I was paid to speedrun Cooking Mama

Jaiden stopped by the stream and donated subs to speedrun cooking mama 2: dinner with friends. So I beat her record.
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Edited by: Devine_CMD
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  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations

    6 dagen geleden

    One of my new favorite past times is watching unassuming innocent souls be terrorized by mama, thank you for this (oh and congrats on the record hahaha!!)

    • JÆY


      5 uur geleden

      Jaiden is EVIL

    • Phantasm animates

      Phantasm animates

      5 uur geleden

      Jaiden why do you do dis to him

    • Narah 205

      Narah 205

      7 uur geleden

      Jaiden can you do an another nuzlocke? I love this videos

    • Yubyyy Yup man

      Yubyyy Yup man

      10 uur geleden

      When he said how much recipe and he got 8 is 80 just like you jaiden ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Federal Bureau of Investigation

      13 uur geleden


  2. Alex Bessette

    Alex Bessette

    4 uur geleden

    actually sharkfin soup is only illegal in: specific parts of the US, guam and northern mariana, and the soup itself isnt even illegal in those areas, its SELLING the fins that is illegal

  3. BURN-E


    5 uur geleden

    *Reads Title* Jaiden? *look at thumbnail* Jaiden.

  4. Sara Colby

    Sara Colby

    6 uur geleden


  5. Carlos tnt 70000

    Carlos tnt 70000

    6 uur geleden

    **insert Cooking mama music mixed with dream speedrun music**

  6. Ol Pentedooie Bing Mandagi

    Ol Pentedooie Bing Mandagi

    7 uur geleden

    Can you archive all of the newer streams please?

  7. LFG


    10 uur geleden

    Hey smallant there's another mario odyssey speedrun witch was beaten in 55:15.97

  8. Dingus Is Pingus

    Dingus Is Pingus

    10 uur geleden

    “I am the master of the yellow and the white”

  9. Azure Balmung

    Azure Balmung

    11 uur geleden

    I see Jaiden's gone full Megamind and is actively creating her own rivals.

  10. jkromes20


    12 uur geleden

    how do you stream your ds games? I want to but idk how to without an emu

  11. bsharpmajorscale


    15 uur geleden

    I ate shark once. Guess I'm a criminal now! :P

  12. Subhan Rizky

    Subhan Rizky

    15 uur geleden

    Small ant i have challence play pokemon but only arceuse in pokemon sword and shield.

  13. Nameless YT

    Nameless YT

    16 uur geleden

    7:07 just how mom used to make it.

  14. Henrique Seiji

    Henrique Seiji

    16 uur geleden

    Mama in prison escape with friends

  15. 00waterski00


    19 uur geleden

    just clicked on it so youtube stops showing me your stupid face in the stupid thumbnail playing a stupid game

  16. Doggo Woggo

    Doggo Woggo

    19 uur geleden

    This game was made were shark fins are legal

  17. Evan Reilly

    Evan Reilly

    20 uur geleden

    The speed strat is use your finger and stylus

  18. Aida M

    Aida M

    20 uur geleden

    The Mama Rice Cracker is the worst recipe in all of them along with the mango pudding if your timing is off!

  19. Kaden Miller

    Kaden Miller

    20 uur geleden

    24:23 big burn

  20. Taylor Koch

    Taylor Koch

    21 uur geleden

    I played this so much as a kid and absolutely loved it :D thanks for giving me some well needed nostalgia :,)

  21. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk

    21 uur geleden

    0/10 you didn’t even cook mama

  22. Squirrel !

    Squirrel !

    22 uur geleden

    Yep I knew it!!!

  23. E Girl yt

    E Girl yt

    22 uur geleden

    How do you can play every game from the Nintendo to te pc

  24. Tabbycat


    Dag geleden

    Ant-vatar, the Last Eggbender

  25. i'mjustbuckbeak


    Dag geleden

    SQUASH IT!!!!!!!

  26. Luis Santiago

    Luis Santiago

    Dag geleden

    Ayy cool! Baller

  27. Daniel Allan

    Daniel Allan

    Dag geleden


  28. Jack Griffiths

    Jack Griffiths

    Dag geleden


  29. A FlyingBenCh

    A FlyingBenCh

    Dag geleden

    Cooking Mama 3: Mama goes to prison. Id watch that speed run

  30. eggstreme goat

    eggstreme goat

    Dag geleden

    EazySpeezy should do this

  31. Apple Gaming

    Apple Gaming

    Dag geleden

    even better than mama

  32. School tests suck

    School tests suck

    Dag geleden

    Cooking Mama 3: Dinner In Prison!

