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This is over 99% air (aerogel)

Watch me make aerogel: nlcameras.info/wiki/kmatlqWQqJysmpw/video
Main channel: nlcameras.info
Silica aerogel is one of the world's lightest solids. It's made from a very fine network of silica and over 99% of it is actually air. All of this air makes it a really good insulator. The texture of it is kind of like Styrofoam, but it's actually really fragile, and it's really easy to accidentally break it.


  1. NileRed Shorts

    NileRed Shorts

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    Watch me make aerogel! Link in the description

    • 赤Alborjat


      2 uur geleden

      Is the aerogel shown here the aerogel you made?

    • captain DEADPOOL

      captain DEADPOOL

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      Does it acts like glass i mean can it pierce our skin

    • Mohamed Azim

      Mohamed Azim

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      oh wow

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      @Star Wars Fan2634 omg thank you

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      Eet the cube

  2. that guy had served

    that guy had served

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    This dude is pulling government secrets

  3. Dabi


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    This is what a chemistry laboratory in school should deliver. Not like my school laboratory where they teacher be like:This is HCl, Now I dip ph paper in it. Abracadabra!!!!! It turns Red. And some girls be like:Ohhhhoooo!!! Me :Pure 💩💩💩💩experiment.

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    Lays chips bags: *laughs* Rookie numbers.

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    sign up

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    why do i wanna eat it?

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    *Subnautica Memories*

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    Elias Hess

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    I want to eat it. What happens if I eat it?

  8. PD - Korewa

    PD - Korewa

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    I thought you gonna make something fancy with that blowing torch xd

  9. Sloptimus_ prime

    Sloptimus_ prime

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    The lighest solid is air It's 100% air

  10. Jake Roark

    Jake Roark

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    This is a great channel I love to learn about this stuff. Thanks for the awesome videos keep up the great work 😊

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    6 days ago with million

  12. 허재훈


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    I heard that this substance will be frequently used in the future because it is friendly to environment

  13. Bl00dy lollypop5

    Bl00dy lollypop5

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    Woah.. I thought it was was agency like substance that's so cool.. makes me think of an opal

  14. Trena b

    Trena b

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    Is it like glass or ice

  15. Ramen is cool

    Ramen is cool

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    made from rubies and gel sacks of course

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    How do you even make that?

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    David:- Stop texting my gf🤬 Xavier:- chill bro She's dating both of us. You are my boyfriend in law😎😎

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    That was about a $50 piece! I have a couple of them somewhere...

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    I wanna eat it. Can I eat it? It looks really refreshing.

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    I wonder what it tastes like

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    Ah yes ærogel

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    I wonder if you could make a model city out of it

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    the thumbnail is so sussy

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    Thumbnail kinda sus

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    what's the 1% of those

    • iSSamDraws


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      @Ranjana Sharan alright

    • Ranjana Sharan

      Ranjana Sharan

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      Silica duh

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    Chips -pathetic

  28. Sayak Halder

    Sayak Halder

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    Hey can anyone tell me what is the use for it?

    • Sayak Halder

      Sayak Halder

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      @Ranjana Sharan Thank you 🤗🤗

    • Ranjana Sharan

      Ranjana Sharan

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    My head:pathetic

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    I love silica or SIO2

  31. Florian Schon

    Florian Schon

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    How quickly would it fall?

  32. Jen Pauline

    Jen Pauline

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    "NR" is a (I don't know what his age is lmao) year old man presenting to the emergency room...

  33. Beniah Siahaan

    Beniah Siahaan

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    Satisfying aerogel cracking ASMR lol

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    Very very informative

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    Can you eat it?

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      @thicatron epic

    • thicatron


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      @raven n epic

    • raven n

      raven n

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      yea if you want its not toxic its like eating sand

  36. S O H A M

    S O H A M

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    Can we eat it? 😃

    • raven n

      raven n

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      yea if you want its not toxic its like eating sand

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    Its Ellie

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    My weird as brain: so- can I eat it?

    • Ranjana Sharan

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      Yes it's not toxic it's like eating sand tho

  38. Annielle Marin

    Annielle Marin

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    Lays: are kidding me, That's insultingly low.

  39. Chase Lastname

    Chase Lastname

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    50 years later: Turns out silica aerogel is just as bad as silica dust and requires a P100 mask to handle, otherwise silicosis is likely.

  40. finn bosch

    finn bosch

    11 uur geleden

    If it 99% air then what is the ohter 1% ?

    • raven n

      raven n

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  41. Qaisara Qusoiri

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    Wow need some of this in subnautica

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    When you break something and your mom sees it and you say we can glue it back. The thing:

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    Bag of chips: pathetic

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    me:looks like blue ice, cool brain:eat me:ignores it brain: eat light blue ice, eat ,eat

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    I would smash it

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    Jesus loves you please come back

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    Is it just me or does anyone also want to eat it

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    Nice u can make a. Prawn suit

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    Yeah yeah we know all this but can i eat it?

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    imagine they make a gaming mouse out of this

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    This man is growing FAST

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    lol kill yourself

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    Am i the only one who wanna chew this thing

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    brother you worked so hard to make aerogel and here you are crushing the shit out of it gotta love chaotic neutral chemists

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    But can we eat it 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

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    I thought it was like a sponge and then he cracked it like fragile glass

  56. Teddy Rajabi

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    after houdred thousand years, finally people can see air,

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    im just gonna ask everytime you mention air- can you e a t i t👀

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    My brain-eat it

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    AeroGel: I’m 99 percent air Chip bags: *am I a joke to you?*

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    Why do I want to eat that

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    The future

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    *me only knowing what aero gel is because of subnuatica*

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    We can eat those?🙄🙄

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    so does it fly if it’s 99% air

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    Now I can eat air

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    I want to eat it

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    Can you make an aerogel with a different crystalline structure? Like metal or crystal?

  68. Trent


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    It looks squishy, but it’s not

  69. E


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    aerogel asmr video when?



    18 uur geleden

    Ok now if you put it in ur mouth you can breath underwater

  71. Perry Marks

    Perry Marks

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    Can you tell us what it's used for?

  72. TheRetroDragon Yope

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    Forbidden Ice.

  73. Sans Comic

    Sans Comic

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    People: you can't hold air you stupid Scientist: hold my aerogel

  74. Fernando Henrique Gianfratti Mier

    Fernando Henrique Gianfratti Mier

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    Aerogel: is 99% air Lays: are you challenging me?

  75. Jonah Rawal

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    Am I the only one who actually thought the gel was gonna be soft and squishy?

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    Forbiden candy

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    The lightest solid is a cat. Except when they step on you.

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    the forbidden cookie

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    *My brain:* Why tf do you want to eat it!? It doesn’t even look appealing OR edible! *My stomach:* ...but that çrœńčh at 0:21-

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    What aerogel exist in real live???? Ow subnautica is incredible (sorry about my english in brazilian hehe)

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    I love how apple uses this in their phones

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    All you really needed to make it were gel sacks and rubies

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    I want some to keep, so if you could tell me where to get it so one day I can acquire it, it would be appreciated 😁

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    I thought it would just squish

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    Title: I've made aerogel Me:... Sweet that saves me some time of the underwater floating islands, now just a few more material

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    This is pathetic compared to chips bags

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    Can you record how it sounds when you let it fall?

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    If you eat it what happend ?

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    Actually it is made out of rubies and gel sacks.

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