bought a new motorcycle'. 2:47

  37. joppek77


    29 dagen geleden

    Happy to see that you got a little tour of the "High Coast" region of Sweden. I grew up there, so it's close to my heart.

  38. luv life

    luv life

    29 dagen geleden

    Just found your channel. I have the same bike (2015) and love it. So glad to see a beautiful lady riding a motorcycle. I've been riding for awhile now (500,000 miles) and appreciate seeing the ladies on bikes. Keep the dirty side down and enjoy future trips. Great videos...

  39. theRealRindberg


    29 dagen geleden

    I love the way you say Umeå "umeja" :D

  40. Eric Tai

    Eric Tai

    Maand geleden

    Noraly, how do u find your new Honda? Is it better than RE?

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      Maand geleden

      Can you do a review of Ronin (Honda CB 500X) vs Dhanno (Royal Enfield Himalayan)? Please check her Facebook post from 1st September 2020. You can read her Facebook without having an account and will find the link below. Ronin (Honda CB 500X) is a different bike for a different purpose! She is perfect for tarmac, but I will have to make more adjustments to Ronin to make her more suitable for serious off-roading. Every bike has its own plusses and minuses, that is why I don't compare them. It all depends on what you want to do with them :-) ____________________________________ Copy and paste of her answer in the comment section

  41. Mark Rose

    Mark Rose

    Maand geleden

    If you go back to this area, be sure to stop and see Storforsen. It's an awesome set of rapids.

  42. Anders N

    Anders N

    Maand geleden

    15:00 hey you missed DOCKSTA my hometown and the mountauin Skuleberget :)

  43. Robert Lindberg

    Robert Lindberg

    Maand geleden

    Great interesting video made by this fantasic brave and always positive young lady.

  44. Biteofgod


    Maand geleden

    Flying Jacob taste like crap and should be banned! Otherwise fun videos.

  45. wesley weeks

    wesley weeks

    Maand geleden

    What are the best tires you have used on your CB500x? I want a dual sport tire to handle some off payment stuff

  46. Kiwi72


    Maand geleden

    I think this lady needs a nice husband from New Zealand who also loves motorcycles haha ;-)

  47. Linus Wärn

    Linus Wärn

    Maand geleden

    You managed to a get a Northern Swede to talk. Well done! -;)

  48. Linus Wärn

    Linus Wärn

    Maand geleden

    Å is pronounced like the vowel in ”more”

  49. Cheryl Van Kerkhof

    Cheryl Van Kerkhof

    Maand geleden

    She's the best . Wonderful attitude . All can learn from her when out riding

  50. Robert Andersson

    Robert Andersson

    Maand geleden

    Hehe... how did you end up on the wrong side of the road? ;) 3:44

  51. Ivanho3


    Maand geleden

    @3:43 I was freaking out here thinking you were driving on the wrong side of the road, and not realizing yourself :S Then I saw the construction up ahead :D



    Maand geleden

    Good luck on your journey



    Maand geleden

    Greetings from the philippines! Take care always on your ride!

  54. ArrowToTheKnee


    Maand geleden

    Umeå is my hometown! Love seeing my country through your lens, amazing videos! Also the people at Arctic Cat are super friendly, good choice! :)

  55. Kent Nilsson

    Kent Nilsson

    Maand geleden

    I agree... Flying Jakob is really good, sounds weird but it really is 😜

  56. Scandic


    Maand geleden

    It's preety great seeing someone from diffrent place or culture come to your city with the perspective of someone new. Like oh she arrived at Teg. in my City

  57. Rajat Kumar

    Rajat Kumar

    Maand geleden

    Why you are switch bike ..?

  58. JLMedia


    Maand geleden

    Wait, did u ride on the wrong side of the road? Somewhere around 4 min in?

