Tristyn Lee Clocks in at 4.4% Bodyfat?! + GoodVito's Response to Photoshop + Jeremy Buendia Classic

#TristynLee #Bodybuilding #ClassicPhysique
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0:00 Intro
0:08 Tristyn Lee 4.4% Bodyfat says Hydrostatic Test
2:20 2021 New York Pro Preview
3:20 Jon De La Rosa New York Pro
4:30 Keeps
5:38 GoodVito's Sponsor Responds to Photoshop Claims
8:00 Jeremy Buendia Coming to Classic Physique?
9:35 Brian Shaw/ Pokemon Cards
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  1. Nick's Strength and Power

    Nick's Strength and Power

    12 dagen geleden

    Head to​ to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.

    • Francesco Biacco

      Francesco Biacco

      11 dagen geleden

      Maybe you don't even care, but Flavio Baccianini wants to compete again in Mr Olympia 2021

    • Freddie Higginson

      Freddie Higginson

      11 dagen geleden

      I think we need to appreciate that if tristyn stopped focusing on being lean he could get massive and he’s already ridiculously strong

    • Alejandro Sosa

      Alejandro Sosa

      11 dagen geleden

      The guy who lost vs Ian last year will compete this year again

    • Lost Buddha

      Lost Buddha

      11 dagen geleden

      @Andrew Harris Have you measured that? I will do it later. I'm still sceptical .

    • Andrew Harris

      Andrew Harris

      11 dagen geleden

      @Lost Buddha you can clearly see he’s been photoshopped. Chest and shoulders are wider and waist is smaller.

  2. Helt Fläng

    Helt Fläng

    4 dagen geleden

    I just find it cringe watching Tristyn. Dude cant be alright walking around at that fat %

  3. Björn Eriksson

    Björn Eriksson

    5 dagen geleden

    The edited photo just looks like some kind of formatting/resize adjustment where the photo is widened just a little. You can look for a round object to see if it is oblong

  4. Snake


    5 dagen geleden

    8:15 Please don't. We don't need your psychotic drama in Classic. Pleeaase don't!

  5. Clayton Good

    Clayton Good

    6 dagen geleden

    blessing is way over hyped, Nick has a much better overall phsyique .NLcameras channels need to bring attention to other hard working up and coming bodybuilders.

  6. AKH1L


    8 dagen geleden

    Correction: Tristyn is not a guy...he is a kid

  7. gheran yarraman steel

    gheran yarraman steel

    8 dagen geleden

    I think Jeremy will struggle with the size

  8. A.F.S.


    8 dagen geleden

    Moral of the story...4.4% body fat looks terrible on a skinny dude

  9. LiberalsDestroyed America

    LiberalsDestroyed America

    8 dagen geleden

    The photoshoot picture just has a filter applied that turns up contrast that is bringing out definition. The size is the same maybe zoomed in a bit but if you cut the photos and overly them looks the same.

  10. Murat Usenov

    Murat Usenov

    8 dagen geleden

    I have 20% body fat and I'm happy and feel great.

  11. Tony Holland

    Tony Holland

    8 dagen geleden

    John is huge man!

  12. Wesley


    8 dagen geleden

    Tristan is fucking his long term gains by trying to be 0% body fat all the time during his developmental years.

  13. Dennis Badih

    Dennis Badih

    9 dagen geleden

    He is comfy even at 4% and i am over here hating life being at 12%

  14. Carlos Rondero

    Carlos Rondero

    9 dagen geleden

    Jeremy trying to catch Chris in classic not possible

  15. King HZ

    King HZ

    9 dagen geleden

    Jeremy won't even place in classic

  16. Dephside


    9 dagen geleden

    brian shaw weighs 400 pounds and has 330 pounds of lean muscle 15% body fat at that weight is fcking impressive

  17. Damien Watkins

    Damien Watkins

    9 dagen geleden

    Blessing isnt a pro nick is

  18. Evan Perilloux

    Evan Perilloux

    10 dagen geleden

    It’s crazy how much smaller you realize Tristan is in video than an edited picture

  19. GearsOfCake


    10 dagen geleden

    One thing a lot of people don't understand about body fat % (when pertaining to bodybuilding) is it is mostly based on how much muscle you have, not fat, that is why someone like Ronnie Coleman can infact get below 0.5% body fat due to the sheer amount of muscle he has on his frame that gives him over 300 lbs in total weight. It's simple mathematics. Your average person would be dead before they reached such a low BF % because they don't have enough muscle to give them a high overall body weight. TL:DR - The more muscle you have, the lower your body fat % will be.

