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  1. Leah Heap

    Leah Heap

    2 maanden geleden

    Little did he know that his cooking would take over the channel 👀

  2. Leah Heap

    Leah Heap

    2 maanden geleden

    iz dad iz

  3. Puro PinchePatty

    Puro PinchePatty

    7 maanden geleden

    I really hope that guy didn’t go home thinking Chipotle was actually Mexican food 😰

  4. Austin Morris

    Austin Morris

    Jaar geleden

    Goodbye Spider-Man

  5. Amanda Torrez

    Amanda Torrez

    Jaar geleden

    Julian please settle at a single decibel level per video at least. Sincerely, -my ear drums when sick and my guinea pig.

  6. Brian Michael

    Brian Michael

    Jaar geleden

    I love matt bring him back more hes cute and nice

  7. sensitive flower

    sensitive flower

    Jaar geleden

    i hope u and jenna get high and vibe to all the tracks in ur videos cause they are perfect for it

  8. RottedDollFace


    2 jaar geleden

    Matt looks kindof like Jesus from TWD.

  9. The lighthouse Adventures

    The lighthouse Adventures

    2 jaar geleden

    Love that he wants to get the airplane trails...aka chemtrails aka chemicals in the sky aka death

  10. Elsa Chang

    Elsa Chang

    2 jaar geleden

    That yellow building behind you on the LA river, is DreamWorks Animation! I used to work for that company. It's so cool to see you behind the building I used to go to so often.

  11. Nikki


    2 jaar geleden

    looks like GTA lol

  12. Alex MSB

    Alex MSB

    2 jaar geleden

    I keep missing your streams, what time do you stream? Idk how else to ask you, other than through NLcameras comments.

  13. Juana Jumar Caimari

    Juana Jumar Caimari

    2 jaar geleden

    I haven’t watched the video yet but julien has such a shit eating grin in the thumbnail omg

  14. Hannah Elizabeth Zeiser

    Hannah Elizabeth Zeiser

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien, check out Signal Hill in long beach! its a little park on top of a hill in a suburb but you can see the port from there and get shots of planes from LGB. It is really lovely during sunset/evening.

  15. Alex MSB

    Alex MSB

    2 jaar geleden

    What time do you guys stream on mondays I live in central Illinois and I missed it. I was looking forward to it all weekend :(

  16. missEL92


    2 jaar geleden

    Awesome vlog! Keep up the good work

  17. Rielly McAlpine

    Rielly McAlpine

    2 jaar geleden

    Hell yeah, this is the type of Julien vlogs that I have been missing!!

  18. Y Checks

    Y Checks

    2 jaar geleden

    You and Jenna work so hard, and put so much love and passion into your videos. Just watched your ‘pad thai’ video. Beautifully crafted- Big fan!

  19. MC Bearbear

    MC Bearbear

    2 jaar geleden

    guys pls tell me whats the song at the end???

  20. Carol Lynette

    Carol Lynette

    2 jaar geleden

    Idk what was with those workers but I've worked in lots of different restaurants & you ALWAYS take care of the in store customer, especially if theres a line, before online or to-go orders! Don't worry Matt! Not all U.S. fast food places are rude like that! :)

  21. Frida Camarillo

    Frida Camarillo

    2 jaar geleden

    their friendship is so cute

  22. oi kaiden

    oi kaiden

    2 jaar geleden

    I didn't think I'd like this so much but I do, I really dO

  23. Shana Leigh

    Shana Leigh

    2 jaar geleden

    Love your vlogs.

  24. connor freeman

    connor freeman

    2 jaar geleden

    Second song "shitheads together"

  25. yozypost


    2 jaar geleden

    I wonder whats going through Jennas head at 8:47, she looks DONE AF

  26. Courtney Hyde

    Courtney Hyde

    2 jaar geleden

    Your videos are so aesthetically pleasing. It’s been so nice watching you grow, learn and improve your video skills without turning into a “do-it-for-the-views,” #content, try-hard youtuber. Looking forward to many more from Daddy Ot.

  27. SnapshotOfASoul


    2 jaar geleden

    joolen pls turn ur exposure down

  28. Olivia Upshaw

    Olivia Upshaw

    2 jaar geleden

    you guys are so unbelievably talented

  29. Anneke


    2 jaar geleden

    Chipotle actually looks disgusting

  30. Sophiie


    2 jaar geleden

    As an Australian, the only things I’ve heard about chipotle (other than from Jenna and julien) is from South Park 😂 diarrhoea 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. Jersey Fontz

    Jersey Fontz

    2 jaar geleden

    Omg glad to see my Canadian geese are safe from the cold in California

  32. Sarah Ann

    Sarah Ann

    2 jaar geleden

    Damn julien is cheating on Collin

  33. Wit Knee

    Wit Knee

    2 jaar geleden

    Just watched the pad thai video. Matt has dope camera skills. +the editing with the music. Beautiful.