  33. Josiah George

    Josiah George

    Dag geleden

    Ah my favorite speed runner and my favorite animator. What a miracle

  34. Maximillian Robichaud

    Maximillian Robichaud

    Dag geleden

    can you speed run pogocat?😂

  35. CrimePhoenix 27

    CrimePhoenix 27

    Dag geleden

    Speedrunning on touchscreen seems like the worst possible thing you can do... I mean, pretty much only doing a speedrun while using the worst possible controller you can find could possibly top it! *hint, hint*... Yeah, i want Ant to do a speedrun of a game, but use the worst possible controller he can find to do it with!

  36. German Dutch

    German Dutch

    Dag geleden

    Now do the new cooking mama coming out on the switch

  37. Irodkilla05


    Dag geleden

    Hey small ant can you try and speedrun geometry dash?

  38. Little-K1ng


    Dag geleden

    WHAT THATS ME !! im the current record holder for that category lol this is wild

  39. Cian Caldera

    Cian Caldera

    Dag geleden

    Cooking Mama: Prison Food

  40. Qi Liu

    Qi Liu

    Dag geleden

    You did the mango pudding a lot better than Jaiden did, it was a nightmare for her

  41. Andrew Whalen

    Andrew Whalen

    Dag geleden

    Imagine seeing your mom boiling some water and she just starts yelling at it XD

  42. Jaden Mechanic

    Jaden Mechanic

    Dag geleden

    29:00 oh my god I died

  43. Sai Shrihan

    Sai Shrihan

    Dag geleden

    Remember when he actually used to speedrun

  44. Imaproshaman


    Dag geleden

    This is amazing!

  45. Tom the TANK

    Tom the TANK

    Dag geleden

    28:11 First Recipe: Prison Wine!

  46. Stan Memel

    Stan Memel

    Dag geleden

    Just sum E

  47. Bella Lesniewski

    Bella Lesniewski

    Dag geleden

    I’m eating potato chips right now...

  48. Dippy the Great

    Dippy the Great

    Dag geleden

    Small ant: One last thing before we go.... Me: *gets add*. Also me: same

  49. Pivot Zxllo

    Pivot Zxllo

    Dag geleden

    SmallAnt you read the title wrong its actually called "Cooking Mama Diner Is Friends"

  50. Bagel Chef

    Bagel Chef

    Dag geleden

    Theres another one on the way...

  51. PikachuJaden


    Dag geleden

    8:18 Linkus: *"screw pencil sharpening it sucks"*

  52. Talha Ata

    Talha Ata

    Dag geleden

    Lets take an easy on MAnGo PuDdIng

  53. PikachuJaden


    Dag geleden

    This is my guess on what everyone is thinking... Literally Everyone: *OmL*

  54. Captain Dödel

    Captain Dödel

    Dag geleden

    RIP Miiverse 😂

  55. Walter


    Dag geleden

    What happened to cooking with mama but with killing turkeys and killing them brutal

  56. Copymews


    Dag geleden

    Dare you to speedrun a random game you have never done Smallant

  57. Sandy_Creates


    Dag geleden

    you may have beate your record, but she is still coming for you.. Cooking mama 1 SPEEDRUN!!!!

  58. The Quiet Young Link

    The Quiet Young Link

    Dag geleden

    I did a speedrun once on my youtube channel I ended up ranking third place even though it was supposed to be a joke and I didn't try my best. that video ended up having the most amount of views on my channel.

    • The Quiet Young Link

      The Quiet Young Link

      Dag geleden

      since I'm bad at jokes like I'm bad at socializing and expressing emotions, it was an actual legit speedrun.

  59. TheChrisman15


    Dag geleden

    15:17 - 15:37 I will leave it at that

  60. Bento


    Dag geleden

    Praise God

  61. Devdoesitbest


    Dag geleden

    cant wait to see ant speedrun the new cooking mama

  62. Madeline Saldana

    Madeline Saldana

    Dag geleden

    Jaiden and Ant, my two favorite NLcamerasrs. Thank you for this🙏

  63. Cold Cut

    Cold Cut

    2 dagen geleden

    Haha I watched you do this

  64. Curious Cancerian

    Curious Cancerian

    2 dagen geleden

    What I learned from this video? SmallAnt is better than mama 😂😂🤣

  65. Mark Castanos

    Mark Castanos

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm getting super Mario oddest tomorrow

  66. Alexander zzstu Piper

    Alexander zzstu Piper

    2 dagen geleden

    is it all gold meddle?

