7 footballers who no longer speak to their families | Oh My Goal

Van Dijk, Memphis and the Hernandez brothers have no relationships with one of their parents. Being a footballer without family support can be hard, but some achieve it anyway. Check out which footballers no longer talk to a family member in our latest soccer story!
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  1. Abdul Fattah

    Abdul Fattah

    6 uur geleden

    do a vid about players who forgotten about hardship and leave their parents dying poor after their new found wealth

  2. Tristan Lwkns

    Tristan Lwkns

    Dag geleden

    Shit video

  3. Random Humour

    Random Humour

    2 dagen geleden

    My family are the only reason i gave up football despite playing up2 3yrs ago

  4. i suck at games

    i suck at games

    3 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile you got neymar and his mom

  5. cicstommy


    3 dagen geleden

    No-One Cares, Let's Be Honest.

  6. Z


    4 dagen geleden

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    G.O Imole Ijomah

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  9. Vishy


    6 dagen geleden

    This American commentator sounds so happy 😂 “his father left him when he was three... awesome!!”

  10. David Aitch

    David Aitch

    6 dagen geleden

    Bro come to uk council estates most kids dads leave but difference us they not rich stop moaning a lot of kifs are dying and hungry when these are filthy rich and they dont help the poor sorry i dont feel sorry for them

  11. Billion Aire

    Billion Aire

    6 dagen geleden

    God bless my Parents! I love you mom .. I love you dad .. I'm grateful for having you guys as parents .. I wish to live as ur kid for 100z of years

  12. Paweł Leśniewski

    Paweł Leśniewski

    6 dagen geleden

    okay but the most important question is: why you are giving the publicity private and sensitive information

  13. Capitano


    7 dagen geleden

    I don't get why you don't just get your name changed to your mums , now everyone knows him as Van Dijk lol

  14. onlyjoetee


    7 dagen geleden

    Men don't leave their children, they leave the mother bcos they couldn't handle her,then she poisons the children against him...

  15. OrinnnJB


    9 dagen geleden


  16. Alex leyva

    Alex leyva

    9 dagen geleden

    3:34 he really skipped Emmanuel Adebayor’s name...shame

  17. Callum Clark

    Callum Clark

    10 dagen geleden

    Depay looked like Dele Alli bit with Memphis Depay hair in the thumbnail😂😂😂

  18. Vikandi Help

    Vikandi Help

    10 dagen geleden

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  19. Ben Hardcastle

    Ben Hardcastle

    10 dagen geleden

    No parental support probably helped them get to where they are bc they had to become men earlier in their lives

  20. Jordy K.

    Jordy K.

    11 dagen geleden

    All black dads

  21. Sixtyfps Gaming

    Sixtyfps Gaming

    11 dagen geleden

    Why should I or anyone else give a shit about this topic

  22. Reshirex


    11 dagen geleden


  23. Nehemiah Obongono

    Nehemiah Obongono

    12 dagen geleden

    “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:14-15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

  24. Etmont Belloj

    Etmont Belloj

    15 dagen geleden

    That is not right use I'n your kids for money were is the love for the kids

  25. Innocent O.

    Innocent O.

    16 dagen geleden

    If I'm rich, I will never let my mum or dad sleep in a storage facility; not even if she or he tried to abort me and then kill me as a baby.

  26. Jack Greenlee

    Jack Greenlee

    17 dagen geleden

    I’m like virgl only my dad was never thier

  27. sonof amun

    sonof amun

    18 dagen geleden

    Adebayor is a great player as well don't forget to mention that

  28. Juarez Gaming

    Juarez Gaming

    18 dagen geleden

    I’m 19 years old my dream is still to become professional but maybe sometimes I’m happy I didn’t because family problems happen like this..

  29. magic memes

    magic memes

    18 dagen geleden

    That isn't a great video to make just for content unsubbed👎

  30. SUBZ


    18 dagen geleden

    Virgil needs to forgive his parents. His dad didn't leave them, he left his mother. He must go also his dad why he left, not hear his mother's version of events

  31. David Roosemailer

    David Roosemailer

    20 dagen geleden

    I need a spoiler for this video: is there a person named Giggs included in this video?

  32. Isaac Onyach

    Isaac Onyach

    20 dagen geleden

    We all know single moms raise great athletes, why they mad fot

  33. Kk Bside

    Kk Bside

    20 dagen geleden

    Dele is just a disrespectful kid who doesn’t love his mom even though she given him everything

  34. Christopher Nana Kofi Guggisberg

    Christopher Nana Kofi Guggisberg

    21 dag geleden

    Depay speaks to his father the last time I checked and even went to his father's hometown at Cape Coast in Ghana for charity purposes. Try and be current

  35. Nourdine Al Anrimi

    Nourdine Al Anrimi

    22 dagen geleden

    What happened to cesc fabregas?

