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So this time we decided to just record everything what happens on a random day of mine.πŸ˜…πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Some Days are busier and others are more relaxed but I always try to be as productive as possible. I hope You enjoy that little insight into my Day to Day life and see You soon on the next Adventure. Much Love from Me and the entire Hakuna Mipaka Team.πŸ€—
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About Dean Schneider:
I am a 27-year old Swiss guy, who dedicated his entire life to the animal world! Nowadays, I live in Africa, I am a member of a lion pride, my wife is a hyena and I’m a daddy of two monkeys. Besides that, I have built a global voice for our planet’s wildlife over the past two years!
Born in Switzerland (Zurich) on October 3, 1992, I was blessed to grow up in a loving family with my sister (one year older) and my parents, who were always very supportive and loving. My mother is originally from the Balkan region (Southeastern Europe), while my dad is a Swiss citizen. I discovered my deep passion for wildlife at the age of six or seven, through the legendary Steve Irwin! He was the one who brought wildlife into my living room in Zurich and inspired and educated me about all kinds of different animal species.
Even though I was so passionate about animals, I originally followed a very ordinary path to adulthood, eventually ending up in the finance industry as a financial advisor. After a very successful year, I decided to found my own company, which then, over the next three years, allowed me to generate the financial foundation to launch the Hakuna Mipaka project at the age of 23-24.
After starting my life in South Africa additional financial support form my Family allowed me to evolve and develop the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis for 2 Years without having to depend on any income sources such as offering touristic visits / programs, breeding or trading of animals, donations or any other monetary businesses!
About Hakuna Mipaka:
The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis is located on around 400 hectares (four million square meters) in the wilderness of South Africa! It is home to thousands of different wild animal species! Besides that, the oasis also serves as a life-long home to a few rescued wild animals, which were born in captivity! We also do rehabilitation programs with different animals, which are then being released back into the wild.
The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis is my personal home and a private sanctuary that is NOT open to the public. We don’t cater to tourists and don’t allow any day visits or animal activities! We don’t breed animals and we are also not trading animals. I built this place for animals and not for humans. The Hakuna Mipaka oasis is a secure, wild & lifelong home to the animals that live here.
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  1. Ahmed Kadhum

    Ahmed Kadhum

    Uur geleden

    Thank you

  2. Sam Macdonald

    Sam Macdonald

    5 uur geleden

    Imagine waking up and visiting every animal in existence

  3. Technical Boy Monil

    Technical Boy Monil

    5 uur geleden

    Please roar with Barbery Lion😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Miss Jasmine

    Miss Jasmine

    8 uur geleden

    I love snow

  5. Vidhu Krishna s

    Vidhu Krishna s

    9 uur geleden

    You made my day

  6. ken perkins

    ken perkins

    15 uur geleden

    Wonder if it hurts when they lick, I think tongues are like sandpaper.

  7. has huje

    has huje

    18 uur geleden

    Snow is the best

  8. Gucci Jongin

    Gucci Jongin

    22 uur geleden

    Do you have an onlyfans sir??? Lol

  9. Wyatt Borchetti

    Wyatt Borchetti

    Dag geleden

    why does dexter have a long main

  10. Familya Brilliant

    Familya Brilliant

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    Thanks to you....godblessed

  11. Fer's Wildlife

    Fer's Wildlife

    Dag geleden

    How did you become friends with a Lion pack

  12. Aarya Mishra

    Aarya Mishra

    Dag geleden

    Because of you I bought a new member in my family just guess what is it A hella cute pic

  13. Mahesh Panth

    Mahesh Panth

    Dag geleden

    8:40 the bat is happy that these people are not Chinese. Day saved.

    • bouthaina el moussaoui

      bouthaina el moussaoui

      22 uur geleden

      this comment really wasn’t necessary

  14. Mahesh Panth

    Mahesh Panth

    Dag geleden

    It's winter and these guys are not wearing anything πŸ€”

  15. zornd


    2 dagen geleden

    I will definitely cry once they are out on the wild life :((

  16. Olivia Murray

    Olivia Murray

    2 dagen geleden

    With chuckies camp dean goes in but with that victory scream I thought he was the hyena lol



    2 dagen geleden

    Who else think his life is legend

  18. Alexander Yntema

    Alexander Yntema

    2 dagen geleden

    i have so much respect for him, he could be a miljonair but he choose to do what he really wanted and i have so much respect for him much love to you dean

  19. hakan gultekin

    hakan gultekin

    2 dagen geleden

    Δ± m no lion

  20. Luis Ward

    Luis Ward

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    3 dagen geleden

    Love it

  22. aristotels aristotals

    aristotels aristotals

    3 dagen geleden

    A wonderful life for anyone who loves lions, yeah. Like KR's. I don't mean to offend anyone but I see something strange in the video: there are many young men and no female. Why? Is it what I imagine?

    • aristotels aristotals

      aristotels aristotals

      Dag geleden

      @Den Hater Ok.

    • Den Hater

      Den Hater

      2 dagen geleden

      There are! Just not in front of the camera

  23. Novitzmann


    3 dagen geleden

    I think it would be good for every human being to spent a day of his life in Dean's shoes. Dean Schneider , I hold you in the highest respect.

