Racing TT Assen on a Honda CB500x !! [S4 - Eps. 2]

Unfortunately, my travel plans all went into the bin because of new lockdowns and second waves everywhere. So, I've decided to make a video series about the motorcycle scene in The Netherlands. In this episode, I got the extreme luck to ride on an empty TT Assen race track, while getting race lessons from race legend Barry Veneman himself!!
Despite the typical dutch weather, it was an awesome day and great way to get a peak behind the scenes of the Dutch motoGP.

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  1. antonio carlos dos santos junior

    antonio carlos dos santos junior

    2 uur geleden

    Parabéns pela oportunidade que você teve é o vídeo ficou muito bom !!!!!

  2. David Ensor

    David Ensor

    2 uur geleden

    So COOL!!!!!

  3. mr grumpy

    mr grumpy

    3 uur geleden

    very interesting video, thankyou

  4. Bob Hartman

    Bob Hartman

    7 uur geleden

    Very cool. I'm envious. Thanks for sharing. I'll bet when you road back home you were feeling wow, why is everyone going so slow.

  5. andrea crashe

    andrea crashe

    8 uur geleden

    Noraly well done on going out on the race trackin those conditions.... all of that training will help you when out on the main roads for cornering etc... Years back, I rode my 1997 Yamaha XV250cc Virago around Pukekohe Race Track in Auckland New Zealand on a training day.... best thing I ever did.... and I was the only cruiser rider there amongest the young men on all their sports bikes.... yep they outrode me on the back straight.... but i mastered the hairpin on that day. Learned heaps from those trainers.. :-) :-) I brought her in 2000 with only 2,800kms done..... she now has almost 193,000kms on her clock all done by me....

  6. Terry Boehler

    Terry Boehler

    16 uur geleden

    You're very smooth. The rest is just learning placement and trying not to turn in too soon. Good job

  7. সূর্য্য SUN uk

    সূর্য্য SUN uk

    18 uur geleden

    So cute👌

  8. Mark Todd

    Mark Todd

    19 uur geleden

    Love Assen, I raced there late 80s, got a podium, was in garage 1, so nice to look around, thanks for another fantastic vidio.

  9. Jaco Verster

    Jaco Verster

    21 uur geleden

    Excellent, I really enjoyed this video. Congrats on the subscribers! Please keep up the interesting videos. Groetnis



    21 uur geleden


    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      21 uur geleden

      About Noraly 👱 I’m a 33-year old [ℹ and 1,68 m tall ~ 5 ft 6 in], Dutch, solo-female traveler - currently on a mission to travel the world by motorbike! _____________________________________ Copy and paste from her homepage.

  11. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith

    Dag geleden

    Love your NLcameras’s!

  12. rallymanize


    Dag geleden

    Oh yes Noraly, really loved this video. What an amazing experience for you to ride around one of the most famous tracks in the world, and with someone who is a past winner ((-_-)). You really are living the dream, and i would have thought many who follow your video's will find so much inspiration, not only to travel, but to go racing! You have such a natural affinity and love with bikes. Like so many other's seeing you smile so much doing what you love doing is such a great pleasure. May you always love life the way you do now ((-_-))

  13. N K

    N K

    Dag geleden

    It's a shame you didn't have the fancy new exhaust on for this.

  14. Hiran Dhakal

    Hiran Dhakal

    Dag geleden

    when you take a turn are your knees touching the circuit?

  15. Vedat Atesoglu

    Vedat Atesoglu

    Dag geleden

    Noraly, happiness on your face always be positive energy, congratulations

  16. TheLevel52


    Dag geleden

    Hey Boots.......My birthday on the 28th your vids....really well done.......

  17. Mike Redding

    Mike Redding

    Dag geleden

    Did you get your bike back from Peru ?

  18. Chris Denning

    Chris Denning

    Dag geleden

    So much fun. Even in the rain. You are brave. Thanks Noraly. If you ever make it to Arizona, you can ride dry and warm and incredible landscapes.

  19. Clive Meredith

    Clive Meredith

    Dag geleden

    Admire your courage and commitment riding at those speeds and in those conditions, and how you enjoyed yourself so much! I always like your positive and optimistic thoughts too, thanks!

