25-year-old Kickboxer PASSES AWAY after suffering high kick KO, Three big fights announced,McGregor

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MMA news today:
THREE BIG FIGHTS announced for upcoming UFC events
Featherweight bout between Korean Zombie and Dan Ige will headline the UFC Fight Night event June 19.
Ciryl Gane vs. Alexander Volkov will headline UFC Fight Night event on June 26.
Demian Maia vs. Belal Muhammad set for UFC 263 on June 12
CONOR MCGREGOR spends time with his family in the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai
MICHAEL BISPING on Anderson Silva vs. Julio Cesar Chavez boxing match
BRENDAN SCHAUB on Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones superfight
ROBERT WHITTAKER on his upcoming fight against Kelvin Gastelum
JOEL CAHUASQUI passes away after suffering high kick KO loss
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  1. dane pane

    dane pane

    Dag geleden

    Is Brendan Schaub's cte getting worse? Every time he opens his mouth.. damn son

  2. dont talk chit

    dont talk chit

    2 dagen geleden

    Anderson tarnished his legacy when he snapped his leg in half and came back when he probably never should have and gave people like bisping wins over him that would never ever be able to beat him before that so bisping cant complain now when he never spoke silvas name before but the second hes on a loss streak and looked so terrible bisping was straight away saying he wants the fight lol

  3. HarshTruth Engineer

    HarshTruth Engineer

    2 dagen geleden

    Sleep tight brother, rest in peace ❤

  4. Renzo Franco Miranda

    Renzo Franco Miranda

    3 dagen geleden

    For the first time in a very long time, I see humanity in the comments section. It takes a death of young athlete to show our human side 🙏🙏

  5. Kostas


    3 dagen geleden

    This Brendan S, aka Jon J fanboy , was the worst possible ending to the video

  6. Alexander Hoover

    Alexander Hoover

    3 dagen geleden

    Regarding Silva, does he not have the most title defenses in the promotion's history? I still think of him as one of the goats, if not the goat. Jon, Stipe, Werdum, Aldo, GSP, DC, Khabib, haha, a bunch of others...

  7. port hope bear

    port hope bear

    3 dagen geleden

    I remember when is was swear words, that were bleeped out.

  8. Canadian Superman

    Canadian Superman

    3 dagen geleden

    RIP Joel man 25y old so young.... so sad

  9. J M

    J M

    4 dagen geleden

    7:24 that bald guy next to robert looks like he could be an enemy in a James Bond film 😂😂😂

  10. J M

    J M

    4 dagen geleden

    Damian is gonna win by submission no problem

  11. Kenneth Mortensen

    Kenneth Mortensen

    4 dagen geleden

    How is the other shit on the news. Its only interesting that a Guy is dead. So sad!

  12. ben ben

    ben ben

    4 dagen geleden

    Sad thats why all of the religions forbid combat sports exept wrestling

  13. sven trogrlic

    sven trogrlic

    4 dagen geleden

    sero doubts that Jone would be the goat if he beats Francis ? WTF?? What about fighting another 2 or 3 fighters (like DC did) in the hardest division, before claiming to be the goat of all time and the goat of the HW division?! Think about it!

  14. sven trogrlic

    sven trogrlic

    4 dagen geleden

    R.I.P. ...that fighter passt away due to brain damage, although head protection and protection for the legs had been used in the ring?!

  15. Pheyzo


    4 dagen geleden


  16. David Owen

    David Owen

    4 dagen geleden

    Rip always sad to hear

  17. Bugin1967


    4 dagen geleden

    Very Sad 😞 way to young

  18. Chase Lohmeyer

    Chase Lohmeyer

    5 dagen geleden

    Brendan Shcwabble sounds like he has a permanent cold, and also a mouthful of mike n ikes.

