sad story of a stupid fish (no offense)

This is my dive mask (with gopro mount):
This is the microphone I use:
These are my carbon fiber dive fins:
Great book about learning how to spearfish:
Amazing book about freediving, the ocean, and our connection to these things as humans:
Interesting read on how it’s scientifically proven that being near, in, on or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do:
This book is all about big fish, where to find them, and how to spear them. Written by a spearfishing OG, it will inspire you to explore the world, searching for big fish:
William Trubridge can dive to over 100 meters (330 feet) on a single breath of air, without wearing fins. This well-written autobiography explores his journey to become one of the deepest diving humans in the history of the world, and also helps show the potential that we all have inside of ourselves to dive deep, if we practice:
Finally, this book tells a tragic tale of an extremely talented freediver and how dangerous this sport can be, if not practiced safely:
***If you want to learn how to freedive or spearfish, DO NOT TRY IT ALONE. I recommend signing up for a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and find a buddy do dive with 🤙🤙******


  1. Magna Space Panda

    Magna Space Panda

    29 dagen geleden

    We get it bro.... You have a spear gun

    • Ethan Baker

      Ethan Baker

      3 dagen geleden

      @Ahmed Ghanim Man don't you sound stupid.

    • Tartar Sauce

      Tartar Sauce

      4 dagen geleden

      @Steven Hargis Did you not just call me out, did the person who originally commented not call out Aquatic Apes?

    • Steven Hargis

      Steven Hargis

      5 dagen geleden

      @Tartar Sauce we get it bro you like calling people out

    • Mernerner


      6 dagen geleden

      I wanna

    • Twisted Hell

      Twisted Hell

      7 dagen geleden

      We get it, you think it’s cool to hate on popular things

  2. Jack Albright

    Jack Albright

    23 minuten geleden

    If you’re vegan… Now would be a good time to grow up and stop being a pansy about food.

  3. Zilla Gamer

    Zilla Gamer

    6 uur geleden

    That fish really did Not want to be a fish

  4. Darttoyou1


    10 uur geleden

    75 ft on one breath of air? You have to decompress at that depth.

  5. Zul


    15 uur geleden

    It's not about the fish, it's about sending a message

  6. yukonzx1352


    21 uur geleden

    Man you are living the good life. Do your thing



    23 uur geleden

    Was he holding his breath if so how come no one is talking about that?

  8. Anodyne Hipster Influencer

    Anodyne Hipster Influencer

    23 uur geleden

    Why do I keep getting your "shorts" recommended? I literally watch or purchase nothing, that has anything, to do with spear fishing or free diving.

  9. Slimkillac


    Dag geleden

    You ever eat one of those dream fish or whatever they are called? My friend from Hawaii said there’s a fish there that will cause hallucinations or nightmares if u eat it

  10. CumberSock


    Dag geleden

    Litterally thought of the Django scene when you said it

  11. Tyrone Tyrone

    Tyrone Tyrone

    3 dagen geleden

    Why say vegan it is called a pescatarian

  12. Drew Lamp

    Drew Lamp

    3 dagen geleden

    I REALLY liked your videos when they weren't about vegans. It's like you're the anti-vegan that must insist on telling everyone how non-vegan they are. Just get back to shootin fish and making badass dinner!

  13. AllGoodNameIsTaken2


    4 dagen geleden

    I am offended, you didnt show how you impale the fish's brain thats the best part

  14. Dustin West

    Dustin West

    4 dagen geleden

    I just hate these videos now because all you here now is “I did not harm this fish!” I don’t care your gonna eat it.

  15. Landen Armstrong

    Landen Armstrong

    4 dagen geleden

    Humans be like yep we definitely aren’t to overpopulated when there’s over30 billion of us

  16. Jim Clark

    Jim Clark

    4 dagen geleden

    Dude don’t you get sick of eating fish every day? I couldn’t do it. If I have chicken 3 days in a row I want to vomit at the site of a chicken breast.

