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Today is a big day: I’m going back to racing! Check out the video to see my full announcement message. Stay tuned for this journey and subscribe to this channel, so you don’t miss the next updates: bit.ly/NicoRosbergYT
I’m looking forward to your feedback. The adventure begins - it’s going to be super fun!!!
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  1. Nico Rosberg

    Nico Rosberg

    Maand geleden

    Comment below: what would you like to see next?! Explaining the design? First test drives? The adventure begins - subscribe, so you don’t miss the next updates coming soon: bit.ly/NicoRosbergYT

    • Rehan Rahman

      Rehan Rahman

      15 dagen geleden

      @Carlos Chaj lpppppppppppppppp

    • Alex Cerda

      Alex Cerda

      22 dagen geleden

      Power train and suspension please

    • Adriano Provenza

      Adriano Provenza

      29 dagen geleden

      Can you back in f1?

    • Backfishmedia


      Maand geleden

      Nice idee bro💪💪💪

    • Phillip Stewart

      Phillip Stewart

      Maand geleden

      @Antonella Nap?

  2. cockatiel


    2 dagen geleden

    wait nico rosberg made extreme e

  3. Morphasella


    4 dagen geleden

    keep update ya

  4. Richwan Muhamad Ericska

    Richwan Muhamad Ericska

    7 dagen geleden

    Lewis vs Nico 2: Electric Boogaloo

  5. Giorgi Sharadze

    Giorgi Sharadze

    10 dagen geleden

    Dear Niko I am your big fan and admirer. Wears Formula One in Georgia (Georgia) and motorsport in general is at a new stage of development and I want to make a small contribution to this. We have created a Formula 1 group where you are very popular. I have seen and know your plans for 4x4 racing and I want to learn more about it in my country and be more interested if you dare I want to spread your activities on our site and I expect only your consent and a little help from you. Please think about my suggestion and if you agree with the advertisements, plans, videos and essays of these races, look at the essence and send it to us, you will contribute to the development of autosport. If you want to check and make sure that both me and my site are doing legal activity and it is legal

  6. Colm Nolan

    Colm Nolan

    11 dagen geleden

    It's green except for the whole producing the electricity to run the cars and travelling all over the world with massive equipment and teams. Prime example of virtue signalling

  7. Ian Davidson

    Ian Davidson

    12 dagen geleden

    Need a driver I’m your man

  8. Graham Sullivan

    Graham Sullivan

    12 dagen geleden

    Environment blah blah blah! If you really cared for it, you wouldn't be going racing all over the globe!

  9. ibo boss

    ibo boss

    14 dagen geleden

    Join F1 amk

  10. Ben Dousi

    Ben Dousi

    14 dagen geleden

    He has truly gone insane

  11. Jraybay


    15 dagen geleden

    Looking forward to this D:

  12. Colin Toews

    Colin Toews

    15 dagen geleden

    Gosjean starts an E Demolition Derby

  13. EmuBench


    15 dagen geleden

    who cares stop the ads.

  14. Leo Leo

    Leo Leo

    16 dagen geleden

    Come back in F1 please! Hamilton win too easily without you!

  15. Levi Charles

    Levi Charles

    16 dagen geleden

    We’re gonna save the environment by driving these green machines across these pristine environments. Haha

  16. Fred Kite

    Fred Kite

    16 dagen geleden

    I love your videos Nico! My top favourite racers are Verstappen, Hamilton and Nico !

  17. Bottlecaps 92

    Bottlecaps 92

    16 dagen geleden


  18. TheDragonaf1


    16 dagen geleden

    Ah yes the one shot wonder

  19. Thomas Messineo

    Thomas Messineo

    16 dagen geleden

    Come on Niko are you saving earth by doing rally in the désert? Go back fight Lewis it s borring out there

  20. Omar Razak

    Omar Razak

    16 dagen geleden

    Well done on you mate.

  21. Conocimiento del cosmos CR

    Conocimiento del cosmos CR

    16 dagen geleden

    Please come to Costa Rica for the rally races

  22. king ayrton

    king ayrton

    17 dagen geleden

    this is best thing in 2020 for me :) now i can see hamilton lose again :)

  23. Hoseph Hoestar

    Hoseph Hoestar

    17 dagen geleden

    You are my favourite raceist

  24. 196833lwl


    17 dagen geleden

    I think F1 will slowly become thing of the past, it’s becoming boring. Great to see you developing something new and exciting. Green energy is still a long process, I’d like to see charging points charge a 50mile range in 3 minutes and not for hours.

  25. Owencamber04


    17 dagen geleden

    This looks great!

  26. David Brown

    David Brown

    17 dagen geleden

    All part of the Great Reset.

  27. thomas cooper

    thomas cooper

    17 dagen geleden

    What are the speed differences in formula e to formula 1? If they are close then I may have to swap over

  28. Ryan Ball

    Ryan Ball

    18 dagen geleden

    Lewis is only going to embarrass you again lol. You ran once, I’m sure you’ll run off again. You’re basically just a NLcamerasr now 💯

  29. Solid5nake


    18 dagen geleden

    His team logo is pretty cool

  30. Steven Black

    Steven Black

    18 dagen geleden

    🤣🤣🤣 this has to be a joke!! Leave NLcameras alone you’re already famous!