  36. Mister Alt

    Mister Alt

    22 dagen geleden

    Don't think any of these footballers appreciate you revealing their family issues. That's personal stuff people don't need to know about, shame on you Oh My Goal.

  37. Emmanuel Lema

    Emmanuel Lema

    22 dagen geleden

    What Adebayor's mum is doing to him makes dads that actually leave their families look good.

  38. smile like you mean it

    smile like you mean it

    22 dagen geleden

    It's nothing to do with anyone else if they don't talk to there family. Get a life, are you all telling me that you never had a family fall out if answer yes, you have not got a family or you all just lie to each other all the time. Stop the fake negativity the world is upside down and that is what you want to share with people. Shame on you lot, this world is so pathetic sorry not the world just the guests that have over stayed there welcome.

  39. bobthechimp1234


    22 dagen geleden

    If I had a family feud I’d put my last name on my shirt to show that it’s my name 🙌

  40. GaryHuman


    23 dagen geleden

    Candy Bars 😂

  41. Toma Hawk

    Toma Hawk

    23 dagen geleden

    Great inspiration for the many who do not Blessed with Good Family Supports >>> It is Happy to see that these " Emotionally Neglected " Kids grown up to be Responsible , Successful & Caring Adults! Stay Safe & World Peace! ⚽️🌷🕊

  42. Really89


    23 dagen geleden

    Some say that some women make it very difficult for men to remain in their sons’ lives ... and can often unfairly poison the young minds. In time, it might be worth these estranged young men building some form of relationship with their fathers; if not for themselves, then at least for their own children. Life is short. Once their fathers pass away ... there might be regrets. But of course by then it will be too late.

  43. noel p

    noel p

    23 dagen geleden

    What shite, half is guesswork

    • Mister Alt

      Mister Alt

      22 dagen geleden

      like the Dele one, what does that even mean?

  44. Abdul Hakim Ibn Frank

    Abdul Hakim Ibn Frank

    25 dagen geleden

    God says: “Help one another in righteousness and piety, but do not help one another in sin and transgression. Fear God, for God is strict in punishment.” [Quran5:2] God has enjoined upon us to cooperate in righteousness and piety with everybody. What matters is that our common endeavour is a good one. He has forbidden us from cooperating with people in sin and transgression, regardless of who they are. In this way, God has defined for us the limits of cooperation, but He has not placed restraints on who we can cooperate with. When God says: “Help one another in righteousness and piety”, He refrains from making any reference to the other party we are to engage with, so that the verse can encompass every possible act of righteousness conceivable (and charity starts at home with ones family).

  45. Abdul Hakim Ibn Frank

    Abdul Hakim Ibn Frank

    25 dagen geleden

    Be merciful to those on the earth and the One above the heavens will have mercy upon you.”

    • Abdul Hakim Ibn Frank

      Abdul Hakim Ibn Frank

      25 dagen geleden

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  46. Nolubabalo Maci

    Nolubabalo Maci

    25 dagen geleden

    Depay why

  47. Ned Dominic

    Ned Dominic

    25 dagen geleden

    I am disappointed at Adebayor. God has blessed him. He should be happy and thankful that he has enough when her mom came calling. How much can your mom finish? I think he is under a spare or village people are after him. No wonder all those players you mentioned are not successful. Family is family, family is not important, family is everything

  48. Rockstarnic88


    25 dagen geleden

    Memphis is Dutch for smart arse

  49. Zzixy


    25 dagen geleden

    This is so sad:( no matter what family should stick by your side. I hope these guys can somehow reunite with there family.

  50. Gavin Livingston

    Gavin Livingston

    25 dagen geleden

    This is why those who have a family, a mother and father trying to take care of them and do what's best for them should be grateful (mee too).

  51. Lorde ic0n

    Lorde ic0n

    25 dagen geleden

    Maybe One Day I Will to..

  52. rasheed211287


    26 dagen geleden

    Oh wow, I had no idea. I thought the first name on the shirt was a vanity thing. My father was never around when I was growing up, and then he had a heart attack and dropped dead when it was time for us to connect when I was an adult. Now I don’t have a mum either because all she wants to do is die so she could be with him.

