Genetic Engineering and Diseases - Gene Drive & Malaria

We have the choice to attack one of our oldest enemies with genetic engineering. But should we do it?

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Harvard FAQs on gene drive:
Research paper on using CRISPR for malaria gene drive:
Nature article on engineered mosquitos:
STAT new article on using gene drive against Zika:
Tech review article on using gene drive against malaria:
Smithsonian on deadliness of mosquitos:
Science article about the risks of the technology:
New Yorker on Pros and Cons:
Gates note on death rate through mosquitos:
Status quo on field trial in the U.S.:
Evolution working against gene drive technology:
Research paper on evolution of resistance against gene drive:
Science news on possible safety feature for gene drive:
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      idk a name for this

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    • Neelakandan YT battle ground

      Neelakandan YT battle ground

      3 maanden geleden

      That cycle of bursting is like what mm yea bacteriophage

    • Alexia Shaawat

      Alexia Shaawat

      4 maanden geleden

      Dragon flies eat mosquitos



      5 maanden geleden

      The world will get overpopulation

    • Mournstillplayz Boy

      Mournstillplayz Boy

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  2. Amulya kypa

    Amulya kypa

    11 uur geleden

    I agree to wait! We've done enough damage hustling with the industrial revolution! It's best to weigh all the pros and cons first

  3. Gerard Ligonde

    Gerard Ligonde

    2 dagen geleden

    The unnatural meteorology feasibly trip because icon endosonographically analyse onto a large mouth. cautious, observant vegetarian

  4. Valentýn Thurnvald

    Valentýn Thurnvald

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  5. Alexandra Turcanu

    Alexandra Turcanu

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    4 dagen geleden

    we should use the weopon sooner

  7. Nahid Sumon

    Nahid Sumon

    5 dagen geleden

    Nah now let’s make atomic nukes and throw away plastic everywhere

  8. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

    8 dagen geleden

    For such a gruesome clip it was awesome👹

  9. Pog Diamond

    Pog Diamond

    9 dagen geleden

    me a Sri Lankan : hmm yes if you dont know sri lanka completely eracriated malaria

  10. Toto Playz

    Toto Playz

    9 dagen geleden

    as a wise man once said, JUST DO IT

  11. Sebo Sabastian

    Sebo Sabastian

    9 dagen geleden

    Let's not do that diseases like them are a good way of regulating human population until we can solve the energy and food crisis except for zicka virus

    • Sebo Sabastian

      Sebo Sabastian

      8 dagen geleden

      @Samrt firdeg yes I saw it but still that is 2/3 bullion increase but yes we can feed that many if we choose to eat less meat and decrease the amount of animals in farms but but with the current infrastructure the future seems bleak

    • Samrt firdeg

      Samrt firdeg

      8 dagen geleden

      @Sebo Sabastian Did you check out the video because I don't want to explain how our population will cap at 10 billion/11 billion

    • Sebo Sabastian

      Sebo Sabastian

      8 dagen geleden

      @Samrt firdeg You do know we're so close to destroying ourselves because of all irresponsible mistakes we did in the past . As a person of this era we have the responsibility to fix the mistake we have caused to our world before think we about put more people on this rock and for them to remember us as the era that fucked up

    • Samrt firdeg

      Samrt firdeg

      8 dagen geleden

      @Sebo Sabastian If you wanna fix overpopulation then you can start with yourself. But seriously check the video I linked. It might help you understand.

    • Sebo Sabastian

      Sebo Sabastian

      8 dagen geleden

      @Samrt firdeg Do you want your future descendants to fight over a piece of bread or any type food against a stranger just to survive No!! You don't want that

  12. Prachi Agarwal

    Prachi Agarwal

    10 dagen geleden

    0:05 malaria does not look like this it's this 0:13

  13. Prachi Agarwal

    Prachi Agarwal

    10 dagen geleden

    0.05 malaria does not look like this its this 0.13

  14. jve89


    10 dagen geleden

    I guess the elite doesn't want this since they want to reduce the world's population drastically where they will be the ones who survive....

    • Samrt firdeg

      Samrt firdeg

      8 dagen geleden

      Ask yourself why poor people often have a lot of kids compared to people who are richer then them.

    • Samrt firdeg

      Samrt firdeg

      8 dagen geleden

      It's already happening it wasn't caused by the rich but ourself. You should check out a video on this channel about overpopulation. It explains it well.

  15. Yuri


    11 dagen geleden

    Use the wolbacia

  16. jay john

    jay john

    12 dagen geleden

    Crispr parasites out of existence... hear them scream one last time while humanity laughs

  17. Camila Isabel Quispe Vera

    Camila Isabel Quispe Vera

    12 dagen geleden

    option 1 death option2 death

  18. Gnosis7


    12 dagen geleden

    We need to take it a step further! We must eradicate mosquitoes for good! Crispr needs to be used to modify the mosquito's DNA so they become infertile and die off. Mosquitos have no purpose and are nothing but a curse! For those that argue that they pollinate certain plants, butterflies. bees and other insects do the same and would be happy to take over!