  17. Ger ger Delaney

    Ger ger Delaney

    4 dagen geleden

    ive always wanted to spear fish

  18. Truck Things

    Truck Things

    4 dagen geleden

    The fish :Do it jerry

  19. Youtuber Randomness

    Youtuber Randomness

    4 dagen geleden

    He did not want to be ignored The fish: ShOOt mE

  20. Steven Hargis

    Steven Hargis

    5 dagen geleden

    It was probably just curious and wanting to learn what you were I dont think that makes it stupid it just thought you were friendly.

  21. relic turtle

    relic turtle

    5 dagen geleden

    Food gets u by, but a great meal shared feeds more then just ur tummy. I really would like to see u prepare and cook the fish

  22. Soldat Daniels

    Soldat Daniels

    5 dagen geleden

    Fish be like: psst! Hey bro. Bro! Broooo!! Hey it. Don't feel anyway just do it bro. I need to die.

  23. pj Harvey

    pj Harvey

    5 dagen geleden

    Nice Django refrence

  24. pdxrockies


    5 dagen geleden

    If you're vegan swipe left. Says the wanna be vegan who kills fish 😆

  25. Stotts


    5 dagen geleden

    Tmw you are a curious fish wondering what this monkey is doing underwater and then he shoots you

  26. MyNameIsNotShort


    5 dagen geleden

    I’m all the sudden seeing so many more Django unchained references after I’ve seen the movie

  27. John Barron

    John Barron

    5 dagen geleden

    Fish wants to be friend. Dies

  28. John Barron

    John Barron

    5 dagen geleden

    The dude sucks clickbait asf

    • PotatoGuy 03

      PotatoGuy 03

      3 dagen geleden

      The title is what happened in the video

  29. Lukas Prien

    Lukas Prien

    6 dagen geleden

    Brugh. I didnt want shoot him i did it anyways. Hahaha

  30. Zachary Dennis

    Zachary Dennis

    6 dagen geleden

    Cant talk shit to vegans while eating fish. Its practically a vegetable. Wheres the beef!?

  31. Daniel Carter

    Daniel Carter

    6 dagen geleden

    Fooq yea!

  32. Nunu Rats

    Nunu Rats

    6 dagen geleden

    I used to be on your side on these but it seems all you do now is play up about how offended people get.

  33. Lindsay Church

    Lindsay Church

    7 dagen geleden

    Ssooo, how was it a stupid fish?? It had no natural fear of humans.

  34. Quinton liu

    Quinton liu

    7 dagen geleden

    Hey, if Japan decides to dump its nuclear water from the power plant into the ocean will it affect you?

  35. Donny A

    Donny A

    7 dagen geleden

    I am a fisherman just to let you know. Question, if it were the last female producing fish of that species would you have killed it?

  36. 5.56Tae


    7 dagen geleden

    shouldnt vegans be happy? less over fishing

  37. Michael S.

    Michael S.

    7 dagen geleden

    If you're a vegan, the land used for farming your nutrition source has done more damage and displaced more animals than spear fishing. Spear fishing unlike net fishing is very humane. Only 1 fish at a time, a fish that has lived it's entire life free and happy until consumption. The death is swift. Doesn't put other fish or entire communities of inhabitants in danger like farming does. Also doesn't abuse animals like farming does. Anyways, poor gullible, innocent fish. I feel bad for it but people have to eat. It's only natural for something to die and give its life and essential nutrients for others to live on. It's how all biologic life works. Hence the circle of life. Maybe they stopped teaching that in school. Hence so many dumb people hating on these videos.

  38. Indrid Cold

    Indrid Cold

    7 dagen geleden

    Food is a much more driving factor than anything else in the world. Good call getting it and enjoying it. It was too dumb to multiply and spread its dumb genes. Look what is happening to humanity. You did that species of fish a service by culling it.

  39. Jairo Melendez

    Jairo Melendez

    7 dagen geleden

    "I couldn't resist" *BOOM* fucking Dr. King Schultz 😓

  40. M45T3RBR05


    8 dagen geleden

    William Shakespear

  41. ꧁Andrew꧂


    8 dagen geleden

    Did the fish just commit suicide

  42. Jonathan Molina

    Jonathan Molina

    8 dagen geleden

    I don’t take you seriously when you say “this fish tastes amazing!” As you say that for every fish you catch

  43. limpqizbuit


    8 dagen geleden

    Fish: jesus take the wheel

  44. Peely Peelmeister

    Peely Peelmeister

    8 dagen geleden

    I imagine a white pointer homing in on you the same way.