  34. Tania Higuera

    Tania Higuera

    2 jaar geleden

    Back from that video 10/10

  35. Reading with Mrs. E

    Reading with Mrs. E

    2 jaar geleden

    Look Julien. I’m only gonna say this one more time. MOQ needs to make an appearance. And soon.

  36. paigey ok

    paigey ok

    2 jaar geleden

    NEW VIDEO IDEA: I just watched ur family dinner vlog when you asked something new that we want you to try? And I think you should try making a video essay. They're literally art and I'm obsessed. Look up nerdwriter1, he is my fave, they're just super cool and I think you have good insight and you could make something awesome visually and overall.

  37. humanitronics


    2 jaar geleden

    oh my god seeing you and jenna make food always inspires me to cook, this video is gonna kill me I just know it

  38. kittykatykat


    2 jaar geleden

    Sounding like. Chris Hemsworth.. Bloody love that accent!!

  39. Bo McCormick

    Bo McCormick

    2 jaar geleden

    julien vlogs are like hanging out with your chillest friend

  40. human person

    human person

    2 jaar geleden

    5:20-5:24 truly gorgeous shot Julien

  41. Sophie Charlton

    Sophie Charlton

    2 jaar geleden

    dad thai

  42. Laura Starbrooks

    Laura Starbrooks

    2 jaar geleden

    Can't wait for the cooking post!! Still waiting on Jenna's video tonight

  43. eden hart

    eden hart

    2 jaar geleden

    Juian ask Jenna to follow niki turtorials halloween dripping skull. I thought it might be fucking ace to watch and fun as hewll for you to make. PLEASE 😂

  44. LoRI MuRdY

    LoRI MuRdY

    2 jaar geleden

    Hey !!! 🤗🤗🤗 when are going to pop😘 question 💍to that wonderful girl you're with ??🤩🤩🤩💎💎

    • LoRI MuRdY

      LoRI MuRdY

      2 jaar geleden

      Thats what matters 💘💘😘🤗😘

    • Gillian Martin

      Gillian Martin

      2 jaar geleden

      They’ve said multiple things about this, but from what I kinda understand, is that they’re happy the way they are.

  45. Katie Greene

    Katie Greene

    2 jaar geleden

    Holy shit this is beautiful.

  46. Ashley Sawatzke

    Ashley Sawatzke

    2 jaar geleden

    I could listen to him all day

  47. Aquesance Averun

    Aquesance Averun

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien over here doing some casey neistat shit. Go Julien!

  48. TemeryN


    2 jaar geleden

    I actually do not care for Chipotle - they don't have onions and cilantro w/o jalapenos - all I wanted was refried beans, chicken, onions and cilantro wrapped up in a burrito and they can't do that =(

  49. Ching G

    Ching G

    2 jaar geleden

    Jenna seamed pissed!! Seriously like towards the end she handed Julien his phone and he didnt say anything, look at Jennas face, daaaang!!!! And what was this vlog? I didn't like it, :/ :(

  50. Daisy Ivette Mercado

    Daisy Ivette Mercado

    2 jaar geleden

    love you dad

  51. América González

    América González

    2 jaar geleden


  52. América González

    América González

    2 jaar geleden


  53. América González

    América González

    2 jaar geleden

    thanks dad nice scenery

  54. Elena Nicole

    Elena Nicole

    2 jaar geleden

    I adore Pad Thai, I need your recipe

  55. Momo


    2 jaar geleden

    For anyone wondering, the first song is For Bob by Andrew Applepie. The second and last song (outro) are Put Your Hands Together also by Andrew Applepie. Hope that helps anyone interested in them :)

  56. rachel


    2 jaar geleden

    can we have another jennas ratchet salon please

  57. kissydanielle


    2 jaar geleden

    I never got the #ad pin and I'm very sad 😭

  58. Zoe Glatt

    Zoe Glatt

    2 jaar geleden

    This is a nice bromance film

  59. Dani Luke

    Dani Luke

    2 jaar geleden

    I love your videos like this, your time-lapses always look sublime!

  60. Katy Rose

    Katy Rose

    2 jaar geleden

    * did not see duck * Edit: Did see duck.

  61. Rianique Lotter

    Rianique Lotter

    2 jaar geleden

    JULIEN!!!! (Podcast idea) Please, please do a podcast where you listen to creepy stories by NLcameras channels such as Corpse Husband, Mr CreepyPasta and Mr Nightmare. I would suggest a series on Mr. CreepyPasta's channel called "Accounts from a lonely broadcast station" It is the only stories that actually creeped me out and continue to do so!!! it would make my year!!! P.S. You guys are amazing and I always wait in anticipation for your next videos!!!! Thank you.

  62. Lizzy Dorgan

    Lizzy Dorgan

    2 jaar geleden

    THOSE DRONE SHOTS THOOOOOOO! how i have missed the drone

  63. rottingrobin


    2 jaar geleden

    Sooooo boring

  64. James Rogers

    James Rogers

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien makes good content consistently.