  20. Bhupendra Jadhav

    Bhupendra Jadhav

    2 dagen geleden

    Great video on so many levels! Nicely done! :)

  21. william epstein

    william epstein

    2 dagen geleden

    I knew Itchy Boots was fearless as she rode her Himalayan inches from thousands of feet drop-offs around the world, but, come on. 6 year olds take their first laps on mini-bikes to get started, not thirty-somethings who should be doing PTA meetings, not 150 KPH at a famous GP Track.

  22. Philippe Bousquet

    Philippe Bousquet

    2 dagen geleden

    Nice video, too bad it was a rainy day. And too bad you had the strap of your keychain flying around! That was not a good idea, it might be dangerous.

  23. Project Redfoot

    Project Redfoot

    2 dagen geleden

    You are so cule! ^-^

  24. Ron Birchard

    Ron Birchard

    2 dagen geleden

    That looked like soo much fun Congrats on your race day

  25. Erik Whitley

    Erik Whitley

    2 dagen geleden

    Your enthusiasm and excitement was very contagious! This was a great video, and inspiring as well. I had a great time too!

  26. usaf vet

    usaf vet

    2 dagen geleden

    That was really Awesome. I watch the TT races on you tube. They are the Best of the Best. ! Sorry the weather was crap while you were on the Track. Would have be much better when it would have been a beautiful sunny day there. ! 👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸

  27. Andrew Penny

    Andrew Penny

    2 dagen geleden

    excellent entertainment Noraly!

  28. a4wong


    2 dagen geleden

    if I ask nicely, and bring some foot powder, please invite me to the next assen trackday?? nice so jealous

  29. thebis


    3 dagen geleden

    Super sympa

  30. Jane Grieve

    Jane Grieve

    3 dagen geleden

    Yer a brave wummin riding in that rain

  31. peter tay

    peter tay

    3 dagen geleden

    Just sub..truly a great rider..respect yr wills and courage..wonder how much on average does it costs you when you tide into places and countries..

  32. Furore Riders

    Furore Riders

    3 dagen geleden


  33. Cumi Dan Ciki

    Cumi Dan Ciki

    3 dagen geleden

    Kind of scary when you dealing with wet pavement

  34. Alberto Riezgo

    Alberto Riezgo

    3 dagen geleden

    Hello Noraly, Greetings from NY, I have been following you for a while on your channel and I really like your adventures, I'm writing because Im planning to buy a Touring bike and take trips to New England and Canada next spring when the pandemic is hopefully under control, I would like for you to share what kind of model(s) of GoPro cameras and mounts you use in your trips? I would also like to help in the choice of a touring bike, I'm looking for a Semi-Automatic Touring bike like a Honda or a Yamaha, yes I want a Semi-Automatic bike I think it fits my style of riding. Please help...Thank You.

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      3 dagen geleden

      Filming equipment 🎥 Season 3 🐦 Drone DJI Mavic Air 4K 🐦 ...using the DJI Mavic Air 4K drone to film my aerial ✈ footage [like in Season 2]...small enough to fit in my motorcycle’s tank bag... carry 4 batteries...[will] last...days without charging... [ℹ Noraly doesn’t use the follow 🔁 me mode. One hand 👈 to ride the motorcycle, the other 👉 hand to fly the drone.] 🎥 GoPro Hero 8, Hero 7 and Max 360°🎥 ...using my GoPro Hero 8 [Media Mod]...attach the camera to my [ProShot] helmet [mount] and on my selfie stick when riding. Walking🏃around places...use the same vlogging setup as in Season 2: the GoPro Hero 7, with 3.5mm mic adapter in the Ulanzi Case with an external microphone.🎤 [ℹ GoPro Hero 9 since S3 Episode 33?] In Season 3 I will start using the GoPro Max 360° camera 🎥...this opens up an entirely new array of filming possibilities... 🔴 Extra Gadgets🔴 [For taking] some occasional photos 📷💥 of myself👱 and my motorcycle in nice settings, ...I use a T3 Pixel Maker tripod. all my footage...on two external SSD drives of 1TB each. ...charge my equipment and laptop💻 (Apple Macbook Pro)..., I carry an Xtorm Voyager Powerbank🎮 with 26.000 mAh. 🎬 Editing Software Final Cut Pro🎬 ...working with Final Cut Pro... professional, expensive and difficult program, but I can produce videos 📹 a lot quicker [than with Filmora in Season 1]. [ℹ It takes her 4 hours to do a 15 minutes travel video. She usually travels one day and does the editing, english subtitles, choice of music etc. on the next day.] 🎼 Music🎹 I pay 💱 for the licensing of all the music 🎵 that I use. That means that none of the tracks are free for you to download unfortunately! I use a variety of websites to find good music - one of them is ** on which I have a yearly subscription. ______________________________________ Copy and paste from her homepage. Facebook 19.08.2020