  67. Skyfox dartner

    Skyfox dartner

    2 dagen geleden

    10:48 You must be great with kids

  68. Ink Sans

    Ink Sans

    2 dagen geleden

    game theory should make a theory and it should be called the: is cooking mama with friends illegal?

  69. Ræven gaming

    Ræven gaming

    2 dagen geleden

    its media share time shop shop

  70. irochibroove 59

    irochibroove 59

    2 dagen geleden

    How did he record his Nintendo 3ds ?

  71. omlet


    2 dagen geleden

    did ant dye his hair

  72. Chariot


    2 dagen geleden

    he better have done burnt apple pie%

  73. Fimy32


    2 dagen geleden


  74. Bear The Great

    Bear The Great

    2 dagen geleden

    Didn't this man be on Faze Rug, no on Dhar Mann and was bulied and then he got inspired by Faze Rug, so inspratinal bro.

  75. Hyper Choco Haru!

    Hyper Choco Haru!

    2 dagen geleden

    SmallAnt: "Swiping" Me: -SWIPER NO SWIPPING-

  76. Julien Hakim

    Julien Hakim

    2 dagen geleden

    Small ant the last egg bender

  77. HyDragon Gaming

    HyDragon Gaming

    2 dagen geleden


  78. J Andrei Delos SAntos

    J Andrei Delos SAntos

    2 dagen geleden

    cooking mama 3 dinners with prisoners lul hahaha

  79. Ron Miller

    Ron Miller

    2 dagen geleden

    even better than mama

  80. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin

    2 dagen geleden

    Scrapple pie we'll get back to it later

  81. foolish kai

    foolish kai

    2 dagen geleden

    i woke up in the middle of the night so I'm watching this at 5 am

  82. Elena Lopez Baldominos

    Elena Lopez Baldominos

    2 dagen geleden

    Oh man this vídeo is SO funny, good job! 🤣🤣

  83. Tanzunite Gem

    Tanzunite Gem

    2 dagen geleden

    I think an important part of this speedrun is practicing the game before hand.

  84. Sam Cunanan

    Sam Cunanan

    2 dagen geleden

    squashing: Auto clickers be lik

  85. Kyle Jackson

    Kyle Jackson

    2 dagen geleden

    Beat SMO without Doing XD SKIP

  86. Giro


    2 dagen geleden

    Here just cause of Jaiden ngl

  87. The Z Family

    The Z Family

    2 dagen geleden

    Oh boy

  88. Samwell


    2 dagen geleden

    I knew this guy when he was playing LittleBigPlanet3 for about 10 people per stream

  89. Scott Douglas

    Scott Douglas

    2 dagen geleden

    Qualified baker here. I wish I could tell you that we still knead dough by hand but in commercial baking we just don't have the time for that anymore. We still shape, cut and mould dough by hand but the knead process is done by mixing bowls with spiral arms. On any given night, depending on wholesale orders, one baker might be responsible for making up to 300 kilograms of dough. You just can't knead that kind of quantity by hand.

  90. Le Trollge

    Le Trollge

    2 dagen geleden

    she really made YOU beat HER own record? that's really a dumb thing to do. she has basically doomed herself

  91. cc diamonds

    cc diamonds

    2 dagen geleden


  92. FlamingSlushOfDestiny


    2 dagen geleden

    7:07 When your teacher says that you have a test but its April Fools:

  93. Mello


    2 dagen geleden

    Take a shot everytime he says "even better than mama"

  94. justin smith

    justin smith

    2 dagen geleden

    Shark fin soup is actually not banned everywhere in Japan meaning momma most likely wouldn't be legally responsible I spent too much time researching this 😂

  95. Michael Stricklin

    Michael Stricklin

    2 dagen geleden

    The Phoenix Wright "Hold It!" was a super awesome, subtle addition. Props to the editor for that one.

  96. TheBestAuthor


    2 dagen geleden

    His mom watching this be like: you HATE me?! Your grounded! No speedrunning for a month!

  97. Ninja The gamer cartoon maker and the goofy kid

    Ninja The gamer cartoon maker and the goofy kid

    2 dagen geleden

    Danpng u know somebody is a real hard core gamer when u can smash a 3ds that fast XD

  98. TheBestAuthor


    2 dagen geleden

    He did the pizza as I was eating pizza ;-;

  99. unknown youtuber

    unknown youtuber

    2 dagen geleden

    U should make merch