  24. Yasmeen Sultana

    Yasmeen Sultana

    3 dagen geleden

    That is momo or who is that idk nd I don't want to call him monkey also he is so damn cute....the part when he was touching camera was best moment ever😭❀️😘

  25. Donna Mm

    Donna Mm

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  26. janaina marques

    janaina marques

    4 dagen geleden

    Do the monkeys sleeps all night straight?

  27. janaina marques

    janaina marques

    4 dagen geleden

    Great exercises.

  28. SS_Carnage SS

    SS_Carnage SS

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  29. Muhammed Afsal

    Muhammed Afsal

    4 dagen geleden

    Stop music take natural sounds...

  30. I am a stay army blink once

    I am a stay army blink once

    4 dagen geleden

    Dean: sees a random bat and help it Me: scream and wack

  31. Serene The hedgehog

    Serene The hedgehog

    4 dagen geleden

    how did u get lions to be ur pet

  32. Annecy Kamara

    Annecy Kamara

    4 dagen geleden

    the monkey lowkey looks like my brother

  33. Adrian JHalder

    Adrian JHalder

    4 dagen geleden

    We can see the mane growing for snow and Leo No doubt that that they are going to be majestic lions

  34. RedVultureMedia


    4 dagen geleden

    Now THIS is living the dream!

  35. Branquinha 12

    Branquinha 12

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    I love lions

  36. Kubejk


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    Those monkeys 😭😭❀

  37. Pony


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    even behind this screen im scared

  38. Maskus Philipp

    Maskus Philipp

    5 dagen geleden

    Kann ich dich heiraten?

  39. Action Ethan

    Action Ethan

    5 dagen geleden

    I wonder how much hair dean has in his house

  40. Sinless September

    Sinless September

    5 dagen geleden

    He is not human. He is the son of mother nature . He is legendary.

  41. simplexβ€’ eclipse

    simplexβ€’ eclipse

    5 dagen geleden


  42. Manas Walkar

    Manas Walkar

    5 dagen geleden

    Dean why you don't have tigers ?

  43. Ana HernΓ‘ndez

    Ana HernΓ‘ndez

    6 dagen geleden

    QUΓ‰ BONITO ERES, SIR!!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  44. Ryan Andry

    Ryan Andry

    6 dagen geleden

    Just doing the camp maintenance look so fun.Cutting grass and stuff. You can look around while working, seeing animals, scenery. Man,I would love to live here

  45. Toby Depena

    Toby Depena

    6 dagen geleden

    I really wish I could fly out and meet all his animals

  46. Emma Rudman

    Emma Rudman

    6 dagen geleden

    πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

  47. Adeeba Siddiqui

    Adeeba Siddiqui

    6 dagen geleden

    Jayjay and momo are soo precious I can't❀❀❀

  48. Camille Sethi

    Camille Sethi

    7 dagen geleden

    Big big lover of Dean & his amazing projects and his relationship with the pride is just awesome...love the chemistry in between them all !! Outstanding video content always !! Keep up the great work Dean you are amazing !!

  49. Amber Kumar

    Amber Kumar

    7 dagen geleden

    The best thing of Dean's video is that he is actually showing it to the world how to coexist with the other creatures of the planet so incredibly. Moment of the day: that little cute guy putting his head on Dean's chest and returning love to him❣️

  50. Susant Neupane

    Susant Neupane

    7 dagen geleden

    how cute

  51. Gursimran Singh

    Gursimran Singh

    7 dagen geleden

    Can anyone tell me how he manages the finances to run the sanctuary without any people visiting and all.

  52. Abrar Ahmed SaiF

    Abrar Ahmed SaiF

    7 dagen geleden

    How cute is snow & Nayla 😍😍

  53. Parisien 75

    Parisien 75

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  54. Nikhil Negi

    Nikhil Negi

    7 dagen geleden

    They atkcc. They protcc. But most importantly they know dean is not a snacc.

    • Jatin Joseph

      Jatin Joseph

      7 dagen geleden


  55. Anna Diamond

    Anna Diamond

    7 dagen geleden

    Will you marry me?!? πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ€€

  56. MD Arsath MD Arsath

    MD Arsath MD Arsath

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  57. Jace Rugg

    Jace Rugg

    7 dagen geleden

    Give him a show

  58. eternal sence

    eternal sence

    7 dagen geleden

    bruh why is everyone there jacked lmao

  59. Nazneen Khan

    Nazneen Khan

    7 dagen geleden

    Love from India bro you are great 😍😍😍

  60. Arnab Das

    Arnab Das

    8 dagen geleden

    What is proffesion bro

  61. LP PL

    LP PL

    8 dagen geleden

    I am a hetero man, but this bodys of Dean and his buddys making me think about my sexuality.πŸ˜‚

  62. wetpu 357

    wetpu 357

    8 dagen geleden

    I wish I could tame lions too

  63. Lamthiansiam


    8 dagen geleden

    Bro why am I seeing many channels under your name. I have subscribed for all but wanna make sure the official channel of yours. Please confirm

  64. Sim Kieu

    Sim Kieu

    8 dagen geleden

    Why does everyone working here have 6 packs? Because they muscle with the lions everyday?