  35. treasurer


    3 dagen geleden

    You deserved this podium a long time ago for the India-Netherlands tour

  36. Gyula Somogyi

    Gyula Somogyi

    3 dagen geleden

    Hi Noraly ! Have you everbeen in Hungary ? Are you planning to ride a motorcycle in Hungary as well?B.R.

  37. Gregory Prevost

    Gregory Prevost

    3 dagen geleden

    I love it!

  38. Aleksandar Malivuk

    Aleksandar Malivuk

    3 dagen geleden

    What’s the brand of your mirrors and where did you get them? Thx.

    • Aleksandar Malivuk

      Aleksandar Malivuk

      3 dagen geleden

      ​@Toto Arriba They look much better then the stock ones. Thank you.

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      3 dagen geleden

      Double Take Adventure Mirrors These *Double Take Adventure Mirrors* are not really essential, but I just love their design! I had them on both my Royal Enfield Himalayans and just wanted them again for my Honda. They are sturdier and a lot less likely to break off when you drop your motorcycle, but my motivation to buy these mirrors again is mainly because I find them looking cool and adventurous. [⚠The amazon link does not work in several countries.] _____________________________________ Copy and paste from her homepage.

  39. W. Herder

    W. Herder

    3 dagen geleden

    Super, om de tt van deze kant te zien!

  40. Ahmad Alqaz

    Ahmad Alqaz

    3 dagen geleden

    You don't drive a Ronin race bike designed to travel and yet you're good

  41. Howard Rains

    Howard Rains

    4 dagen geleden

    I'm really looking forward to the new series. Is there a motor-scooter scene there as well. If so, you should pay them a visit as well

  42. CHASER


    4 dagen geleden

    Вот если бы диалект не "хрюкал" было бы не так колоритно :) Приятно видеть что ты не осознаешь себя "супер-мега-профи" и не выпендриваешься на треке с инструктором! Приятно видеть что имея титул "железная жопа" ты до сих пор не стесняешься УЧИТЬСЯ чему-то новому! Надеюсь тебя посмотрят наши "мото-блогеры" которые даже в повороты заходить не умеют, а уже ездят на литровых спортивных мотоциклах... Удачи и спасибо за отличное настроение!!!

  43. philip philip

    philip philip

    4 dagen geleden

    Hi I've been trying to find your neck tubes on you web site . I can't see them are you not selling them anymore? I wanted to get my wife one for Christmas as she is a big fan of your channel. Hope you can help thanks 🙏

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      4 dagen geleden

      Sold out.

  44. Hans Julin

    Hans Julin

    4 dagen geleden

    Hi Boots. I have resently found you, and I have Binch watch'd your videos. Seen the S3 and most of S1. I have a problem, because I can't find your earliest videos in my IPad. Is there a possibility for you to make playlists, I would realy like to se your beginnings, I have for instans no Idea why Dhanno is named Dhanno. God luck whith retreving her from south Amerika, by the way. I think you are very brave, both with driving along and also with all diffrent lokal foodstuff. I saw you eating Surströmming in Sweden, it tok me 55 years. Hope you are being able to continue on either of your bikes. Have you considered Africa yet? Love from Sweden

