the MP5 is BACK! 😍 Try This Class! (Cold War Warzone)

the MP5 is BACK! 😍 Try This Class! (Cold War Warzone)
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  1. Clinton White

    Clinton White

    18 uur geleden

    Contact *stages_hack on Instagram* who unbanned my account without much time.

  2. Clinton White

    Clinton White

    18 uur geleden

    Contact *stages_hack on Instagram* who unbanned my account without much time.

  3. Dzep _CM

    Dzep _CM

    19 uur geleden

    Try the Ak 74u if you haven’t already, it’s a really good smg🔥

  4. Deez Nuttz

    Deez Nuttz

    Dag geleden

    Blackout is the best thing cod jas offered and the people who made it are stupid and pathetic how tf can a tank round head shot you and you live but a 556 from a vendetta is a one shot head shot but the paladin takes 2 shots as a 50 caliber the programers apparently arent smart enough to be earning money for fhese broken games

  5. Jackson Funk

    Jackson Funk

    Dag geleden

    Geaux tigers baby

  6. Taylor Coleman

    Taylor Coleman

    Dag geleden

    Rolll tide

  7. Hanplays Fortnut

    Hanplays Fortnut

    2 dagen geleden

    Nick With whole head on camera= Noob mode Half head= medium tryhard mode No head=God mode

  8. Xd Funk

    Xd Funk

    2 dagen geleden

    This mp5 is lookin crazy I’m gonna use it but I might change up the attachments lol

  9. dustin barry

    dustin barry

    3 dagen geleden

    nikki having a bad hair day

  10. Zyro Is qt

    Zyro Is qt

    4 dagen geleden

    Yessir niki

  11. Brody Crossland

    Brody Crossland

    4 dagen geleden

    Roll tide crimson tide ❤️❤️❤️ I love nickmerces excitement

  12. Neal V

    Neal V

    5 dagen geleden

    Hand cam?

  13. Lifestyle Lanie

    Lifestyle Lanie

    5 dagen geleden

    I now wait for him to say like the video to hit THE like lmao

  14. Jack Acre

    Jack Acre

    5 dagen geleden

    the bison

  15. Matthew Balen

    Matthew Balen

    5 dagen geleden

    i love the salty michigan fans hating on OSU losing in the CFP National Championship and are bandwagon Alabama fans. At least we win more than 8 games every year... lol love ya nick but goddamn stay in ur lane bub. Have fun w/ Harbaugh the next 5 years... still wont win against OSU

  16. MANUPLEX707


    5 dagen geleden

    I new in this channel

  17. jeremy bear

    jeremy bear

    6 dagen geleden

    Tomorrow’s title Mac-10 nerf coming in hot!! Lol

  18. Ash Raf

    Ash Raf

    6 dagen geleden

    Tims DMR had no recoil. Anyone kno what he been using?

  19. Elite


    6 dagen geleden

    This is how many times Tim died in this video | V

  20. Logan Hendrick

    Logan Hendrick

    6 dagen geleden

    ROLL TIDE! 💪💪

  21. hossein adlband

    hossein adlband

    6 dagen geleden

    Mrs. Must remove from warzon that's a bloody gun a noob player can kill a pro with this gun

  22. Ron T.

    Ron T.

    6 dagen geleden

    "I never used this gun"...yet it's max level.

  23. Timo EXC

    Timo EXC

    6 dagen geleden

    Try the iso from mw pretty good

  24. Michael Darby

    Michael Darby

    6 dagen geleden

    where tf is your neck

  25. Pog Frog

    Pog Frog

    6 dagen geleden

    Ay bro trust me on this one the Milano smg is like the Mac 10 but slower rate of fire

  26. martin leon

    martin leon

    6 dagen geleden

    I think the Fennec is gonna replace the Mac10 I’ve been using it and that thing shreds, try it; ZLR deadfall merc foregrip, tac laser, sleight of hand, no stock

  27. YTK_ Clipzz

    YTK_ Clipzz

    6 dagen geleden

    Nick u should run a as val and spr one time

  28. Payton Holmes

    Payton Holmes

    7 dagen geleden

    “Faster than swagg answering a text” didn’t think I’d hear that 😂😂

  29. Chase Winter

    Chase Winter

    7 dagen geleden

    Use agency suppressor 9.5 task force fore grip salvo 50rnd fast mag and swat 5mw laser

