The ASMR Bee Movie

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Well well well. We did it. I won't type a lot here because I say most of it in the intro... (sorry that's so long)
Skip to 10:28 for the countdown!
The countdown and the timestamps in the bottom left once the movie starts are synced to American Netflix version of the Bee Movie, but hopefully it will work for all versions of it! (it starts with the dreamworks title). I highly recommend you play the official Bee Movie on another window or screen while you watch this ASMR version, as it's designed to match 1:1!!!!!
Thank you so much for 3 million subscribers. Thank you sO much for watching, and enabling me... ahahah. Thank you a million times to the incredible friends who helped me create this.
Please check out everyone's channel!! They all worked so hard and are wonderful, wonderful people to support. Credits at the end as well :) Creators, feel free to sound off in the comments which part you played too!!
Credits in alphabetical order:
ALB in whisperland ASMR - Adam Flayman
Amy Kay ASMR - Group Bee, Keychain Bee
Angelica - Layton T Montgomery, Hector
April’s ASMR - Custodian, Group Human
Articulate Design ASMR - Bob Bumble, Group Bee
ASMattR ASMR - Pollen Jock #4, Voice of Radio
ASMR Azlin - Cow
ASMR BlueKatie - Anna (Woman in Vanessa’s apartment)
ASMR Darling - Martin Benson
ASMR Glow - Artie
ASMR Shanny - Lou Lo Duca
ASMR Sharm - Bud Ditchwater
ASMR Sound Waves - Ladybug
ASMRKitten - Control Tower Operator
ASMRMagic - Security Guard, TSA Agent
ASMRplanet - Waterbug
Atlas ASMR - Pollen Jock #3
Batala’s ASMR - Judge Bumbleton
Busy B ASMR - Boy in Park, Mosquito
Caroline ASMR - Bee News Reporter #2
Chynaunique ASMR - Announcer
Creative Calm ASMR - Girl Bee #2
Danny Docile ASMR - Sting
Darker4Serenity ASMR - Dean Buzzwell, Mooseblood
DizzyKitten ASMR - Human News Reporter #2
Dong ASMR - Bee Camera Man, Group Human
Fabled Fawn ASMR - Pollen Jock Announcer, Group Bee
Fairy Char ASMR - Bee Protestor, Group Human
fastASMR - Jeanette Chung
FredsVoice ASMR - Truck Drivers
FrivolousFox ASMR - Uncle Carl
Gibi ASMR - Barry B Benson, Vanessa Bloome, Janet Benson
Goodnight Moon - Pilot Scott
Jama ASMR - Group Human
Jingle Jangle ASMR - Group Human
Jocie B ASMR - Mosquito, Bee Protestor
Jojo’s ASMR - Bear, Mosquito
Julieta ASMR - Group Human
Karuna Satori ASMR - Ray Liotta
KAYsmr - Baby in Car
KimmyKASMR - Bee in Apartment
LatreceASMR - Human Passerby
LauraLemurex ASMR - Bee in Front of Line
Lily Whispers ASMR - Human News Reporter #1
Little Bird ASMR - Court Announcer
Lynn Cinnamon ASMR - Sniper
Madi ASMR - Group Human
Marno ASMR - Co-Pilot Hal
Matty Tingles - Andy
Oceans ASMR - Child in Car
Peace and Saraity ASMR - Klauss, Grandma in Car
Phoenician Sailor - Worker #2
PierreG ASMR - Grasshopper
PoggleDrop ASMR - Bicyclist
Prim ASMR - Supermarket Employee
RaffyTaphyASMR - Bee Larry King
Rapunzel ASMR - Girl Bee #1
Ruby True ASMR - Worker #1
Sarah Lavender ASMR - Traffic Police
Scottish Murmurs ASMR - Pollen Jock #2
Slight Sounds ASMR - Princess on Float
Smidjen ASMR - Bee with Clipboard
Soft ASMR - Newspaper Bee
SophieMichelle ASMR - Bee News Narrator
SouthernASMR Sounds - Mom in Car
The ASMR Ryan - Pollen Jock #1
The White Rabbit ASMR - Lawyer
Tingting ASMR - Bee News Crew #1
Tiptoe Tingles ASMR - Car Driver
VisualSounds1 ASMR - Tour Guide
Non-ASMRtist Friends Who Also Slayed It
Shawn Saris / The Vestman - Beekeeper #1 /@MrTheVestman
Denis J - Beekeeper #2 /@_DenisJ
Bill Hillsman - Tea Granny, Bee Sucking Honey /@UncleBilvo
Ben - Ken /@BenDKnee53
Satine - Dog in Car
RivvsOfficial - Group Bee, Bee Scientist #1 /@RivvsOfficial
James - Group Bee, Guy in Flowered Shirt, Bee Scientist #2 /@JamesHime2
Artbynips - Dad in car /@artbynips
Ace - Narrator :) (and mastermind of this whole project)


  1. AceMR


    Maand geleden

    Day 415: Gibi is finally uploading Bee Movie ASMR... It has been a long journey, but it was a team effort. Anyone who ever up voted a comment you are the reason this happened. Thanks for the crazy ride, you are all legends! It's been a wild ride, signing off for now...

