What Is Something?

What is something? On the most fundamental level thinkable, what are things? Why are things? And why do things behave the way they do?

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What is something?
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      Hello, i know people don’t think your a real scientist but they have no proof. I bought a poster to help you make videos.

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  2. anson lee li shen

    anson lee li shen

    12 uur geleden

    But nothing is a thing. If there is nothing there is a colour like black or white if there is a colour it is still a thing?

  3. V the Wizard

    V the Wizard

    16 uur geleden

    Tldr: 17 particles following 4 rules

  4. Asha Chowdhury

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    What is the thing that made the things that makes the element particals made of

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    Mal Grave

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    Nothing gives us the building blocks for everything. . . what?!

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  10. Emil Johansson

    Emil Johansson

    3 dagen geleden

    Actually now there are 31 fundamental particles, not 15 (more were discovered).

  11. Damon Day

    Damon Day

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    A meat patty on a burger is something

  12. Harold Berserker

    Harold Berserker

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    There is nothing *but there are magnifiers which allow you to see deeper. .*

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    LightningBlaze Official Channel

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    What is a thing? *a thing is a thing*

  16. anthony cannet

    anthony cannet

    5 dagen geleden

    Now is it a coincidence that the number of particles is prime or is there some undiscovered particle that theoretically exists and we just haven’t found it?

  17. Dirac Sea

    Dirac Sea

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    What am I? Im an idea that is kept tethered by forces and particles.

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    So do any of you take this as evidence for God's existence? Oh boy I can't wait to see the sh*tstorm in the comments jaja

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    I've watched this several times and it still confuses me... One day it'll make sense

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    we need another few einstein's to tell us where the FUCK all this comes from

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    Harinath Ranjit

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    This is why Life is a game! 3:04

  30. Cap'n D.G.

    Cap'n D.G.

    12 dagen geleden

    Not to criticize but this video is a contradiction. To answer the question "what is something"you need to first answer the question what is "nothing", which we cannot answer because our brains cannot fathom "nothing". There is no way to define "something" without defining "nothing", this is why there is the philosophical idea of Yonn and Yang. There is chaos and then there is order, there is no either or, there is always both. You cannot have "something" without "nothing". In this video you try to answer what is something, so I challenge you to answer "What is nothing?"

  31. Huu Tri Nguyen

    Huu Tri Nguyen

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    ah yes, I am just a disturbance that's what she said

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    Eli Robinson

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    2:30 I’ll have you know I was doing my school work while listening to this

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    Phil Hartman settled this question with his pioneering research decades ago

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    Muaz Khan

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    You guys have no idea what this video means to me I don't have words to express From the very childhood I was struggling with these questions I couldn't get the whole topic because of my habit of starting from the very beginning and if I didn't understand how did the very first thing came into being or how it was made or it's structure i couldn't understand the rest of the whole topic (I have this problem with every science subject like math and physics and their formulas and chemistry with like in the said video how the photons and electrons are made etc etc though I do not have this prblm with biology and thus that's the only subject I'm good at I also love physics and chemistry tho but I really suck at it anyways...) I saw most people didn't give a shit and could easily start from the middle without knowing the beginning and still would ace the topic I always kinda thought how they do that and why I can't You guys damn I love you guys NOW somethings makes sense to me despite studying them for years I know it's weird and all of these probably doesn't makes much sense to most of the people cause they take it normally Sorry I can't explain this simply But however I do wanna say thank you to all the people who put effort behind this channel from the narrator to the researchers and every other members you guys are awesome 🙏❤️✨ I seriously didn't think I'd find a video like this ever P.S and yeah as I'm a believer of a religion questions like if God made us then who made God sometimes keeps me at night but now i cope with that just by believing that maybe we don't have the capability to grasp such matters into our lil brains like the 4th 5th dimensions and the tesseract

  41. Isaac Leforte

    Isaac Leforte

    15 dagen geleden

    There is something. There will always be something. Because "nothing" can't exist.

  42. Hubert J

    Hubert J

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    1.9k thumbs down from people who believe that 5G spreads Covid.

  43. Hubert J

    Hubert J

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    Yup, we are made of chemical-physical reactions - not by gods.