    • Jane O'keeffe

      Jane O'keeffe

      25 dagen geleden

      That's very sad 😥sending love and light to you

  53. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    26 dagen geleden

    It's true Niles has the coolest penalty kick of the century

  54. It wasn't me 22

    It wasn't me 22

    26 dagen geleden

    Sometimes you've to be the bigger person and forgive those who do you wrong because at the end of the day he dad or mom play a part in you being here. At some point they all will need forgiveness from someone

  55. Kezie Eji

    Kezie Eji

    26 dagen geleden

    I separate from my wife when my daughter was just 3 years old my wife and her family stop me having a relationship with my daughter today my lovely daughter is 7 years old now and she says to her mother I need my father I need to talk to my father today I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter my daughter never listened to the nonsense her mother and her family tells her about me her father that's why she come back to me am from Africa and my Ex wife is from Europe my daughter make me proud at this young age just 7 years old girl that's something that some 20 years old girls and boys out there can not do go and talk to your father I love my daughter with all my heart

  56. Brichanise Terrell

    Brichanise Terrell

    26 dagen geleden

    Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth,Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved

  57. 100,000 Subscribers with out any video

    100,000 Subscribers with out any video

    26 dagen geleden

    Aww I love Virgil so much now I feel so bad for him

  58. Ivan Espinoza

    Ivan Espinoza

    27 dagen geleden

    Last time i was this early these footballers still talked to their families

  59. Labourer 11 Media

    Labourer 11 Media

    27 dagen geleden

    What media is not telling you guys about Dele Ali is that his father is a multi billonire who he has good relationship with growing up his father took him to Nigeria and America where he is based Dele was turned against his parents for no reason when his father r remarried Dele was his father's page boy tell me how he aboundone him

  60. Kamata Godfrey

    Kamata Godfrey

    27 dagen geleden

    As human beings we need to learn how to forgive and forget..I mean who is perfect out there?? Parents will remain parents no matter what. I know some parents abandon their kids at the earliest age, but does that mean the kids have to do the same?? " Two wrongs never make one Wright".

  61. Joshua Masakha

    Joshua Masakha

    27 dagen geleden

    man their dads must really love milk

  62. Roscoe


    27 dagen geleden

    Actually memphis is reconciled with his father

    • Uzo Design

      Uzo Design

      27 dagen geleden

      Your source for this claim?

  63. MVH


    28 dagen geleden

    Subscribe !

  64. A Brown

    A Brown

    28 dagen geleden

    Take the names off the screen top right

  65. R1yZ


    29 dagen geleden


  66. Chandler Mitani

    Chandler Mitani

    29 dagen geleden

    damn, that adebayor situation is messed up man, imagine using your child for money... your own flesh and blood....

  67. Octavia Prine

    Octavia Prine

    Maand geleden

    Man adebayor got a nice cut makes him look nice

  68. Adnan Shariff

    Adnan Shariff

    Maand geleden

    Who take care of you when you're infant and how can you pay back the pain mother's go through when she giving birth to us......I was brought up by my grandmother.......without mom and dad but still I forgive my parent unconditionally...... I believe I belong to them so my wealth belong to them too So to my parents even if there were wrong ....I don't wanna be right I am on this beautiful world just bcoz of them

  69. M Robenburg

    M Robenburg

    Maand geleden

    It'll come back to bite them if they choose to remain "proud"!

  70. Henning HH

    Henning HH

    Maand geleden


  71. Isaac Banda

    Isaac Banda

    Maand geleden

    Family is overrated

  72. STRETCH93


    Maand geleden

    See a trend here

  73. Cabdyshakur Karymm

    Cabdyshakur Karymm

    Maand geleden

    No matter a parent is a parent especially your mom....even if she did the worst thing in the world to you just be nice to her and try to unite urself with her....Maitland Niles is so stupid how can your mother used to sleep in the urban stores and yet you have beautiful and sleepy be honest I can't manage that for sure

    • Kjelvin


      24 dagen geleden

      its for his own risk, if she get crazy, its hes mom fault, not him!

  74. Callher C

    Callher C

    Maand geleden

    The Maitland Niles one i don't understand tho!! How did his mom fought two men? And that's the reason why he does not speak with her??

    • Kjelvin


      24 dagen geleden

      no because she crazy

  75. Hooch


    Maand geleden

    You have absolutely zero evidence or proof that these players don't talk to these people. NONE.

  76. Zoomscoping


    Maand geleden

    I understand why Alli is such a little immature bitch on the field now.



    Maand geleden

    So i dont get the delle alli one, he doesnt speak to his mum because she couldnt afford to go and watch him in Russia?

