First Day of Quarantine in South Korea for University! 🇰🇷

Hello beautiful people!! From today, it's my intention to put a video up every day for the next week as best I can! They'll mainly be chatty-style vlogs like this one of my day-to-day experience in government quarantine in South Korea. 🌟 Super grateful to be here! I recognise what an incredible privilege and luxury this is in such a difficult time in the world. At the end of this video, I discuss the fact that I've actually spent the last week or so feeling incredibly anxious and weird and guilty because my country is *such* a mess, with so many people making heavy sacrifices due to the incompetence of our gov, and I'm just... in South Korea. Strange one. Super super grateful to be here regardless. If my being here makes you feel uncomfortable, please please feel free not to watch. Consume content which makes you feel supported during this time.
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What are YOU grateful for today?

How old are you? ~ 20
Where are you from? ~ The UK! Near London.
Where do you go to university? ~ Minerva Schools at KGI. I spent my first year in San Francisco and now study in Berlin :)
Did you take a gap year? ~ Yes! From 2018-2019, I interrailed Europe, worked in London, backpacked Australia, did a French language immersion in France and spent 3 months in Uganda. It was the best year of my life.

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  1. Jasmine Cundiff

    Jasmine Cundiff

    7 uur geleden

    that was a pitiful excuse for a justification- completely out of touch with the sacrifices that responsible, moral people have made again and again to save lives. Being honest is the bottom line. Time to take responsibility.

  2. Kutlwano Letsapa

    Kutlwano Letsapa

    Dag geleden

    If inspiration was a person:Jade💕

  3. Tasha Taylor

    Tasha Taylor

    Dag geleden

    Only just discovered your channel. Where have you been all my life???🤩 😂

  4. Salihah Begum

    Salihah Begum

    2 dagen geleden

    8:26 Reply 1988. Such a fun,heartwarming drama,lovee. Enjoy

  5. Hannah


    2 dagen geleden

    I get people are angry and clearly she is just very privileged to have this choice. I believe a lot of people would take this opportunity to travel somewhere better if they had the chance. Just own up that you chose to do this, I actually wouldn't blame you, I think its the jealousy that bothers people more. Yes I am jealous that you get to do this while we're all stuck in this situation but the thing that bothers me most is your annoyingly over-positive reaction to your privilege when this is the hardest thing a lot of us have gone through. Seeing your amazing life that you have just because of privilege we can't have just really rubs the wrong way. Its my fault for continuing to watch but now you're expecting allowances from mental health when you're in such an amazing position (which you chose, you were not forced by your uni)

  6. s


    2 dagen geleden

    Just when you thought she couldn't get any worse or more problematic sigh

  7. ᄋᄋ


    2 dagen geleden

    Where do you go to university in KOREA?

  8. Alice Chirivì

    Alice Chirivì

    2 dagen geleden

    Guys, I get your point and I agree on a certain level. But it seems to me that we are ignoring a important thing: it’s hard having to deal with this constant scrutiny that a platform like youtube puts you in. If she was a normal non-famous person, she wouldn’t have to deal with thousands of deprecative comments. It’s a lot to handle. It was not entirely necessary for her to travel, but she’s now in a two week quarantine and being double tested. As for her trip to Switzerland: I think it’s important to address the situation, but please, we should stop making more and more comments stating that we’re angry and disappointed. We are catalysing our frustration on her when we ourselves or the people we love have probably sometimes played with the rules too, with or without us knowing. I think we’re putting her through a lot of stress. I’m not saying her behaviour is completely justified, I’m only saying that we should be more compassionate. She already knows we’ve raised the issue, now let it be up to her what she’ll do next.

  9. MultiPiddles


    3 dagen geleden

    what is the music at the start of this video

  10. Park Sunny

    Park Sunny

    3 dagen geleden

    이 글을 읽을 수 있는 사람이 있을런지는 모르겠지만 한국의 상황은 유럽 보다 많이 좋습니다. 방역 규칙을 지킨다면 한국에 오시는 누구나 항상 환영 합니다. 한국인 관점에서 무례한 글들이 많네요. 이 분이 한국에 와서 바이러스를 전파 시킨 것도 아니고 방역 수칙을 어긴 것도 아니고 또 자기 나라에서 큰 잘못을 저지른 것도 아닌거 같은데 왜 이렇게 비난을 하죠? 누구에게 피해를 준 것도 아닌데? 환영합니다. 여행도 다니시고 한국에서 좋은 추억 많이 가지고 가세요. 방역 수칙만 지켜 주세요~ welcome to Korea!

  11. Sarah-Jane Jelbart

    Sarah-Jane Jelbart

    3 dagen geleden

    Your all asking the same things over and over, in the process tearing down a human being. Yes she is putting herself out there and is showing all the wonderful things you cant or shouldn't do but its done and shes going through rigorous testing. I'm not here justifying anything I'm simply trying to make anyone else thinking of demanding any sort of explanation a wide birth, she doesn't owe you anything and very recently has posted commenting on her mental health and that she will address the problems everyone has but there's no need to go over and over and over shes reading these everyday getting more and more notifications and demands and it just isn't fair. Yes you all have a point to make but it has been well and truly made stop now. Let her breathe and let her explain as she said she will do in her own time.

