I Became a Millionaire by Ruining a Homeless Person's Life

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I Became a Millionaire by Ruining a Homeless Person's Life in Hobo Tough Life - Let's Game It Out
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More about Hobo: Tough Life (from Steam):
Hobo: Tough Life is an urban survival role-playing game where you play as a homeless person. Play alone or team up in online co-op. Explore the streets of Praslav, scavenge for food and supplies, beg, steal, and do whatever else it takes to survive the forthcoming winter.
Welcome to Praslav, a cold Central European city that grows even colder with the coming winter. Praslav is recovering from the political turmoil that followed the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Communist regime, which held the country in its iron grip for decades.
While most people eagerly awaited the coming of democracy and capitalism, some were unable to adapt to the new socio-economic climate. Soon they found themselves on the streets with nowhere to go.
You are one of those people.
Keep an eye on your needs and other variables, which interact in realistic ways - staying warm, dry, and well-fed are not your only concerns. Poor hygiene and dirty clothes make you smellier, low temperature increases the risk of falling ill, and whatever piece of food comes in must also come out at some point.
How far are you willing to go to survive? Steal, burgle, and consort with criminals of all sorts. If necessary, take what you need by force. However, you are not an action hero. Consider your actions carefully, for the consequences are often severe, and benefits rarely outweigh the risks. Most importantly, keep your wits about you. Even if you are not willing to hurt people for personal gain, others are.
Spend the last few days of autumn wisely - gather supplies, equipment, and materials to help you survive the most difficult of seasons. Weather is unpredictable, but there is one certainty - every day is colder than the last. With a lot of preparation and a bit of luck, you might even see the spring again.
Unlike other survival games, Hobo: Tough Life leans heavily on its story content. Experience dozens of storylines inspired by real-life events and people. Solve quests, meet unique NPCs, gain their trust, make allies and enemies, join various factions, and find your place in the streets of Praslav.
Maybe there is no warm apartment waiting for you at the end of the day, but you do not have to keep sleeping on park benches either. Find a suitable place and get to work. Construct walls and roofs to shield you from the elements. Gather discarded furniture and curios to furnish your hideout and make it truly your own.
Is surviving on your own too difficult? Get the gang together. The game supports online co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players. Play alone, together with your friends, or even with total strangers. Team up, collect resources, build a shanty town, survive the winter.
For over a decade, no one has been able to bring the many factions of the homeless together. The throne of the Homeless King has been sitting empty for far too long. Who will earn enough respect and prove themselves worthy of uniting the homeless? Will you rise to the occasion?


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    • Vivian Sedlak

      Vivian Sedlak

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      Josh, I beg of you to play Goat Simulator. You can glitch it easily and drag people around with your tongue.

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      Panders Person

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      HAVE AT THEE! also let’s commit genocide on one person for infinite money :DDDDdd

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      This comment chain is close to reaching the limit

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    Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day, and you are saved.

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    After 1 month of boredom, sighing and freezing in the rain Josh our saviour finally posted and lit my day up.

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    So millionaire simulator?

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    Why oh why can't I stop watching these? A one man disaster area :P

  8. talon clinger

    talon clinger

    44 minuten geleden

    have you noticed every time you die there is an option on the bottom of the screen that says rage quit 😂😂

  9. Petr Miks

    Petr Miks

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    14:53 crowns

  10. Binary Day

    Binary Day

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    Maisner is one of those billionaires that just watched too much fight club

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    Marc W.

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    "count crapula"... this got me off guard 😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Desert Shark

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    3:57 Isnt that a Czech brand, because it has to be. The Czech language is the only language that uses the letter "Ž"

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    Btw the coins are called crowns.

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    Can't wait for an other video of this game

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    3:30 Gettin' real sick & tired of games mistakenly using "morale" in place of "morality" lately. For all intensive purposes, they're a diamond dozen. It really is a doggy dog world.

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    Josh bullies homeless people the same way he bullies the other video games he plays

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    Oh man I feel so sorry for Maisner😆😅

  19. Luca


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    15:52 honestly cant you just use the metric system? I have no idea how much kilos 400 pounds are

  20. Henry Quirino

    Henry Quirino

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    Bruh I haven't seen one of your videos in a while cuz of your upload schedule and I was very confused by the title until I read your channels name

  21. FreeZ FC

    FreeZ FC

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    Day two of asking let's game it out to play Jurassic world game by the same people who made planet zoo and planet coaster

  22. Emma Gar

    Emma Gar

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    alternate tittle : grown man became a hobo and does hobo things

  23. DanThaManTV


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    As always, another legendary upload. I hope you never get bored of creating these fantastic hilarious videos.

  24. Tokio Riah

    Tokio Riah

    2 uur geleden

    Imagine if Josh got reincarnated in a different dimension or an anime world. Imagine all the chaos he would cause lol

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    Thx for making me laugh while i was hurt =)

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    Hey everyone! We were born sinners, against God. We could not please Him, we could not fulfill His law, hence we were condemned to death. But God loves us so much that He sent His One and only Son to come to Earth, live a perfect life to later suffer and die on a cross. By doing so, Jesus Christ, payed off the debt which He didn't owe. He freely payed our debt, and fulfilled all righteousness. Hence when we believe in Him and accept Him as Lord and saviour, and repent from our wicked ways, God forgives us faithfully, and the gift of the Spirit of Christ relates us intimately with God. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord! Jesus is the way the truth and the life!