  30. Cameron Fimbres

    Cameron Fimbres

    7 dagen geleden


  31. Cameron Fimbres

    Cameron Fimbres

    7 dagen geleden


  32. Cameron Fimbres

    Cameron Fimbres

    7 dagen geleden


  33. Cameron Fimbres

    Cameron Fimbres

    7 dagen geleden


  34. Jack Ciccarello

    Jack Ciccarello

    7 dagen geleden

    Bro if I'm being honest there is not a streamer that I enjoy to watch as much as you keep up the good work

  35. K1NGC4M3RON


    7 dagen geleden

    I think the ffar will be the new meta

  36. aldair burgara

    aldair burgara

    7 dagen geleden

    Nickmercs ese wey con el que juegas vale pura verga🤣 dile que le eche ganas

  37. Edgar Cuellar

    Edgar Cuellar

    7 dagen geleden

    That thing is trash🤢🤮

  38. Wilfred Asmat

    Wilfred Asmat

    7 dagen geleden

    Terrible spot to end up in .

  39. Goose Avery

    Goose Avery

    7 dagen geleden

    The gallow ❤️

  40. Black Bullet Gaming

    Black Bullet Gaming

    7 dagen geleden

    That was epic my guy well played Crazy gunfights everywhere

  41. Digital Jackpoters

    Digital Jackpoters

    8 dagen geleden

    almost every gun we use that is the best they always have to nerf it then nerf all the guns!!!!

  42. that shitter guy

    that shitter guy

    8 dagen geleden

    Fortnites better

  43. Keiano Forbes

    Keiano Forbes

    8 dagen geleden

    "Faster than tim at a buffet line"

  44. Blake _448

    Blake _448

    8 dagen geleden

    Broooo u gotta use the ffar. It’s moppppps

  45. GraPe Breezy

    GraPe Breezy

    8 dagen geleden


  46. Jonathan Blans

    Jonathan Blans

    8 dagen geleden

    Still a AUG fan but i think a47u is gonne rule

  47. Joker Bomb TV

    Joker Bomb TV

    8 dagen geleden

    He should do a rpd video

  48. Evan Romein

    Evan Romein

    8 dagen geleden

    I also think the ffar is gonna replace the Mac 10 even tho it’s an ar

  49. Evan Romein

    Evan Romein

    8 dagen geleden

    Simple way to fix reload glitch is to double tap x(ps4) after first reload animation

  50. Michael Munoz

    Michael Munoz

    8 dagen geleden

    he could have saved tim

  51. TwistedBolt 1738

    TwistedBolt 1738

    8 dagen geleden

    God dang it nick stop using the DMR because you are encouraging others to use it!!!!

  52. Zkiller340


    8 dagen geleden

    Tim was playing like dog shit he died every fucking second.

  53. Rc Sturgeon's

    Rc Sturgeon's

    8 dagen geleden

    Roll tide babbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyu



    8 dagen geleden

    I love how he kept running past gas masks without picking them up

  55. J R

    J R

    8 dagen geleden

    What a surprise your using the dmr

  56. Nonya 247

    Nonya 247

    8 dagen geleden

    look at the fennec it just recently had a boost to range and it is actually faster than the mac 10 ! Fennec is the best and fastest smg in the game !

  57. qyz On iPad

    qyz On iPad

    8 dagen geleden

    Yes sir rolltide

  58. Luca Sivell

    Luca Sivell

    8 dagen geleden

    Bro fennec better

  59. Deadslim


    8 dagen geleden

    Used the mp5 since launch: doesn’t feel the same rip🪦

  60. Melted


    8 dagen geleden

    the fennec

  61. KillaPL


    8 dagen geleden


  62. Jamespindell02


    8 dagen geleden

    The FAL will destroy a mac 10 close, mid, and long range

  63. Blake Murrill

    Blake Murrill

    8 dagen geleden

    How does his head set fit on his head his shoulders are touching them

  64. Martos Kingos

    Martos Kingos

    8 dagen geleden

    I wonder how much the necklace cost lol🤑

  65. IBBY Ali

    IBBY Ali

    8 dagen geleden

    Can anyone answer this Why is there 2 mp5?

  66. Louie Wright

    Louie Wright

    9 dagen geleden

    fennec is insane as well

  67. Harlem9000


    9 dagen geleden


  68. Justme The Great

    Justme The Great

    9 dagen geleden

    Nic is the best!!

