San Marino's 1930s Electric Railway, And How Britain Wrecked It

(Filmed in 2018) On 12th June 1932 San Marino proudly opened its brand new electric railway. It was modern, clean, quiet, and well-used - but 12 years later it was gone. So what went wrong? I went to explore the old tunnels... and discovered the awkward truth.
Many thanks to Roberto and Ferrovie Abbandonate. You can find more photos and info about the San Marino railway (and a whole load of other abandoned Italian railways) here:
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Monument to those who died in the bombing of San Marino:,_momumento_pri_bombado_1.jpeg
Former railway tunnel at Serravalle:


  1. Aitch


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    Italy had colonies?

  2. Jack Dab

    Jack Dab

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    h yes the british, not only ruining their own railways but ruining others as well!

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    Yannik Zinner

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    Shame on britain

  5. Building on a Budget Models

    Building on a Budget Models

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    Is that the theme to Antiques Roadshow?

  6. abloogywoogywoo


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    Britain wrecked it? It's called a World War. Many lines in the UK also had to close because of it. Title should read And How Hitler Wrecked It.

  7. John Costello

    John Costello

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    "fourth part of the trilogy" I love your sense of humor, so like mine! :)

  8. William Chamberlain

    William Chamberlain

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    We weren't bad at building railways, but we weren't great at running them

  9. Robert Kaevur

    Robert Kaevur

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    Who else got this suggested without looking it up? Also as a railfan, I think San Monaco should rebuild the railway as there’s no reason not to.

  10. Sim0nTrains


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    Didn't even knew that San Marino even had a Railway, Brilliant and interesting video.

  11. GracieVision


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    Keep on triloging.

  12. Alex Willis

    Alex Willis

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    5:00 Well done for finding a piano piece relevant to a road. That's the intro to Jessica by The Allman Brothers that was used as the Top Gear theme in the 90's.

  13. Nick Art

    Nick Art

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    So, when is the The Tim Traveller Official Soundtrack album being released? May I suggesst the catchphrase: "Music to Travel By"? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to get my hands on some of the original music used in the videos :)

  14. Matt Eveans

    Matt Eveans

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    "extremely dramatic horse" pretty Italian

  15. Debbie R

    Debbie R

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    Didn't know it even existed!

  16. Anonymous Libertarian

    Anonymous Libertarian

    7 dagen geleden

    Lots of old "ghost lines" in Europe. There was one outside of what is now SHAPE Belgium, it used to connect several communities back before WW2. Abandoned and ripped. Quite a few Belgian towns had branch lines to them but, WW2 changed that drastically and the postwar transportation plan pretty much had railways running between cities only. There is a remarkable perserved "local line" along the Lisse River that runs summer tourist trains. (Yes, still talking about Belgium) You can sometimes still see the old "right of ways" or pick out enough clues to guess where the line used to run. 😁

  17. Jeff Brooks

    Jeff Brooks

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    Overhead catenary and pantagraph

  18. My F100

    My F100

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    Tim, you do such a good job. I love to travel and I would watch anything you do on different destinations. Once COVID is over, I would encourage you do start doing videos that are in the 20 - 30 min length on all of the wonderful destinations around, Europe, UK, Ireland, etc. I am a fan for life.

    • The Tim Traveller

      The Tim Traveller

      6 dagen geleden

      Ah thank you!

  19. guido boreani

    guido boreani

    7 dagen geleden

    If you wish to learn more about this railway, there is a book: "Rimini - San Marino in treno", by Gian Guido Turchi (a Riminese), published 1982 by Editrice Trasporti su Rotaie. Obviously now it is out of print, but a copy can be found for sale in the internet. The railway was the price Mussolini paid to San Marino for not allowing foreigners to install in San Marino a powerful radio station that could reach a great part of Italy and broadcast news not liked by the régime. The destruction, nearly complete, of the railway was not only due to allied bombing but also to sabotage by retreating german troops.

  20. Ian dlV

    Ian dlV

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    Always entertaining

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    Extremely dramatic horse.

  22. pyrho1


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    Love your videos but I wish they were longer. I understand that it's hard to make travel videos in the middle of a global pandemic.

  23. Sebastian K

    Sebastian K

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    Sue Britain for war damage. full restoration.

  24. Caleb Weldon

    Caleb Weldon

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    Did you day only 80000 pounds for 63 deaths my god

  25. theorganguy


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    Why do i get a sinking feeling some mindless kids gonna come by and vandalize this now...