    • Claudio


      Maand geleden

      No it was before that

  78. G Glodz

    G Glodz

    Maand geleden

    I enjoyed it so I liked it👍

  79. James Grosspietsch

    James Grosspietsch

    Maand geleden

    Klopp called Virgil his son recently. IM EMO 😭🥺❤️

  80. Barnaby Kariuki

    Barnaby Kariuki

    Maand geleden

    The Adebayor situation is all too relatable to some African celebrities families. I completely understand why he did what he did

  81. Dejan Matic

    Dejan Matic

    Maand geleden

    It a sad topic but the comentary voice is just not apropriate,

    • Lauriston Smith

      Lauriston Smith

      29 dagen geleden

      It sounds as though it belongs to a different topic, something more trivial.

  82. Black Doug

    Black Doug

    Maand geleden

    Maitlan-niles shame on u man😡🤬. I guess those 9 months she carrys you dont mean shit. Now your older. Take care of your mom.

  83. Amanda Shaughnessy

    Amanda Shaughnessy

    Maand geleden

    There wasn't enough detail about Deles past I think his father left him But his mother was an alcoholic and smoker and didn't look after him

  84. RD Maxwell 772 Helen Torres

    RD Maxwell 772 Helen Torres

    Maand geleden

    Those families who abonded their child will be trying to reunite with them after their success, money talks...

  85. Shane Canning

    Shane Canning

    Maand geleden

    Who the fook do you know they dont talk to one off their family member

  86. Jamaal Barnett

    Jamaal Barnett

    Maand geleden

    Man adebayor got a nice cut makes him look nice

  87. Rinas Senpai

    Rinas Senpai

    Maand geleden

    Yeah, sooooo this is none of our business.

  88. Ghost Saif

    Ghost Saif

    Maand geleden

    My parents aren’t like that bu regardless am still gonna try and become a professional footballer and repay them with what they have done for me,helping me with a lot of stuff and supporting me wish me luck😀❤️

  89. AimPhoenix


    Maand geleden

    Honour thy father and thy mother!

  90. bright matsvimbo

    bright matsvimbo

    Maand geleden

    Honour your father and mother young men, regardless of any vice.

    • Joseph Bossman

      Joseph Bossman

      Maand geleden

      For this is the first commandment with a promise. That you may live long and it shall be well with you

  91. Sirleon Juniour

    Sirleon Juniour

    Maand geleden

    Mitland Nyles should be ashamed

    • Kjelvin


      24 dagen geleden

      no he wont its good for him

  92. PCJ Plasterer

    PCJ Plasterer

    Maand geleden

    So Vergil made a big desicion when he was 12. What an arse. Your dad loves you even tho your a moron

  93. suarez junior

    suarez junior

    Maand geleden

    What a shame... Look at how success and make people disrespect there parents... God Bless Khabib Nurmagomedov that’s why he is the best in history!

  94. Mbekezeli Mshumayeli Mkhonza

    Mbekezeli Mshumayeli Mkhonza

    Maand geleden

    I was planning to run away from my son and her mother, I watched this video and I reconsidered my thoughts. I am joking.🤣🤣🤣

    • Mbekezeli Mshumayeli Mkhonza

      Mbekezeli Mshumayeli Mkhonza

      Maand geleden

      @Fadipe Oluwademilade Have you read all the message I have written there?

    • Fadipe Oluwademilade

      Fadipe Oluwademilade

      Maand geleden

      Good for you

  95. timmyfung01


    Maand geleden

    the scary thing is, these examples are just the "lucky ones" where they make it to fame and fortune, imagine how many are out there where they haven't make it?

    • Seam Fishaye

      Seam Fishaye

      26 dagen geleden

      wish you the best man. god has good plans set for you

    • Mich Odette

      Mich Odette

      27 dagen geleden

      @Rahel rodi Damn hope you feel better bro wish you quick recovery

    • Rahel rodi

      Rahel rodi

      29 dagen geleden

      since 2005 didn’t speak with my dad and he passed away last Saturday. Covid 19

  96. LIVIK


    Maand geleden

    Alli is the most shameful one wtf is wrong with you, you just cut all ties with your family without a reason he is just a disappointment and in my opinion a lost cause

  97. Rafael Nadal

    Rafael Nadal

    Maand geleden

    Money talks and bullshit talks

  98. A TAIT

    A TAIT

    Maand geleden

    Book your ticket before 1 million views

  99. Taban Carlos

    Taban Carlos

    Maand geleden

    The profile was for the Dutch players , 🙆🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️

  100. Firas sultan

    Firas sultan

    Maand geleden

    💔💔💔😭 adebayor