    • This is an Alt. Acc

      This is an Alt. Acc

      20 uur geleden

      Ace. I am inspired. I will ask a jolyne cujoh asmr each night. I know i will fail but if you can then maybe i also can

    • stephen walshe

      stephen walshe

      Dag geleden

      18K LIKES that is well deserved

    • •axils•


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    • Sharko __

      Sharko __

      2 dagen geleden

      About time man :D

    • Adam Crump

      Adam Crump

      3 dagen geleden

      Firm handshakes Ace, you can rest easy now

  2. Abby C

    Abby C

    Uur geleden

    I had to click on this because it’s just so bizarre lmao



    2 uur geleden

    How she whispered the song when Berry was day dreaming. 🤣🤣

  4. Spongy C

    Spongy C

    4 uur geleden

    13:30 me playing with my toy car at 3am

  5. mpequeno74


    5 uur geleden

    I’m a bee 🐝

  6. NabicanEmpress -

    NabicanEmpress -

    6 uur geleden

    OMGB, TINGTING! ^-^ you all did such an amazing job!

  7. Love life

    Love life

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  8. kingworrie


    7 uur geleden

    Welp this time I wanna wake up this dream

  9. Jason Thomas

    Jason Thomas

    8 uur geleden

    The peappig car was drippy𓃠 💙S͓̽t͓̽r͓̽a͓̽y͓̽K͓̽i͓̽d͓̽s̽

  10. Mr weeber 3826

    Mr weeber 3826

    8 uur geleden

    I wonder how long it took to put the parts together and synced and recorded lol

  11. *¿oddly weird?*

    *¿oddly weird?*

    8 uur geleden

    yellow black yellow black yellow black Ooo~ black and yellow lets Shake it up a little

  12. SIREN


    8 uur geleden

    Do cars next

  13. Jikook Forever

    Jikook Forever

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  14. Simmone Davis

    Simmone Davis

    9 uur geleden

    Yo, Angelica deserves an EGOT for her Montgomery. HI-larious

  15. Plague Doctor

    Plague Doctor

    9 uur geleden

    Me: *phine number beep boop bop* hello yes I have a complain I ordered the bee movie from wish and I got this

  16. Bubble galaxy Wolf

    Bubble galaxy Wolf

    9 uur geleden

    Off topic but the little bees are so cute 🥺

  17. Rainbow Cat

    Rainbow Cat

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  18. Valerie Calorie

    Valerie Calorie

    10 uur geleden

    Do an ASMR Of the sitcom "Seinfeld" !!!

  19. Valerie Calorie

    Valerie Calorie

    10 uur geleden

    14:03 That's Chynaunique ASMR! I'm a huge fan of her channel!

  20. Valerie Calorie

    Valerie Calorie

    11 uur geleden

    I absolutely love "Seinfeld" the show! I'm only 13 years old! But I kinda got bored of watching "Seinfeld" now my all time FAVORITE show is "NBC'S The Voice" Blake Shelton's my all time favorite singer as well, he's also been a coach on the show, this is his 20th season.... he's the only original remaining coach sides to Adam Levine who left the show in Season 16. But Blake is my favorite team,coach, and everything. :) The Voice Knockouts part 2 is next week! But I still love the show Seinfeld with Elaine, George and Kramer and Newman! My favorite episode is probably "The Deal". #TeamBlake #TheKingOfTheVoice

  21. Ix3_11


    11 uur geleden

    Can you guys do Shrek next

  22. Sukama Youtube

    Sukama Youtube

    12 uur geleden

    This is genius.

  23. Fat fluffy Bunny

    Fat fluffy Bunny

    13 uur geleden

    We rly just got the free,complete bee movie but just rly chaotic and weird

  24. Lilac Lobby of Life

    Lilac Lobby of Life

    14 uur geleden


  25. Caden Taylor

    Caden Taylor

    14 uur geleden

    Just finished getting my shots so I have to watch my favorite movie,The Bee Movie. Oh,wait. This isn't the bee movie,this is the ASMR bee movie!

  26. Riley Cj

    Riley Cj

    15 uur geleden

    I love how the honeys that she showed here were actually from the movie

  27. de4d_pup


    15 uur geleden

    Ya like jazz?

  28. Froggy Phoenix

    Froggy Phoenix

    16 uur geleden

    11:20 when it starts

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    Shrek asmr anyone?

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    Maria Lourdes

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    Estrella Piojo Guanzon

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    I'm turining on caption because my parents think I'm watching a "how to hijack a chair with a rubber ducky"

  33. Monkeys With Nukes

    Monkeys With Nukes

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    Wait a second. That's not Gibi; that's Gibee. You thought you could fool us, but we're on to you.

