The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 - Laughter Night With 'Laxmii' - Ep 155 -Full Episode -1st Nov, 2020

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Episode 155 : A Laughter Night With Akshay And Kiara
Superstar Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani are the guests in today's episode. Archana asks Akshay about his fights with his wife Twinkle and asks him who's the boss in the house. Kiku And Krishna comes in between the show to entertain and to interact with the guests. Watch the full episode to know more.
About The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 :
Kapil Sharma is back with a new 'Salah Center' (Consultancy Business) in a Mohollah with absurd characters. The wealthy milkman Bachcha Yadav (Kiku Sharda) with his wife Titli Yadav (Bharti Singh) and sister-in-law Bhoori (Sumona Singh) is the one who has rented out houses within the Mohollah and is Kapil Sharma's business partner. The neighbors in the Mohollah are also full of quirks and don't shy away from the antics. With celebrities gracing every episode, The Kapil Sharma Show promises fun-filled entertaining weekends.
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  1. Reyad Muhammad

    Reyad Muhammad

    Dag geleden

    Bharti put her thungs over her heads... Hahhahahajajahajaahajan



    2 dagen geleden


  3. Pakistani beast gamers

    Pakistani beast gamers

    2 dagen geleden

    Audiance duplicate hai pe che

  4. Wic. gaming

    Wic. gaming

    3 dagen geleden

    There was no one behind🤣😂

  5. Neloy success

    Neloy success

    3 dagen geleden

    Bharti irritating

  6. Anisha Bajracharya

    Anisha Bajracharya

    3 dagen geleden

    So crinzy😒

  7. Arooj Syeda

    Arooj Syeda

    3 dagen geleden

    Akshay is wholeeee mooooodddddd ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Sabeel Jatti

    Sabeel Jatti

    4 dagen geleden

    Only for kiara 🥳🥳🥳

  9. Girl Gamer Sid

    Girl Gamer Sid

    4 dagen geleden

    Who's Watching Kapil From Starting His Career. & Inspired From Him ☺️ Like Here👍

  10. its ME & SHE

    its ME & SHE

    4 dagen geleden

    Who noticed archana is missing in the end there is just her voice

  11. Yogesh X

    Yogesh X

    5 dagen geleden

    All the talk about rights for LGBTQ people is happening because of the movement in the United States of America.

  12. bornomala


    5 dagen geleden

    I hate aksay, he is a traitor, modi ka dalaal.

  13. Alizeh Shah Official

    Alizeh Shah Official

    5 dagen geleden

    Kis kay dramy zayda zabardast hotay hain ? Turkry.....Like Pakistan ... Like India.........Comment Hahaha

  14. Molla Chajan rasel

    Molla Chajan rasel

    6 dagen geleden

    Piche jo lok he o asli nehi he

  15. Sonu Suresh

    Sonu Suresh

    7 dagen geleden

    Fav show ❤️

  16. Raja Ali

    Raja Ali

    8 dagen geleden

    No farmers No 🥘 food

  17. Nandnjs Hskduhx

    Nandnjs Hskduhx

    9 dagen geleden

    Kapil is not that what we see

  18. Girdhar Singh

    Girdhar Singh

    9 dagen geleden

    Bharti is too bad in joke. over and bad acting

  19. Rabi Rabia

    Rabi Rabia

    9 dagen geleden

    Waooooo love from Pakistan

  20. My Passion 555

    My Passion 555

    9 dagen geleden

    itni pyari r Khubsurt larki r kaprhy itny gandy r itny gatiya pehny hen Please Mind na kry koi koi Angrez larki b itny gandy kaprhy ni pehn k ati kisi b Family show k andar

  21. My Passion 555

    My Passion 555

    9 dagen geleden

    Yar ye views zeda eslye aty hen k log larki k choty kaprhy r Khubsurti dekhny k liye click krty hen Agr larki ki body na nazar ati to kabi b itny Views na aty Body dikha k pesa kamana Ghalat hy Najaez hy

  22. Muhammad Faryaz Muhammad Kashif

    Muhammad Faryaz Muhammad Kashif

    10 dagen geleden

    audiuons are fake

  23. Adil Fahmida Adil Fahmida

    Adil Fahmida Adil Fahmida

    10 dagen geleden

    Love u Akshay sir love u so much♥️♥️♥️💓💓💓

  24. Sabuj Dey

    Sabuj Dey

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  25. Pakeeza Gulshan

    Pakeeza Gulshan

    10 dagen geleden

    Kapil looking so nice 😊

  26. Ayesha Ammar

    Ayesha Ammar

    10 dagen geleden

    Background audience are fake 😂

  27. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali

    10 dagen geleden

    The freaking laxmmi movie was so scary I got a nightmare 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😩😔🤨

  28. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali

    10 dagen geleden

    I like Akshhay kumar bro why did they put posters of the audience people what da hell it’s so freaking weird

  29. Tanvir Islam

    Tanvir Islam

    10 dagen geleden

    when akshay kumar comes to this show, it is genuinely hilarious...