  45. Δημήτρης Ο Δημήτρης

    Δημήτρης Ο Δημήτρης

    8 dagen geleden

    Arent Goliath groupers fucking scary

  46. Flatroll


    8 dagen geleden

    Bro i am vegan but i still watch your vids ☺️

  47. FatRodent Rat

    FatRodent Rat

    8 dagen geleden

    Why do I now crave to do this

  48. Ian Redfield

    Ian Redfield

    8 dagen geleden

    All the poor people who just had django unchained spoiled

  49. mauricio gomez

    mauricio gomez

    8 dagen geleden


  50. Mustafa Golubić

    Mustafa Golubić

    8 dagen geleden


  51. Link The Fox

    Link The Fox

    9 dagen geleden

    I know the feeling like getting a crossbow in Minecraft and having a chicken walk right Infront of you

  52. Chris Leone

    Chris Leone

    9 dagen geleden

    Can we hang out? LOL I wish my life was like this

  53. Ninjakenth


    9 dagen geleden

    If you're a vegan this is a perfect video for you to get pissed and ruin your day :>

  54. Dalek Sec

    Dalek Sec

    9 dagen geleden

    That fish was just *ASKING* to be shot there

  55. Cannyscott


    9 dagen geleden

    How long can this guy hold his breath for?!

  56. Splez


    9 dagen geleden

    Its instresting how detach we are from killing animals yet we eat mcdonalds and kfc, i even find it hard to kill insects, morden society i guess.

  57. Brix Ryan Toquero

    Brix Ryan Toquero

    9 dagen geleden

    "To shoot or not to shoot"

  58. Ferris Spilker

    Ferris Spilker

    10 dagen geleden

    Me not a vegan still feels bad for wreckles killing.

    • Wojas Official

      Wojas Official

      8 dagen geleden

      You know it is still better than commercial fishing. It just shows a sad reality of how life really works

  59. Man's A tart

    Man's A tart

    10 dagen geleden

    Maybe he just wanted to be your friend :(

  60. Augustus Cordero

    Augustus Cordero

    10 dagen geleden


  61. Irán j

    Irán j

    10 dagen geleden

    "Because, why not?" Dodos be like: yea just wait bru

  62. DiaKorrus 18

    DiaKorrus 18

    10 dagen geleden

    Natural selection man

  63. Joshua Klinefelter

    Joshua Klinefelter

    10 dagen geleden

    That looks more fun than bow fishing.

  64. asdf lkjh

    asdf lkjh

    10 dagen geleden

    The fish just wanted to say hi and make a friend, wtf bro

  65. Dragon Games

    Dragon Games

    11 dagen geleden

    The django clip got me like

  66. captain sindi

    captain sindi

    11 dagen geleden

    so you're saying that domeiest fish taste better?

  67. Potato Cat

    Potato Cat

    11 dagen geleden

    Haha monke

  68. Luvenia Thompson

    Luvenia Thompson

    11 dagen geleden

    That Fish is a real one,fam

  69. -Sapphire Moon -

    -Sapphire Moon -

    11 dagen geleden

    Wait so... you live on a stranded island?

  70. [ fuji ]

    [ fuji ]

    11 dagen geleden

    "No offense" Oh sure 70% of your viewers are fish I totally understand.

  71. Justcassiskanaal


    11 dagen geleden

    Fish equivalent of suicide by cop huh

  72. Cromo Paleo Show

    Cromo Paleo Show

    12 dagen geleden

    I never knew there was giant neon tetras in the ocean?

  73. Here For iT

    Here For iT

    12 dagen geleden

    I would have trouble killing a fish that interacted with me that much

  74. Matrixplayslikecrap


    12 dagen geleden

    Someone tell me what a vegan is but eats fish because that’s what I am

    • Dafydd Rees-Jones

      Dafydd Rees-Jones

      12 dagen geleden


  75. Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia

    12 dagen geleden

    Poor fish, just wanted to be friends for dinner.