  69. matt m

    matt m

    9 dagen geleden

    Roll tide

  70. Rat Man69

    Rat Man69

    9 dagen geleden

    1v1 Tim

  71. Melvin Raines

    Melvin Raines

    9 dagen geleden

    I like the weapons he used. They are stable

  72. Richard Mathes

    Richard Mathes

    9 dagen geleden

    Bout time some other people noticing the 1 to 10x is broken. I used it and was blown away by it literally not moving when spamming it.

  73. Jaccson Miernicci

    Jaccson Miernicci

    9 dagen geleden

    Nick try the vector

  74. High DFS

    High DFS

    9 dagen geleden

    BO mp5 absolutely hits.. Recoil is nutso tho. Ak 74u is a heater and some how, some way the Milano is actually a decent back pocket. But I'd have to say the MW Aug is still hands down that SMG that rules over the rest. Allot of people still running around with the MW mp5 as well. If I'm actually saying a BO SMG is gonna come up I'll have to say the Ak 74u.

  75. Jack Rose

    Jack Rose

    9 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one that doesn’t see the salvo 50 round mag

  76. joefishhhy


    9 dagen geleden

    Better put a c on that hat

  77. Seprant _goat

    Seprant _goat

    9 dagen geleden

    Yessir roll tide

  78. Jack Sackett

    Jack Sackett

    9 dagen geleden

    Yo you should try running two mp5s the one from Cold War and the one from war zone make one for medium range and one for close, I used it once and it brought me to a dub

  79. Jaiden Saddler

    Jaiden Saddler

    9 dagen geleden


  80. Aadit Patel

    Aadit Patel

    9 dagen geleden

    No Neck Nick!

  81. Jay Mauk

    Jay Mauk

    9 dagen geleden

    No Ohio!

  82. xFlow_Vibez


    9 dagen geleden

    you should do a video on going over your classes

  83. Cameron Ford

    Cameron Ford

    9 dagen geleden

    RMFTTTTT🐘🐘🐘💯💯 205 all day bbyyy

  84. :0land


    9 dagen geleden

    him: "THE MP5 IS BAAACCKKK" me: finally a modern warfare smg him later in the video: THE BLACK OPS VERSION me: how could you nick HOOOOWWW

  85. Kaythean Martinez

    Kaythean Martinez

    9 dagen geleden

    The fennec is the new mac 10... Try it out and see for yourself. You will out gun anyone and any gun.

  86. RedNeck7355608


    9 dagen geleden

    @8:46 Tim says: "These guys have the awareness of a carrot." and both of them had the word carrot in there names. These games are scripted. Kappa

  87. Sam Ladenberger

    Sam Ladenberger

    9 dagen geleden

    Roll tide

  88. Scott Haynes

    Scott Haynes

    9 dagen geleden

    ROLL TIDE!!!

  89. 2016Travis


    9 dagen geleden


  90. BAY35


    9 dagen geleden

    Take a shot every time Tim dies in this video lol

  91. Marcus Henry

    Marcus Henry

    9 dagen geleden

    you need to do a game of plunder see how many kills you can get? i can see it now titled NICKMERCS 120 KILLS IN 20 MINUTES BEST PLUNDER GAME!!!!

  92. NmE Of The State

    NmE Of The State

    9 dagen geleden

    Lmao what a shitty way to go out

  93. Jack Batchelder

    Jack Batchelder

    9 dagen geleden

    I thought nick was a Michigan man? Lmao

  94. Kane Cass

    Kane Cass

    9 dagen geleden

    Is it better than Modern Warfare mp5 ?

  95. Kevin Gutierrez

    Kevin Gutierrez

    9 dagen geleden

    Favorite part was when the campers call you out for "hiding" while they were CAMPING in the building lol

  96. Fuego Bars

    Fuego Bars

    9 dagen geleden

    How's nick from Michigan but a Bama fan...... crazy lol

  97. K4LE


    9 dagen geleden

    The Jonathon clip got me dead

  98. Mitch Belloli

    Mitch Belloli

    9 dagen geleden


  99. eth the beast 23

    eth the beast 23

    9 dagen geleden

    The bullfrog is pretty good

  100. Dynamic_GAMING


    9 dagen geleden

    Dude I’m telling you the fennec is gonna be the next best msg you gotta give it a try