Why Jakarta is sinking

The 400-year curse dragging Indonesia's capital into the sea.
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Like many coastal cities around the world, Jakarta is dealing with sea level rise. But Indonesia's biggest city also has a unique problem: Because of restricted water access in the city, the majority of its residents have to extract groundwater to survive. And it's causing the city to sink. Today, Jakarta is the world’s fastest-sinking city.
The problem gets worse every year, but the root of it precedes modern Indonesia by centuries. In the 1600s, when the Dutch landed in Indonesia and built present-day Jakarta, they divided up the city to segregate the population. Eventually, that segregation led to an unequal water piping system that excluded most Indigenous Jakartans, forcing them to find other ways to get water.
To understand how it all ties together, and what’s in store for Jakarta’s future, watch the video above.
Sources and further reading:
If you want to learn more about the development of Jakarta’s urban water supply going all the way back to colonial times, check out Michelle Kooy’s detailed reports:
To understand Jakarta’s colonial history and the segregation that came of it, check out this article from the Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art: jhna.org/articles/dutch-batavia-exposing-hierarchy-dutch-colonial-city/
To read about the evolution of the canals the Dutch built in present-day Jakarta and how their deterioration impacted water access and segregation, here’s a study from Dr. Euis Puspita Dewi, who we feature in the video:
To get a broader look at the many other cities sinking in Indonesia, check out this article by Dr. Estelle Chaussard: www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0034425712003975
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    Hello! We have translated subtitles available in Bahasa Indonesia. You can access them through the settings icon > Subtitles/CC Thanks for watching, and let me know what other colonial histories you want to see explained next in the comments. Thanks, Christina, Video Producer

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      MV A # d lot ,loid.

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      If you look at the charts. The sinking of the city is a result of over population among other things

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      as indonesian this particular problem never being aired in our national television, but foreign media always give a information about this problem maybe most of indonesian will never know about jakarta is sinking. so thank you Vox.

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      andre chapman

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      Can you do one on my country Guyana they say it's sinking

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    Jakartan's people: Our city is sinking Kris Aquino: your City is sinking because?

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    Vox has officially replaced VICE

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    We always put the blame on the governor

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    Wow, this is very insightful. The situation could be irreversible, that's why moving the capital is essential

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    Solution: Build piped water. Government: Let's build a wall for $40B! And it will defend against water from the side!

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    viva vox

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    No, the Europeans are not responsible for Jakarta sinking... The population boom is the real problem.



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    Hidup gini amat, itulah kehidupan

  12. Old Coot

    Old Coot

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    Ok, you all. I have a question. Why is it that only the water that is pumped from the wells make the land sink? Doesn't the water provided from the pipes come from the same aquifers? Anybody know?

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    Because Nibiru is coming!!

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    It kinda concerns me that jakarta might go under water,bcs recently we are experiencing heavy rains and that the floods will ho up to almost a-chin-high wich is really,i was really concerned about the poor. But, there are good news that the water in jakarta is starting to shrink and also around surabaya's village, the people that lives in that village gets like 700k-2miliion dollars per person so there are so good things happening now



    4 uur geleden

    Is not real,you look SCBD Jakarta

    • Mini M

      Mini M

      2 uur geleden

      SCBD is TINY- only around 50 hectares. And even there, many of the skyscrapers are extracting groundwater. What a hopeless city

  18. omarp690


    4 uur geleden

    Half of this worlds problems came from colonialism. The legacy of European colonialism still haunts to this day

    • Tanki Wolf

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      Proud of my history🇳🇱

  19. Sorin Gabriel Greciuc

    Sorin Gabriel Greciuc

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    WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! So you're saying that lack of water caused a flowding? *BEST IRONY I EVER HEARD*

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    You shouldn't have children/grandchildren when you're living in poverty and don't have access to basic needs?!

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    Moving the capital will help. A lot of people have jobs that's connected with the government. They will move, following the capital city.

  22. Rey De Guzman

    Rey De Guzman

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    The solution is intuitive, yet complicated by people and their synthetic systems. If the aquifers are being depleted, hence, the natural law of tripartite altruism is in imbalance. So what do they need to do? Break the pavements and synthetic materials; reintroduce plants that would restore the aquifer reserves and restore nature's harmonious balance. Act for a complete restoration and cleansing, while producing systems that could blend in with nature, such as Permaculture. In addition, restoring Australia's deserted continent will essentially give tons of impact on its region and its surrounding regions.