  19. Chase Lohmeyer

    Chase Lohmeyer

    5 dagen geleden

    Kelvin Vs Israel Rematch Dana White, Bro Dana Bro Dana White Dude Make It Happen

  20. MadScientist


    5 dagen geleden

    Joel Cahuasqui is in Valhalla now

  21. octo bing

    octo bing

    5 dagen geleden


  22. Dennis Sharpe

    Dennis Sharpe

    5 dagen geleden

    Why was Covid muted during the Paul Costa clip? Is it bad to say Covid-19?

  23. ravshanormsby


    5 dagen geleden

    There is ziro argument on cheater's legacy, zirooow.

  24. WardeN


    6 dagen geleden

    So much for McGregor taking the third fight seriously. The clown.

  25. Unfoldedwarrior


    6 dagen geleden

    bruh.. that event manager is gonna be in hot soup for not having medical staff on standby

  26. A is for Annihilation

    A is for Annihilation

    6 dagen geleden

    Jeez. So sorry to hear that. R.i.p. Joel. Condolences to his family. Horrible loss.

  27. Will Sk

    Will Sk

    6 dagen geleden

    RIP young warrior.

  28. inzane 4toys

    inzane 4toys

    6 dagen geleden

    Poor kid who kicked him he'll be messed up for a while and RIP to the other fighter , a least u passed away doing what he loved RESPECT ✌️

  29. Dj RHINO International

    Dj RHINO International

    6 dagen geleden

    Why is Conor spending time in Dubai with family part of the UFC news? Is his mom too fighting in the UFC?

  30. Carlos Quiroz

    Carlos Quiroz

    6 dagen geleden

    Dana White absolutely paints every narrative that has to do with the UFC.... Call him Picasso White

  31. Carlos Quiroz

    Carlos Quiroz

    6 dagen geleden

    That's Julio Cesar Chavez Junior let's get it right now.

  32. Ole Billy

    Ole Billy

    6 dagen geleden

    Fighters don't get paid enough. We got tik tokers making billions for showing their little ass n tits but warriors who risk life get nothing

  33. Cartney84 Ian

    Cartney84 Ian

    6 dagen geleden

    RIP warrior!

  34. Noah Brooks

    Noah Brooks

    6 dagen geleden

    John would die against Frances lol 😂 they have basically the same reach and the power difference between them worlds apart but John doesn’t sell well because he’s never promoted hella hard like that

  35. John Doe

    John Doe

    6 dagen geleden

    Man that's such a shame considering how violent a sport is MMA is, death is rare. No doctors at ringside, seems unprofessional. RIP

  36. Songs and Dance by Lance

    Songs and Dance by Lance

    6 dagen geleden

    Rip brother

  37. Koneyy Kavosseaye Dinero-Muisc-Tv

    Koneyy Kavosseaye Dinero-Muisc-Tv

    6 dagen geleden

    Man R.I.P to that your man he went out on his shield 🛡️

  38. Edward span

    Edward span

    6 dagen geleden

    Back to his old training ways?

  39. slycoopermaster


    6 dagen geleden

    Bro that sucks hard especially to the fighter that kicked him that man has to live on with him knowing he he accidentally killed someone who has a loving family and all

  40. sean pick

    sean pick

    6 dagen geleden

    I mean theres controversy over who's the actual GOAT Khabib or Jones, but if Jones whips Francis theres no more debate!

  41. sean pick

    sean pick

    6 dagen geleden

    I 100% agree. If Jon Jones defeats Francis all bets are off. He would be the mma GOAT! No argument!!!!!

  42. The Candid Lad

    The Candid Lad

    7 dagen geleden

    Folks! The fight business is dangerous! RIP

  43. Yan Laroche

    Yan Laroche

    7 dagen geleden

    The athletic commission is gonna make head kicks illegal

  44. Ernest


    7 dagen geleden

    You are warrior man

  45. Ernest


    7 dagen geleden


  46. Osvald Wulf

    Osvald Wulf

    7 dagen geleden

    Belal about to get killed by Damian. Belal is probably the biggest joke in the whole sport.

  47. How zer

    How zer

    7 dagen geleden

    RIP Joel.