  12. Sharvey


    3 dagen geleden

    I just found this channel and I don’t understand why everybody is so rude to her

  13. Anni


    3 dagen geleden

    I think it's hypocritical of you to act as if your university is responsible for this and use this as an excuse for your behaviour. You are an adult fully capable of her own decisions. There would've been alternatives and you just choose to put your thirst for adventure over the safety of local communities who work hard every day to minimize the number of COVID cases and deaths to preserve their loved ones and their local community. There is no way to justify your travels under these circumstances. If there were more people who acted like you the situation would be even worse. Your actions undermine the efforts of so many people who are responsible and thus haven't seen their family for months, spent Christmas all alone, try to fight the mental health issues from months of lockdown and for sure haven't gone on an adventure just for a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity". Sooo many experience serious mental health issues due to the current circumstances. There has been a rise in suicides in my country in addition to all the people dying because of other people who continue to work on spreading the virus... Like you. Your actions seem like you're laughing those people in their faces while they are suffering. If everyone just signed in to proper social distancing, this virus could be dead within a month. And everyone (not just you and other irresponsible people) could start living their lives again. You and other irresponsible people are taking their adventures on the cost of all the other people's lives who live responsibly during this time and try to compensate the behaviour from people like you by even stricter distancing. But many people are suffering. And actions like yours are the cause for that. You preach self-awareness and critical thinking and talk about social issues and all those things but when it comes to your own actions it becomes obvious that all that is just hypocrisy. This can be seen more during the pandemic but even before that... Just look at all the plane rides you've taken in the recent years. Vegan nutrition won't make up for the environmental damage you are supporting by that. Please do not claim to be a critical, responsible person when your ethics are obviously more than questionable. Either act like you don't care like many other people or live up to to your standards. Everything else is hypocrisy and as an influencer you are fostering this behaviour in others as well. This is destroying our planet and people's lives - especially during the pandemic. You are a contributor to environmental and social issues. Please look this truth in the eye and think about how to handle it, especially as your are influencing so many other people. Thank you for considering changing your actions. I hope you will address this soon. I hope this is not too harsh for you. But I think sometimes one just needs to hear the truth to reflect and become a better person. I understand that you are a human being with flaws and that's okay, but these actions are just too irresponsible- especially with the branding of a responsible, self- critical thinker.

  14. Whoop Thereitis

    Whoop Thereitis

    4 dagen geleden

    You're still talking about it like it's a privilege to travel. It's a burden on others, not a special thing you get to do.

  15. Ava. S

    Ava. S

    4 dagen geleden

    She looks tired. Don't overwork yourself Jade!

  16. Marlene Muehler

    Marlene Muehler

    4 dagen geleden

    Y’all bitterness is so cringe tho Jade is getting COVID tests, doing health checks and quarantining to be in SK. She taking responsibility for herself and others...We all see the the shit u post on like shut up concentrate on ur own health and well-being 👀👀

  17. emaildavinam


    4 dagen geleden

    OK, first of all, you don’t need to justify why you do things. If people want to judge, and just hold you back, that’s good for them. We are in a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we should do everything we can to improve our lives and go forward. It’s a tough situation for everyone, but that doesn’t mean the world has stopped. By the way, I have also traveled, I have a disability, and I can tell you that the two weeks stuck in a hotel without being able to go outside, well at least in the UK you can go out for a walk, put me off travel. This was in the UK, where they don’t even take your temperature when you arrive back from somewhere… So let people judge if they want to judge… That’s why we have so much ignorance in the world. Take the opportunity you have, and use it to the best you can. Learn as much Korean as you can while you are in Korea, it will help you out and it will give you a lot of friendships as well. So many people have a hard time with Korean, but it’s totally worth it in the long run, even if it’s a difficult language to learn. So go for it, girl.

  18. InArguendo


    5 dagen geleden

    Hey thanks for addressing the issue. i was actually wondering and feeling a little offput until i realized that this was a situation you're trying your best to manage so I'm going to stay subscribed as long as you try to be decently responsible given the situation.

  19. Sophie


    5 dagen geleden

    I hear you. I do not think you are lying or being dishonest about your reasoning to travelling to SK... but I do think you should tell the people who are sceptical the reasons why you need to be there. Explain what is it that you need to be in South Korea for that links to gaining your course credits. This might clear the air between you and the viewers that don't believe you. And then everyone can go back to enjoying your content for what it is and leave positive comments on all your vids!