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    Wow the Dutch were smart people they were doing all that way back then

  24. Kid B

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    So in short: We, as in the 'Dutch', found another way to ruin something for another group, yet, don't feel the need to fix it or even admit it happened

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    Who ever is peeing in the sea stop it

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    Dang, imagine if the canals were maintained. it could be the Amsterdam of SEA.

  27. Perfect Fresco

    Perfect Fresco

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    There’s too many people in Jakarta and the whole island of Java. There should be a mass exodus of the island and let nature take over again.

  28. Martin Hiscocks

    Martin Hiscocks

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    What sea level rise? the sea cannot rise in one area and not another! there is no evidence of sea level rise in South Wales in the UK.

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    Allah will save u don't worry😂

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    Indonesia n ancient culture. bali,s ugreva.garuda cudint seen

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    As usual, there's a colonial power involved.

  34. RedRibbonZX


    6 uur geleden

    I think the Dutch did setup the background, but it seems this narrative focusing too much on blaming the Dutch. Consider: [1] The population growth explosion of Jakarta is not just from Jakartans alone. Indonesian government focused too much on building Jakarta. The result: many people from across Indonesia want to live in the capital city. [2] Ground water is seen as cheaper option. Build the ground water pump, then free water for live. With piped water you'd pay subscription and consumption fee. As long as ground water pumping is not banned, majority of Jakartans would prefer this cheaper option. [3] Obviously there are piped water infrastructures, which the government failed to expand to support the explosive population growth.

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    Ngarep amat keknya jakarta tenggelem nih cebong 😅 iri dengki yg luar biasa.. 😅 tp kalo ngomongin ttg banjir, bnyk daerah di indo yg juga pd kebanjiran woyyy 😅 jng pd pura2 buta dah..

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      Tapi emng fakta sih beberapa tahun Jakarta bakal tenggelam, itu berdasarkan dari permukaan tanah Jakarta yang terus menurun 5-10 cm pertahun, di akibatkan sama pemakaian air tanah, jadi air tanah terus diambil hal hasil banyak rongga tanah yg kosong didalam yang membuat tanah itu semakin menurun apalagi sistem peresapan air di ibukota kurang baik, well Jakarta tenggelam itu benar bukan Channel ini iri dengki, bahkan banyak media” asing maupun lokal yang sudah di beritakan

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    What goverment doing?!

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    Anybody feel like they've had this video in their recommended for months just to find out it has only been there for 1 week lol

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    I thought it was due to global warming ,,,,

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    I thought it said stinking and I was like waaat

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    Jakarta banjir; Anis ; Air hujan itu masuk k tnah bukan d buang k laut...😐

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    Ya Tuhan Semoga Allah ampuni dan tolong kita semua amin

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      Bisa salah belanda gimana?

    • Roy Saputro

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      Mungkin gara gara belanda?!

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    why can’t they make drinkable water out of the sea water by purifying it or something 🤔

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      Desalination is too expensive

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    Itu Cuma Genangan Bukan Banjir.....

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    Remember, 10MILLION people lives in jakarta, in an area about 7000km^2. Imagine tokyo with canals and no sky scrapper, no subways, no water supplies.



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    • Nothing To See Here

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      Wdym nice? Their country capital city is sinking and respond it nice?

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    I don't feel safe.. I mean.. isn't the whole world already sinking?

  48. Ricardo8388


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    Old news. The question Why? Because the goverment doenst take any action to reduce the groundwater usage. Politicians push the solutions year after year. They dont want to take responsibility. 25 cm isnt even the worst. Some spots sink 1 meter per year.

  49. Hussain Pardawala

    Hussain Pardawala

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    Sad to see the impacts of colonisation all across the world till date, be it Asia, Africa or Southern American. The colonizers should be made to pay!

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    Stil got time.

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    Build in a swamp and water will be your neighbor.

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    Is so sad

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    new jakarta 2021

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    People come my to this country for pretty pictures but look what’s happening

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    Move. And stop breading.