  26. David


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    That was awesome

  27. Ghost of Henry

    Ghost of Henry

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    Every time someone says "cycle path" I can't help but hear "psychopath"

  28. Ian Watson

    Ian Watson

    8 dagen geleden

    Its a bit disingenuous saying it was all down to the British as it had suffered badly during the allies recapture of the area and there was nothing stopping the post WW2 governance in reopening it either. So for a brief period of British control comes the whole blame when in reality the government, councils, private individuals could have reinstated it fully but didn't and THAT is not the fault of the British. Blame where blame is due but on this occasion, think might be better to look closer to the San Marino folk for the real blame to lie upon.

  29. Henry Attfield

    Henry Attfield

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    Sorry San Morino

  30. Sergey Goncharov

    Sergey Goncharov

    8 dagen geleden

    Well, it will never be restored, simply because there is not enough room in San Marino, and all the critical spots are occupied. Shame on San Marino government that they did not restore the railway right after WWII when it was easy. Restoring a railway is no rocket science, provided that all the hard work was done before, tracks remained, tunnels remained, all the heavy engineering and geodesic work remained intact. WWII was a big disaster to everyone, but restoring railways was one of the simplest things to do.

  31. Jules


    8 dagen geleden

    Have you ever heard of the Costa dei trabocchi in Abruzzo, Italy? It is a beautiful stretch of rocky coast with fishing machines on piles, (Trabocchi) that look like organic contraptions laying on top of the sea. They can host restaurants now days. There's a decommissioned railway line with many tunnels, on the works to be turned into a cycle path. Very picturesque sights and small towns immersed in a Mediterranean climate.

  32. Simeon Walker

    Simeon Walker

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    OMD Electricity. It came to me eventually. 😁

  33. Camelopardis - The Green Giraffe

    Camelopardis - The Green Giraffe

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    2:13: ferrovieabbandonate = abandonedrailways?

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    Beren Scott

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    Would like to see the damaged sections

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    Brilliant work! 🚊

  36. Luca Pasini

    Luca Pasini

    8 dagen geleden

    Hi! I'm from Rimini and I know this railway very well. My grandparents used its tunnels as bomb shelters during WWII: Rimini was massively bombed because it lied right on the last nazi resistance line after 1943, the whole city was destroyed. There used to be another 950 mm railway line connecting Rimini to Novafeltria, in the beautiful Marecchia valley, where my grandmother's family used to work, which was closed during the sixties. Right now most of the tunnels in San Marino are accessible for cars, bikes or on foot except for one which is a nature reserve for bats. Unfortunately I haven't heard of the restored railway being used in recent times, even in Summer, which is a shame. I often read about proposals to re-open some kind of rapid transit line from Rimini to San Marino, and I think it would be really useful, as the current bus line is quite infrequent, unpractical and relatively expensive, as it's not integrated into the local ticketing system, and floods of tourists, especially Russians, "invade" the republic during the Summer.

    • Cesare Vissani

      Cesare Vissani

      5 dagen geleden

      One is also used to store snow removal equipment.

    • Luca Pasini

      Luca Pasini

      8 dagen geleden

      By the way, if you happen to be back in the area I'd be glad to be your local guide, I'm quite a nerd myself about the things you show, and I've been exploring my region for years now!

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    @3:33 Electricity by OMD 😂👍🏽

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    I'm not even that interested in trains, I don't know why I find these videos so enjoyable?

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    Great video 🚈🚋👍

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    Part 4 of this triology? How to get a cup of Coffee in San Marino.

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    1:29 Antique’s Roadshow? Took me so long to remember what song is was lol

  42. Seabass Knapp

    Seabass Knapp

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    Not sure if you were able to see it on your trip there, but there's a freestanding section of the viaduct that has a preserved railcar on it further down the rail line: Edit: going by several photos, it's apparently a popular spot not just for the views, but for a rallycross stage too!

  43. Luca Candido

    Luca Candido

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    I think Tim is falled in love with San Marino

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    I mean, who the hell gives these videos the thumbs down?

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    looking forward to part 4 :)

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    4:26 "Too late to apologize". Of course.

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    gee, this video collided with my personal fetish for egg shaped railway tunnels, although these tunnels are modified egg shaped.

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    I love the use of a piano version of omd's electricity. Amazing video as always!

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    A track with more U-turns than a british politician... That made me crack up, thank you, I love it!

  51. Max Scheibenpflug

    Max Scheibenpflug

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    If I understand Google Street View correctly, those tracks coming out of the tunnel are part of the restauration. You can see them on Maps, but not on Street View - and the Maps picture seems to be the more recent version.

