Johnny Depp's situation PROVES that men and women live by different rules.

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  1. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

    2 uur geleden

    Sometimes the bigger person walks away and comes back later

  2. Francine M

    Francine M

    4 uur geleden

    it's disgusting how sexism has corrupted so much: sexism to 'believe women don't do wrong, don't abuse, don't kill.' It's rampant. The vallow case of the 'cult' mom in idaho is further proof of the sexism, her exes were trying to get protection for their kids... nice god-fearing lady... these women don't deserve the title of human

  3. Mikasa Ackerman

    Mikasa Ackerman

    4 uur geleden

    this prove men and woman live different rule just much race.

  4. liel aharoni

    liel aharoni

    5 uur geleden

    i see the frustration on your faces and hear it in your voices, but we must keep fighting ! please don't give up 🙏

  5. Michael DeBusk

    Michael DeBusk

    7 uur geleden

    Old girl is psycho... hopefully poor johnny walks away from her for good.

  6. Letmepickmynameidiot


    7 uur geleden

    Media keeps pushing bullsh*t articles for clicks and pushing their agenda. Anyone who listened to the recordings knows the truth.

  7. Joshua Gould

    Joshua Gould

    7 uur geleden

    The Court of Public Opinion is easily one of the most dangerous things that exist today. It's not about facts, it's not about finding the truth. It's about who screams louder than the other. She's being louder than Johnny, not to mention, there's a movement that discourages people from listening to him.

  8. The Big Shoe

    The Big Shoe

    8 uur geleden

    So he walks away from fights she punches cuts off his

  9. NaoTub Lauj

    NaoTub Lauj

    8 uur geleden

    A man slaps a women: assault and possibly attempted murder. A women slaps a man: He deserved it or it was self defense.

  10. The Big Shoe

    The Big Shoe

    8 uur geleden

    Sounds like a liar

  11. Dave C

    Dave C

    8 uur geleden

    I feel bad for Johnny. She is the definition of the stereo typical "crazy chick". She has no accountability and everything she does is a manipulation. I think it shows the way too many parents raise girls differently from boys. With boys, there is a drive to teach things like honor, empathy, and integrity. Many stories tailored toward boys are filled with lessons on these things so they become internalized. But with girls, not so much. In some cases, they are taught to ignore those things in order to protect themselves. You can see that's how she justifies her actions here. Everything she did was somehow to protect herself, even if it was an attack.

  12. nobodyimportant369


    8 uur geleden

    As a man, we are expected to just MAN UP and take the abuse. No one cares about all the shit that keeps getting heaped on each of us as individuals, because 'men are pigs'. Society, work, friends, family, they just keep loading us up with more shit, and when we snap they all wonder "Where did all this anger come from?" It came from you. Violence is violence, abuse is abuse, hate is hate. It doesn't matter the source. I hate this double-standard bullshit. The more we pull back this thin veneer, the uglier this gets, but we have to keep cutting IN to get the cancer OUT.

  13. Ky


    9 uur geleden


  14. Kaliga


    12 uur geleden

    but the glove didnt fit

  15. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin

    12 uur geleden

    it's fucking crazy to think he's being punished for trying to defend his reputation !

  16. Molecule Mind

    Molecule Mind

    12 uur geleden

    If there was any proof, we'd have seen it by now.

  17. Marta Só

    Marta Só

    14 uur geleden

    I completely agree with you. I hate watching girls hitting boys, and I see it all the time. It's not right. If it was the other way around nobody would accept. I am a mother of a son, and I hope he never accepts that done to him by anyone. I want women to respect men the way they want to be respected. Physical or psychological violence is unacceptable.

  18. Mathew Kanagappa

    Mathew Kanagappa

    14 uur geleden another NLcamerasr who is a lawyer did a legal analysis of this case for anyone who wants to know how this all went awry

  19. Gryhm


    14 uur geleden

    I think it falls in to the same logic as racism and sexism. The "institution" is seen as white male. Therefore you can't be racist towards white people, you can't be sexist towards men and you can't be abusive towards men. We're "bigger and stronger". I'm not trying to reduce the struggles of women or PoC at all. I think those struggles are more prolific and more damaging but there are other struggles too.

    • Gryhm


      14 uur geleden

      Wrote this before the end of the video ha. Well said.

