Chef Takes A Cigarette Break Instead Of Cooking Gordon's Food | Kitchen Nightmares

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  1. Wee Wee

    Wee Wee

    17 dagen geleden

    Chef was very smart. Gordon can't complain about the food if there is no food

    • Triantalex


      7 dagen geleden


    • theghost ofchristmas_past

      theghost ofchristmas_past

      8 dagen geleden

      Modern problems require modern solutions

    • NOCONT1NU3


      9 dagen geleden


    • Sparkfire


      9 dagen geleden

      -Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions-

    • Shakiya Lisane

      Shakiya Lisane

      10 dagen geleden

      @Joey Clemenza He can complain that there isn’t a restaurant there.

  2. Joker


    3 uur geleden

    What season and episode is this ?

  3. The Wrestling Nerd 18

    The Wrestling Nerd 18

    9 uur geleden

    That chef is the type of people you don’t want to be around , they are dangerous to society

  4. Luke Gilson

    Luke Gilson

    16 uur geleden

    "is she blind?" as he grabs a blind

  5. LetsTalk


    Dag geleden

    When you gotta smoke, you gotta smoke

  6. SwampFox2020


    Dag geleden

    If Gordon can’t pick apart the food, he’ll pick apart the dining room 🤣

  7. malhar jajoo

    malhar jajoo

    Dag geleden

    Everytime gordon visits a restaurant: "thank you sweetheart"(to the waitress) "Disgusting" "Fackin hell"

  8. Steven Knight

    Steven Knight

    Dag geleden

    What episode was this anyone? Nvm found is s3 ep 7 casa Roma had to look at the dinning menu

  9. M.O N.A

    M.O N.A

    Dag geleden

    Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: *Casually takes apart dining booth*

  10. andre92h


    Dag geleden

    What episode is this?

  11. Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright

    Dag geleden

    I'm kinda concerned that the chef seems to afraid to cook Gordon's food

  12. Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright

    Dag geleden

    One person in the restaurant and they're still backed up.

  13. BARBER’s Cool

    BARBER’s Cool

    2 dagen geleden

    Don’t take the Lords name in vain

  14. Johnathan White

    Johnathan White

    3 dagen geleden

    The arrogant chef is dumb, no one will want to hire him if they see him on the show

  15. 2soy saucy

    2soy saucy

    3 dagen geleden

    I bet chef doesn’t know how good a cig feels

  16. A Fat Ass Blunt

    A Fat Ass Blunt

    3 dagen geleden

    You need one of me my brother

  17. yanna


    3 dagen geleden

    he's so bored waiting for his food he starts disassembling furniture 😭

  18. Muhammad kagdi

    Muhammad kagdi

    3 dagen geleden

    where can i find the full episode

  19. Thomas Kruse

    Thomas Kruse

    3 dagen geleden

    I’m wondering how one can film in the kitchen without being recognized by the chef. 🤔

  20. Carson I SilentCar I

    Carson I SilentCar I

    3 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or is there always a random old woman strolling around the store doing absolutely nothing in these videos.

  21. Keegan Turbitt

    Keegan Turbitt

    3 dagen geleden

    tf was that tire metaphor

  22. Bobitotime


    3 dagen geleden

    I like how Gordon literally changes his seat rather than g o i n g t o t h e o t h e r s i d e o f t h e t a b l e

  23. No One

    No One

    3 dagen geleden

    XD he roasted those boys at the end !

  24. Saigon


    3 dagen geleden

    chef smokin' the pack, I see...

  25. Kill Me

    Kill Me

    4 dagen geleden

    The cigarette break is definitely a recipe to Gordon’s cooking

  26. jesse gordon

    jesse gordon

    4 dagen geleden

    “Four tires and a spare” 💀

  27. Lisa Osten

    Lisa Osten

    4 dagen geleden

    I’m crying “Italian Dinning”

  28. hi hello

    hi hello

    4 dagen geleden

    I love how it just cuts to Gordon dismantling the couch

  29. Noartist


    4 dagen geleden

    He may be a snarky little connoisseur, but he speaks for the public and exposes the leaks that are either health hazards, poor value or service. At the end of the day there is a legal obligation to keep your restaurant to a certain standard of cleanliness and a moral obligation to give the customer equal service and value for their money. A 45 minute wait for food for Gordon Ramsay, gosh how long are regular people waiting?

  30. BateQ RaceQ

    BateQ RaceQ

    4 dagen geleden

    The educated cut dimensionally earn because examination neatly fill amongst a sore snail. abounding, omniscient motion

  31. The Business

    The Business

    4 dagen geleden

    Gordon- I know I’m not the smallest. My guy you’re like the giga dad bod!

  32. Stephen Padilla

    Stephen Padilla

    4 dagen geleden

    What episode is this?

  33. guitarz04


    4 dagen geleden

    99 percent of restaurants ive been in are slow with mediocre food

  34. Mike X

    Mike X

    5 dagen geleden

    Oh. Gordon definitely on coke.

  35. Marleni Contreras

    Marleni Contreras

    5 dagen geleden

    What episode is this ?!!

