Charli D'amelio SHADES Her Lookalike AGAIN?!, Addison CANCELLED For This?!, Nessa SPEAKS OUT

Charli D'amelio SHADES Her Lookalike AGAIN?!, Addison CANCELLED For This?!, Nessa SPEAKS OUT
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  1. Belize Lansky

    Belize Lansky

    3 uur geleden

    When they say abuse animals, they mean that they eat animals. Cuz of how they pay people to kill animals. Just putting it out there for those who didnt know what the activists meant. Btw I love your videos. I Watch them everyday

  2. Amelie Owen

    Amelie Owen

    23 uur geleden

    my brain: oMg LooK AddiSoN Is w EnZos Dad! also my brain: Oh yEaH , ThaTs hEr dAd tO0

  3. salem


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  4. tesscheer


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    The D'amelio family are Trump trash!!!!!

  5. Дарија веловска

    Дарија веловска

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  6. Isa ann

    Isa ann

    Dag geleden

    You say supporting trump is like a bad thing 🙄

  7. It’s Adriana

    It’s Adriana

    Dag geleden

    Why does literally everyone care! The damielios can support whoever tf they want. It’s honestly none of our business. If they choose to support trump that’s on them if they choose to support Biden it’s also on them. What they say or do outside of TikTok and reality tv is none of our business. They may have a huge following but just like every human [famous or not] we have a right to privacy

  8. Comobabi Lyxn

    Comobabi Lyxn

    2 dagen geleden

    FINALLY Nessa finally her age she not acting like a freaking 10 year old she actually saying sorry for what she did I'm actually finally proud of her

  9. Lilly bye

    Lilly bye

    2 dagen geleden

    you keep saying kourtney didn’t abuse animals yet she’s wearing real animal fur, how do you think they get the fur? she purchased and supported financially a business that harms, exploits, and captivates helpless animals. it’s supply and demand, her giving them money is allowing this harm to continue to the environment and the animals. so yes, when you buy fur you are harming the animal even if you didn’t first hand remove the fur, you still payed for the fur to be removed.

  10. Kym Goers

    Kym Goers

    3 dagen geleden

    Why is it bad to support trump? And I don’t think he is racist butttt I will agree he does not know how think before he talks but if you don’t like trump I don’t want to offend anyone so sorry if I did 😕



    3 dagen geleden

    Aye let's go damelios trump 2020 I do not believe in abortion that's why I do not support biden

  12. Caitlin & Darcey!!

    Caitlin & Darcey!!

    3 dagen geleden

    Whenever I hear the word educate I say “I wasn’t educatedddd” , Addison Rae

  13. Kayma Shroyer

    Kayma Shroyer

    3 dagen geleden

    i dont understand why being a trump supporter is really bad. if we are trump supporters it doesnt mean we are a bad person or like racist or anything like that. like in my opinion i dont think biden will really do what he is saying hes going to do. and alot of people on titkok sometimes say like " if you are a trump supporter get off my page now." like does that really matter honeyyyy. and i dont even understand why everything is SO political. anyways if someone says they are voting for this person dont make them a enemy or a person to stay away from. lets just all be friends and vote who we wanna vote and nobody can stop us for voting for this one person.

  14. Gabriela Heredia

    Gabriela Heredia

    3 dagen geleden

    Who's all the picture of Donald trump in the commons

  15. Felicia A.d.c

    Felicia A.d.c

    4 dagen geleden

    Daaaaaaamn 😆 a new intro and stuff

  16. fauna.oconnell


    4 dagen geleden

    *But be careful when your spilling tea because sometimes it can make a stain*



    4 dagen geleden

    Well I do support trump..

  18. Hxney emily

    Hxney emily

    4 dagen geleden

    honestly 4freakshow on ttr and Anna oop is so hilarious

  19. Haylee Wilson

    Haylee Wilson

    4 dagen geleden

    okay so the damelios likes trump deal with all lives matter

  20. Leni Ramirez

    Leni Ramirez

    5 dagen geleden

    Honestly I don’t know if the damelios support trump but I follow marc on insta and it says he follows trump so i don’t really know what to believe-

  21. Aesthetic_Keke


    5 dagen geleden

    This ain’t a race tony Lopez caught a case!?