  20. i Elohim

    i Elohim

    15 uur geleden

    Moral of the story ...he should've hit her back

  21. Isaac Ozua Stephany

    Isaac Ozua Stephany

    16 uur geleden

    I hate amber heard

  22. AudaciousPupper


    17 uur geleden

    Preach. I want to hear it, I want to understand it, I want to talk about it, and I hope you continue to talk about *it* whatever that may be. I agree it's frustrating and hard to discuss things these days and people just outright refuse to discuss topics that make them feel uncomfortable or as if they were wrong in their previous assumptions, because its embarrassing, but maybe that's what we all need to feel a little more embarrassed and a little less despaired.

  23. Sandro


    19 uur geleden

    homie chrisdelia now johnny depp lost to twisted up allegations rip.

  24. Jerry Jacob

    Jerry Jacob

    19 uur geleden

    Look up Erin pizzey, she talks about domestic violence and how feminism hijacked it, so that men are always the bad guy and women are always the victim.

  25. Sergio Alvarez

    Sergio Alvarez

    19 uur geleden

    People saying "I dont know, the public is on JD side." Just dont get it. The "public" give power to this. They support Hollywood and Hollywood support all these modern day movements which a lot of them stem from lies but Hollywood is indirectly supporting female on male dv by 1 staying silent on this issue and refusing to do anything about AH. And tho the public is on Johnny side. This will eventually blow over and be nothing but a dust in the wind story and people will go back to supporting Hollywood despite their beliefs. And dont give me the "we shouldn't label all Hollywood." Give me a break. Hollywood is a big echo chamber and they usually have the same beliefs.

  26. shaq


    19 uur geleden

    Wives, submit to your husband and husband dont treat your wife harshly

  27. pipoml kuono

    pipoml kuono

    20 uur geleden please sign this petition to remove amber from aquaman, its not fair that they kept her and removed johnny

  28. Lord Quilton

    Lord Quilton

    20 uur geleden

    Cool, now Jonny can go make some good movies with people who want to make real art.

  29. Phillip Slivov

    Phillip Slivov

    22 uur geleden

    Man fuck this johnny deserves better

  30. Alex Park

    Alex Park

    22 uur geleden

    People want to send a message about how society feels about this? Go after the Judge, the Sun and Amber Heard.

  31. Gretsky


    23 uur geleden

    It’s kinda crazy. The woman will start the physical abuse and if a man finishes it then they’re the problem. They shouldn’t, but I’ve been in that position and it’s hard to no do anything when you’re faced with physical abuse.

  32. CaptAssassin


    Dag geleden


  33. Matthew Curiel

    Matthew Curiel

    Dag geleden

    she sounds psychotic

  34. Atieh Bakhtiar

    Atieh Bakhtiar

    Dag geleden

    I think women speaking out about abuse is a very good thing. It took a long time and a lot of efforts to get to this stage. Women who are being abused should get a voice and ALSO men should get the same thing. Injustice that is done to him doesn’t mean to lower the other victims that are women and are speaking out. She took advantage of a good cause when she took their cause and lied herself into that which is not surprising because she does everything to get attention. The discussion that could be more effective is good that women are finally more comfortable to speak up and how we can provide the same environment to men. The judgment against him really didn’t help men who are being abused but that is more tricky because it was against an organization that claims to be a news agency which causes dilemma on freedom of speech and protecting news agencies. I think she is manipulative and abusive and did a lot of disservice to women who are being abused. I hope she gets what she deserves.

  35. Hexecutable


    Dag geleden

    This was a great video guys. Preach's demeanor and face says it all. Fuck this year man.

  36. Silverous Leonidas

    Silverous Leonidas

    Dag geleden

    Interesting note. Amber Herd has a history of abusing others under a different name. One of the incidents was at an airport I believe.

  37. Colin Ruscoe-Hawksworth

    Colin Ruscoe-Hawksworth

    Dag geleden

    At the end of the day until society as a whole gets over this mythological notion that "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus," then women are going to get away with domestic violence, simply because society doesn't want to contemplate the idea that women can be violent thus destroying the notion that women are vassals of love and compassion. As for Hollywood it simply needs to learn that Men Bruise Too!

  38. The Joester

    The Joester

    Dag geleden

    Wait.... just curious but how was this audio recorded? Like was it secretly by Johnny? Just curious

  39. Corey Monday

    Corey Monday

    Dag geleden

    Its so obvious how crazy and vicious she is

  40. Atieh Bakhtiar

    Atieh Bakhtiar

    Dag geleden

    I’ve been in a abusive relationship and I had judges that were unfair towards me or being very understanding so it really is your luck who is going to be the judge. I am not an expert but to be honest when I heard their conversations I kept having flashbacks as if she actually rehearsed this with my previous partner! There are clear indicators that people who experienced abuse can distinguish like how abusers always say that I am this way because of you basically putting the guilt of them abusing you on your shoulders and I was honestly surprised not to see more support for him. Also I do think it is a lot harder for men to say that they have been abused which is a big problem in every culture. I hope that he gets a proper support and treatment and I think she needs help before hurting herself and others more. Thanks for your video.

