Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & M.I.A. - FRANCHISE (Official Music Video)

"FRANCHISE" available at:
Directed by Travis Scott
Shot by White Trash Tyler & Jordan Hemingway
US scenes produced by Randy Donaldson & Kevin Schroeder for Freenjoy
US cinematographer: Minka Farthing-Kohl
UK scenes produced by Ella Girardot for Academy Films
Edited by Jack Dalton and Dylan Coughran
Special thanks to NBA Entertainment
Travis Scott online:
Yup, in my white tee, yeah
Call up Hype Williams for the hype, please
Uh, they gon’ wipe you, before you wipe me
Unboxing my checks not my Nikes
Cacti not no iced tea (ah)
got-’em bamboozled like I’m Spike Lee (ah)
You need more than Google just to find me (ah)
I just called up bae to get her hyphy (ah, ooh)
Incredible, Ici ici general
I just start the label just to sign me
Me and Chase connected like we siamese
We’ve been on the run, feel like a crime spree
Talk to me nicely, I seen his face, I seen it
Yup, on his white tee (lets go)
Yeah, yeah call the Sprite people (Call ‘em, hol’ on)
Private flight to France, tryna sight see (private flight)
Popped ’em in his hands, he was typing
Caterpillar ‘Rari, I fold it lift it up
I went on the stand told the judge to pass my cup
Ran up twenty million, told the devil keep the luck
Keep that, keep that hoe,
RIP Pop, keep the smoke aye
Talk to me nicely (to me nicely)
Keep her on a chain, that aint like me (that aint like me)
Scotts with no strings you can't tie me (with the, hold on)
I’m higher than the plane, I’m where the Skypes be (doo, doo, doo, doo)
Yup, in my slime tee…(doo doo doo hee)
Princey in his prime heee…(doo doo doo hee)
Yellowbone too feisty heee...(doo doo doo hee)
Clean him up no napkin heee
Yup, in my white tee (yeah)
Call up Hype Williams for the hype, please (it’s lit)
They gon’ wipe you, before you wipe me
Unboxing my checks not my Nikes
Scuse me
Zi zi zi zi zi zi zi zi
Don’t be missin’ in Mississippi
Dip a sippy
Make em happy
Make em copy
Make em get me chippy chippy
There’s a lot im going to spend
Tell me when you need me to pull up
You going to shoot out while I spin
Trippin like I’m trigger happy
Salt fish, Ackee ackee, golf buggy
Kawasaki, Catch a fish
Sushi Maki, Livin Life
London city left the town
Thug n Travis be that fam
Yeah, you know that (slatt)
And when they free us out it’s gonna be a film a kodak (yah)
Shoot me pouring right Above The Rim like Pollack
I’ve been rippin and running, not slippin’ or slidin', athletic tendencies
I’ve been up chefin’ it, whippin’ it to the base rock, I provide the remedy
When we open gates up at Utopia (it’s lit)
It’s like Zooptopia, you see the crosses over ya (ya)
That’s how you know it’s us
At 4AM i’m phoning ya, not for no shoulder rub
Them Jackboys open cleaners up, the way they fold and tuck
Yup, in my white tee, yeah
Call up Hype Williams for the hype, please
Uh, they gon’ wipe you, before you wipe me
Unboxing the checks not my
Checks not my
I be where the fuck that light be
Bangers in the system
It’s bangers in the system
It’s ancient anunnaki
(C) 2020 Epic Records. With Cactus Jack.
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  1. Wiz Khalifa

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    This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...I love you..

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    Travis Fans: Yo this travis Kids who play fortnite: That's the skin from fortnite That fat guy: It's the burger guy A Console gamer: Yo that's the playstation guy A Hypebeast: Yo that's the cactus jack guy



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    scary part is that travis is iluminati



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    Kylie's fav song

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    m.i.a just ruined the song.

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    Travis doesnt do drugs, drugs do travis

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  31. Anna Heine

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    Die lieder von Travis scot sind sehr gut.

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    The song is dope but the ending is hella cringe not gonna lie

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    What brands and models of cars are presented in the video?

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    The song went so hard til the girl came in

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    m.i.a should've never been on this beat💯

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  42. Inspectah DeeeOhOh

    Inspectah DeeeOhOh

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    I will never understand why artists never lip sync or sing the exact words when filming . . . They always miss some and this really annoy me.

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    Bangers in the system it’s that M. I. A.

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    I just like not to play MIA's verse

  66. Paredeez Zense

    Paredeez Zense

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    M.I.A kinda ruined the song tbh her part was really cringey no offence

    • zixメ


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      That’s what I’m sayin

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    I jacked it to this beat

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    Can we be honest about M.I.As verse?

    • Trippieredd Leaks

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      Its dogshit

  94. RK Darlong

    RK Darlong

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    TS: Yup in my white tee Wearing Fully black clothes

  95. buu700


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