  48. Eli Howard

    Eli Howard

    7 dagen geleden

    Rest In Peace to that man. He’s a warrior and should be remembered as such.

  49. vamveto zuo

    vamveto zuo

    7 dagen geleden

    zombie cant wait for him to fight again

  50. michael lilienfeld

    michael lilienfeld

    7 dagen geleden

    Buy bitcoin

  51. Armand Brown

    Armand Brown

    7 dagen geleden

    RIP young warrior. Much respect.

  52. eddie julian

    eddie julian

    7 dagen geleden

    I though we were getting 3 (BIG) fight announcements, not 3 fight announcements, those are just solid fights but nothing special. Too bad about homeboy, feel bad for his family and friends, RIP!

  53. Tresslyn Collop

    Tresslyn Collop

    7 dagen geleden

    who really wants to see photos of connor on holiday, I really couldn't give ia flying fuck if he went to mars

  54. Chaldo Productions

    Chaldo Productions

    7 dagen geleden

    Rest In Peace to a man who wanted to do what he loved

  55. Construction Fun

    Construction Fun

    7 dagen geleden

    Zero argument? But Jon's been busted for steroids TWICE.

  56. R Botko

    R Botko

    7 dagen geleden


  57. Daryl Waldron

    Daryl Waldron

    7 dagen geleden

    hes up in his heaven

  58. K A

    K A

    7 dagen geleden

    This is most be stopped 💀

  59. taaj howell

    taaj howell

    7 dagen geleden

    Head gear doesn’t protect your brain it protects the viewer from the visual of someone getting hit in the head.

  60. Nathan Sandbach

    Nathan Sandbach

    7 dagen geleden

    Rest In Peace. Y I think that kicking to head should b taking out the sport. Like they did with 12 to 6” elbow. Just my thought. Each there own sure won’t want my kids to b hurt permanently or die. Hope this opens people’s eyes.

    • Ernest


      7 dagen geleden

      You have kid that fight in this sport? Please don't feel bad and worry about him, feel proud man.

  61. B Easy

    B Easy

    7 dagen geleden

    I love how when Brandon talked about Jon’s PPV buys the only person he brought up was Daniel and they have even said that the only good PPV numbers Jon has had was his bout against Daniel 🤣

  62. chris wolf

    chris wolf

    7 dagen geleden


  63. Send Me Location

    Send Me Location

    7 dagen geleden

    So who is being held responsible? There shouldn’t be kids in their 20s dying from getting KO’d...

  64. mcliffdizz


    7 dagen geleden

    Dude belal don't get no rematch dude cried in the octagon.

  65. randall paraday

    randall paraday

    7 dagen geleden

    Rip,,,,they should always have paramedics at fights.

  66. Luka Tee

    Luka Tee

    7 dagen geleden

    Wtf No paramedics or ambulance on standby? This is wrong

  67. RipandTear :D

    RipandTear :D

    7 dagen geleden

    Rip, i hope his family can recover from losing a son, brother, or uncle. He is in paradise now🥺🥺🥺

  68. Manny R

    Manny R

    7 dagen geleden

    rest in power brother

  69. Red Nguyen

    Red Nguyen

    7 dagen geleden

    Rest in peace Joel Cahuasqui, all the best to your loved ones. Combat sports is unforgiving, and you are a warrior for chasing such a wild dream in fighting

  70. Joey Reups

    Joey Reups

    7 dagen geleden

    Bold prediction: Francis won’t defend the belt more than twice before he’s beaten

  71. i feel like i'm a TOAD

    i feel like i'm a TOAD

    7 dagen geleden

    Get to the damn point whose the fighter

  72. David Claassen

    David Claassen

    7 dagen geleden

    Rip warrior but am I the only one thinking the headgear might have made the concussion of the kick far greater?