  20. silver BLUE

    silver BLUE

    5 dagen geleden

    I’ve always kind of found minerva sketchy but jades made it out to be legit so I just went with it.. Can someone please explain if this is funded through SFE (Student finance England) or privately? Also I’ve wondered through the entire thing dose she have to pay for this quarantine? In Australia you have to pay £3,000 to supplement staying in a hotel then providing meals etc and I believe it’s similar in Jordan and most places were they have this set up.. you have to pay an extensive fee (to put people off ofc)

  21. rianka


    5 dagen geleden

    honestly what did we expect from someone who preaches ethics, environmentalism etc yet whose dad is the CEO of notorious pyramid scheme/scam JuicePlus :/

  22. Maria


    5 dagen geleden

    For me it is the opposit, videos with stuff like this makes this uber crappy time more bearable. As long as you do it safely and dont hurt other ppl its a good thing! For example Ur quarantaining properly etc... Then Ur doing it right. // Im impressed you have energy to continue even thought alot of ppl seem to take out their quaranteen frustration here. Dont feel ashamed, enjoy!

  23. Leila Maycock

    Leila Maycock

    5 dagen geleden

    Genuine question here: As a chicken owner myself who loves her girls and cares for them, I know that chickens only lay eggs if they are happy and healthy. If they are free range, get fed a lot, are not lonely then they lay - and they are so proud of themselves as well! They squawk and strut around, super pleased about themselves and their eggs are always absolutely delicious because of this. Of course I'm not talking for battery chickens who never learn to explore outside, have happy lives or spend time with other chickens or other different species of birds. But I eat my chickens eggs because they have a good life and it would be such a waste not to eat them since they make such an effort to produce them! I hate food waste and I don't buy any eggs at the shops.. But I was just wondering for vegan people out there - I hugely admire the lifestyle you live and I want to implement it more in my own life - but is it so bad to eat an organic chicken egg that has been produced because the hen is happy? Just curious! Love the video 💞

  24. Kate Timmins

    Kate Timmins

    6 dagen geleden

    Why are all these comments like a high court literally as a veiwer its not your responsibility to hold someone accountable for every single action like maybe you dont agree with her descision but she has family and freinds to hold her accountable shes obviously doing her best to stay safe stop watching videos with the intent of critisizing people or clocking every word someone says if youre uncomfortable stop watching

  25. Tenesha Anderson

    Tenesha Anderson

    6 dagen geleden

    The comments section is great

  26. Mel


    6 dagen geleden

    whether she’s going out in Germany, the UK, or Korea doesn’t really matter. She’s quarantining for 14 days after which she will be sure to not have c*rona. She’s not spreading it by coming to the country and while it may not have been essential to fly to SK I still think it’s a great opportunity. Especially during these times because they’re not easy for any of us. At least jade gets to experience something new and find happiness in these dark times. Also, theres plenty of countries who have shut their borders which means that Korea has its reasons for keeping theirs open and allowing travelers in. Happy for you Jade!

  27. Martina Calcagno

    Martina Calcagno

    6 dagen geleden

    This is the most disturbing vlog I've ever seen

  28. maz


    6 dagen geleden

    To anyone who has a problem with Jade's actions, you should see the huge numbers of people who have flown into the UK in the past 10 months (including many international students), whilst England has had open borders and a predicted 11% compliance to the (unchecked for compliance) quarantine period, when there wasn't a 'travel corridor'.

  29. Aleksandra Eulalia Schmidt

    Aleksandra Eulalia Schmidt

    6 dagen geleden

    I could not survive on such small portions of food but the excitement of not knowing what it's gonna be must make it feel like Christmas

  30. Zoubeir Badulla

    Zoubeir Badulla

    6 dagen geleden

    Time flies!!! Already in South Korea. It seems like yesterday when u arrived in US

  31. julien.


    6 dagen geleden

    i actually really enjoy watching your videos because it seems like i am traveling with you despite the pandemic. im not sure if anyone thinks the same way but i do and it helps me a lot when i get the urge to go outside :) does that makes sense? i hope it does 😂

  32. Camila Alejandra Yepes Triana

    Camila Alejandra Yepes Triana

    6 dagen geleden

    I just reed a couple of comments, don't know if you ever gonna reed this one but I see your videos and I can not say I know you but for what I see you seem a responsible person and if at the end it was in your possibilities to move there and study there and you follow the process you need it to then I don't see why is such a problem for the rest of the people. I understand is a difficult time for everyone and that people have different opinions I just hope you are fine with your health, mentally and physically. Really like your videos, wish you the best.

  33. n2a


    6 dagen geleden

    aaaah yes. your uni forcefully brought you to Korea. you absolutely have no part in choosing to be there. yo people are dying because people think traveling is more important. you get that, right?

  34. Annie McMahon

    Annie McMahon

    6 dagen geleden

    This has always always felt... out of reach to me. I’ve always believed, I don’t work hard enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not pretty enough. And it has extended to everything in my life, my eating disorder LOVED that I didn’t see myself as enough for anything, i “didn’t DESERVE” anything it was an excuse to give in, an excuse to fail. There was no risk in having an eating disorder because I knew exactly what to expect. I knew I’d lose friends but then at least I knew for sure they didn’t like me, I knew I’d get bad grades but then at least I could say it was because I was mentally ill- not because I wasn’t smart enough. BUT I DONT WANT THAT, I WANT risk, I want my life to be more than food and more than weight, I want to take a gap year and do things I’ve dreamt of, I want to study zoology and move to hawaii or Australia and do research in marine biology! I wanna go surfing on the weekends and have vegan BBQs on the beach with friends, I want an extraordinary life- one that hating myself can never give me.