  76. jess maynard

    jess maynard

    12 dagen geleden

    Suicide by spear fisherman

  77. INSECTION fan #chou

    INSECTION fan #chou

    12 dagen geleden

    If you won't make a NLcameras video I will unsubscribe

  78. INSECTION fan #chou

    INSECTION fan #chou

    12 dagen geleden

    Stop tiktok and make a real NLcameras video

  79. jon metcalfe

    jon metcalfe

    12 dagen geleden

    I wanna live like this so bad...

  80. Stevo. Apollo

    Stevo. Apollo

    12 dagen geleden

    Fish: do it bitch !

    • uL-AsPecT


      11 dagen geleden

      Lmaooo he said shoot me fucker you won’t, no bal- *dead*

  81. Han DevIant

    Han DevIant

    12 dagen geleden

    Fish: oh cool another diver, wanna be friends? Lets play. Dude: Spear them.i cannot resist!!

  82. Bolan Scott

    Bolan Scott

    12 dagen geleden

    It would be funny if he ran out of air and a mermaid saved that would be worth filming..

  83. Wolfy Gaming324

    Wolfy Gaming324

    12 dagen geleden

    Schools In bikini bottem

  84. WANDY Butt

    WANDY Butt

    12 dagen geleden

    Death:ooh it says here you killed how many fish Aquontic ape:Oh about half the population Death: uhh neptune I'll let you decide

  85. I’m Tired

    I’m Tired

    13 dagen geleden

    He’s suicidal

  86. Storm Strike

    Storm Strike

    13 dagen geleden

    How long do you hold your breath?

  87. Zachary Diebold

    Zachary Diebold

    13 dagen geleden

    He just wanted to be friends smh



    13 dagen geleden

    This right here is a suicidal fish

  89. SYGYZY0


    13 dagen geleden

    Ain't this the same guy that said "I'm vegan except for the fish I eat"? Paraphrasing here but didnt he say something like that?

    • Steamed Knowledge

      Steamed Knowledge

      12 dagen geleden

      He said that then he said I am vegan except for hamburgers and every other meat

  90. [ kaiGlitched ]

    [ kaiGlitched ]

    13 dagen geleden

    Yumm fish

  91. SceneKidDoGood921


    13 dagen geleden

    In the bible God had given people animals, as if the animals basically sacrificed themselves. This fish makes me think God wanted u to have a tasty dinner lol

  92. Burns My Britches

    Burns My Britches

    14 dagen geleden

    One man spear gun clears more fish out of the ocean in a day than a giant commercial fishing operation does in a year. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steamed Knowledge

      Steamed Knowledge

      12 dagen geleden

      I think you are being sarcastic. Hopefully you are.

  93. MexicanDre


    14 dagen geleden

    Every video his blood lust grows

  94. Tifa Lockart

    Tifa Lockart

    14 dagen geleden

    please... the fish was just being curious 😭😭😭 and friendly too 😭😭

  95. Keef Junior

    Keef Junior

    14 dagen geleden

    What's up with the two minute thing? I'm able to hold my breath for 4 and a half minutes easy. It's something you need to build up and train to do, but probably valuable for you.

    • Dafydd Rees-Jones

      Dafydd Rees-Jones

      12 dagen geleden

      Sure you can kid

  96. Charles Castillo

    Charles Castillo

    14 dagen geleden

    This fish is the psycho from borderlands asking people to shoot him in the face.

  97. Q N

    Q N

    14 dagen geleden

    Stupid fish taste amazing. Got it! 🤜👍😎

  98. Antonio Boutalini

    Antonio Boutalini

    14 dagen geleden

    How do you hold you breath for a whole minute your literally one of the fish

  99. Dregg


    15 dagen geleden

    My mum raised me and said we aren’t vegan we are “plant based” xD

  100. deadlock BTW

    deadlock BTW

    15 dagen geleden

    Hey man can we be best frie-