  20. MAHYAR


    10 dagen geleden

    Jeremy fucked his physique with that tattoo

  21. Alberto Lloret

    Alberto Lloret

    10 dagen geleden

    The guy slightly Photoshoped his pics, he makes a living of his physique end of story

  22. DynamicDiode


    10 dagen geleden

    With the competition right now no he needs another year to come into classic Physique. I don't care if you're men's Physique pro or not that leg development if you don't have the genetics takes time and consistency. He will do well but needs to put in that work cus there are some people already making headway in that division

  23. Brad Lecerf

    Brad Lecerf

    10 dagen geleden

    Jeremy would get slaughtered in classic.

  24. Tandinos


    10 dagen geleden

    is like why photoshop in first place has a crazy form ? they made his shoulders wider to match his legs ? but why haha so odd

  25. Joshua Kellough

    Joshua Kellough

    10 dagen geleden

    Keeps... you guys need to look up finasteride syndrome. I'd rather be bald.

  26. Tajallah khan

    Tajallah khan

    10 dagen geleden

    I know why jeremy going to classic coz he cant win more physicue olympia he know the standard has been set

  27. Cavon Hazen

    Cavon Hazen

    10 dagen geleden

    i feel so bad for his chest genetics

  28. C.Rowe


    10 dagen geleden

    Tristans face is literally growing TOO FAST for his age and you can telllll💀 he looks like he gets punched in the face 100x every morning😂

  29. pikoulok lakshamernda

    pikoulok lakshamernda

    10 dagen geleden


  30. jonik


    10 dagen geleden

    Hey nick! Could you please take a look at ”Tuomas Hautala” on youtube, he is a finnish powerflifter who just recently deadlifted raw 410kg conventional @106kg or 903lbs @ 233lbs.. he also has 330kg squat and +200kg bench

  31. Blair Monkman

    Blair Monkman

    10 dagen geleden

    If Jeremy can put on some serious size then he will be competitive in the classic division. If he doesn't put on size I don't see him cracking even the top 10. I also don't think even if he did have the size he could win, especially with Cbum In the division, but others would pickup the slack if he left like Logan and Ruff Diesel which would probably still keep Buendia out of the top 5.

  32. SOLEdox


    10 dagen geleden

    Buendia should be in jail lol

  33. Adam Soško

    Adam Soško

    10 dagen geleden

    🤦 Jeremy doesn't have the structure for classic physique. It's just a fact. His waist is too long. He might be good in MP but in classic probably not even top 10

  34. repsandgrooves


    10 dagen geleden

    Jeremy can crossover to Classic, but he won't be competitive. Everyone in the top 10 will own him

  35. Ricky T

    Ricky T

    11 dagen geleden

    A skinny guy trying to be skinnier... Well, I can make a PBnJ sandwich but you don’t see me making videos about 😅😂😭

  36. Jeff Langdon

    Jeff Langdon

    11 dagen geleden

    Don’t cover JB, he’s POS. Don’t give this clown any clout.

  37. fullthrottle157


    11 dagen geleden

    Yeah, don't even mention Buendia in bodybuilding conversations. It's an insult to bodybuilders. He absolutely has no chance of competing in open bodybuilding, no matter how much gear he gets on. Even in classic, he will get destroyed. He has a great physique for men's physique, but when he starts adding muscle he loses shape bad

  38. fullthrottle157


    11 dagen geleden

    Good Lord! JDR's forearms are INSANE!!!

  39. Iron Shaft

    Iron Shaft

    11 dagen geleden

    Will the hair restoration product work for pubes? I accidentally shaved too much and feel like a little boy...

  40. Bearded Beast Metal Militia

    Bearded Beast Metal Militia

    11 dagen geleden

    There is nothing extraordinary of Buendia....without huge amounts of gear he wouldn't make it in Men's physique!

  41. Bearded Beast Metal Militia

    Bearded Beast Metal Militia

    11 dagen geleden

    That kid is far from healthy at that bodyfat! He needs to eat!

  42. McQuile Karappen

    McQuile Karappen

    11 dagen geleden

    It will take a lot of time for Jeremy to catch up to classic physique competitors... it will be very difficult for him to break top 12 to be honest... classic guys are literally "built different"

  43. Damaris Duna

    Damaris Duna

    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy looks very unstable when posing. Needs to work on that.