  31. Johnny Dickshot

    Johnny Dickshot

    19 dagen geleden

    When you can't get a seat for F1 and FE....

  32. Boosted Daily

    Boosted Daily

    19 dagen geleden

    Are you going to cry when the poor underdog smokes you? LOOL

  33. Infinityeight


    19 dagen geleden

    This series looks one to watch - Especially when I think MOTORSTORM!

  34. Dristan Ludowinger

    Dristan Ludowinger

    20 dagen geleden

    X-treme green washing würde ich sagen.

  35. El Bestione

    El Bestione

    20 dagen geleden

    Hopefully you will make this world famous and your attention to it high. My best wishes to you, @NicoRosberg

  36. ILoveToOffend


    21 dag geleden

    He said 0 emissions but he also said some of the most remote locations ... I'm sorry for playing Devil's Advocate here but how will he get to those places without causing any emissions ?

    • N P

      N P

      14 dagen geleden

      Theyll carry everything and walk to each race

    • Kyle Trepanier

      Kyle Trepanier

      15 dagen geleden

      They bought a cargo ship (extreme e) and they're working on making that the first cargo ship to work soley on renewables

  37. mbenoir


    22 dagen geleden

    Nico the best ciaooo!!!

  38. Aldo Casanova

    Aldo Casanova

    22 dagen geleden


  39. J M

    J M

    23 dagen geleden


  40. Metallic_ Slayer

    Metallic_ Slayer

    23 dagen geleden

    Cool good luck

  41. ragnard 17sb

    ragnard 17sb

    23 dagen geleden

    Je suis le seul à être français

  42. I lOvE hAmiLtOn

    I lOvE hAmiLtOn

    24 dagen geleden

    Hamilton's careere is over ❗❗

  43. Albert Vasquez

    Albert Vasquez

    24 dagen geleden

    F1 2020 irl

  44. Englishsessions


    24 dagen geleden

    So you’re doing green racing in the most remote places in the world - surely that’s self defeating - the carbon emissions to get all the supplies, teams, vehicles to these places are going to be huge?

    • The Racing Nerd

      The Racing Nerd

      16 dagen geleden

      Shhhh dont use logic. Thats illegal.

  45. mndflns LGN

    mndflns LGN

    24 dagen geleden

    Who cares

  46. Tim Smyth

    Tim Smyth

    25 dagen geleden

    Can’t help but think that the last thing the planet needs is you lot doing skids all over the North Pole. I love racing but this is marketing bullshit.

  47. Stijn


    25 dagen geleden


  48. Kyle Obeng

    Kyle Obeng

    25 dagen geleden

    Sancho plays darts right?

  49. Ben Gosling

    Ben Gosling

    25 dagen geleden

    Go back to f1 and win 8 champs... do it.. Dooo It!!!

  50. rafchris


    26 dagen geleden


  51. fullmetal alvarez

    fullmetal alvarez

    27 dagen geleden

    Nice good job brother

  52. Mr. President

    Mr. President

    27 dagen geleden

    I have no idea who you are, therefore I am not impressed.

  53. Carlo Mayr

    Carlo Mayr

    27 dagen geleden

    Grande Rosberg, sei un uomo vero!!!!

  54. Joezy23


    27 dagen geleden

    Hamilton way ahead of you mate

  55. Fv E

    Fv E

    27 dagen geleden

    Yeah, you can contribute to solving the climate crisis with racing... for sure... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  56. Phoenix Garuda

    Phoenix Garuda

    27 dagen geleden

    Six championship wins to Lewis and one to Rosenberg. History repeating itself.

  57. MaryamPlays


    28 dagen geleden

    He should never have retired, the rivalry between him and Hamilton was amazing...F1 rn is boring.

  58. Tony Haven

    Tony Haven

    28 dagen geleden

    Back in racing? Since you retired I literally haven't stopped seeing your face everywhere

  59. Guglielmo Ferranti

    Guglielmo Ferranti

    28 dagen geleden

    Ok guys the campaign is working. I’m now officially hyped for extreme E

  60. Remzi Eliacik

    Remzi Eliacik

    28 dagen geleden


  61. Error


    28 dagen geleden

    Bringing everything to the locations produces a ton of emissions. I suppose if you're talking about "zero emission mobility" you're talking about electrical motors. These produce as much polution during their production as would driving a regular car for 200k km. Why'd you lie when it comes to our planet you're going to damage?

  62. North Bike

    North Bike

    28 dagen geleden

    Das Auto ist doch gerade auf den Berichtsheften vom Autofachmann! 😂

  63. Blaster Anonymous

    Blaster Anonymous

    28 dagen geleden

    When i read the title, i thought he was actually coming back to F1

  64. sekeleto pekeleto

    sekeleto pekeleto

    29 dagen geleden


  65. Machiavelli III

    Machiavelli III

    29 dagen geleden

    Not exactly sure what RXR is about despite his explanation. No cryptic message Nico, just plain English please.