  59. Skill Page

    Skill Page

    Maand geleden


  60. ScinnerNo1


    Maand geleden

    @3:43 Hey Noraly, in Sweden we drive on the RIGHT side of the road :)

  61. Fernando Mcgreel

    Fernando Mcgreel

    Maand geleden

    Please, subtítulos en español!!!!

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      Maand geleden

      Subtítulos Hay *subtítulos en español* / castellano. (Tambem em portugues.) Haga clic en los 3 puntos en la esquina arriba [😆] a la derecha por favor. Ella crea los subtítulos en inglés💂. Y utiliza estos subtítulos para la traducción automática de los subtítulos a otros idiomas.

  62. Joyngam Khumlo

    Joyngam Khumlo

    Maand geleden

    Your short blonde hair looks so gorgeous on you...👍👍👍

  63. Lovisa Petersson

    Lovisa Petersson

    Maand geleden

    3:48 - aren’t you driving on the wrong side of the road there? The arrows in the asphalt suggests so, that made me a bit worried for a while 😅 Btw, I love your videos and that you research your destination before arrival, it’s like really nice! /swede

    • Lovisa Petersson

      Lovisa Petersson

      Maand geleden

      @Sergey Kurdakov oh okay! Tbh I did’nt scroll through all 1000+ comments 😉

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      Sergey Kurdakov

      Maand geleden

      her comment here mentions that the road was closed, so traffic was shared

  64. TheUbermutant


    Maand geleden

    visit Lidköping next and the Kinnekulle mountain

  65. Tutor Guy

    Tutor Guy

    Maand geleden

    itchy you are missing local people

  66. Raheel Haq

    Raheel Haq

    Maand geleden

    Congratulations for new Shoes of the New Honda Foggy..... Noraly!!💐

  67. crunchytheclown


    Maand geleden

    Heard some good things about your channel but so far its been generic nat geo, i will try a few more

  68. Calvin de Boer

    Calvin de Boer

    Maand geleden

    I know how you feel, camping with the wrong gear in wet/dewy climate is really a risk vs reward. It’s not worth the risks for some money for a warm place to stay. There is no shame in getting accommodations

  69. Osman Chaudhary

    Osman Chaudhary

    Maand geleden

    Ah, my favorite person in my favorite country, I’ve lived 2.5 years in Stockholm and I used to ride a mountain bike everywhere, my favorite places are Slussen and Bagarmossen

  70. Lewis Fierro

    Lewis Fierro

    Maand geleden

    The music is EXTRAORDINARY.

  71. Andreas Flygare

    Andreas Flygare

    Maand geleden

    Haha! I bought the red Suzuki bike in the shop..What are the odds off seeing my bike in this video :D

  72. Mutla236 Alot

    Mutla236 Alot

    Maand geleden

    Hi beautiful how are you

  73. tushar shah

    tushar shah

    Maand geleden

    Noraly you're full of adventure, good indepth knowledge of bikes technically. Good luck. / Tushar from India

  74. Andy Williams

    Andy Williams

    Maand geleden

    Loving the series, currently catching up, but this is just people enjoying motorcycles! 👍 I was bemused by your initial choice of bike as it isn't really an adventure bike, more adventure bike styling, yet i'm now bemused by how well it's doing. I hope Honda are watching this! I also note that actually Europe is quite a lonely an isolated place! Keep the videos coming, brilliant stuff! 🙂

  75. Jack Ladd

    Jack Ladd

    Maand geleden

    How much of a misery guts do you have to be to actually take the time to dislike the video lol. 84 people went to all the effort of hitting the dislike button haha. I dunno why it makes me laugh. Such sadness lol.

  76. Rainer Skogberg

    Rainer Skogberg

    Maand geleden

    I have for lunch today also a Jakob, also this area my mother came from.

  77. william Thelin

    william Thelin

    Maand geleden

    slipt in to your channal n i apsolute love what you do end i live in sweden end so nice to see you enjoy it Keep it going

  78. DesRoin


    Maand geleden

    When it comes to camping gear such as forks, spoons etc. I'd simply go for the standard Bundeswehr kit. Unlike a lot of other Bundeswehr stuff it's really good, compact and solid (you could probably beat someone to death with it) and both the repros and originals are fairly cheap.

