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Solar Powered Electric Boat!! (pt1)

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  1. PeterSripol


    14 dagen geleden

    Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at bspk.me/petersripol and use promo code SRIPOL20 at checkout!

    • Christopher Tanner

      Christopher Tanner

      6 uur geleden

      Maybe try and make an rc b17 f memphis belle

    • cool kid star 51

      cool kid star 51

      11 uur geleden

      Can you make the among us airship please

    • Xenomorph1320-D


      2 dagen geleden

      Peter, my friend and I have an idea for you: Build an R/C airplane but powered by a servo as in drive the propeller with the servo.

    • Springtrap exe

      Springtrap exe

      5 dagen geleden

      Hey @peter_stropl I watched this and it reminded me of POP-POP/putt putt boats what if you made one big enough for a human ^^

    • aII Iivesmatter end superphobia

      aII Iivesmatter end superphobia

      6 dagen geleden

      hit the dislike every time you here AKCTUALLY

  2. George Monkey

    George Monkey

    26 minuten geleden

    put a servo in a rubber chicken and scare people in walmart

  3. SV446


    Uur geleden

    Is it possible to have an electric plane powered by wind mills on the plane, infinite range plane?

  4. windowpuncher


    7 uur geleden

    If you'd like a tip - next time you want to get paint off of metal, find a can or two of aircraft paint remover. Do it outside. Spray it, let it work for a few minutes, wipe it all off with a paper towel. Bad, bad stuff though so be careful with it.

  5. Elliot Laser

    Elliot Laser

    8 uur geleden

    Make a Submarine

  6. Jonathan Greenshields

    Jonathan Greenshields

    10 uur geleden

    Make a wankel engine 3d printed plane

  7. cool kid star 51

    cool kid star 51

    11 uur geleden

    Please make the among us airship please

  8. Luke Paul

    Luke Paul

    15 uur geleden

    Part two?

  9. Raccoon x

    Raccoon x

    17 uur geleden

    Your face like indonesia people😆

  10. Lalep


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  11. Reno Simpson

    Reno Simpson

    23 uur geleden

    Just the most stupid design you can’t even sit up straight, not even in the front because you rack your head on your dumb ass canopy. Total hack job.

  12. Dark-mist


    Dag geleden

    Is Elon musk gonna start making electric boats too now

  13. Bubby Pauls

    Bubby Pauls

    Dag geleden

    5:22 me when discord not open: 0_o

  14. Mokey Guy

    Mokey Guy

    Dag geleden

    You should have walls and have Windows on it

  15. Jason Souza

    Jason Souza

    Dag geleden

    Thank you Peter. We enjoy your videos.

  16. white death. Lau Larsen

    white death. Lau Larsen

    Dag geleden

    Make a inflatable plane

  17. Peter Creedon

    Peter Creedon

    Dag geleden

    to bad the batterys are so expensive

  18. Richard Levy

    Richard Levy

    Dag geleden

    I was able to accomplish this goal with my 16 ft, sailboat and a small electric panel and a couple of deep storage batteries.

  19. zacbhockey Bower

    zacbhockey Bower

    Dag geleden

    Do a tutorial on how to make a plane like a legit flying plane that you can ride in

  20. The Laughing Hyena

    The Laughing Hyena

    Dag geleden

    The boy who will never grow old

  21. Emmanuel Campasas

    Emmanuel Campasas

    Dag geleden

    Can you make a airplane glider pls

  22. Yicky


    Dag geleden

    can you revisit you old rc submarine with wireless camera in it and advance on that old creation. that was my favorite video of yours

  23. ProfessionCyril


    Dag geleden

    You should make a battleship with are real boat with artillery on it

  24. Taiyaki Boi

    Taiyaki Boi

    Dag geleden

    5:22 discord message sound, 5:31 iphone alarm

  25. Lepi Plays

    Lepi Plays

    Dag geleden

    The motor system you designed looks really similar to a "sail drive" but you have the motor mounted just fore of the prop and in the water. If corrosion starts to give you problems you could look at moving the motors up above decks and translating the power down. Check out Oceanvolt for some ideas there if you need them, also because they are just cool high end tech.

  26. Benjy Mérida

    Benjy Mérida

    2 dagen geleden

    HEYY :) pete, Benjamin love your vids. I allways as a kid wanted to make home made sugar rockets and see what happened if I made a very big motor. sadly I live in a city and cant try it out. but hey maybe you are up for it ;) have a good one Benjamin

  27. john beer

    john beer

    2 dagen geleden

    looking forward to see how you make good on your "infinite range" claim

  28. R-lyn Sevidal

    R-lyn Sevidal

    2 dagen geleden

    upload more lol *"fur child"*

  29. Will Hill

    Will Hill

    2 dagen geleden

    Can you make an rc paramotor out of a kite?

