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  1. Peter McKinnon

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    Had a BLAST making this project! Special thanks to Christoph Benfey for his help! Be sure to follow him (dudes a BEAST! Links in Description) - For best experience: Watch in 4K and pump some good speakers! Let's go!

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    If ever there was a need for a super like on NLcameras; that is one hell of a satisfying masterpiece. Well done, Peter and Crew!

  6. Michael Wynne

    Michael Wynne

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    Some really nice work! That cable pull rig to the ceiling with that camera mounted in a stabilizer was pretty innovative. Can’t imagine what you guys would pull off with a proper techno crane with a remote head.

  7. Gary R

    Gary R

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    Ok so I thought I'd ask this question even though it's not linked directly to the video content. It's about film making in general. My daughter starts a project in the summer of 2021 which will take almost 2 years to complete. I think that journey would make a great short film. Only problem is I know hee haw (glasgow saying for "F**k all") about film making. Question then is obvious...how to learn?? Filming, audio, editing, lighting..........all seems like a mountain to climb. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Patrick Cardoso

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    this was so creative.

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    Abhishek Sharma

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      @Peter McKinnon also, one condition ... no slow mo at all ... this is where it all began :)



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      @Peter McKinnon when I come home to Toronto .. come and direct :) :) :) and let me do the shooting :) ..

    • Peter McKinnon

      Peter McKinnon

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      Cool. Your turn. 😂🤙🏻

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    oneonly xram

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    • Peter McKinnon

      Peter McKinnon

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      R5, monstro, Komodo

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