    • Annie McMahon

      Annie McMahon

      6 dagen geleden

      I was just listening to u and wanted to participate in the ✨motivational✨ discussion haha

  35. Maggie Fogarty-Harnish

    Maggie Fogarty-Harnish

    7 dagen geleden

    I’m in quarantine for university too. Been in for six days now. Did online school for a year in my home country and decided to try coming back and see if I will keep with the program living here or go back to my home country and discontinue. Originally planned to live here for 4 year and left a ton of stuff behind when the pandemic started. Best of luck with uni, online school is hard .

  36. Ashley Josey

    Ashley Josey

    7 dagen geleden

    Sending you some love from America! I have so much respect for you making these videos for yourself in addition to sharing your journey with others. It is so apparent that it takes a whole lot of time, dedication, and courage. Thanks for being a light in this world :) 💛

  37. Sophie Braun

    Sophie Braun

    7 dagen geleden

    You are setting such a bad example Jade.... this whole“uni makes us travel“ during a pandemic that has killed millions makes minerva so sketchy, and you just traveling around... girl your classes are online, sorry but this makes you look extremely selfish and ignorant ngl

  38. Paula Narvaez

    Paula Narvaez

    7 dagen geleden

    Your content is so calming and soothing to me, it always makes me feel productive and... not alone Thank you for uploading vlogs! I love them so much :')

  39. anna takacs

    anna takacs

    7 dagen geleden


  40. Hannah De Clercq

    Hannah De Clercq

    7 dagen geleden

    I think Jade's smart enough to decide for herself what's the best to do or not to do.

    • M C

      M C

      7 dagen geleden

      Only it's not herself that's affected by her decisions. Close to 2 million dead from COVID, and she chooses to travel, when she attends an online university?

  41. eppsington


    7 dagen geleden

    Why is she using her desk the wrong way round ?

  42. Raphaëlle


    7 dagen geleden

    Really respect Jade as a person & even admire her on some aspects, but the last 5 minutes of the video are tone-death at best and disingenuous at worst.

  43. Its Nada

    Its Nada

    7 dagen geleden

    you dont own anyone an explanation or apology for anything. You are acting responsibly by quarantining.

  44. Grace Wooler

    Grace Wooler

    7 dagen geleden

    The desk is the wrong way around 💀

  45. Grace Wooler

    Grace Wooler

    7 dagen geleden

    isn’t Minerva online uni?

  46. My Moon Seokjin

    My Moon Seokjin

    7 dagen geleden

    I wanna go to SOUTH KOREA too😭 🥺🙂

  47. Tilda


    7 dagen geleden

    been LOVING your recent videos, you just continue to put out incredible content😍

  48. s


    7 dagen geleden

    Not sure if this is just me but I love how they deliver those small cute food packages and bonus you never what's inside! :)

  49. María José

    María José

    7 dagen geleden

    all the hate is going to be translated into jade not sharing her adventures in SK ¬¬

  50. yik


    7 dagen geleden

    Oh Jade please don't be sad that you are allowed to travel,i wish i would be able to do that and i know so many people wish that too but we all are trying to keep ourselves sane and happy and nobody would want you to feel guilty that you got the chance.Please be happy and have the time of your life there,for yourself and for us cause don't forget,we too become happy when we watch your videos.Take care.

  51. CayCr8s


    7 dagen geleden

    Jade dancing to love and happiness was absolutely what I needed to see today

  52. Cynthia Chio

    Cynthia Chio

    7 dagen geleden

    Omgggggg 1988 it’s soooo good, absolutely love it

  53. MusicalPixie


    7 dagen geleden

    Jade, I'm sorry but it's super problematic that you're constantly expressing your "it's everyone's fault but mine"-attitude.... written (in those little intersections of your video) and spoken. You NEED to self reflect.

  54. Joao Paulo

    Joao Paulo

    7 dagen geleden

    honestly what's the problem with her going to study to Korea? She is literally quarantining and being followed. As for traveling, if the countries authorize it and if she’s careful I don't see the problem. I know it is a complicated time but she is not to blame nor do you need to pass your frustration on to Jade. She is also going through a difficult situation as we all.

  55. Masia Maksymowicz

    Masia Maksymowicz

    7 dagen geleden

    I love watching these videos, they are an opportunity to see how the rest of the world is doing. So don’t feel bad about making them, cause what you do is very important!

  56. Christa Danica

    Christa Danica

    7 dagen geleden

    Jade seems like a very happy person! :) And always hyped up!