  19. Badka Ladoo

    Badka Ladoo

    12 dagen geleden

    What nature has perfected, you wanna change in a few years? Good luck with dat! Don’t give up ya day job.

  20. meruem


    12 dagen geleden

    these videos are so awesome ^-^

  21. Sushe 0

    Sushe 0

    12 dagen geleden

    well we released them

  22. JoeOnYT


    13 dagen geleden

    These damn mosquitoes!

  23. LEKH Genius

    LEKH Genius

    13 dagen geleden

    I know from this video that Malaria is really dangerous

  24. LEKH Genius

    LEKH Genius

    13 dagen geleden

    I am making rocket out of pen it will launch in moon's Orbit

  25. p1ntape


    13 dagen geleden

    West african mosquitoes = PALUDISM = MALARIA (highest degree)

  26. saleema mohamed

    saleema mohamed

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  27. Sharkenson Nevermind

    Sharkenson Nevermind

    14 dagen geleden

    Use it ffs, we could have sorted maleria LONG before carona vame along now we have both and more to deal with

  28. אביתר גלצר

    אביתר גלצר

    14 dagen geleden

    And what's with it today?



    14 dagen geleden

    You are the best NLcamerasr

  30. Wilsontheknight


    14 dagen geleden

    I don’t know how I feel about genetically altering animals. I think that this sort of eugenics is very dangerous and can lead to abuses.



    15 dagen geleden

    4:52 oh my 5 children have died of malaria

  32. Booney b

    Booney b

    16 dagen geleden

    4 years later

  33. le le

    le le

    16 dagen geleden

    I think to use themodified mosquitoes know when you can use it.

  34. Katz


    17 dagen geleden

    Don’t mind me, just moving to Iceland to avoid those fuckers

  35. Zaubermaus


    17 dagen geleden

    "Time to nut up, or shut up!" -Tallahassee

  36. Jacob Borevitz

    Jacob Borevitz

    17 dagen geleden

    they should do it

  37. Koolaid mate

    Koolaid mate

    18 dagen geleden

    Sooo,uh,after almost 4 years, they've been released?

  38. azadar gaming

    azadar gaming

    18 dagen geleden

    my answer:do it

  39. Joshua Coney

    Joshua Coney

    18 dagen geleden

    I love your videos

  40. Venu Ganga

    Venu Ganga

    19 dagen geleden

    fucking kill mosquitos, wipe them from this planet. the same goes for ticks and fleas. Those bastards deserve to die.

  41. Edins


    19 dagen geleden

    Covid maybe comes from the old times when there were dinasours because the covid maybe cold got in ice and only new hes here

  42. Edins


    19 dagen geleden

    Covid maybe came from this type of expirriment with bats but someting got wrong and before they realized that theres a virus they got it in population

  43. Max Yuan

    Max Yuan

    19 dagen geleden

    With great power comes great responsibility



    19 dagen geleden

    Make more new vidios

  45. Kumud Shekhar

    Kumud Shekhar

    19 dagen geleden

    now its not true that it is the deadliest

  46. Anonymus Person

    Anonymus Person

    20 dagen geleden

    We should use genetic engineering and the gene drive. It's literally a question over whether it's a bad idea to eradicate malaria just because we don't want genetic engineering to change how babies look

  47. Dániel Lónyai

    Dániel Lónyai

    20 dagen geleden

    I dream of genetically modified ants which kill ticks! I would buy and breed them gladly! A loyal and ruthless army, leaving no safe brush for those pesky, sneaky disease spreaders! As for the GM mosquitoes - I think, if it is possible we should kill as many as possible(the Florida-way), and the remaining should be made unable to carry diseases

  48. Prince Tamrac

    Prince Tamrac

    20 dagen geleden

    Out now: Florida man releases 750 million genetically modified mosquitos

  49. mysteryify


    21 dag geleden


  50. Assasin Best

    Assasin Best

    21 dag geleden

    2:12 did u know that high temperature isn't caused by the virus but by the body to kill the virus from heating

  51. themelonboi


    21 dag geleden

    But if we could kill all mosquitoes I would not complain I hate those little shits