  22. Gamer roblox ᥴꫝꪮᥴꪮ

    Gamer roblox ᥴꫝꪮᥴꪮ

    5 dagen geleden

    We live and we forgive but we don’t forget 😐 and if people still wants to attack nessa for that you can’t blame them she did what she did it’s not like just saying something will make everyone magically forget 😅

  23. Isabelle Sejman

    Isabelle Sejman

    5 dagen geleden

    Me: *runs to kitchen and gets tea*

  24. Franczes Antonio

    Franczes Antonio

    5 dagen geleden

    Here for nessa ♥️♥️

  25. Divinity Tw

    Divinity Tw

    5 dagen geleden

    Love the new intro luv ❤️

  26. Becca Torgerson

    Becca Torgerson

    5 dagen geleden

    Can we normalize having a different belief, and if you don't want to you are part of the problem and your also immature, bye

  27. Violeta Saul

    Violeta Saul

    5 dagen geleden

    They ARE abusing animals for eating them in the first place lmao

  28. simply Molly

    simply Molly

    6 dagen geleden

    btu by them yelling at them they are abusing animals since we are animals there abusing her mentally

  29. It’s Jenesis LopeZzZ

    It’s Jenesis LopeZzZ

    6 dagen geleden

    People are just trying to CANCLE PEOPLE! THey want SERIOUS drama.

  30. ♡Little Mango♡

    ♡Little Mango♡

    6 dagen geleden

    I agree that animal abuse is wrong and that animals are treated really terrible in the industry but how is yelling at celebs and people for nothing will help?! Smh

  31. Vivian life

    Vivian life

    6 dagen geleden

    How much tea 🍵 do we need

  32. Meme girl Potato :3

    Meme girl Potato :3

    6 dagen geleden

    3,2,1 guuuuuuurl cant waittttt 👁👄👁 💅🏻

  33. DaReal KoalaGirl

    DaReal KoalaGirl

    6 dagen geleden

    i am sorry but annaoop is dramatic and sometimes lies

  34. Elvia Lopez

    Elvia Lopez

    7 dagen geleden

    Why does nessa look like Josh? 😳

  35. Tealyl


    7 dagen geleden

    Bro these fanpages are TOXIC👏

  36. Rylan Perry

    Rylan Perry

    7 dagen geleden

    I’ll betchu vegan teacher is leading the animal activists😂😂

  37. Eliza Walker

    Eliza Walker

    7 dagen geleden

    Anna!! If ur reading this, I love your videos!! 💖💖😌😌

  38. Keiloni Brown

    Keiloni Brown

    7 dagen geleden

    I hope that they vote for trump

  39. boucetta amir

    boucetta amir

    7 dagen geleden

    if you wants to survive in this world dont be nice be nice withe nice peaple

  40. Pam’s World

    Pam’s World

    7 dagen geleden

    I will stop following Charlie if she votes trump-

  41. Julie Shehaj

    Julie Shehaj

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  42. aunye telise

    aunye telise

    7 dagen geleden

    the Damelios don’t support Trump

  43. Hafsa Khan

    Hafsa Khan

    7 dagen geleden

    i kinda dont like the 3 2 1 in the beggining

  44. ola parker

    ola parker

    8 dagen geleden

    bruh i know everyone have have had something from animals lmao, like why do people think that celebreties are perfect?

  45. ola parker

    ola parker

    8 dagen geleden

    oh my lord, like why arent people hsting on me? my dad was once in prison. byt i dont get hate lmao

  46. Yashodah Moodley

    Yashodah Moodley

    8 dagen geleden

    I don’t think you should give your opinion on the animals activists because A LOT of undercover thing happen in the clothing industry, makeup industry etc.