  57. Holy


    7 dagen geleden

    In the thumbnail, I thought it was a pregnancy test 🤣😅

  58. Ines Van Elderen

    Ines Van Elderen

    7 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who thinks that at least she is able to travel, and that is one less person whose mental health is severely declining? I bet that a lot of people would make the same choice if they had the chance.. if you can be safe while travelling, you should not let yourself deteriorate, no? Idk honest thought

  59. Josh


    7 dagen geleden

    8:21 i highly recommend kdrama : reply 1988

  60. Stephanie Watzka

    Stephanie Watzka

    7 dagen geleden

    I understand your feeling of guilt but given that you're in quarantine and you're making sure you're not potentially infecting anyone, I don't think you have to justify your decision to go to South Korea. It is your uni which has to justify its programme abroad, especially because you can be taught online -> I don't see the point in sending students abroad. Yeah, the foreign culture, bla bla, but during the pandemic? Hm. Did you travel to Switzerland just for fun though? I read it in the comments. That would be a different story and just travelling for pleasure isn't something you should do during a pandemic. Maybe it wasn't for pleasure though, I don't know. Lots of love from Germany, stay healthy!

  61. Colin Barker

    Colin Barker

    7 dagen geleden

    Fair play for being so open at the end. I spend most my days alone just working from home and learning new software. Seeing someone like yourself be so productive and have a lust for life really boost my mood/mindset. Also, it's a form of escapism from my pretty repetitive life at the moment.

  62. Lily Fowke-Green

    Lily Fowke-Green

    7 dagen geleden

    It looks so hard to be stuck in those dystopian quarantine rooms for two weeks! I hope it ends soon..a while ago I had to quarantine, but it was just in my house so it was ok! These times are strange, I think it’s a good thing you went to south korea, if you wanted to go! Honestly what harm is it doing going? You even have to quarantine in these prison like places for two weeks, there’s literally no chance of you giving people covid straight after that!! If you’re doing no harm, why let this situation crush your dreams? It’s done enough damage to young people’s lives. Stay bold!

  63. Laura Josephina

    Laura Josephina

    7 dagen geleden

    Honestly, I’m really concerned with covid, been working from home for a long long time, haven’t left the house since new years, BUT sometimes I do wonder if the ‘criticism’ on people who travel or whatever, actually stems from being concerned that Jade (in this case) is gonna spread Covid, or if it’s more about being jealous that she’s getting to do something fun and you aren’t. It’s unfair, but look at the amount of tests she’s done, the amount of time she’s quarantining. There’s no way she’s infecting anyone more than if she’d have stayed home. I’m working from home now, but I’m applying to uni abroad and if I get in, yes, I’m also gonna go there. It’s not a 3 day city trip guys. It’s education, and seeing so many fellow students with over a year study delay is not okay. I’m also jealous sometimes, but I’m super glad Jade gets to be there, be safe and get the education she deserves. And honestly Jade, your quarantine and even travel video’s are making me so motivated to finish my thesis and work towards my future rather than be sad and alone lol ❤️❤️

  64. herwoodenhouse


    8 dagen geleden

    omg Reply 1988 is so nice!!

  65. Cassandra Val

    Cassandra Val

    8 dagen geleden

    For Kdrama i really recommend you try Goblin ✨ It will never disappoint 💯

  66. Laura Boyle

    Laura Boyle

    8 dagen geleden

    Everyone in the comments needs to get off their high horse bashing her for studying abroad, yes the situation isn’t ideal but life goes on, she’s studying an international degree and that’s why you travel for it! She literally couldn’t go home for Christmas and be with her family and went from Berlin to Korea alone. Her being there - in quarantine, I might add, doesn’t affect us who are living on the other side of the globe.

    • M C

      M C

      7 dagen geleden

      What about all the individuals she could have unknowingly infected? The drivers who took her to/ from the airport, the groundstaff who checked her in, the flight attendants on the plane, the frontline workers who briefed her on quarantine protocols, the employees at the quarantine facility. Does it affect them? A negative test means nothing. She could have been in the incubation phase, not to mention there is a 30% chance of returning a false negative.

    • Vanessa T

      Vanessa T

      7 dagen geleden

      what about the local koreans who live there, do they not count as people who might be affected?

  67. dhwani anand

    dhwani anand

    8 dagen geleden


  68. Apple mint

    Apple mint

    8 dagen geleden

    2:36 남양!

  69. Zoe Waggitt

    Zoe Waggitt

    8 dagen geleden

    if you're looking for a new k-drama to watch then i'd recommend 'something in the rain' on netflix; it's SO cute and made me cry so much :')

  70. Riya S

    Riya S

    8 dagen geleden

    notice how flushed she gets after saying the universitys making her be there...