  79. Gilvan Silva

    Gilvan Silva

    Maand geleden

    Faz muito frio nesse lugar imagino aqui ou frio e fraco

  80. Gilvan Silva

    Gilvan Silva

    Maand geleden

    Trabalho top oficina show parabéns 👋👋👋❤️❤️👋👋👋👋🇧🇷

  81. ed low

    ed low

    Maand geleden

    En leuke slaap plek

  82. ed low

    ed low

    Maand geleden

    Wat een prachtige omgeving

  83. Simon Ö

    Simon Ö

    Maand geleden

    Quite weird having watched you been in south america, mongolia etc. Now seeing you beeing in My home town (Umeå) haha 😎 If you Come in the winter time i have a snowmobile ready 🤟 Whatch out for cold nights(minus celsius incomming) All the best!

    • leonard ahrnlund

      leonard ahrnlund

      Maand geleden

      Jag bor Örnsköldsvik och inatt den 13 oktober hade vi minus grader för första gången

  84. niouts


    Maand geleden

    Hello, why do you never talk about the cost of things along your trips? Food, hotels, gaz etc...?

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      Maand geleden

  85. Ron Birchard

    Ron Birchard

    Maand geleden

    Hope one day you do get the chance to ride a snowmobile. They are soo much fun. Maybe it will include winter camping too. But I'm thinking you would much prefer a cabin or hotel room tho. Hey have you rode a quad yet ? Just another toy you would enjoy. Love your vids

  86. Pierre Simonsson

    Pierre Simonsson

    Maand geleden

    Serving Flying Jacop in a lunch restaurant is Verry uncommon i dont think i ever heard about it :D But it Taste Realy good. Even Better with Better raw product.

  87. Mark L

    Mark L

    Maand geleden

    Here in Canada it’s kinda the same 6 months of riding bikes and maybe 3 months of snowmobiling!! Cheers from Canada 🇨🇦

  88. bejinxed1


    Maand geleden

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  89. Michael Christopher

    Michael Christopher

    Maand geleden

    Do you miss the Himalayan? I’m still contemplating buying one. My wife and I really enjoy watching your travels! Stay safe! 😊

  90. Stephen Harriau

    Stephen Harriau

    Maand geleden

    Very nice

  91. Mattejaaz


    Maand geleden

    you should try live on "södra berget" in Sundsvall, its in the South mountain (there is 1 north and one south and sundsvall in middle) its amazing view :) even got SPA

  92. Pacheco


    Maand geleden

    When do you come to USA? Suggest you to do Lake Tahoe and Nevada Roads.

  93. Igor Swarew133

    Igor Swarew133

    Maand geleden

    Что за покрышки и какой протектор?✌️

  94. Anders Malmgren

    Anders Malmgren

    Maand geleden

    Was the right lane closed on the bridge or did you go against traffic? :P

  95. CyMar MotoVlog

    CyMar MotoVlog

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  96. Jaded Wanderer

    Jaded Wanderer

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  97. Hugo Swiss

    Hugo Swiss

    Maand geleden

    Love the MT-60, good choice! Wish Pirelli would give them the attention they deserve. Now almost no-one who’s testing tire on youtube, include the MT-60. 😢 You should do an adventure tire test! A wide one, including many, many different adventure tires. If you ever want to stay for like a week on one place that is... I’m sure there would be sponsors!

  98. Sergio


    Maand geleden

    Excelente video! Gracias

  99. LouieMoto


    Maand geleden

    Hi you have a amazing adventure. Hope that i could tour with my mc here in my country philippines. Safe ride there.

  100. Erik


    Maand geleden

    Dang I was hoping you would show some footage from my home town Örnsköldsvik just north of where you had flying jacob.. Nice to see anyway that you were so close to here. :)