  65. Bee Baptista

    Bee Baptista

    2 jaar geleden

    I work at chipotle and that segment triggered me

  66. Vanessa McDaniel

    Vanessa McDaniel

    2 jaar geleden

    So illegal to fly a drone over moving vehicles without a waiver 😮

  67. Josie Little

    Josie Little

    2 jaar geleden

    That pad thai looks delish

  68. Machond


    2 jaar geleden


  69. ella


    2 jaar geleden

    This is such a cool looking vlog

  70. basic


    2 jaar geleden

    I love how you make something so basic so pretty

  71. Taylor Davis

    Taylor Davis

    2 jaar geleden

    My dad grew up in Glendale!!!

  72. Taylor Davis

    Taylor Davis

    2 jaar geleden

    Your videos cheer me up so much. Love you guys!! ❤️❤️❤️

  73. Susanna Lacy

    Susanna Lacy

    2 jaar geleden

    wow forgot how much I loved your timelapses

  74. Catalina Araya

    Catalina Araya

    2 jaar geleden

    he is beautiful

  75. Rosa Carlino

    Rosa Carlino

    2 jaar geleden

    great vlog!

  76. Kelsey Biscardi Thomas

    Kelsey Biscardi Thomas

    2 jaar geleden

    that chipotle is next door to my old apartments, when i lived down there!!!

  77. Honey Chan

    Honey Chan

    2 jaar geleden

    This Matt guys accent is weird - his accent is like a mix between American and Australian , it's so hard to listen to Us Aussies don't have strong r sounds like him

  78. Kayla Paterson

    Kayla Paterson

    2 jaar geleden

    Is Matjoes originally from America? I'm Australian and his accent sounds strange as hell!

  79. Heidi Ferguson

    Heidi Ferguson

    2 jaar geleden

    Where is the sunset view spot at???

  80. Jasenia


    2 jaar geleden

    My goodness Matt is FINE

  81. Bella Nichols

    Bella Nichols

    2 jaar geleden

    why is he eating it with a spoon....????

  82. Morgan


    2 jaar geleden

    can you do a stream where you teach people editing tricks? like a master class solomita style

  83. Alexis Martinez

    Alexis Martinez

    2 jaar geleden

    what song was in the background? love it.

    • Momo


      2 jaar geleden

      The first song was For Bob by Andrew Applepie, and the other two were Put Your Hands Together also by Andrew Applepie :)

  84. Matheus Oliviera Muller

    Matheus Oliviera Muller

    2 jaar geleden

    Dope Kazushi Sakuraba t shirt! 👍👍👍

  85. Michaela Hoeft

    Michaela Hoeft

    2 jaar geleden

    What is the first song playing in the beginning?

    • Momo


      2 jaar geleden

      For Bob by Andrew Applepie :)

  86. Audrey


    2 jaar geleden

    fart u Julie this made me want chipotle but im too broke for that

  87. Reese _

    Reese _

    2 jaar geleden

    Maybe move the living room? Seems stressful for relaxation times when it's literally connected to the kitchen

  88. Amanda Rawlette

    Amanda Rawlette

    2 jaar geleden

    We have the same car, I feel special.

  89. Peace and Positivity

    Peace and Positivity

    2 jaar geleden

    Do you guys know the torture and abuse animals go through for meat, dairy, eggs and animal products? If not, watch Earthlings documentary to see the torture and abuse animals go through for animal products.

  90. Debbie Wire

    Debbie Wire

    2 jaar geleden

    hold up... you eat your chipotle bowls with a spoon????

  91. Barbi T

    Barbi T

    2 jaar geleden

    That time lapse of the sun going down over the city. BEEEEYOUUUUTIFUL.

  92. Maribel Marie

    Maribel Marie

    2 jaar geleden

    shoot with matt and ryan from supermega

  93. Jack H.

    Jack H.

    2 jaar geleden

    Love Matt

  94. Hope Hurley Buchholz

    Hope Hurley Buchholz

    2 jaar geleden

    Colorado is the birthplace of chipotle... you could have gone to the first chipotle EVER... lol

  95. Sarah


    2 jaar geleden

    I want you to make me pad Thai beeeetch

  96. Dorit


    2 jaar geleden

    I discovered Andrew Applepie from your videos some time ago and I love love love his music so much! Thank you Julien

  97. Audrey Elaine

    Audrey Elaine

    2 jaar geleden

    DAD THAI 💕💕💕

  98. Audrey Elaine

    Audrey Elaine

    2 jaar geleden

    5:45 😂😂😂😂

  99. Derek Chafin

    Derek Chafin

    2 jaar geleden

    8:27 You must focus! You lack focus! *Said no asian martial arts teacher ever*

  100. typefontmyheart


    2 jaar geleden

    I feel like you only make Pad Thai