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      4 dagen geleden

    • Toto Arriba

      Toto Arriba

      4 dagen geleden

      Itchy Boots' 4 🔢 different motorcycles and 5 playlists (Basanti, Dhanno, Lima and Ronin) 5. Still with 'Ronin' she is investigating the Dutch moto scene. Playlist: Season 4 - Itchy Boots investigates the Dutch moto scene ➡ 4. On her grey Honda CB 500X 'Ronin' (bought as second-hand 2015 model) she travels Europe. Playlist: Season 3 - Adventures with Ronin ➡ 3. She did show us some provinces of the Netherlands on a black 'borrowed' Royal Enfield Himalayan called 'Lima'. Brought back to the RE dealer. Playlist: Adventure Intermezzo - Tour of the Netherlands ➡ 2. She has travelled parts of South America with her grey and orange 'Dhanno' (another Royal Enfield Himalayan). Stored in Lima, Peru - since April 2020 (👀 Season 2 Episode 74). Playlist: Season 2 - Adventures with Dhanno ➡ 1. She had ridden from India to Europe on her white Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4 'Basanti' . Exchanged her for 'Dhanno' by the RE dealer in August 2019. Video: Big news Playlist: Season 1 - Adventures with Basanti ➡ [0. Ducati Monster 796]

  45. J Manuel Robles

    J Manuel Robles

    4 dagen geleden

    Wow, fantástico!

  46. paul2wheels


    4 dagen geleden

    Good lines.

  47. pouya A

    pouya A

    4 dagen geleden


  48. kh.alra


    4 dagen geleden

    👍💯From saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🇸🇦

  49. Leptotila wellsi

    Leptotila wellsi

    4 dagen geleden

    Well done, Noraly. Nice little history lesson & you are so brave to even attempt to ride your touring bike in those appalling conditions. You had sweaty palms, so did I! Then again you have so much experience of every road condition you could probably teach us all a lesson.

  50. Jose Morales

    Jose Morales

    4 dagen geleden

    That amazing Miss. Noraly!! I was sitting in my living room watching your video and I cought myself tilting with every turn you took! Lol that was very cool and bery brave of you specially in the rain wow!! You go girl!!!! 💪✌👍

  51. Kevin Phillips

    Kevin Phillips

    4 dagen geleden

    Thank You for bringing us along! It looks like you had a blast!

  52. Dave Evans

    Dave Evans

    4 dagen geleden

    Great video, it’s hard to learn those racing lines, not easy is it. 👍🇬🇧

  53. Jerry Peterka

    Jerry Peterka

    4 dagen geleden

    My admiration for you, for your courage jumped 100%! So you are at 200%! Superawesome, Noraly!

  54. Phil Smith

    Phil Smith

    4 dagen geleden

    Awesome :)

  55. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

    4 dagen geleden

    Best riding advice I ever got: trust your tires. You did and of course they didn’t let you down. You rode so well !

  56. alfred13920


    4 dagen geleden

    You always surprise me !!!

  57. Steve Coombs

    Steve Coombs

    5 dagen geleden

    You obviously have no idea how ‘my TT Assen race’ sounds to a Londoner....or maybe you do😂

  58. Allout OrNothing

    Allout OrNothing

    5 dagen geleden

    holy crap a girl that keeps her clothes on, they do exist

  59. Vinoth Kumar

    Vinoth Kumar

    5 dagen geleden

    I revv it !!!

  60. David Raye

    David Raye

    5 dagen geleden

    Honda doesn't have the appeal of the Himalayan.

  61. Connie Foxx

    Connie Foxx

    5 dagen geleden

    I so enjoy your videos....I sure hope you consider also uploading your terrific videos to RUMBLE which is a NLcameras alternative.

  62. Aardvark892


    5 dagen geleden

    Your video is truly enjoyable to watch. You really love the sport and it shows. And you're smoking hot, to boot.

  63. D. R.

    D. R.

    5 dagen geleden

    You and TWAAP should do a video together!

  64. Eugenio Pinedo

    Eugenio Pinedo

    5 dagen geleden

    Great experience! Thanks for sharing, Champion Noraly!

  65. john copetti

    john copetti

    5 dagen geleden

    You did well girl. I m sure you re proud of yourself, and so you should be. Thank s for sharing the experience. Cheers. John

  66. Natas Natas

    Natas Natas

    5 dagen geleden

    This is awesome Noraly...Great to see a 955i Daytona .Had an 02 myself....Had that bayby up to 287kph and still pulling .What an amazing bike.Keep the good .Love from New Zealand!!!