  73. ugh dude

    ugh dude

    7 dagen geleden


  74. Billy File

    Billy File

    7 dagen geleden

    WTF!! ❓❔, 🤦‍♂️. Title says of a sad story of young man who died after getting KO'd in Kickboxing match. But then next sentence is basically like... "anyways enough of that. We got three big fights coming up"

  75. SchoolboyGirl


    7 dagen geleden

    God bless his soul, and the hearts of his family and friends. 🙏🏻😞

  76. Cody


    7 dagen geleden

    Wow no medics ring side?? Sounds like a huge law suit to me

  77. tim b

    tim b

    7 dagen geleden

    i imagine medical care in ecuador is subpar. probably best to only fight in first world countries.

  78. Epicurus _

    Epicurus _

    7 dagen geleden

    Such a title to make money off

  79. Chris Young

    Chris Young

    7 dagen geleden

    Rest in peace! We do it because we love it but it destroys us as it makes us feel alive

  80. Abdul Kamanzi

    Abdul Kamanzi

    7 dagen geleden

    RIP Warrior. I don’t know u but I’ll say a prayer for u tonight ❤️

  81. Franc Mittelo

    Franc Mittelo

    7 dagen geleden

    Where is Claugadh?

  82. Corey Allen

    Corey Allen

    7 dagen geleden

    RIP Joel

  83. Spaceman 13

    Spaceman 13

    7 dagen geleden

    In all fairness chavez junior is a complete bum, silva should do him easily 👍🏻

  84. david the high king of eira

    david the high king of eira

    7 dagen geleden

    A real mans man! RIP Young champ

  85. RonT1201 KCBRED

    RonT1201 KCBRED

    7 dagen geleden

    Jones vs inganou, might have misspelled FRANCIS, but its the same in boxing, the truth vs bud , let's see GREATNESS... JONES/SPENCE.............

  86. Youa Glizzy gobbla

    Youa Glizzy gobbla

    7 dagen geleden

    Rest easy. Hope there’s a go fund me or something set up for his family. Even though he made decent money I think it’d be good to have his kids set for good.

  87. Hood_Rat


    7 dagen geleden

    And you have that youtube kid yelling this the fight game.... This isn't a game

  88. Somebody


    7 dagen geleden

    Your all saying you're praises about MMA fighters now how you should respect them no matter what, you'll be s#@*ing on them again in a few days.

  89. FPV stu

    FPV stu

    7 dagen geleden

    Everyone counting Stipe out.

  90. Goggs Laing

    Goggs Laing

    7 dagen geleden

    Rip 🙏🏼

  91. RealThermoguy


    7 dagen geleden

    Condolences to Joel Cahuasqui's family, friends and those that knew him. There have been advancements in science and applicable in medicine giving all of medicine sight of their objective using non invasive radiology that can see deep in the brain or body. With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response that can be seen, sourced and isolated. Progression of infection or effective treatment can be seen and help everyone. These fighter's bodies take a beating from head to toe and how many fight hurt?

  92. Roger Priestwell

    Roger Priestwell

    7 dagen geleden

    John Vs Cyril. Francis Vs Derrick. That's the fight.

  93. Ed C

    Ed C

    7 dagen geleden

    Why is Conor going to a hotel MMA news?

  94. The Great Godlike Alpha Male Legendary Genius

    The Great Godlike Alpha Male Legendary Genius

    7 dagen geleden

    Rest in protein

  95. KenBo Slice

    KenBo Slice

    7 dagen geleden

    Where the fuck was the first aid ringside 😭

  96. StormWolf01


    7 dagen geleden

    Sad for the fighter who died. Sad for his opponent who did nothing wrong, but will have to live knowing he killed a guy.

  97. Art of light Productions

    Art of light Productions

    7 dagen geleden

    Head gear do not remove any power from hits. It only protects from cuts.

  98. Dlow Mighty

    Dlow Mighty

    7 dagen geleden

    RIP to Him and Hope his Family Recover from this lost 🙏🙏

  99. Billy Williams

    Billy Williams

    7 dagen geleden

    There should be no MMA bouts without professional paramedics ringside the promoter should be held responsible for this and barred from holding bouts

  100. maghhh ghjcfg

    maghhh ghjcfg

    7 dagen geleden

    Rip warrior