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I may not be a sparky (electrician) but I am having a lot of fun learning how to do what they do. I think wiring our main electrical panel has been one of these things on my mind thats like a scary storm rolling in the distance. But today, i'm going to master that craft and navigate the storm! Come along and enjoy the ride watching us building our own home.
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    Trent is certainly an egomaniac, he seems to need to validate his work long before a true tradesman would do it. There is no good reason to power up the panel before one finishes wiring it and usually not before inspection. The furnace should have been left on the temporary wiring, this was strictly an ego massage. He did the same thing with the water distribution, nobody charges a water system during the winter unless they are massaging their ego. Therr is no upside to having charged water lines in an unfinished home and a huge downside if the heat goes off with nobody around. At every turn, Trent proves himself to be a bigger jerk and example of why most homeowners shouldn't be allowed to build their own homes.

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    • arms length

      arms length

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      Last I heard, correct labeling of wiring panels is mandatory by code. Won't pass inspection without it.

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    • John Lechner

      John Lechner

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    Such a fun video. Very happy that you all are making such progress, even though Spring isn't progressing as you'd like. I hope you are just waiting a bit until the shock subsides, to address the tragedy of Lee MacMillan's death, rather than not addressing it at all. That would be a mistake. The community has been rocked. Thanks.

    • Jennifer Adams-Anderson

      Jennifer Adams-Anderson

      8 dagen geleden

      I just went back and watched your video posted just before this one where you both spoke about Lee and her family. Thank you so much.

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