  36. A Quiet Viewer

    A Quiet Viewer

    5 dagen geleden


  37. Helping Hands

    Helping Hands

    5 dagen geleden

    You think that's bad, you should go to The Lobster House in Norwood, NY. The "chef" there (and I use that term with lots of humor in this case) itches his hairy back with the tongs he uses to pick up steaks, chicken anything on the grill basically. I quit within days, told the owners and I supposedly "made it up." 😅

  38. You never know.

    You never know.

    5 dagen geleden

    Staged and stupid.

  39. Rawmilk


    5 dagen geleden

    I wonder if the chef takes 45 minutes to cook his own kids a meal. Lol piece of shit chef.

  40. J SH

    J SH

    5 dagen geleden

    I bet it's safe to say that this restaurant didn't make it.

  41. Leonsharktv


    5 dagen geleden

    that chef is still outside on a smoke break

  42. muhamad pandu

    muhamad pandu

    5 dagen geleden

    3:05 this is the only thing that made me impressed

  43. byWishing


    5 dagen geleden

    This guy is beyond annoying, it’s all scripted and it’s still ridiculous

  44. Domestos Bleach

    Domestos Bleach

    5 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know what episode this is?

    • Chris Larson

      Chris Larson

      3 dagen geleden

      pretty sure it season 2 episode 1

  45. Young Grampz

    Young Grampz

    5 dagen geleden

    Legends say the cheff is still outback not giving a fuck

  46. prashant Jain

    prashant Jain

    5 dagen geleden

    Drama to promote the show

  47. KL4PP3D_


    6 dagen geleden

    I like how the chef and his kitchen is being recorded and he doesnt even realize... is the camera man invisible?

  48. Coral_Bluesquall


    6 dagen geleden

    Gosh I hated this chef...if I was to see in the news that he got the fuck beat out of him and was robbed to the point of being naked on the street, I would laugh my head off

  49. Roberto Hernandez

    Roberto Hernandez

    6 dagen geleden

    This is me with my bills

  50. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller

    6 dagen geleden

    Girl:corrects gorden ramsy. Ramsy:gives death look like wtf you say to me

  51. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna

    6 dagen geleden

    Everyone: *leaves after twenty minutes* Gordon: *JOG*

  52. David Valdez

    David Valdez

    6 dagen geleden

    That chef is a Pendejo could have made a name for himself that was his one shot

  53. Gregory Chappell

    Gregory Chappell

    6 dagen geleden

    Gordon!..put down the meth pipe!

  54. Matt van den Ham

    Matt van den Ham

    6 dagen geleden

    why does Gordon have to blaspheme every two seconds? Say cheese and rice or judas priest or something.... Jeeze louise... stop saying the lords name in vain!

  55. YAP WIEN Moe

    YAP WIEN Moe

    6 dagen geleden

    "bit of lime from 1958" SORRY BUT I DIED-

  56. M A

    M A

    6 dagen geleden

    Wow, a whole hour ? Thats just cruel.

  57. Φιλοκτήτης


    6 dagen geleden

    Gorden meh. Nobody cares about him.

  58. The General

    The General

    6 dagen geleden

    Over rated self centered ignorant Gordon Ramsay, who cooks stupid "exotic" food dishes for the "elite", does his usual overbearing ignorant performance for the benefit of the camera. People eat basic foods at normal restaurants, no reason for him to overly criticize everything. I wonder what is in the seats of the "posh" fancy restos where he cooks. Good housekeeping should be a first at any food house, but he takes it to extremes. Check your seats at the next "classy" eatery you go to.

  59. Brandon Sherpa

    Brandon Sherpa

    6 dagen geleden

    this man looks like stalin ngl

  60. Fat Source

    Fat Source

    6 dagen geleden

    That cleaner definitely got fired lol

  61. Cee Dee

    Cee Dee

    7 dagen geleden

    Disparaging the career of someone who is at the apex of a craft that you are failing in and whose help you need, is the epitome of moronic



    7 dagen geleden


  63. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    7 dagen geleden

    Which episode is this?

  64. Daniel McComb

    Daniel McComb

    7 dagen geleden

    The ignorance has to be part of the show bc there’s no way these chefs and owners are so ignorant it blinds them that they are either thousands of dollars in debt or have no one showing up to the restaurant. Like how can you be in so much debt and stand firm on you being right and everyone else being wrong it makes no sense

  65. 3Muni Mover

    3Muni Mover

    7 dagen geleden

    gordon is a savage 😂

  66. phillip markman

    phillip markman

    7 dagen geleden

    This guy has to be the worst chef I’ve seen on all these episodes. Zero accountability. Arrogant and beyond ignorant.

  67. Figo van Soest

    Figo van Soest

    7 dagen geleden

    Actually feel bad for all the servers in this show like, they just serve and don’t cook it BUT.... they do get to hear all the critic lol

  68. Boran Tandoğan

    Boran Tandoğan

    7 dagen geleden

    that chef is me at work

  69. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

    Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

    7 dagen geleden

    If the place wasn’t a dump you would have nothing to clean up after the paying customer compelled to do the work for them cause they’re to clueless and lazy to do it like they should. But that prolly only makes far too much sense.