  44. note importa

    note importa

    11 dagen geleden

    He won't make it to 40 years old on the juice

  45. Mr Bob

    Mr Bob

    11 dagen geleden

    Can’t beat Ronnie Coleman at 0.3% body fat 😜

  46. frankie hernandez

    frankie hernandez

    11 dagen geleden

    In all honesty unless he’s destroying his legs he has no shot in classic. Sure people say you don’t need the best legs for classic but you need good legs

  47. Tracy Thomas

    Tracy Thomas

    11 dagen geleden

    Danke fur das Video😆⚡💜

  48. weight what

    weight what

    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy should successfully train first and be consistent this time do a MP olympia show and then crossover not soon if he tries to do Classic it’ll take time to put size on legs and again here we go 1-2 years off so do a MP show first and then switch cause Jeremy Buendia is Men’s physique after all

  49. Mike King

    Mike King

    11 dagen geleden

    Maybe it’s time to address Ronnie Coleman’s body fat talk

  50. Björn D

    Björn D

    11 dagen geleden

    The fact that Trystan is always so lean makes him so damn NOT interesting. Its so much drama or obvious content ok your channel, Nick. Not even sure why is watch your stuff anymore, but it was fun as long as it lasted, got too give you that!

  51. Eryk Sowa

    Eryk Sowa

    11 dagen geleden

    why would you want to be this fucking lean. you dont even look muscular anymore your skin looks like you're 90 years old.

  52. Alex McManus

    Alex McManus

    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy ain't going far unless he gets his emotions in check.

  53. newbie gains

    newbie gains

    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy couldn't make It the last years in mens.. classic is a step up. So no i don't think he's going to do well.

  54. Paul Frost

    Paul Frost

    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy needs a lot of mass to move into classic. If he can put on that mass in the right proportion in the right areas, he has the right frame to do well.

  55. xgeraldiswhoax


    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy has no chance... he’s a crybaby

  56. Alwyn Campbell

    Alwyn Campbell

    11 dagen geleden

    Although it looks creepy to me, it reminds of when i went to body works science center. I'm also amazed by the fact of how difficult it is to achieve this.

  57. Sim Salabim

    Sim Salabim

    11 dagen geleden

    Vito impressito

  58. Chris Perez

    Chris Perez

    11 dagen geleden

    Nick, he can say it! He's short!

  59. Yannik Wichmann

    Yannik Wichmann

    11 dagen geleden

    Being lean alone doesn't win trophies in bodybuilding.

  60. Dd Ddd

    Dd Ddd

    11 dagen geleden

    Trystin definitely is eating real clen and trening hard

  61. Scott Thorpe

    Scott Thorpe

    11 dagen geleden

    Even if I could I'd never let my body fat percentage get that low. So what he looks shredded, all up he looks ridiculous and not something I'd want to look like ever. Please Nick can we stop hearing about this kid and move on already.

  62. Stefan Godo

    Stefan Godo

    11 dagen geleden

    Imagine paying for NLcameras premium and idiot companies sponsoring youtubers are making them actually telling about their product so we have to hear that sh!t anyway. That just makes us hating their product.

  63. DOZHA211


    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy will get SMOKED in classic. Like Dexter said. " Nahh bro, they too big for you up there". Plus he has the emotions of a 16 yr old upper class girl. He can't handle that. TRUST ME

  64. WonderLand 1

    WonderLand 1

    11 dagen geleden

    tristyn have a weird body.

  65. Stven Gilly

    Stven Gilly

    11 dagen geleden

    Yes 4 .5 or 5

  66. konus 1962

    konus 1962

    11 dagen geleden

    why cant anybdy see he has no.. muscle mass .. just look like a.... starving anorexia ... kid

  67. Clarence Benjamin Lim

    Clarence Benjamin Lim

    11 dagen geleden

    Will check out. Pogo fan too

  68. Mass Aesthetics

    Mass Aesthetics

    11 dagen geleden

    Goodvito needs more arms and back

  69. JohnStevens


    11 dagen geleden

    LOL the waist pic and comment is just trolling

  70. james grames

    james grames

    11 dagen geleden

    bodybuilder's belly buttons freak me out

  71. Hubertus Bummel

    Hubertus Bummel

    11 dagen geleden

    5:50 STEVE du bist Berühmt

  72. Dr4gon


    11 dagen geleden

    Buendia is a moron. All mouth & little to show for it. He could never be big enough to compete in any class above what he already has. C'mon do you really see Buendia beating Bumstead? or even coming close????? Nah he's doing his usual media trick since he's now out of money & nobody like the prick!