  44. Naruto Smith

    Naruto Smith

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  45. Benjamin Gal-Or

    Benjamin Gal-Or

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    MR Kurzgesagt, ARE YOU A SCIENTIST? or just a self-appointed of what DOES NOT EVEN RISE TO BE WRONG IN SCIENCE? of videos followed by One-Liners, who can't even write more than one line, nor read a few, while tainting science and this civilization by REPLIES? Some of your One-Liners also trash facts reported by thousands dedicated Drs., nurses and health-care workers in ~180 countries, as untrusted and somehow wrongly relating me with "anti-vaxxer", leaving no alternative but to "Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him." King Solomon./

  46. DeepClient


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    so nothing is really something

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    Gyan Pra

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    The Hypnagogic Jerk

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    something never change

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    who knew it was so "simple"

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    In a nutshell-Jerry Cantrell

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  56. aventurileluipetre


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    Kurzgesagt, I appreciate your effort! I love your style and your initiative to teach us and make us more curious!

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    No Adsense here

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    Addiction is deleted

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    Everyone is asking what is something, but no one asks how is something *Crying something*

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    "What Are You?" Similar vid



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    Carl Hopkinson

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  64. Carl Hopkinson

    Carl Hopkinson

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    0:44 this is my brain

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    Spaceman Spiff

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    The absence of nothing

  72. Unnamed Snail

    Unnamed Snail

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    "You are basically nothing more than disturbances on an ocean excited by energy and guided by forces that make up the rules of the universe" Majestic...

  73. Yaowy


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    A thing is a thing. There.

  74. Evie L

    Evie L

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    "The computer you're using right now to distract yourself from the stuff you should be doing." How'd they know?!?!?

  75. Kalko von Schpritzendorf

    Kalko von Schpritzendorf

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    This is the most understandable explanation of this topic I've seen so far. Great video.

  76. Samantha Wakefield

    Samantha Wakefield

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    how was i not subscribed yet

  77. Larion


    28 dagen geleden

    Gravity is technically not a force, while bosons have their own fields gravity is unique because the field under which it operates is spacetime, meaning it’s sort of an illusion where the curvature of spacetime created by mass is what attracts, not gravity itself.

  78. John Barber

    John Barber

    28 dagen geleden

    Get a real job.

  79. Sneez Space noodle

    Sneez Space noodle

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    Something is the main antagonistic force in the game Omori

  80. Michael Tang

    Michael Tang

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    I’m using iPad

  81. Mohammed Maidoki

    Mohammed Maidoki

    Maand geleden

    Awesome video as usual, It helped me understand the "5th force" that scientists discovered last week. But a new video clarifying this 5th force would be amazing to see when it eventually gets out.

  82. A man of no reputation

    A man of no reputation

    Maand geleden

    The chessboard analogy is backwards: there isn't a set of rules that the universe plays by. We just see the universe doing things and superimpose the rules as a way of trying to understand it. Physics is a projection of our own minds. We don't really know what's going on anymore than we can know that the light really turns off in the fridge when it isn't being observed.

  83. A man of no reputation

    A man of no reputation

    Maand geleden

    A thing is an object that has been conceptually partitioned off from the rest of being. It is a noun. In a way it's the wrong question: there is no physical stuff, only patterns of thought.

  84. Abdel Khayyam

    Abdel Khayyam

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    I feel called out

  85. Yinan You

    Yinan You

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    2:29 caught me in 4K

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    Daniel Winternheimer

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    wow, Well thats something

  88. Jacob Santana

    Jacob Santana

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    This video shattered everything I thought I knew about fundamental particles

  89. The one And only

    The one And only

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    I’m a thing😏

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    Quinton B

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    idk whatuser2enter

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    You matter Also, you are matter

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    Zylxian Seiðr

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    Meanwhile I’m here in 2021 when the standard model has been interrupted by wobbly muons... what a life

  94. WP Randall

    WP Randall

    Maand geleden

    Something is generally the opposite of nothing. It generally refers to created matter from God, but can also refer to the laws of existence. Something does actually come from nothing, only matter comes out via the Deity created out of nothing. The reason: nothing is not - therefore LIfe Is.

  95. Jei Wilber

    Jei Wilber

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    There's no empty, everything flows through the Aether...

  96. Jei Wilber

    Jei Wilber

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    Nothing is nothing and everything is something...

  97. cole thomas

    cole thomas

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    Great video for tripping on psychedelics

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    Cossicrots 42

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    If this one thing has no effect on anything at all, does it really exist?

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