  30. Aqsa Irshad

    Aqsa Irshad

    10 dagen geleden

    Mrii jaan Akshy Kumar sir 🇵🇰😘😘love you Soo much m apki bht bri fan hun from Pakistan mjhy ap s milny ki wsh h kash kbh m ap s mil paunn🇵🇰🇵🇰😘😘😘

  31. pakart1 Artistan

    pakart1 Artistan

    10 dagen geleden

    Actors kamal loog hay jab Kama Nahi tuuu har cheez per ok jab starts tuuu ....

  32. Manzar Bukhari

    Manzar Bukhari

    11 dagen geleden

    aj koi arora (Kapil) ko chup kra dega socha ni tha

  33. Sara Khan

    Sara Khan

    11 dagen geleden

    I love Akshay ,jab bhi aty h kapil ki band baja daty h 🤣🤣🤣 bara maza ata h dekh k 🤣

  34. beauty hacks

    beauty hacks

    12 dagen geleden

    u r best.. kapil keep it up...from Pakistan

  35. beauty hacks

    beauty hacks

    12 dagen geleden

    u r best.. kapil keep it up...from Pakistan

  36. Viraj k arya

    Viraj k arya

    12 dagen geleden

    Supar show

  37. Vajra Vajra

    Vajra Vajra

    12 dagen geleden

    The most selfish and disgusting actor sala.

  38. Hira lal B.k.

    Hira lal B.k.

    13 dagen geleden


  39. Mushtaq Marvi

    Mushtaq Marvi

    13 dagen geleden

    Akshay kumar kay pass faltu time bohot hay

  40. Gotam Kumar

    Gotam Kumar

    13 dagen geleden

    Kiara bhout cute. Hogye ha yarrr🔥♥️

  41. Nayyar Mahtab

    Nayyar Mahtab

    13 dagen geleden

    Kiyara poori nangi a gai itna lapra use karny k baad ni

  42. M Born007

    M Born007

    13 dagen geleden

    Non Classy Akshay Kumar- He does not behave respectful- He thinks insulting others is aJoke?? Crap--

  43. Taimur Khan

    Taimur Khan

    13 dagen geleden

    Kiara is gorgeous but her voice is very sharp

  44. Mahrab Khan

    Mahrab Khan

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  45. Ahsan Sandhu

    Ahsan Sandhu

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  46. R Rafay

    R Rafay

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    Love from pakistan

  47. Ripon Paul

    Ripon Paul

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    a lot of love from #Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  48. Muhammad Rizwan

    Muhammad Rizwan

    15 dagen geleden

    Love from 🇵🇰

  49. Sadia Zaker

    Sadia Zaker

    15 dagen geleden

    Very Nice show! Fabulous Akshay Kumar, people person, and the entire team are fantastic.

  50. Dhruv jay parkash

    Dhruv jay parkash

    16 dagen geleden

    Love you Pakistan❤❤

  51. Waheed Abro

    Waheed Abro

    16 dagen geleden

    Great Akshay Paji

  52. Soban Arshad

    Soban Arshad

    17 dagen geleden

    man ny sunany sy phly gys kr liya tha k akshy kumar he ho ga

  53. Bagar Billi

    Bagar Billi

    17 dagen geleden

    I don't understand what happened in this episode🤯🤯🤯....there r men dressed as women on this show making ppl laugh at them who are look alikes of "intersex and transgender"....isn't it??? How is Kapil and Akshay etc are then supporting such ppl on the same platform??? Looks more like "insult" to me because these men dressed in sari are shown to be not very bright, made fun of their looks, always mocked, ridiculed and laughed at on this show🤔🤨how is that not offensive🤯🤯???

  54. Faisu Fan page

    Faisu Fan page

    17 dagen geleden


  55. Saidul Islam

    Saidul Islam

    17 dagen geleden

    Kiara Advani my love 😘😘

  56. tehreem khalid

    tehreem khalid

    18 dagen geleden

    the gift part looks hilarious then funny

  57. zubair baig

    zubair baig

    18 dagen geleden

    Who is archana

  58. Vinod Gupta

    Vinod Gupta

    18 dagen geleden

    Bha kapapilsarma show so nice A.azing he king Laxmi. Movi I like it love u all happy new year very good God blassu❤❤👌👌😎😎😁😁

  59. Akesa Nuku

    Akesa Nuku

    18 dagen geleden

    Much love from the fiji islands to you guys😍😍😍😘

  60. Muhammad Alvi

    Muhammad Alvi

    18 dagen geleden

    سب کچھ لکھ کر کرتے ہو افسوس

  61. amna razee

    amna razee

    18 dagen geleden

    live from "saudia Arabia"

  62. Hira Haider

    Hira Haider

    19 dagen geleden

    background oudience?fake fake fake

  63. Limon Karim

    Limon Karim

    19 dagen geleden

    Number 1 actor in Bollywood

  64. Bilal Hassan_00393512392859

    Bilal Hassan_00393512392859

    19 dagen geleden

    *Love u sir be happy always from Italy 🇮🇹 Pakistan 🇵🇰*

  65. rainy desert

    rainy desert

    19 dagen geleden

    At 24.44 aaplogo ko bataney ka khyal,kinnar logo ka samaan do yeh sab khyal akshay kumar ko promotion key waqt aata hai, sirf film key liye bolta hai yeh aur kuch nahi haai iskey dil mein