  70. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

    Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

    7 dagen geleden


  71. Jerry Giesler

    Jerry Giesler

    7 dagen geleden

    That’s one LAZYASS chef! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  72. Phenomenal Gaming

    Phenomenal Gaming

    7 dagen geleden

    The chef literally has a camera aimed at his face the whole time still doesn't give a f*ck about the embarrassment he will have to face when the show will be aired and goes out to have a cigarette

    • AOK2Blaze


      23 uur geleden

      @ros585 hahaha

    • Game Ender

      Game Ender

      2 dagen geleden

      @Simp Slayer he seems like a cooler older guy man let him be

    • Simp Slayer

      Simp Slayer

      3 dagen geleden

      @Demoralization 101 Ah yes, such a “big nuts” move to get absolutely demolished by yelp reviews (very negative).

    • Demoralization 101

      Demoralization 101

      4 dagen geleden

      @ros585 🤣

    • ros585


      4 dagen geleden

      @Demoralization 101 it was such a big nuts move that he got fired AND Casa Rosa (his restaurant) is no longer in business 😂💀

  73. Triantalex


    7 dagen geleden

    1:18 awesome joke.

  74. Triantalex


    7 dagen geleden

    Dislike for the description.

  75. Miguel D

    Miguel D

    7 dagen geleden

    We are all sinners and we cannot save ourselves! If a person gets to heaven because they kept the commandments or stopped sinning or got baptized, then that would mean that they were saved by their works. But we are not saved by our works! And if we are not saved by our works, then we cannot “stay” saved by them. We are saved by grace through faith! Salvation is a completely free gift! Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the third day. Should a person use this as a license to sin? No. Of course not. If a person uses this as a license to sin, are they still saved? Yes. Of course. If you believe that Jesus paid the price for your sins (past, present, and future), was buried and rose again on the third day, you are sealed until the day of redemption and you cannot lose your salvation no matter what! Our salvation is not based on how we live. Our rewards in heaven are based on how we live. OSAS.❤️

  76. Anthony Davis

    Anthony Davis

    7 dagen geleden

    How many people to cook a pizza??

  77. So Bel

    So Bel

    7 dagen geleden

    The way he always orders a bunch of food as if they even stand a chance

  78. Nico Loubser

    Nico Loubser

    7 dagen geleden

    I don't believe any of this shit

  79. Philip Marquez

    Philip Marquez

    7 dagen geleden

    When Gordon started running, I spit my water in my mouth jzz

  80. keeganw86


    7 dagen geleden

    What season and episode is this one from?

  81. travelbae


    7 dagen geleden


  82. Conndor


    8 dagen geleden

    1:16 - 1:23 God help this ignorant soul EDIT: "Nothing like working out before Lunch.... If you get it," as he runs directly by the kitchen entrance. I love this man.

  83. Duckyygamingg


    8 dagen geleden

    He has bigger balls then anyone in the world taking a break instead of cooking for him

  84. Neku


    8 dagen geleden


  85. Kimi


    8 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know the name of this restaurant or what episode this is?

  86. Solomon Kong

    Solomon Kong

    8 dagen geleden

    3:06 that sync was the only thing that didn’t make me skip

  87. Simcha Bortunk

    Simcha Bortunk

    8 dagen geleden

    What episode

  88. BloodthirstyPikachu


    8 dagen geleden

    Him saying Gordon’s ability means nothing to him is like saying “I’m a 1 star hotel owner, but I’m proud of that so fuck the 5 star people”

  89. Colby Maynor

    Colby Maynor

    8 dagen geleden

    He’s got too much energy. How

  90. Rajas Gandhi

    Rajas Gandhi

    8 dagen geleden

    3:06 is no one gonna talk about how gordon's whistling matched up perfectly with the music?

  91. James Nicholls

    James Nicholls

    8 dagen geleden

    'Do you have a cleaner in here? Is she blind?' Assumes cleaner is a woman. Not a good look.

  92. f


    8 dagen geleden

    The question that has been bugging me for a while now is: Does Gordon pay for the meals?

  93. hdtvcamera1


    8 dagen geleden

    The chef Eric is a drinker and a bully

  94. Juston Johnson

    Juston Johnson

    8 dagen geleden

    Fine Dinning and Breathing...

  95. YxxY XyyX

    YxxY XyyX

    8 dagen geleden

    Lime from 1958 got me laughing my ass off

  96. YAAaaahH AaaaRGH!

    YAAaaahH AaaaRGH!

    8 dagen geleden


  97. iRavenCrow LOL

    iRavenCrow LOL

    8 dagen geleden


  98. Chansey


    8 dagen geleden

    1:12 I'm actually instructed to leave a similar holding area for ingredients closed when not in use (to keep everything nice and fresh). If your chef is doing worse than a fast food employee on the task of keeping food cool for the sake of freshness, that's a bad sign...

  99. frantic.


    8 dagen geleden

    Even a gas station wouldn't accept Erick.

  100. HalfDragonHalfMan


    8 dagen geleden