  47. R3yT


    8 dagen geleden

    4:30 “the Karan situation” wtf💀

  48. Dannia Eshal

    Dannia Eshal

    8 dagen geleden

    We can't go an hour without cancelling someone....

  49. Naomi Gamer347

    Naomi Gamer347

    8 dagen geleden

    Trump is helping us 🙄

  50. jazzy sully

    jazzy sully

    8 dagen geleden

    "did they even abuse animals" if they are wearing real fur then they are directly contributing to an industry that tortures and kills animals, and with there being so much Cruelty free options these days they should have known better and did better. ANIMALS ARE NOT FASHION

  51. Rhianna


    8 dagen geleden

    It makes me so sad when I look at Nessa's tiktoks AND STILL see hate about the whole Quran scandal. It was months ago and she's grown as a person and apologized.

  52. Abby Hidg

    Abby Hidg

    8 dagen geleden

    they called Addison an "animal abuser" because she was eating at a restaurant that serves meat these ppl are crazy smh

  53. Kaitlyn Dickerson

    Kaitlyn Dickerson

    8 dagen geleden

    maybe its just me but....charli's lookalike doesnt even look like her

  54. Arianator 4Ever

    Arianator 4Ever

    8 dagen geleden

    y'all are dumb for believing JENNY out of all people👁️👄👁️

  55. Ciara Brown

    Ciara Brown

    8 dagen geleden

    This girl is just making up things that aren’t what they seem this girl just wants people to assume things she creates drama 🙄

    • Ciara Brown

      Ciara Brown

      8 dagen geleden

      And what so bad abt trumb Biden sucks that my opinion thp

  56. patience thomas

    patience thomas

    8 dagen geleden

    I'm gald for nessa

  57. patience thomas

    patience thomas

    8 dagen geleden

    Johes is crying

  58. patience thomas

    patience thomas

    8 dagen geleden

    She is ultimately

  59. patience thomas

    patience thomas

    8 dagen geleden

    Yourself is a amli

  60. Adi Abi Roblox

    Adi Abi Roblox

    8 dagen geleden

    Nessa looked so emo

  61. teddyrhz


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  62. DominantBaddie


    8 dagen geleden

    Addison and Kourtney didn't even wear fur, huh? 😭

  63. Em Kozak

    Em Kozak

    8 dagen geleden

    this tiktok drama is getting stupider and stupider

  64. 1kfollowers With0vids

    1kfollowers With0vids

    8 dagen geleden

    Ok but chase is back😉😏

  65. Sebo Sebal

    Sebo Sebal

    8 dagen geleden

    Addison is literally my idol i hate it when she gets hate🥺

  66. oliviaxrose Masters

    oliviaxrose Masters

    8 dagen geleden


  67. Jayla k

    Jayla k

    8 dagen geleden


  68. Mills


    9 dagen geleden

    Bro charlis lookalike doesn’t even look like her

  69. ninjabanana


    9 dagen geleden

    As a Muslim my self, I PERSONALLY THINK the Nessa does not DESERVE forgiveness at all. First of all she has to PROVE herself. And second, didn't she saw that she had a Muslim relative, so she would have HAD to have known. And so her " oh I didn't know" is bullshit

  70. euphorium


    9 dagen geleden

    I'm not vegan but I don't think wearing legit animal fur helps?

  71. Kaleia Coughlin

    Kaleia Coughlin

    9 dagen geleden

    What does it matter if they follow trump? You guys shouldn’t care if they did.

  72. Strange._.Lauren


    9 dagen geleden

    Just because there wearing animal fur dose not mean that Addison murder it she wants to wear it so what people these days 🤭

  73. Kayla Johnson

    Kayla Johnson

    9 dagen geleden

    Even if they are trump supporters everyone has their own opinion. I personally do not support trump but we should respect other ppls opinions. we are not all the same. ❤️

  74. Chrlz Lav

    Chrlz Lav

    9 dagen geleden

    So what if they support trump. That’s there personal life not ours if they do they will do what they want so stop for god sake

  75. Kaliah Rullan

    Kaliah Rullan

    9 dagen geleden

    plz do a face reveal...