  66. Monjur Rasel

    Monjur Rasel

    19 dagen geleden

    kiku vai real punjabi

  67. Monjur Rasel

    Monjur Rasel

    19 dagen geleden

    Akshay app nakal kar lo. rowan atkinson es tara hat te hei. kaha aksay kaha atkin. i love atkin and his holiday

  68. Monjur Rasel

    Monjur Rasel

    19 dagen geleden

    keya e midhaie dal se banta he

  69. Monjur Rasel

    Monjur Rasel

    19 dagen geleden

    koi mujhe burj Khalifa de do. i want kiara. mundiya dila do burj khalifa

  70. Jubayer Ahmad

    Jubayer Ahmad

    19 dagen geleden

    Love from Bangladesh kapil

  71. Maedha Junaid

    Maedha Junaid

    20 dagen geleden

    Best moive every

  72. Maedha Junaid

    Maedha Junaid

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  73. Subhamsingh


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  74. Span Prom

    Span Prom

    21 dag geleden

    What is AK wearing ? A fake Halloween space suit?! His second zip dangling between legs looks really weird 😂

    • {Gacha Hailey}

      {Gacha Hailey}

      17 dagen geleden

      Hey hater I seem that u have a meeting with sharukh Khan so get lost

  75. Kashish Gurnani

    Kashish Gurnani

    22 dagen geleden


  76. Keshari Vlogz

    Keshari Vlogz

    22 dagen geleden

    Fake audience but Kiara look stunning...

  77. Ghuman sukh

    Ghuman sukh

    22 dagen geleden

    Akshay you shout everywhere that you are Punjabi, why are you not supporting Punjabi farmers 🖕

  78. tero bau ko tauko

    tero bau ko tauko

    22 dagen geleden

    Wow kapil didn't even use Akshay kumars name nor his face as thumbnails. Hats off

  79. Kifayat Ullah

    Kifayat Ullah

    22 dagen geleden

    37:22 loved this expression of Kyara

  80. Mirza Baig

    Mirza Baig

    23 dagen geleden

    Akshay bhai well done maza aa gia ap ki baatou se🇵🇰👍

  81. dark videos

    dark videos

    24 dagen geleden Watch behind the jokes with kapil sharma

  82. Sesa


    24 dagen geleden

    Hey stranger whoever is reading this,may your parents live longer.

    • Pubg Mobile

      Pubg Mobile

      10 dagen geleden

      Ameeen 🤍🕊️

    • {Gacha Hailey}

      {Gacha Hailey}

      17 dagen geleden

      What u mean longer

  83. Ahmad Mirkhil

    Ahmad Mirkhil

    24 dagen geleden

    I need to find out what Akshay was wearing in this show? I need that for my line of work.

  84. Muhammad Arshad

    Muhammad Arshad

    24 dagen geleden

    Insulting chandu too much

  85. Ana Khan

    Ana Khan

    25 dagen geleden

    Akshay Kumar to tamiz nhi he bartan main lat nhi marty

  86. humpaty dumpaty

    humpaty dumpaty

    25 dagen geleden

  87. Sachi Kahaani

    Sachi Kahaani

    25 dagen geleden

    I spent my most of the time in Recording Editing and Uploading So I Need All My Brothers And Sisters Support "

  88. RajKaran Singh

    RajKaran Singh

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    Kisaan union jindabad!!!!!!

  89. Shaheer Nishat

    Shaheer Nishat

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  90. Sadia Jannat

    Sadia Jannat

    27 dagen geleden

    Akshay Kumar Is Best Seriously 🤣

  91. Navjeet Dhadwal

    Navjeet Dhadwal

    27 dagen geleden

    I am watching this show from Italy.

  92. Jagtar Singh709

    Jagtar Singh709

    28 dagen geleden

    Akshay kumar gdar india da

  93. Drkhalid Mahmood

    Drkhalid Mahmood

    28 dagen geleden

    Love u akshay qumar

    • Drkhalid Mahmood

      Drkhalid Mahmood

      28 dagen geleden

      And your films

  94. Muhammad Iqbal

    Muhammad Iqbal

    28 dagen geleden

    Love you akshay kumar

  95. Muhammad Iqbal

    Muhammad Iqbal

    28 dagen geleden

    Missing Dr.gulati

  96. Fîrst lâst

    Fîrst lâst

    29 dagen geleden

    21:28 i thought he said 912😂😂 21:32 but then i got to know he said 9 , 12 😂

  97. Sukesh Kumar

    Sukesh Kumar

    29 dagen geleden

    Hindi show hai English language lady ya man not allow plz

  98. TheMightyFijian


    29 dagen geleden

    waste time

  99. Shiwani Sharma

    Shiwani Sharma

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  100. Rahul Yadav

    Rahul Yadav

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