  71. Jade Lauren

    Jade Lauren

    8 dagen geleden

    This vlog motivated me to workout woo thanks Jade 💛

  72. lottie b

    lottie b

    8 dagen geleden

    imagine guiltrippping your followers I am so dissapointed

  73. lottie b

    lottie b

    8 dagen geleden

    address your fucking trip to Switzerland

  74. asha


    8 dagen geleden

    Jade, I please hope you're taking care of your mental health. You are such a beautiful, gracious individual and I really admire the way you are able to handle all of these comments entirely slaughtering you - when there is no need. You shouldn't have to justify ANY of this to us, but sadly people feel entitled to an explanation. These are the same people of whom many would be doing EXACTLY the same thing you're doing right now. Please take care of yourself, and please enjoy South Korea as much as you can. Please don't feel guilty for being there. You're doing nothing wrong. You're obviously not passing COVID-19 to anyone. There's more guilt and shame in all these people in the UK who've been breaking restrictions to meet up with other households, etc. People can be cruel. Please don't let it get to you. As someone who's currently self-isolating due to COVID-19, I am grateful for your content in these difficult times. Thank you for uploading. And, once again, take care of yourself.

  75. Anna Killen

    Anna Killen

    8 dagen geleden

    so, reading the comments- so I haven’t seen the text saying she was forced to go to south Korea by minerva, but obviously that’s not totally true, which is why she took it down. in all honesty I’m guessing it was probably a white lie. id the thing about creds is that might be a way Minerva works, your overall grade takes into account how you interact with each culture (I am hypothesising here),- of course in a pandemic, I’d hope they have the sense to review that, but assuming that was the case, and her grade would have not been influenced by staying in berlin/uk/sk, I can see why people would be annoyed by her travelling when she had no need to.but like she’s in strict isolation- there’s literally nothing else she can do now that she’s there. but most ppl agree that’s not the main problem, it was about her saying she had to be there when she didn’t. this said, I don’t see why people feel so offended and entitled to an explanation. she doesn’t owe you an explanation or justification or apology or anything just because you watch her content. just saying. also regarding her trip to Switzerland, like I don’t get what ppl wanna hear? tbh I don’t know the rules about travel to and from Switzerland from Germany but she’s not stupid, so I imagine she would have taken as many precautions as possible. that said I did see a comment saying she didn’t isolate, but like it’s not like she was out mixing with hundreds of ppl when she was there or returned cause both Germany and Switzerland had such strict restrictions throughout December. she went there, she came back.. what else do u wanna hear? sure if she hadn’t gone it’d have been less risk, but she did, and I don’t see why some people r so intent on her making her feel so bad about this. also, I agree with the freedom to criticise and all that but like words actually have an impact. and also what’s the intention of your criticism? like sure it can be beneficial, like ‘oh make sure you don’t do this cause its could have bad consequences’, but if all u want to achieve is to make her feel guilty about her choices, then just like why man?? ok thanku for reading this lol. I hope I haven’t offended, that wasn’t the intention here, I just personally believe it wouldnt do some people any harm to lil more forgiving towards someone we know who has genuinely good intentions, even if they may have not come off the right way aight have a nice day wherever u are :)

    • M C

      M C

      7 dagen geleden

      What else do people want to hear? Not half-truths, or her deflecting blame and failing to take personal responsibility? Particularly when her personal brand is built on transparency and self-awareness.

    • Tatyana Wakefield

      Tatyana Wakefield

      8 dagen geleden

      I agree with you for the most part, but the big issue is the hypocrisy. she has consistently told people to stay at home etc, yet then she is doing unnecessary /international/ travel during a global pandemic. I don't think it would be such a massive issue if she hadn't been preaching 'stay at home stay safe', but she has and she should be held accountable when she does wrong. She cannot criticise governments for handling this all badly and then travel from USA - > UK - > Germany - > Switzerland - > SK and expect people to not criticise her. Again, no offence meant at all! I think it's important to have these conversations

  76. Mago L

    Mago L

    8 dagen geleden

    Hi Jade, as a *native Korean* + supportive viewer over the past years I would like to talk a little bit about how I feel about your situation. Although it is long I really hope you read my message. I promise it is not just an unfair let out of emotions. First of all, I would like to talk about how much effort the Koreans (especially those in the medical fields) have put into the system of fighting against covid. As you may have well noticed at Incheon, the whole coping system is well developed and organized. This was only possible thanks to the hard-working government and medical workers who have sacrificed their personal lives over the past year to keep everyone safe. Also, the efforts within the Korean public in general. The level of care and caution the Koreans put in the social distancing measures are very high. Everyone always wears a mask everywhere compared to Europe where you see less people wearing them than those who do. Businesses have suffered immensely (especially cafes, arcades, karaokes etc) while protecting social distancing measures including my family's business as well. All of this effort is what allowed the cases in SK to stay relatively low and therefore the Korean public is understandably very VERY sensitive on fellow members of the public to follow the safety measures. I would recommend you to check out the 'Korean Englishmen" case where some of the crew failed to follow quarantine rules and got bashed HUGELY by the Korean public. As you are an influencer yourself, I hope you make sure to follow the rules perfectly because I fear that you may become a target of the Korean media if not. As for travelling, I agree with unavoidable essential travelling as my family who was very vulnerable at the time had to travel back during the 1st UK lockdown. However, I wonder if travelling for academic purposes which could have been fulfilled online was really necessary..? Of course, I am not a student at Minerva so I may not be able to judge the situation with a 100% fairness however to me it just does not seem like a situation that was completely necessary. *Why I am writing all of this* and what I fear the most is that you are a very influential figure. In an era of the rising popularity of 'K-culture' as you display the 'Korean' lifestyle and if you go out and have fun after quarantine as many entertaining/tourism facilities are still available in Korea, some of your viewers would be inclined to visit during this time. South Korea currently does not have a travel ban and therefore many viewers could visit with little difficulty if they wanted to. SK tests oversea visitors at airports and the data shows how there is a notable proportion of covid patients coming from overseas. I fear that your stay in SK at this time in itself will give off a wrong message of 'It's kind of okay to travel to SK during this time'. Although I understand your excitement to enjoy the new culture in a new country very well. (After all, Seoul is a fun city.) I can only hope that you would only enjoy mostly the essential parts of daily life and avoid non-essential travel like the majority of Korean citizens rn and even if you do proceed to enjoy some of the non-essential facilities of SK I REALLY REALLY hope you would not share it on social media because of the reasons I have explained above, you inevitably can provide an influence to your viewers. I'm sorry that my first comment is on a negative note, since you are already here I do really hope you enjoy your time in Korea and I'd be grateful if you take note of my opinions.