  76. hxoney beez

    hxoney beez

    9 dagen geleden

    can you pls stop saying “Charli’s look alike?” Her name is Ellie.

  77. Tiktokr Person

    Tiktokr Person

    9 dagen geleden

    Why does besas kinda look like lil huddy 2.0 like the hair and outfit in the vid🤨

  78. frogman jr

    frogman jr

    9 dagen geleden

    Those animal activists do be abusing people though

  79. Lacie Harris

    Lacie Harris

    9 dagen geleden

    Um trump 2020

  80. scft paul

    scft paul

    9 dagen geleden

    yall really attacking people for their political view smh

  81. iisoft lex

    iisoft lex

    9 dagen geleden

    So what if the support trump

  82. iisoft lex

    iisoft lex

    9 dagen geleden

    Anyway trump2020

  83. Stana Luxford Oddie

    Stana Luxford Oddie

    9 dagen geleden

    clickbate much

  84. Isabel Wolmarans

    Isabel Wolmarans

    9 dagen geleden

    I really like this channel because it's really saying the truth and showing proof but others they don't show proof like this because this channel will actually show you clips of the truth

  85. Mackenzie Morehouse

    Mackenzie Morehouse

    9 dagen geleden

    So they can support trump if they want to It's none of your guys is Shushan

  86. Nicole Villela

    Nicole Villela

    9 dagen geleden

    Um you contribute to animal cruelty when you eat meat and wear animals that didn’t die from natural causes but it still doesn’t give anyone the right to start attacking other people

  87. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay

    9 dagen geleden

    Y'alls want tik tokers to find out the background of songs before they use them!

  88. Serenity Hendon

    Serenity Hendon

    9 dagen geleden

    I don’t like or watch ANY of these people but ya know it’s interesting lmao

  89. Aaliyah Thorpe

    Aaliyah Thorpe

    10 dagen geleden

    Me coming out of a corner when I hear nessa being good :👁👄👁🤩

  90. Anquenette Jackson

    Anquenette Jackson

    10 dagen geleden

    Stop exposing people

  91. Helloo Dumbooo

    Helloo Dumbooo

    10 dagen geleden

    Did she delete the video where she talked about Annie Leblanc?

  92. Donald Murano

    Donald Murano

    10 dagen geleden

    Love your videos. Although about the whole Kourtney and Addison thing, Kourtney has about seven purses made with real crocodile skin and many other things. Though I don’t know what Addison did in this situation.

  93. madi


    10 dagen geleden

    dont be shy say the "1, 2,3 part is scary-

  94. Julieta Guillen Arancibia

    Julieta Guillen Arancibia

    10 dagen geleden

    No es el hecho que una persona sea vegana, la piel de los animales es de ELLOS, de qué creen que es o se experimentó su maquillaje de Addison, Khloe viste ropa con piel de animal

  95. BrAnChEy BrAnCh

    BrAnChEy BrAnCh

    10 dagen geleden

    The Addison And Kourtney thing is messed up. Like srsly most of our shirts are made out of cotton. People are so dumb these days. People getting canceled for no damn reason.

  96. Ashlyn Maguire

    Ashlyn Maguire

    10 dagen geleden

    Do a face reveal please

  97. Joanna


    10 dagen geleden

    yo thumbnail lookin funky

  98. Pembnotfound


    10 dagen geleden

    Y’all Addison is perfect

  99. Greysi Escoto

    Greysi Escoto

    10 dagen geleden

    Do you like my smile but either way I do support trump and I don't care what people say

  100. Kylixey ୨୧

    Kylixey ୨୧

    10 dagen geleden

    Nessa Barrett is very beautiful and a queen 👑 Everybody makes mistakes LIKE EVERY HUMAN So I still don’t get why y’all send hate