How to Annoy Frankie | Gabriel Iglesias

Happy #NationalChildsDay!


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    😆😆😆! I love you, man!

  2. 2neilas


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    😆😆😆! I'm very apologetic, Frankie.

  3. David Tamayo

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  4. Rubber gamer

    Rubber gamer

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    Dad's are the greatest at making your mom jokes. Because it makes sense. Like if you ask your dad "what was the best part of highschool?" He can fuck your day up and say "your Mom."

  5. Cindy Walters

    Cindy Walters

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    Lmao .I cant even

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    Lmfao! 😂😂😂

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    King of the Mexicans 😂😂

  9. Karl Smith

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    Frankie: you're too big, you're too big Fluffy: That's what your mom said 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Kruger Wolf

    Kruger Wolf

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    "OH GOD!!"" OH GOD!! YOU ARE TOO BIG!!" YOU ARE TOO BIG!!! *whispers in his sons ear* "Thats what your mom said" JEEZ! I DIED THERE!

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    Lol 😂 “that’s what your mum said” 🤣🤣💀

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    Oh hellll no!

  15. HLX Mnessy

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    Damn dude that’s fucked up

  16. Zakir Siddeek

    Zakir Siddeek

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    yo mama jokes hit a little harder when ur a dad

  17. Laura Vaht

    Laura Vaht

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    oh gosh i think im the girl version of Frankie😂

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    This video just gained over 150k views in a couple of seconds. Like wow Like 173k maybe I think

    • Enrique Diaz

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      Now it has like 273k views

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    I'm dead because my baby daddy is mexican and this is some shit he would do

  21. Fayzullo Khamedov

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    Is that Gabriel's revenge to Frankie thru humor for all that step-son jealousy 🤔

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    Fluffy can you upload the whole video of you mimicking naughty America with frankie

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    That's what your mom said

  25. Zhavero Akbariyan

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    The car has loud bass is one of the men's dream

  26. Earmuffs


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    Dude, when are you coming to New Zealand?

  27. Lex Luder

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    Fluffy, you have to come to Germany. I would be super hyped.

  28. ThatCrazyKid 12

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    I got an old spice ad with you in it

  29. Alexander Kasza

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    That alarm thing happens to me too and everyone got so annoyed that now my sister just putsnmy cat on my face

  30. fictionfan0


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    Fluffy, that is pure evil. I love it.

  31. Gera Torres

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    all these have been uploaded 35 times with different titles lmao

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    Omg i did that with the towel too 🤣 🤣

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    This just made my day 🤣

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  38. Night x Twilight

    Night x Twilight

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    "Yawn , goodnight dad" hey, that's what I used to do lol

  39. Metal Music Maniac

    Metal Music Maniac

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    Wanna annoy Frankie in 7.6351 seconds LET'S GO TO THE PHONE FRANKIE AND PICK OUT SOME COOL FLIP PHONES

  40. Carmen J

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    What is wrong with this man?

  41. Frank Slack

    Frank Slack

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    i nearly choked on my naco's when it came to the pointing part

  42. Dr. Top Hat

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    I just watched the fluffy movie it was great

  43. Petr Šrajb

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    Done in similar way many years ago by British comedians. Still hysterical, by Gabriel and H&P :)

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    Only legends would know that this video is reposted.

  45. Muhammad Sendi

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    That's what she said

  46. Gerson David Zambrano Gomez

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    Hahaha, mucha rata (badass)

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  48. Joshua Lee

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    famous last words, "hey baby come here"

  49. Knight Shadow

    Knight Shadow

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    I guy named badlands chugs is also very very fluffy

  50. lord megatron the fifht lord megatron the fifth

    lord megatron the fifht lord megatron the fifth

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    Guys my account was a meme😳😳

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  52. GAO GO

    GAO GO

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    You're too big! That's what your mom says 😳 Poor Frankie, he's probably scarred for life now! Way to go Fluffy! 😂🤣😅

  53. Muhura Dedan

    Muhura Dedan

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    How does he make these jokes?

  54. Thomas Leonard

    Thomas Leonard

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    OMG, I love pranking my kids and grandchildren. Yes they do get revenge but not as sweet as they would like it. Tis fun either side and the observer. 😀

  55. Poor Redneck World

    Poor Redneck World

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    I just don't have words 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂

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    "That's not gross. Baby, come here." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    ive seen this a million times repost after repost and i will always laugh

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    You're bald, you're fat, you're old, get over it

  61. Krystle Cague

    Krystle Cague

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    Lol Gabriels comedy is gold.