  77. M e

    M e

    8 dagen geleden

    "Please feel free to NOT watch" if you have any problems with what she's doing. You are all welcome to leave :)

  78. emma


    8 dagen geleden

    When you talk about how badly the UK has handled the pandemic, keep in mind that part of the reason it is so out of control is because of the irresponsibility in people’s actions - like yours, travelling from Berlin to Switzerland and back, and then to SK. We all know things could have been handled differently. We also know that if people took responsibility for their own actions and recognised they too have a part to play in this, it would be less out of control. There is no point trying to justify that you feel so bad, and everyone else is in a terrible situation, and you’re so ✨ lucky ✨ because there was no need to travel when university is online, and some of your peers also didn’t travel.

    • Maddy


      2 dagen geleden

      @emma I understand what you guys are saying I really do, I just think we need to give her the time and space to correctly address the situation. We are all making assumptions about the situation and yes some may be right but I just think we need to be more supportive than immediately jump to conclusion and critisce her actions. I 100% agree that she needs to address the situation as from our perspective it doesn't look great. I admit using the words toxic and mean were not the best words to use and I'm sorry that I used them. I just believe that we need to ask her the address the situation and end this constant stream of messages which have bombarding her the last few days. At the end of the day we all know jade is an amazing person who would never harm anyone and if she made a mistake then she needs to address that and then we need to accept it.

    • emma


      2 dagen geleden

      @Maddy 🤦 she is quarantining now yes and that is good! But her university is online, and she blamed them, and then retracted that blame - there’s just no need to travel. She also didn’t quarantine or isolate or get permission to travel 10 hours from Berlin to Switzerland and 10 hours back for a little trip in December when things were looking poor for both Germany and Switzerland - that’s what we were upset about. Nobody is trying to be mean or toxic, we are mostly long-time viewers of Jade who just feel let down by the situation.

    • Maddy


      2 dagen geleden

      Guys, she obviously got permission from the government to go, it's not like she just went to Korea, she got approval from the uni and the gov who deemed it be justified travel and allowed her in. She is also quarantined for 14 days as well. Jade has been nothing but kind and honest and supportive and these kind of toxic comments do absolutely nothing for anyone, it just makes her feel bad. We should be supportive, even if u consider this question to be valid people have been hitting her nonstop with these questions constantly criticising her. This isn't right, jade has worked hard to make this a safe and loving space and u are making it worse with this constant and unnecessary critiscms.

    • maisie holt

      maisie holt

      3 dagen geleden

      @emma I men’s we’ve been put under multiple lockdowns with beige rules and false promises, 90% of people abided by the rules so you do have to point fingers at those in charge

    • emma


      3 dagen geleden

      @maisie holt not really - I agree that the UK government could have acted differently (better) in many situations I.e. imposing a lockdown earlier, closing the travel corridors earlier etc... But you also can’t expect the government to just “magic away” the virus - at the end of the day, regardless of what the government do or don’t do, it is our collective effort as a nation and as a world to do our part to eradicate it. If people don’t abide by the rules that are imposed, and above all use common sense, then we will be in this pandemic for a very long time, regardless of what any government decides to do.

  79. Claire Koek

    Claire Koek

    8 dagen geleden

    I think it is a really good thing you are traveling. Your university is just handeling it so much better than others university’s. In my opinion you do not need to apologize that you’re there!!!

  80. Clara


    8 dagen geleden

    They just want you to be on a diet 😭

  81. fr3agy


    8 dagen geleden

    Omg just enjoy yourself and your time dear Jade!!! You shouldn’t feel bad for being in Korea! You are there to learn and study so all those envy people should shut the fk up!