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    Josh gives me ultra anxiety when he builds anything... ffs lol

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    timothy saura

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    have u tried the game "we happy few"

  29. Justinas Norkūnas

    Justinas Norkūnas

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    Who is still waiting for Johnny Hotbody?

  30. Zee


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    You always sound so bored 😭

  31. BurritoMagnifico


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    There are altars where you offer up things for rewards

  32. Andrew Allen

    Andrew Allen

    2 uur geleden

    Homelessness is a terrible situation... Video game devs... I bet people would pay money to play a game to be homeless... Only this feller could make this funny. So, million dollar idea... Find a homeless guy/gal and record his/her reaction to this video. I'm gonna be filthy freaking rich....

  33. Eryn VR

    Eryn VR

    2 uur geleden

    Part 2 better be here soon

  34. Lord Phoenix bruhify edition

    Lord Phoenix bruhify edition

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    No game is safe from Lets Game It Out😆

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    Dude why don't you make a video on Spore? That'd be dope!!

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    Rip Majsner True Legend

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    I won't lie, I was expecting a Satisfactory video since update 4, but that's probably next

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    Dude I would love to see you mess around in Hoplegs!

  40. František Pokorný

    František Pokorný

    4 uur geleden

    Fun fact: 1 000 000 in-game currency (which should be czk) is about 47 619 $

  41. Dustin South

    Dustin South

    4 uur geleden

    Josh the Hobo Exploit King Has a ring to it.

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  43. ___


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    I wish this guy would turn down his bass, the voice rasp makes my ears hurt

  44. BlackBird Fly

    BlackBird Fly

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    I would like to hire Josh as my interior decorator....

  45. Potato plays Minecraft

    Potato plays Minecraft

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    Why won’t you just play VR game it out

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    The legend of destroying every game is back.

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    Ditto ramirez

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    Plz play ark survival evolve

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    5:18 WOW Maisner is angry, get a glimpse of what he says before Josh zooms in

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    Please you have to play dungeons and dragons. I would pay money to see that.

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    19:38 the ads!!!!!!!

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    it in prag and the money are czech crowns

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    please play kenshi

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    Finally, Josh bought a new pc

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    9:42 That cop sure is good at calculating his hyperspace jumps.

  56. Sean Ryan

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    Josh you should play ark and torture prehistoric life Like so he can see this

  57. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat

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    I think the only reason he ever gets early access keys for games it’s because the developers know he’s going to break it so the developers can fix it

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    My sides orbit every time i watch your videos.

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    Wait, you too?

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    10:07 is that Cro Cop?

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    Sure wish LetsGameItOut would answer my Twitter message 🥲

  63. DLC Daniel

    DLC Daniel

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    There is a hobo master that can teach you many, many things. If you ever make another video on this game, maybe try to exploit the master. May make the game even more fun for you. 🤣

  64. Marie Kušnirik

    Marie Kušnirik

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    Josh woke up in Prague and immediately chose violence

  65. Tøxictraits


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    Everybody gangsta until he plays minecraft

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    vitulin 12

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    thats not a dolars that (koruna) its czech dolars 1dolar= 23korun

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    Just wanna say love yo style.

    • Ayush Bhowal 7B

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      Of gaming.

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    homeless but have money 1m XD

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    TheDOWNTOWN guy

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    Persons is not a word

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    this guy is a genius !

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    Now I want to see you play breath of the wild

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    Yeeeeeah Czech game

  73. Olyvia Mata

    Olyvia Mata

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    I like how he calls them “loans”

  74. Avicenna Ren

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    The patience of this man is immeasurable Josh you could win the world award for most patience man alive

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    10:04 Mirko CRO COP

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    YEAHHH THOUGHT U WAS DONE FOR SOME REASON ANYWAY it’s a car game I gotta find name but custom setting everything somewhere u need to b 😂 I’ll get name some day

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    COC matters

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    1051 dollar what sort of lumber can you get for that one quarter of a 3x4?

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    :) you fianlly posted

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    My man is back at it again, I literally checked if you posted everyday lol. Glad to have you back,

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    Hey lets game it out How the Josh fight

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    Hey, uhhh How much IRL time is one in-game time ? Cuz I guess it's at least like, 20, 30 minutes? And 30*1000 is 30000 minutes, or 500 hours, or 20.8 days, I'm talking *21 frickin irl hours* , please get help

  85. Fulcrum


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    Join the Rebellion today! ✴ Who will join us?

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    In over three years of getting rolled, Messner never left. There's....a lesson there, somewhere

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    Thats like making more depression to a depressed man to make ur self happy

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    "You Already Took Everything A Have!" *Shame.*

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    I like to see you torture the Sims I need more Sims videos

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    *yo stoopid*

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    The only person who will go all out on a game and wast his time just for a joke he needs more subs

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    ep 2 pls!!!!

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    Please more of these videos!!!

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    The real reason Josh was gone for so long is that he was in the Josh fight