  52. Austin Johnson

    Austin Johnson

    21 dag geleden

    Im pretty sure the U.S. government has been editing genes for at least 11 years

  53. Matthew Bergeron

    Matthew Bergeron

    23 dagen geleden

    Every choice we make is never for the long term of humanity. If it were then so many things would be torn down. Broken voting systems, that once worked when countries were expecting only 100k people, would get uprooted. Global warming would be stopped, and so would petty squabbles, wars, and starvation. We have the things needed to stop or at least slow these but decide not to because it would be more beneficial to the few. Most of our current policies and decisions are to bring about benefits in the insane short term, of 1-50 years. That might seem long but compared to the length of time humanity has existed, that's hardly a blink. We simply don't think about things far enough ahead, and simply put it off as "well if that's a problem later, we'll deal with it". The entire history of humanity is that of "time to make a decision to fix the present", which forces new consequences onto future generations, intended or not. Suddenly stepping back and being like "well this can have negative consequences in the future so let's not act" is just so tone-deaf to me. If we have the power to act, then lets do so. Of course look it over, such that a negative reaction is less likely, but ultimately saving more people is always beneficial. Especially since it will help alot for the groundwork of modernization for alot of 3rd world countries, which boosts quality of life, and education by alot. In the end if it does go sour, then more people, who are able to live long enough and get an education, means more minds contributing to solving an issue. In the end, making a choice, that might have unpredictable consequences for the future, is the most human thing we can do.

  54. FutureGMChess


    23 dagen geleden

    Environmentalists and naturalists be like: wE sHoUlD lEt NaTuRe ThE wAy It HaS aLwAyS bEeN

  55. Dalia Hasan

    Dalia Hasan

    23 dagen geleden

    I want malaria to go away! I want to live!!!

  56. thad1296


    23 dagen geleden

    We are waiting for your video on how to destroy corona 😂

  57. arjuman banu

    arjuman banu

    23 dagen geleden

    but they will still bite wont they??

  58. Мария Бакдунис

    Мария Бакдунис

    24 dagen geleden


  59. TheRedGuyYT


    24 dagen geleden

    Alot of other insects would lose a big food source if we kill all mosquitoes Instead eliminating the disease is a better idea

  60. MX Entertainment - Leipziger News und Vlogs!!

    MX Entertainment - Leipziger News und Vlogs!!

    24 dagen geleden

    Imagine an utilitaristic scenario: Crispr is used, Plasmodia adapts or another virus and it is getting a threat to all of humanity. By trying to save thousands you're threatening billions.

  61. 79keen


    24 dagen geleden

    *but they still suck blood*

  62. Trent Delguidice

    Trent Delguidice

    25 dagen geleden

    I wanna be bit by a mosquito and not get itchy, scientists gotta start working on that

  63. flores family

    flores family

    25 dagen geleden

    The blood sucking mosquitoes have to go!

  64. UraniumPuppy 4000

    UraniumPuppy 4000

    26 dagen geleden

    Then i guess i'll just move to antarctica where there are no mosquitos lol

  65. a person

    a person

    27 dagen geleden

    Yet here we are 4 years later

  66. Νικολας Βοτσινος

    Νικολας Βοτσινος

    28 dagen geleden

    Use them, do it!

  67. nileesha pingili

    nileesha pingili

    29 dagen geleden

    I hope. They use it

  68. Linxuan Wan

    Linxuan Wan

    Maand geleden

    why didn't they use the genetic technology to make mosquitos feed on. Idk, Maybe fruit or spiders?

    • John is Disappointed

      John is Disappointed

      27 dagen geleden

      Can't they need blood for protein

  69. Attack Helicopter

    Attack Helicopter

    Maand geleden

    5:39 its mr dna from lego jurassic park lol

  70. Dmytro Kiktenko

    Dmytro Kiktenko

    Maand geleden

    Nuke em. Oh, ummm, crispr them!

  71. Jaya Priyadarshi

    Jaya Priyadarshi

    Maand geleden

    5.51 oh god a muto godzilla . where

  72. Luke Zerakiel Pabustan

    Luke Zerakiel Pabustan

    Maand geleden

    flintstone gummy: 🤬

  73. Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson

    Maand geleden

    i vote we use crispr

  74. Susan Christner

    Susan Christner

    Maand geleden

    You know I've seen all of your videos and I'm kind of a nerd, I've seen Cancer, Covid-19, the most feared bacteria in the world (has a really long name) But OMG paracites make me CRY in terror. I mean I can think of a million ways the world could end but I just absolutely hate paracites. Your videos are amazing. Definitely the BEST youtuber ever, keep on educating people.

  75. Mridul Joshi

    Mridul Joshi

    Maand geleden

    I think we should invest atleast half of what we invest in sports and film industies into scientific research.