  82. Dian


    8 dagen geleden

    Too bad they don't provide you guys with a menu with English ingredients for the meals meh

  83. L T

    L T

    8 dagen geleden

    People need to chill out! it's not illegal to move to another country, any of you could do it if you wanted to even in the pandemic! Everyone has to live somewhere... moving to another country is VERY different to "travelling"

  84. 김고은


    8 dagen geleden

    for Kpop I highly recommend 아이유(IU) '아이유 따뜻한 노래 playlist' . in case your looking for some bright and peaceful relaxing song

  85. Beans BeansBeans

    Beans BeansBeans

    8 dagen geleden

    Why are you sitting at your desk 'the wrong way'?

  86. Miracle


    8 dagen geleden

    Hey..even I have started making vlogs

  87. Merin som

    Merin som

    8 dagen geleden

    It actually makes me feel so good to see that at least some people have the chance to fulfill their plans and just get on with life. It makes me feel like maybe someday I’ll be able to leave my house and travel again. Jade you are so brave and I’m really happy for you❤️

  88. Manisha Sinhababu

    Manisha Sinhababu

    8 dagen geleden

    ohh btw those thermometres are not new ... Everybody before you have put them in their mouth .... That's why many poeple order new ones from g-mart ( the do deliveries in qurantine facilities too ) , instead of using them ...... You can also order food ( apart from what they are giving you like local food deliveries , you cam also order local grocery store items from mart like ramen , chips , sandwitch or anything food that you cam buy in a Korean mall )

  89. Matthew Douglas

    Matthew Douglas

    8 dagen geleden

    She's generally awesome but I've gotten the vibe from watching a couple of her videos that she cares way too much about productivity and perfectionism. Maybe she's just a different specimen from me but I hope she doesn't burn out.

  90. Hannah


    8 dagen geleden

    I'm not sure you should keep blaming the UK government for being incompetent, it comes across as hypocritical... do you know what most South Koreans would say about how you've treated this pandemic?

  91. Marko


    8 dagen geleden

    Jade is obviously doing everything in her power to prevent herself from spreading the virus. Anything apart from that is her human right to travel as she pleases, to countries that allow it. Don't criticise Jade, but criticise the different governments that are allowing travel. She's only doing what she's allowed to. The jealousy of many people in the comment section is showing. Grow up.

    • K


      7 dagen geleden

      @Merpedy Merp Enough! How salty are you?

    • Merpedy Merp

      Merpedy Merp

      8 dagen geleden

      ...Only she travelled to Switzerland and didn't quarantine as she was required to.

  92. As Brösel

    As Brösel

    8 dagen geleden

    Your videos actually help me relax a bit from my full semester which is entirely online. I had to move out of my dorm and back to my parents and it is hard for me to find things that destress me here. Your videos help me with that because you are excited about so many things and on the other hand you make me smile a lot when i watch your videos - THANK YOU :)

  93. Emma Gonzalezdeltanago

    Emma Gonzalezdeltanago

    8 dagen geleden

    I love your content Jade and know you mean no harm. I wish you all the best during these 2 weeks and Oh my god have so much fun during your semester!! Sending you lots of love and support. You got this.

  94. Xuan Chew

    Xuan Chew

    8 dagen geleden

    jade your so kind 🥺🥺

  95. Niamh Lindberg Stevens

    Niamh Lindberg Stevens

    8 dagen geleden

    clearly a lot of people don't feel the same, but for me jade's videos have always, and continue to be, a place of positivity and happiness where i can escape from the pandemic and all things negative. please keep making these videos jade, they help so much

  96. Marcia León Eulogio

    Marcia León Eulogio

    8 dagen geleden

    I really love your videos Jade, but i have to said that sometimes i feel a little bit jealouse because i'm locked up since march (obviously with some exceptions), but in general i can't see my friends and my family (grandparents). My government is also not helping. But, at the end of the day i'm grateful to be alive and have a roof over my head. Your videos make me travel, and see beyond my little town, and your attitude towards life is really nice to see. I hope your doing fine Jade, we are all struggling here!

  97. Cat


    8 dagen geleden

    Wait, the description first said you had to be in SK cause it counted towards your credits and now that whole paragraph is deleted? I was happy your finally addressed this topic but stating the whole reason why you travelled was due to Minerva making you go and then quickly backtracking feels so off? I've always loved witching your content because you felt genuine and relatable, but I'm sad to say those feelings are changing due to how you're handling this situation.

    • Julie


      5 dagen geleden

      If you look at other Minerva students you will know that they actually did get the option to study at home without losing the credit. She deleted that whole paragraph because it was most likely a lie to justify traveling to SK.

  98. Barry L

    Barry L

    8 dagen geleden

    7:31 it just reminded me of Anne from "Anne with E"

  99. markéta hampeisová

    markéta hampeisová

    8 dagen geleden

    Yes, you are very privileged to study abroad - but so are WE, it's a privilege for all the grateful beans being able to watch your videos and „live" it with you!

  100. Kate Hồ

    Kate Hồ

    8 dagen geleden

    Twice,, Once in a million