  52. Garry Hammond

    Garry Hammond

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    Great video. Love the fact the train has no graffiti even though it totally open to the public.

  53. Kyle Sekenski

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    Oh Britain... You just HAD to meddle with the Sammarinese National Rail System, didn’t you?

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    I love system energy, electricity

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    Love the timing of the filming disclaimer

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    After those external pictures, I know fully understand why it hasn't become part of Italy! xD But mountain structure looks very imposing! ^^

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    5:00 TONIGHT! Tim walks down a tunnel. Tim doesn't mention the war. And Tim looks at some leaves.

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    What's the piano tune playing at 1:00 called?

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    Aw I miss those beautiful vocals from the other two episodes... Great video though !

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    Planes, Trains, Everything.

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    whoops i guess

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    To be honest, admitting in 1961 that the British government made a mistake in WWII was pretty early. Most of the apologies didn't come out until the 70's and that was due to leaks

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    OK Everybody....from the top "Let's San where our Tim goes..................."

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    Woopsie! There’s a word for bombing a neutral party during a time of war 😂

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    Fuck em

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    Your videos are a fantastic escape for me whenever you post them. Thanks! Another great mini documentary!

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    That's an extremely dramatic horse!

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    Wait, can you even call it a trilogy if there are 4 episodes?

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    Why is Scotty talking about trains ? Where are the warp drives or the transparent aluminium ?

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    The music is on point in this video! Only thing missing is Tim singing "Let's go to San Marino..." but that is already stuck in my head

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    Brilliant stuff. Thank you very much.

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    Oh yes, please add more to the trilogy! 😆

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    Why didn't they go for the full 100cm?

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    The little things that I learn watching your videos. Must say that I am jealous of your travels.

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    6:07 Jaaaaames Baaaaaxter

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    The Tim Time Traveller

  78. ashsrad


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    Dear Tim, piazzale means a sort or narrow piazza (square). The San Marino station and its other buildings were demolished in 1971 to create the parking. That tunnel is called "del Montale". Unfortunately going downwards after the tunnel mentioned - the trackbed was destroyed in the 70s to built Via Napoleone and several new houses. Today seems so difficult to restore the railway. Funds gave to San Marino at war over were preferred "to be involved" to the highway as you mentioned because was the republic non interest to keep on the railway than Italian state. Today seems the opposite. The set of three coaches shown in one pic, was pulled out by a tunnel near Dogana in 1981. Few nights later a local idiot burnt it all. There is still another restored coach AB51, which is laid on a restored bridge as well. You can see them from the castle wall. They are down on Borgo Maggiore along strada greppa del cerreto @strada sesta gualdaria. It seems you have to return to the Republic ;-) If you give a look in Rimini, there is existing the Rimini Marina station today as a botanic shop.

  79. Charlie Robertson

    Charlie Robertson

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    Wheres imola

  80. Isaac Bobjörk

    Isaac Bobjörk

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    On google street view it is only a tunnel with no tracks, but that is in 2010

  81. Isaac Bobjörk

    Isaac Bobjörk

    9 dagen geleden

    I have studied maps of San Marino quite a bit but never seen any traces of any railway, and I usually can spot those on a satellite map. Probably because I did not expect a railroad there in the first place. Now I know more and have to study the map even more in detail to see what remains you actually can see.

  82. Will


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    Is this going to be like the Star Wars Trilogy? Can't wait for Yoda to come floating out of an abandoned railway tunnel in episode 9

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    As someone with a disabled friend, I greatly appreciate that you include “mobility reviews” as part of your videos.

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    I've been telling my wife that we're going to retire in Portugal (we're Americans), but after these I'm going to change that to San Marino 🇸🇲

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    If you ever find yourself hankering to jump across the pond when you're able to again, you should definitely cover the Pike's Peak Cog Railway.

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    I think San Marino owes Tim a debt of gratitude for singlehandedly boosting this tiny republic’s presence on NLcameras.

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    Okay now I need to go see my Family there in a few years ( want to make sure pandemic is over).

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    Wow. Your Italian pronunciation of Piazza Della Stazione is perfect, complimenti. Immediately followed by giggles when you entered the tunnel to the theme music from the Antiques Road Show, but when you mentioned an upcoming fourth installment of what will become an increasingly inaccurately named trilogy, giggles were no longer sufficient and I had no recourse but to resort to guffaws. Thanks for the entertaining style, Mr. TT.