  62. Steve McGowan

    Steve McGowan

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    dude i love you

  63. Sami Bberg

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    In a long time something made me lol! Thanks Fluffy! 🤛🏻

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  65. Sharon Kaczorowski

    Sharon Kaczorowski

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    I swear Frankie was my younger son, lol. Laughed so hard.

  66. Jiffy Chacko B 2116 SY BAMMC Chacko

    Jiffy Chacko B 2116 SY BAMMC Chacko

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    Jesus Christ if ur son sees this he will kill u😂😂😂😂

  67. Roxanne Mineros

    Roxanne Mineros

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    OH my goodness that made my day. Thank you!!! 😀

  68. Bill Perron

    Bill Perron

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    Lol to big!! Not this Señor Leche! #14. REVISED Motorcycle Rider. Leche Rider!

  69. roxcyn


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    😂🤣😆, I love you man.

  70. Ayush Singh

    Ayush Singh

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    Everytime I got recommend ...I just can't scroll down without watching it😅

  71. Marijn v.d.Sterre

    Marijn v.d.Sterre

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    "your fat goes everywhere!" You're right son. My fat goes everywhere, ask your mom!

  72. pranav gupta

    pranav gupta

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    Guess we know now that Frankie is gonna be pretty good at stand-up now with these stories



    Maand geleden

    U rock

  74. Decimus Claudius

    Decimus Claudius

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    This an old video he already uploaded and in the mean time he broke up with his girlfriend. Maybe its a way to get back at her?

  75. Brittany Leo

    Brittany Leo

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    Three in the morning and I laughed so loud, I thought I was gonna wake someone. Whoops. Oh well, Fluffy is SO worth it.

  76. WipsandChainsCrochet withDawn

    WipsandChainsCrochet withDawn

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    How to scar your kid for life in 3...2...1...😂😂😂

  77. adam vaughan

    adam vaughan

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    😂😂 this reminds me of my dad. We would play this game where he would get his hand, and ball it up, sort of like a fist, and touch my head with it, extremely hard 😂😂 so fun, oh my gosh

  78. Neon xXagera

    Neon xXagera

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    Savage ending

  79. freaker126


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    it's a miracle Frankie not having any childhood PTSD. :p

    • spectre trash

      spectre trash

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      famous last words, "hey baby come here"

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  81. Kelly Schurr

    Kelly Schurr

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    Omg dying laughing here!

  82. Jeremy Mullen

    Jeremy Mullen

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    Funny stuff.. keep posting. I need a good freaking laught fluffy!🔥🇨🇦🔥🤟

  83. omar brignoni

    omar brignoni

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    That’s what your mom said, savage, 😂

  84. Juliann Davis

    Juliann Davis

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    Funny But It was funny all the other times you uploaded with different title Looking for new content

  85. MinatoAce


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  86. DeloreanO2


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    which special was this clip from?

  87. em1o smurf

    em1o smurf

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    a GF from many years ago said that "You're too BIG". me : "i know, but if you think this is big, just wait 9 months..." how to get rid of a not-that-great date.

  88. Cleve Pile

    Cleve Pile

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    He son going to be scared when he gets older and sees this video lol

  89. Adam Temple

    Adam Temple

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    Awww great job buddy

  90. intelligent psycho

    intelligent psycho

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    If you are funny fluffy.

  91. Meme Panda

    Meme Panda

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    I saw this thing where when it was time for your alarm, it would blast a taylor swift song and shake the whole bed literally and figuratively. It's pretty convenient if you ask me-

  92. Phoenix Gaming

    Phoenix Gaming

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    Savage fluffy.......😎❤️❤️



    Maand geleden

    Fluffy did I just see you in an old spice ad

  94. SunScheme


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    Fluffy son: Your too big Your too big Fluffy:*whispers* That's what your mom said That had my dying

  95. Raven Astriel

    Raven Astriel

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    🤣 Hahahaha! He rocks! Keep being you, Gabriel. You're awesome, man. ✊😎✌️

  96. joe wilts

    joe wilts

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    NGL when I see F R A N K I E in title. I CLICK RIGHT AWAY

  97. CMDRFandragon


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    OMG, that alarm sound.......

  98. Markose


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    Keep uploading old content. Does ur YT account has got exception from YT guidelines. Plz give new content

  99. TheReal ED5

    TheReal ED5

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    Imagine if Frankie watches this and like gets so embarrassed

    • GBZOholika81


      Maand geleden

      Imagine his friends and Classmates watching this, poor Frankie

  100. Chr1stmas 58

    Chr1stmas 58

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    Frankie's future wife gonna be embarrassed as hell XD