  30. DarkShadowsX5


    2 dagen geleden

    yeah you need to raise the roof.. sam looked pretty uncomfortable and likely regretted getting on a little bit.

  31. FFP


    2 dagen geleden

    solar airplane when

  32. spring_trap1123


    2 dagen geleden

    5:22 lol discord ping

  33. - Tokilexistiert -

    - Tokilexistiert -

    2 dagen geleden

    when are you up to build a submarine?

  34. Jeb Mooney

    Jeb Mooney

    2 dagen geleden

    If it as infant range go on a long trip

  35. Jan 2

    Jan 2

    2 dagen geleden

    When are you building a flyable helicopter?

  36. Patrick Maris

    Patrick Maris

    2 dagen geleden

    I heared a discord ping at 5:22

  37. Slav Life

    Slav Life

    2 dagen geleden

    Anybody heard that Discord Notification? lmao. 5:21

  38. Datta Keerthi

    Datta Keerthi

    2 dagen geleden

    How do you fund this kind of project

  39. Cameron Jackson

    Cameron Jackson

    2 dagen geleden

    5:21 Anyone else hear Discord?

  40. blancolirio


    2 dagen geleden

    Welcome to boating!...;-)

  41. Lambo kr

    Lambo kr

    3 dagen geleden

    the 968 that dislike this vid be like:*In case of brain we have no brain.*

  42. Richard Cole

    Richard Cole

    3 dagen geleden

    Where are you going to be in Florida?

  43. Jack Prior

    Jack Prior

    3 dagen geleden

    The noises at 5:23 😳

  44. CamoKid


    3 dagen geleden

    5:21 YOU CONFUSEd ME

  45. Kolten Grabner

    Kolten Grabner

    3 dagen geleden

    5:22 mmmmm discord

  46. mtacoustic1


    3 dagen geleden

    I believe epoxy is hydrophobic (absorbs water); which is why most fiberglas boats use a two-part polyester as a binding agent and paint.

  47. Airsled


    3 dagen geleden

    I’m glad you include your family in a lot of your videos

  48. gussed


    3 dagen geleden

    5:20 discord 💓💗💘

  49. Jimmy Orchid

    Jimmy Orchid

    3 dagen geleden

    Really cool

  50. Kamatsune


    3 dagen geleden

    makes one with flex engine, because if there is a problem and there is no electricity there would still be gasoline

  51. baba waimarama

    baba waimarama

    3 dagen geleden

    Lost me at fur child

  52. Schollls


    3 dagen geleden

    So now make it into a solar plane aircraft carrier.. Or a landing pad for a remote control Space X rocket. :)

  53. Real Idiot

    Real Idiot

    3 dagen geleden

    Do you need state registration for that?

  54. FreemonSandlewould


    3 dagen geleden

    but very finite speed

  55. Nauti Cal

    Nauti Cal

    3 dagen geleden

    that boat is so cool dude

  56. Not You

    Not You

    3 dagen geleden

    would a regular paddle boat with a garden technically be solar powered

  57. Ahmed Rafi

    Ahmed Rafi

    3 dagen geleden

    17:22 Eurobeat intensifies.

  58. It's Beau Davis

    It's Beau Davis

    3 dagen geleden

    Amazing boat. Is it for sale? If so I will pay $1000

  59. Willem Wolff

    Willem Wolff

    3 dagen geleden

    Good job. 👍👍👍🙏

  60. Javier Vazquez

    Javier Vazquez

    3 dagen geleden

    Add an RC helipad!!

  61. Joe Rocket1979

    Joe Rocket1979

    4 dagen geleden

    Primer should have been sprayed on not brushed or rolled.

  62. Jim A

    Jim A

    4 dagen geleden

    1:27 Weird, you protect your lungs but not your ears. Got permanent ringing in your ears yet?

  63. MtnXfreeride


    4 dagen geleden

    Was there a reason the roof is so low?

  64. MrzPear


    4 dagen geleden

    5:21 discord ping

  65. Craig Smith

    Craig Smith

    4 dagen geleden

    Bring a little gas inverter generator with you just in case anything goes wrong with the panels while you're out. Always have a backup plan

  66. jamal liles

    jamal liles

    4 dagen geleden

    believe that Jesus died on the cross so that whoever believes in Him will be saved, also I'm not answering your comments

  67. Kawi Green

    Kawi Green

    4 dagen geleden

    Was missing your content, hope we get to see you more bro . And these are my favourite types of your videos . You’re a brilliant engineer and builder . Keep doing you man

  68. Martin S

    Martin S

    4 dagen geleden

    You live in Ohio but you're worried about salt water?????

  69. Tom Collins

    Tom Collins

    4 dagen geleden

    ...A daily shot of sea vitamin..