  34. babarenz


    21 uur geleden

    I've never seen Bee Movie but I have watched this countless times as have my critters as I leave it on for them Im sure this was a insane team effort so I super appreciate this long form ASMR

  35. Sir Untouchable

    Sir Untouchable

    22 uur geleden

    I'm telling my children that this was the original Bee Movie



    23 uur geleden

    14:48 peppa pig

  37. Samantha Scarlett

    Samantha Scarlett

    Dag geleden

    No because this is literally everything

  38. Kyler Fisher

    Kyler Fisher

    Dag geleden

    This is the most entertaining thing I’ve ever watched. And yes it’s 4 in the morning.

  39. BearE196


    Dag geleden

    I’m pretty convinced at this point that the Bee Movie was just a mass collective hallucination that we’ve all believed actually happened.

  40. Orgoglioso Orgoglioso

    Orgoglioso Orgoglioso

    Dag geleden


  41. Dael Ian Reyes

    Dael Ian Reyes

    Dag geleden

    Ayyy asmr Ryan and thx for making this video Gibi Asmr And Other NLcameras r

  42. Dael Ian Reyes

    Dael Ian Reyes

    Dag geleden

    I never knew asmr darlings there I love this video this is relaxing 😌

  43. Annastacia Swope

    Annastacia Swope

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    love it

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    Isaac Cando

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    ya like jazz!!!!

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    Yu Nishinoya

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    33:46 "Ya like jazz~

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    Omg a whole movie, with ASMRist all together

  48. Professor. Memes

    Professor. Memes

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    I have never been so happy to watch the Bee Movie......

  49. Katie Schultz

    Katie Schultz

    Dag geleden

    this hurts my soul in the best way possible

  50. mahhdik


    Dag geleden

    I tested it she's is right u can watch it side by side

  51. bubby 99

    bubby 99

    Dag geleden

    47:00 was hurting my ears

  52. Shargun Clip

    Shargun Clip

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    Next time you do another asmr movie recreate shrek you don't have to play shrek

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    Mr MLG Rosen

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  54. Joe Kelly

    Joe Kelly

    Dag geleden

    This was an amazing idea, great job

  55. Fingerboard_dec Fb

    Fingerboard_dec Fb

    Dag geleden

    I don't know what to say other than this is awesome. Good job

  56. B-Town_Yoda


    Dag geleden

    43:14 killed me

  57. Juliet Kesselring

    Juliet Kesselring

    Dag geleden

    I like how the tram in the start is a peppa pig car! XD This is a great movie!

  58. Kaash Tv

    Kaash Tv

    Dag geleden

    wasn’t expecting chyna uniquuueeee !!!!!

  59. LJ


    2 dagen geleden

    I have been waiting for this and this was posted a month ago 😭

  60. I love my family AKA my mom

    I love my family AKA my mom

    2 dagen geleden

    I have a big headache because of the screen

  61. Kelpy_Seal


    2 dagen geleden

    And just like that, shitposting peaked.

  62. Vizn


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    Gibi: *shows shrek preview* me: *aggressively looks it up*

  63. _WiLlIaM_AfT0n_


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    You like jazz?

  64. Dark Storm

    Dark Storm

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    But why

  65. Chris Hartwig

    Chris Hartwig

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    KAYsmr has the best part tbh (29:19)

  66. P brain

    P brain

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    thr only bee movie i will watch

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    Negative Stream

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    If this was in a movie theater ever one would be asleep 😂

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    Girly Wilson

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    Amazing acting

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    Frida L

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    I can now proudly (?) say that I've watched the whole thing

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    Kelli The Ginger

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    IM EXITED!!!

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    Peter Vallance

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    chase 456

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    Mental Mooman

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    this makes me very happy 😃

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    Ashleigh Kershaw

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    Haha gibi I've always lived ur vids but the ball part on this absolutely had me laughing xx

  77. sedgemac_


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    Can we just appreciate how much editing gibi had to do to make this look really good gg

  78. MummaBayleyX X

    MummaBayleyX X

    2 dagen geleden

    I’ve put this on for my 2yr old multiple times,I’m either failing at parenting or achieving the top level. Either way she is now obsessed with bees and calls them “baby fuzzies”.

    • Tereza Švábová

      Tereza Švábová

      Dag geleden

      Aww baby fuzzies that's adorable

    • Help Me

      Help Me

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      TOP LEVEL trust me

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    AriAnastasia Grande

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    {Iman} HAFIZZ

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    Dude she will die in there 😂 31:47

  82. NotHack_BusterzYT-Roblox- Showcase

    NotHack_BusterzYT-Roblox- Showcase

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    The Sloth

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    Love the vid good work to everyone

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    Christian Pastrano

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    Alexdope 21

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  86. Waffle Productions

    Waffle Productions

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  87. The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

    The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

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  88. The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

    The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

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    The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

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    The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

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    The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

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    The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

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    The Mark Of Beauty By Kim

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    3 dagen geleden

    They took the bee movie off of Netflix so i’ll take what I can get.

  95. NotJoltzdude139


    3 dagen geleden

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  96. Ayla Grace Jenkins

    Ayla Grace Jenkins

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    astrid Lake

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    Chris Art

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  99. astrid Lake

    astrid Lake

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  100. Stef withaF

    Stef withaF

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    Awh they changed the line "I cant breathe" to "it's just tea" for the old lady, most likely due to Mr. Floyd ♡