  66. D Bo

    D Bo

    29 dagen geleden

    Nico Raceberg!!!

  67. 999mrkhaled


    Maand geleden

    This is more exiting than The very boring f1 Nico second most talented driver after Michael Schumacher

  68. neev Neevo

    neev Neevo

    Maand geleden

    How about this...they both talk to each other theyr still best friends and theyr supporting each other too behind the doors. So all this lewis v nico talk is rubbish...nico is the only guy to beat hamilton in a championship battle toe to toe. Lets not forget nico and micheal was the first 2 to drive for mercedes and when schumi left hamilton took his seat/car

  69. Andrew Oldham

    Andrew Oldham

    Maand geleden


  70. Donato Tedesco

    Donato Tedesco

    Maand geleden

    Grande Nicooooo ritorna in F1 ti pregooooo

  71. Giuseppe Mucci

    Giuseppe Mucci

    Maand geleden

    Come back champion in Mercedes 🥂🥂🥂1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

  72. Stefano Restagno

    Stefano Restagno

    Maand geleden

    Era l'ora, nn vedo l'ora di vederti all'opera

  73. Josh Mutia

    Josh Mutia

    Maand geleden


  74. Clemens Küppers

    Clemens Küppers

    Maand geleden

    Interessiert mich nicht

  75. ________


    Maand geleden

    "A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one."

  76. Captain_ Nesquik

    Captain_ Nesquik

    Maand geleden

    Ouiiii ! J'ai rien compris a ce que Nico a dit mais ca a l'air bien

  77. Walter Maxime

    Walter Maxime

    Maand geleden

    Britney’s back

  78. The Nascar Tiger Cup series

    The Nascar Tiger Cup series

    Maand geleden

    Go to NASCAR

  79. arthur dedeus

    arthur dedeus

    Maand geleden

    Oh hey baby ! 😁

  80. rc crazy mike

    rc crazy mike

    Maand geleden

    Can I see how you disposal old batterys 🔋? Thanks

  81. rc crazy mike

    rc crazy mike

    Maand geleden

    Save environment what about production off battery and pollution to produce that electric car and what about recycling those batteries later any one know ?

    • The Racing Nerd

      The Racing Nerd

      16 dagen geleden

      Logic is illegal here. The all knowing celebrities know everything.

  82. Rohith Radhakrishnan

    Rohith Radhakrishnan

    Maand geleden

    Hey nico what are your thoughts on JDM cars?

  83. Micky Schumacher

    Micky Schumacher

    Maand geleden

    So what was all that about Nico in Turn 2 of the Austrain Grand Prix in 2016? I've never forgot it, sure lots of other people haven't either

  84. Alex. D

    Alex. D

    Maand geleden

    Yeah 0 emissions... I also think that batteries fall from the sky :)

  85. My Inbox

    My Inbox

    Maand geleden

    can I drive for your team

  86. Ricardo Freitas

    Ricardo Freitas

    Maand geleden

    The hipocrisy off this guy or hamilton talking all the time about the environment and behind doors racing big petrol engines having alot of ferraris in the garage and having their private jets !!! But this is propaganda for the masses not for the elites !

  87. L333ize


    Maand geleden

    😂 imagine if Hamilton announced after Nico.

  88. Martin Kaufmann

    Martin Kaufmann

    Maand geleden

    E is a social hypnosis

  89. Mark MD

    Mark MD

    Maand geleden

    Amazing congratulations 😄

  90. Keyser Söze

    Keyser Söze

    Maand geleden

    When you’re bored and have too much money

  91. Fausto T

    Fausto T

    Maand geleden

    Per me potevi anche andare a prenderlo in quel posto che chi se ne....

  92. Daniel Chong

    Daniel Chong

    Maand geleden

    Wow, what a vision!! Amazing!

  93. Benjamin Fasquel

    Benjamin Fasquel

    Maand geleden

    Hamilton en sueur face à ton retour dans le racing

  94. Aermenius


    Maand geleden

    Batteries by Rimac? 😂

  95. TinyBearTim


    Maand geleden

    10/10 m8 going to sabotage Lewis team for 1 season then liquidate the team ?

  96. Andrew Markham

    Andrew Markham

    Maand geleden

    How do you get these zero emissions cars to these remote places around the globe?

  97. The Yautja

    The Yautja

    Maand geleden


  98. pingopong


    Maand geleden

    Nicoooooooo!!!! I still remember the F1 2016 race in Malaysia when you were on the podium. When you did the initial lap on fancy cars like a parade i was the guy who screamed - Nicooooo you are going to be on the podium and you waved at me and gave me a thumbs up! I will never forget this moment!!! All the best Nico!!! It was also the first race i took my dad with me to watch the race.

  99. Drone


    Maand geleden

    Nico you’re taking this rivalry with Lewis way too far. Like Antarctica you know how far away that is?

  100. Adriano Provenza

    Adriano Provenza

    Maand geleden

    Can you return in f1