  73. Dakota wolf

    Dakota wolf

    11 dagen geleden

    Nick just wanted to drop in and let you know you look alot like Kyle o'Reilly. Hes a wrestler. You may have been told that before☺️

  74. Raw Ross

    Raw Ross

    11 dagen geleden

    4% body fat how low can it get?

  75. arroz1971


    11 dagen geleden

    What bodybuilding show do you know of that a person wins from low bodyfat? You win on muscle size. To me he has no muscle bellies he has a layer of thin skin over his skeletal muscle. Even as an amateur he does not look like a bodybuilder.

  76. Christian Dehlinger

    Christian Dehlinger

    11 dagen geleden

    Absolutely, he is ripped. This is coming from myself a reader of the one that gave us "Ripped" Clarence Bass.

  77. Optimist Productions

    Optimist Productions

    11 dagen geleden

    tristyn: super riped and badass also tristyn: holds his nose to go underwater

  78. Ricky Rivera

    Ricky Rivera

    11 dagen geleden

    I’m no competitor. But Jeremy won’t do anything in there

  79. Rick Emery

    Rick Emery

    11 dagen geleden

    Today's video is sponsored by a hair restoration company for a sport that everyone shaves off all their hair for.

  80. Ben Powers

    Ben Powers

    11 dagen geleden

    If Justin Rodriguez does NY Pro also then Nick and Blessing are fighting for 3-4 at best

  81. Tim Löffel

    Tim Löffel

    11 dagen geleden

    5:54 HANS HOFFMAN hats in die News geschafft

  82. Jihuu joo

    Jihuu joo

    11 dagen geleden

    Bro check out Tuomas Hautala in youtube. Guy just pulled a 410kg deadlift @ 105kg!! Wtf

  83. Rey Sacapano

    Rey Sacapano

    11 dagen geleden

    Jon has bubble gut

  84. Matthew Brown

    Matthew Brown

    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy doesn’t have a classic physique. He wouldn’t even be in the top 10

  85. k mac

    k mac

    11 dagen geleden

    I wouldn’t say photoshopped it’s just looks like he brought the structure level up in the picture makes lines pop more

  86. Daniel Gray

    Daniel Gray

    11 dagen geleden

    Haha it’s funny when people need to hold their nose to go under water

  87. Kim Valenciano

    Kim Valenciano

    11 dagen geleden

    Every bodybuilder's favorite Pokemon card was Machamp

  88. Vinexs


    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy would do fine in Classic but not tremendous great. He would be last place at the Olympia cuz for starters his lats are way too high

  89. Jeez Burns

    Jeez Burns

    11 dagen geleden

    Trystin is like that younger lgbt trans brother who will never grow

  90. Mac Sc

    Mac Sc

    11 dagen geleden

    If you don’t have glute/hamstring striations. You ain’t under 8%

  91. Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    11 dagen geleden

    That kid at the start prepping for the under 12s show 😂

  92. Lord Odin

    Lord Odin

    11 dagen geleden

    No body can defeat CBUM.

  93. Lord Odin

    Lord Odin

    11 dagen geleden

    Hes fucked up hes body he started cycle 15 years old

  94. Princewhite


    11 dagen geleden

    7:01 the one on the left just looks zoom in more and have a different color vibe to it I don’t think they changed the size

  95. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner

    11 dagen geleden

    goodvito pinning those qauds though

  96. Incredible Fitness

    Incredible Fitness

    11 dagen geleden

    I don't think he will be able to replicate the same success in classic because even though he looks good if bumstead is the benchmark Jeremy's looks like he has short legs which messes up with the classic flow

  97. Orante Frazier

    Orante Frazier

    11 dagen geleden

    Vito looks like he's using a filter instead of Photoshop.

  98. Incredible Fitness

    Incredible Fitness

    11 dagen geleden

    I just wanna know how he feels, he must be tired all the time being that shredded

  99. Samuel A

    Samuel A

    11 dagen geleden

    6:30 his legs are jusdadinsaan

  100. WPIALInsider


    11 dagen geleden

    Jeremy is never coming back to any division