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    Dari setiap kota yang terdampak banjir mungkin sanitasi penyaluran atau pembuangan air dari banjir kurang diperbaiki.

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    No.. Jakarta isnot Sinking😊💙Our lovely city is always wonderful even maybe sometimes flood coming in Rainy season,but our goverment can handle it,hope in the future our goverment will found the perfect solution to made our city became more comfortable and safe from the flood

    • Nothing To See Here

      Nothing To See Here

      6 uur geleden

      Nope, your capital city is sinking and need a quick help to stop it, just look at those poor people, they are dying because they have no home to live in the next future event, you can't just happy about it, and the government sir Jokowi can't easily find a good solution to stop the flood for the society

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    Ahmad Taufiq Rahim

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    Soo, we blame government?

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  61. Heal the world For a better place

    Heal the world For a better place

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    colonials are Wicked! They poisoned much of counties.

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    Latte Coffee

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    I watched many versions of Jakarta is sinking. But this one is more clear and the only one got historical background. I wish my neighbour capital city country residents safe and sound.

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    Sounds like a government problem

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    So it's the Dutch?. Lol.

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      How come its the dutch fault?

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    What a great effort to teach people how to be a victims. Your not helping the situation here. You silly woke philosophy videos, get a life .

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    Jakarta! Nuuuuuu! Jakarta is sinking Like dying 😢😭😭

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    aku nyasar

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    This is what they do... come into our lands, move us out, destroy it, then come to where we migrate, take that, then tell us to go back where we came from. Smh

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      By Whom?

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    I thought the Capitol is being moved. When?

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    Bruh next thing we know jakarta is building a floating city

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    Its why Indonesia is re-locating a new capital city.

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    good explanation and easy to understand, thanks vox🙏

  73. Rex Appleby

    Rex Appleby

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    Money is how a society allocates scarce resources such as in this case piped water and land. If you have enough of it you can buy access to those scarce resources. It's not by accident that poor people don't have those resources. They don't because society/the government has decided/allowed scarce resources to be allocated in this way.

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    because its again sunnatulloh

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    The jakarta is siking

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    Gak bisa bahasa Inggris :(

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    Hopefully in the future Jakarta will be free from the floods that have troubled the people of Jakarta. They have suffered a lot.

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      They will, because they will be underwater

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    usually this usually happens at every beginning of the year

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    Good Thing need to speed a bit.

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    You dont have to provide alternatives if most of the people drowned

  82. InTheDream


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    so, anies is 100% right, no doubt. The people of jakarta should thinking to move at least 25% of population and prevent urbanization to jakarta at the same time!

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  84. valdin0 LAB

    valdin0 LAB

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    Jakarta? Floods? I dont wanna do living there.but all the job always in Jakarta.But still idk its goverment fault or the people's about the flood.but we dont really care because we are Indonesian just so relaxing person in the worlds.Still i hope everything will be better in the future for Indonesia

  85. Annabelle Phen Lee

    Annabelle Phen Lee

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    The only reason why the older generations say the younger generation is the future is because they expect us to solve their problems.

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    money money money ....that about new people now... healthy and enjoy for life between human with earth is zero!

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    nis anis basbetot ,liat nih vidio

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    Dear my french communication professor, I told you someone will make a video on NLcameras about this.

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    But we can do Other than scrolling

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    Reparations needed for these people.

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    Guys who else live in Jakarta I am rlly scared :c

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    Hey fellow indonesians, aku ni jiran kau, orang malaysia, aku nak tanye, betul ke indonesia nak buat kalimantan jadi ibu kota baru? Pls jawab.... Love from malaysia ❤😘

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    i live at borneo banjarmasin

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    Government: let's pretend we didn't see that

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    blaming the dutch as if the indonesian government was doing anything other than filling up their personal bank accounts

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    plant trees not buildings.

  100. Leah Sheffler

    Leah Sheffler

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    I don't know why people are not investing in desalination plants filling ancient underground cities/crypts/crevices and removing concrete so that the increasing floods can be absorbed and subside. Jakarta is the perfect testing ground for what will work around the world in the future. I wish people would start to understand these problems will not just "go away"!