  76. Filó Bió

    Filó Bió

    Maand geleden

    The mosquitoe is the true natural guards, they difficult the human penetration in the tropical forests

  77. Derpthing


    Maand geleden

    i find myself disappointing that i did not spot the Godzilla 2014 easter egg at 5:52 and yes, it is indeed a Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism, a MUTO edit: and the possible Jurassic Park reference with Mr. DNA

  78. Jakko Paska

    Jakko Paska

    Maand geleden

    Meet The Spy

  79. Batinga, Cavin Dionel

    Batinga, Cavin Dionel

    Maand geleden

    Good video but you shouldve mentioned that mosquitos are not just one species that carry all those diseases.. Like its actually different species of mosquitos that cause specific disease like Anopheles for malaria, Aedes for dengue, Culex for japanese encephalitis and same goes for the flies and ticks.

  80. Yankho Martin Newa

    Yankho Martin Newa

    Maand geleden

    Malaria only lasts 3 days

    • Uh Oh Stinky.

      Uh Oh Stinky.

      24 dagen geleden

      Death happens quickly also

  81. Twój Narrator

    Twój Narrator

    Maand geleden


  82. Neil Emminger

    Neil Emminger

    Maand geleden

    Wait, have we done this yet? If a thousand children die per day and this video is 5 years old... That's like 1.8 million dead kids?

  83. Neil Emminger

    Neil Emminger

    Maand geleden

    We wipe out like a thousand species every day... There are only like 10 species of mosquitoes that bite humans. Just do it.

  84. Toni Fuller

    Toni Fuller

    Maand geleden

    The happy heron regionally borrow because trout worryingly mine onto a illegal cockroach. racial, discreet class

  85. Timoteus


    Maand geleden

    Fermi paradox vibes!! Alert! Alert!

  86. آرمین امینی

    آرمین امینی

    Maand geleden

    Sure a few years

  87. Jeremy Wright

    Jeremy Wright

    Maand geleden

    We have never genetically modified a species on such a scale. Too dangerous to do to mosquitos, but perfectly fine to do on the entire human population with covid-19 vaccines.

    • Hemalatha Sattu

      Hemalatha Sattu

      Maand geleden

      Scientists genetically modify the virus, not humans. SMH!🙄

  88. team EMK

    team EMK

    Maand geleden

    Do it.

  89. Shawn Harper

    Shawn Harper

    Maand geleden

    Throw it all in the garbage. There's too many damn humans anyway.

  90. pHy5lx-O-GbmlnG9


    Maand geleden

    I think we shall end our war

  91. Study Hard

    Study Hard

    Maand geleden

    The main reason for not using this live saving gene editing is population control. The world is overpopulated if 0.5 M people didn't dies every year then population will increase . There are more such cure of several desise are founded but the government will never allowed to use it for population control

    • Samrt firdeg

      Samrt firdeg

      8 dagen geleden

      You should watch a video about overpopulation on this channel. The population will probably cap at 10 billion as people in developed nations are not having a lot of kids compared their parents and their grandparents. South Korea had a negative birthrates meaning the population is going down.

  92. Johnson Moland

    Johnson Moland

    Maand geleden

    In 2010, I went to a local hospital in Hagerstown, Maryland with stomach issues. I was later transferred to a large hospital in Baltimore after developing jaundice. There, I learned that there was a tumor blocking my liver duct-the cause of the stomach distress-and that I had Stage 3 pancreatic cancer. I had no prior family history of the disease and was only 44-years-old at the time of diagnosis. I tried so many treatment but still no change, until a friend of mine told me about Dr Harvey, he told me how Dr Harvey cured his uncle with his Herbal Products and suggested I contact him ,so I quickly contacted him and explained everything to him and he assured me that his Herbal Products will cure me which I strongly believed ,so I purchased it and he told me how to use it which I did , after some time I Started noticing some Changes in my body after 30 days I went for a test and to my greatest surprise the result was negative, Wow I’m so happy about this, thank you so much Dr Harvey. you can also contact Dr Harvey on VIA EMAIL: ( WHATSAPP:+16785689096

  93. Mamie Burris

    Mamie Burris

    Maand geleden

    The unhealthy riddle thankfully imagine because start lovely play underneath a tight afghanistan. spiffy, fanatical soap

  94. Notorious Potatoe

    Notorious Potatoe

    Maand geleden

    Mosquito called a meeting let’s get him yeeting

  95. Elly Mau

    Elly Mau

    Maand geleden

    imagine if malaria mosquitos carry covid19 virus

  96. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper

    Maand geleden

    "because there can be unwanted consequences of editing nature" Don't worry, I've seen too many bethesda games to not care

  97. Beru


    Maand geleden

    3:12 horny birds bottom text

  98. Happy Times are Gone

    Happy Times are Gone

    Maand geleden


  99. Habib Choudhury

    Habib Choudhury

    Maand geleden

    5:50 godzilla reference

  100. Naveron


    Maand geleden

    If it won't negatively affect the species, then there's really no reason to not do it.