  70. Jennifer WhiteWolf

    Jennifer WhiteWolf

    4 dagen geleden

    I like all the floatation and safety features required by law, the legal registration, and other requirements that he put in the boat. ..... not! People no familiar with laws regarding boats need to learn THAT first... And get marine liability insurance so when your negligence leads to a death, you wont end up in jail. Stupid kids! Smart to make things, and STUPID to violate all the laws and regulations. If I was Coast Guard, this would be good for fines and jail.

  71. Jennifer WhiteWolf

    Jennifer WhiteWolf

    4 dagen geleden

    What do you need to tell the paint companies to get all that free paint?

  72. chris27011986


    4 dagen geleden

    put hydrofoils to it :-p - nice vid

  73. fajar tri

    fajar tri

    4 dagen geleden


  74. Midori Schaaf

    Midori Schaaf

    4 dagen geleden

    Solar panels need batteries for storage and a charge controller. If you add a large capacitor too, that should help when you want to accelerate.

  75. Communist Thanos

    Communist Thanos

    4 dagen geleden

    So no one is gonna talk about the discord notification at 5:22?

  76. bobby Davis

    bobby Davis

    4 dagen geleden

    Sweet boat

  77. Master Procrastinator

    Master Procrastinator

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    13:50 the most wholesome sh*t I've seen all week

  78. Hayley Clouston

    Hayley Clouston

    4 dagen geleden

    You should make a plane with wings that hinge vertically during high g maneuvers. Would that reduce pilot g force?

  79. David Beede

    David Beede

    4 dagen geleden

    Links to all your production gear but not to the boat's electric motor, batteries, solar panels etc? I guess this really is for entertainment only.

  80. Ro Music Adda

    Ro Music Adda

    4 dagen geleden

    Very smart Cam it drive over the sea

  81. Ken Stubbings

    Ken Stubbings

    4 dagen geleden

    Oh wow, a boat that converts green energy into movement. You should see if you can do one with wind next.

  82. mike .D

    mike .D

    4 dagen geleden

    Electric boat , salt water, way to go !

  83. Nur Iffah

    Nur Iffah

    4 dagen geleden

    pls build boeing 737

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    ot buschman

    4 dagen geleden

    Make an inflatable airplane

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    Lukáš Michalovič

    4 dagen geleden

    Can you make toppat clan airship from the henry stikmin colecion????

  86. Christian Postma

    Christian Postma

    4 dagen geleden

    You should make a wing shaped rigid airship that flies like a airplane but uses lift as well as bouyancy.

  87. turbo Flacko

    turbo Flacko

    4 dagen geleden


  88. Aurimas B

    Aurimas B

    4 dagen geleden

    Respect you more for stripping all the paint and doing it properly :) subbed

  89. Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv

    Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv

    4 dagen geleden

    fur child ! love it.

  90. where's fillman86

    where's fillman86

    4 dagen geleden

    now do an infinate range hydrofoil

  91. Desstin Requena

    Desstin Requena

    4 dagen geleden

    Lol look at him in the cano tied to the back 😂😂😂😂 15:00

  92. Jude Matthew Purugganan

    Jude Matthew Purugganan

    4 dagen geleden

    I miss your videos

  93. Bryce Seiple

    Bryce Seiple

    4 dagen geleden

    Make a big pop pop boat

  94. VAG Central

    VAG Central

    4 dagen geleden

    I was thinking you could rig a potentiometer to the steering wheel and control your steering with some servos. there are some 48v 1200w brushless legit out board motors not built into the prop you can buy on eBay only 25 amps full power. You'd need like 4x12v 40 amp batteries to get a 1hr 1/2 of run time with a 600 w solar set up you could get 2 hrs to potentially 2 1/2hrs of run time. But those numbers are running mainly full power. If you're cruising at 40% power. I'm sure 7-8 hrs of run time with 600w solar which is still pretty crazy. It'd be around 1.5k to do but would definitely be the most professional way around it like the boat is already looking fancy might as well make it quick, efficient and technological

  95. Slim08


    4 dagen geleden

    For the paint stripping alone you get a ton of respect (and of course a like & sub) out of me. Phantastik job! 👍

  96. Joseph Hazard

    Joseph Hazard

    4 dagen geleden

    Make it go faster. Cool video dude

  97. PooPotPrang


    5 dagen geleden

    Infinite range in sunny weather then? I lived on a sailboat for 2.5 years as a young lad, sailed up and down the eastern seaboard. Remember many consecutive days without a slice of sun. Invest in high-quality weather monitoring system and hire a meteorologist as a deck hand to keep yourself ahead of foul weather my friend. Cool build though.

  98. Ken Olson

    Ken Olson

    5 dagen geleden

    I have my grandfather's Commodore I just finished rebuilding it. Ready to go slay the fish.

  99. WWII Vet, John Taco

    WWII Vet, John Taco

    5 dagen geleden

    Add wind power

  100. OFF HEAP


    5 dagen geleden

    Did you know that a jiffy is ⅓ of a second, quite ironic🤣🤣