  65. Yunus Mahomed

    Yunus Mahomed

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    Dean : playing with the bat . Hey little buddy Me : really bats too The bat : ong seriously 😐 πŸ™„

    • Yunus Mahomed

      Yunus Mahomed

      8 dagen geleden

      Plz i never mean anything bad

    • Yunus Mahomed

      Yunus Mahomed

      8 dagen geleden

      I meant omg

  66. Lloyd Harlston

    Lloyd Harlston

    8 dagen geleden

    Warum redest du mein deutsch

  67. leah ramos

    leah ramos

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    Omg did the monkey suck his thumb πŸ₯°

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    ΓƒminΓ© zein

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  69. Rohan Tatikonda

    Rohan Tatikonda

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    pleaseee keep vlogging

  70. M.C. Pinto da Silveira

    M.C. Pinto da Silveira

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    I agree he is the nicest person ever!!! Wish I could be there and do part of that world

  71. AWESOME 191

    AWESOME 191

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    This guy deserves more recognition

  72. Piolo Bangisan

    Piolo Bangisan

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    Emagine trying to steal in his house but you see his friends with that nice body not only that but also the lions😲😲😊😊

  73. Ghost 47

    Ghost 47

    9 dagen geleden

    This is so cool I wish I could do this kind of stuff

  74. Viktoria Zelaya

    Viktoria Zelaya

    9 dagen geleden

    Dean has a bat me thinking 'covid'

  75. Enis Operta

    Enis Operta

    9 dagen geleden

    If just more people would respect the animals the way he does the world would be a better place

  76. funkybuddha 1

    funkybuddha 1

    9 dagen geleden

    Does anybody else think that Dean might be gay?? Just speculating ive got nothing against him if he is ;)

  77. Ishit singh

    Ishit singh

    9 dagen geleden

    snow is the cutest FROM FAR πŸ˜‚

  78. TWIN TV


    10 dagen geleden

    Damn, I used to watch all your videos, but like half year ago, and now you have so much subs!!! Congrats, keep on doing great job.

  79. Eric Kannemeyer

    Eric Kannemeyer

    10 dagen geleden

    Guys don’t criticise him he does amazing work for these animals, criticise the people who hunt and kill animals for pleasure

  80. Deepika Rao

    Deepika Rao

    10 dagen geleden

    His Smile ❀️

  81. Princess LadyAnne Tiger

    Princess LadyAnne Tiger

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    I love you Dean!

  82. Mackenzie Day

    Mackenzie Day

    10 dagen geleden

    Bro I actually love u I wanna be like u I adore everything u do and I am gonna do what ur doing now what I do soon

  83. Anthony Griffith

    Anthony Griffith

    10 dagen geleden

    How do they feed? Do you put live prey and have them hunt or do you just put a carcass in the camp?

    • Laterite


      10 dagen geleden

      It's a carcass that dean leaves for them

  84. MONSt3R


    10 dagen geleden

    You're living the dream life

  85. Willis4932


    10 dagen geleden

    Has one of the lions ever tried to have a go at you?

  86. Oussama S

    Oussama S

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    The monkeys are so cute

  87. Elite Clasher

    Elite Clasher

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  88. Supratim Ghosh

    Supratim Ghosh

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    How can some people dislike his videos!! Crazy

  89. Freya Rebecca

    Freya Rebecca

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    So inspiring

  90. Freya Rebecca

    Freya Rebecca

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    He’s the most inspiring person ever

  91. Freya Rebecca

    Freya Rebecca

    11 dagen geleden

    Deans mission is the most amazing thing ever

  92. Freya Rebecca

    Freya Rebecca

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    Dean is the best person ever

  93. Agnieszka Gortat

    Agnieszka Gortat

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  94. eva _1D

    eva _1D

    11 dagen geleden

    i don't know. the one youtuber who works hard all day just to send his messege to all over the world and he still got 2 million subscribers on yt nd 9 million on instagram . on the otherside . some youtubers like ACE family , DOBRE brothers got 20+ million subscribers just for giving us lame pranks shits and damn vlogs .

  95. DNAFULLTIME champ


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    Can you show chucky once plz

  96. Detective


    11 dagen geleden

    When leo. Came it sounded like leo said hello

  97. Yaramin Cavazos

    Yaramin Cavazos

    11 dagen geleden

    Who saw this video and said they wanted a lion or two

    • Dean Schneider

      Dean Schneider

      6 dagen geleden

      @Yaramin Cavazos try sending me an invite on hangouts so we could talk moreπŸ˜‰

    • Dean Schneider

      Dean Schneider

      6 dagen geleden


    • Yaramin Cavazos

      Yaramin Cavazos

      6 dagen geleden

      OMG!! I never thought you would respond to my comment

    • Dean Schneider

      Dean Schneider

      6 dagen geleden

      Thank you so much for watching❀.It'd be cool to speak with you Send me an invite using my email:deanschneider011@gmail.com

  98. kilang kichu

    kilang kichu

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    I wonder how hot it is there .

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    Sandrine macouin benmoussa

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