  67. Claude AC

    Claude AC

    5 dagen geleden

    Isn't 150 km about 90 mph? I find the cars on our freeway to work going faster 🏍️🤣😜

  68. stanselb


    5 dagen geleden

    Awesome video!

  69. halmc


    5 dagen geleden

    I'll be back when the vaccine is extant.

  70. Christopher Cope

    Christopher Cope

    5 dagen geleden

    Haha I live in the Isle of Man

  71. J P

    J P

    5 dagen geleden

    Found your bikes namesake RONIN. Check out Ol' MAN RONIN. he even gives you a mention. ☺

  72. Norrie Masson

    Norrie Masson

    5 dagen geleden

    RESPECT Well done

  73. Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar

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  74. newera2020


    5 dagen geleden

    wherever you go people will follow u just waiting the day you will be back to peru and finish yr journey

  75. Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh Kumar

    5 dagen geleden

    Hi, Did you ever come to chennai, india? I recon talking to you in a traffic signal.

  76. Prasad Balan

    Prasad Balan

    6 dagen geleden

    18:33 That was🔥🔥❤️

  77. Pete Curran

    Pete Curran

    6 dagen geleden

    Nice day out for you and Ronin! 👌🏼 Imagine it in the dry conditions!

  78. Sérgio Nunes

    Sérgio Nunes

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  79. Gerald Haller

    Gerald Haller

    6 dagen geleden

    Nächstes Jahr Nürburgring Nordschleife

  80. Julio Ribeiro

    Julio Ribeiro

    6 dagen geleden

    definitely I love your videos. Baaaam! just saying....

  81. Raymond XL

    Raymond XL

    6 dagen geleden

    Is the speed Kmph or Mph?

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      Sergey Kurdakov

      6 dagen geleden


  82. Biscuit on a Bike

    Biscuit on a Bike

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    Itchy Rossi Boots 🤣

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    M Rose

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    You are still putting out the finest video out there!

  84. David mackee

    David mackee

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    Well done Noraly love it...

  85. Walter Taljaard

    Walter Taljaard

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    You are truely a brave woman. But we already knew this.

  86. Martin Peacocke

    Martin Peacocke

    6 dagen geleden

    Well done Noraly! I like that you always want to learn more.

  87. Stephen Robinson

    Stephen Robinson

    6 dagen geleden

    A great pity about the weather but you have ridden in worse conditions than that. Loved the fact that you really put Ronin through his paces. Ride safe, stay safe and ..............'Keep the knees in the breeze'

  88. Sinoni


    6 dagen geleden

    İtchy this is not travel 😁 full throttle okey full in everywhere 😁

  89. A li

    A li

    6 dagen geleden

    By far, the more exciting episode 👍🏍️🏁 I was worried that you and your Ronnie as road were so so wet and slippery, further more Ronnie not racing bike. Still, you make it. 🏁

  90. Robert Moolenaar

    Robert Moolenaar

    6 dagen geleden

    Gaaf! Doe je 't volgend voorjaar nog eens? Ben benieuwd wat het brengt op een droog circuit 😁

  91. garth Waters

    garth Waters

    6 dagen geleden

    Awesome just Awwwwsome

  92. CaptHollister


    6 dagen geleden

    15:46 a reminder that on a motorcycle you will always go where you are looking.

  93. Rodrigo Fábregas

    Rodrigo Fábregas

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    Good race Noraly!...congratulations...👍👍👍

  94. DahongPalay SfCa

    DahongPalay SfCa

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  95. Gordon Tainsch

    Gordon Tainsch

    6 dagen geleden

    I liked this video a lot. It gave rare insight into TT and GP racing in the Netherlands which has a strong tradition among other European countries. England has its Brands Hatch and other countries its famous tracks. Its a sport that unites people of various countries who share a love of motorcycle racing. We have our share of tracks on the international circuit here in the US. It's great that the Eastern European countries of the former Soviet Block now are free to be part of the world's racing circuits. The Isle of Man and its 'man', Joey Dunlop, and other great racers like Barry, make the sport as exciting as it is. It's a 'flip side' of touring.

  96. The crosser

    The crosser

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    Oi as viagens com himalayan acabaram 😢

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    Nick Sargent

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    Gary Smith

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