  41. Amethyst Emerald

    Amethyst Emerald

    Dag geleden

    She's disgusting Is this the same 4 sean connery?

  42. Grosu Andrei

    Grosu Andrei

    Dag geleden

    People are sick, you can't trust anyone anymore.

  43. Sandra Stone

    Sandra Stone

    Dag geleden

    Just imagine if AH said and did all this to a child? Would there be any question she was abusive? NO! But she does the same thing to JD and he is wrong. He can’t call her an abuser. I grew up in a household where my mother attacked my stepdad over and over but she was never taken to jail. One night she came out of their bedroom and fired a pistol at him. He didn’t call the police because he knew what would happen. My stepdad just kept away after that.

  44. KingCrisp


    Dag geleden

    Oh nah when aba brought up the classroom situation it brought back so many memories I've seen that that's crazyy

  45. robbwylde2002


    Dag geleden

    Thank you both for talking about this; I watched this go down in a church; she was physically abusing this guy and nothing was said, but when he had an affair, he was forced to admit it in front of the church...

  46. フェリシア エロ

    フェリシア エロ

    Dag geleden

    I believe Johnny Depp has thrown things at walls and knock things to the ground. And even pushing Amber Heard away so he can "split" a difficult position. What I wont believe is that he, in her definition closed fist, decked her. I don't even think he's even open hand slapped her on the ass. Like idk about yall, but this case fucked up

  47. Sarah no

    Sarah no

    Dag geleden

    Woah she is awful.... how can anyone listen to that audio and think she is ok???

    • Hexecutable


      Dag geleden

      Idiots still standing behind her and the movements shes a part of dont actually care about the issues when it goes against their narrative. Everything is a fucking lie, 2020 was the worst year ever.

  48. フェリシア エロ

    フェリシア エロ

    Dag geleden

    Believe all women, believe ALL women. Even when they lie. #MeTooMovement women can do no wrong #MovementTooMe

  49. Austin Gaius

    Austin Gaius

    Dag geleden

    The outcome of this case must have increased the number of incels. I’m not one. Inconsistencies in society increase the cracks.

  50. Neon Marker

    Neon Marker

    Dag geleden

    When a man hurts a woman everyone goes crazy. And that's good. But on the other hand when a woman hurts a man almost everyone laughs, or even starts attacking the man. Man the F up! She is a woman how could she hurt you? Preach is right many people disengange from such an unpleasant conversation.

  51. Benaboo73


    Dag geleden

    I'm done with those movies. I will NEVER support Amber Heard, I'm pissed off!

  52. Juan


    Dag geleden

    Pussypassdenied,Remember women,You don't use your gender to act like a handicapped or a weak ass,You hit us,And we hit you,Mind your own business,We mind ours,You do you,I do me,We won't do each other probably,Equal rights,Equal Fights

  53. Badchi


    Dag geleden

    Thanks to AH for throwing image of women one century back. And thanks for those who protect that bitch for doing the same

  54. yourowngran


    Dag geleden

    Nah mate. It's a "newspaper".

  55. Tom Hewitt

    Tom Hewitt

    Dag geleden

    Amber Heard is a psycho. Johnny Depp is better off getting rid of her, even if it costs him half his money and ruins his career.

  56. Tom Hewitt

    Tom Hewitt

    Dag geleden

    Women say they want equality, but then expect special treatment.

  57. Tom Hewitt

    Tom Hewitt

    Dag geleden

    Believe all wahmen?

  58. James Mooney

    James Mooney

    Dag geleden

    If she can do this too Johnny Depp what hope do regular guys

  59. Holo


    Dag geleden

    And then bitches cry about not being equal as men... Delusional

  60. blueharmonica


    Dag geleden

    Glad you brought this up and I definitely think she is a liar. She is an abuser and that she represents women who are being abused is sick!

  61. Classhat


    Dag geleden

    As far as I can tell, never date an influencer, never date a celebrity. Public figures all too often let the fact that so many people idolize them get in the way of how others should be treated as equals as someone's not doing anything wrong.

  62. Robstradamus


    Dag geleden

    Just discovered you guys! So congratulations on the new subscriber! You fellas are solid.

  63. Sephandre Manticore

    Sephandre Manticore

    Dag geleden

    Apparently, when a woman is bi-polar, she's right. Just... always... right.

  64. Greg N

    Greg N

    Dag geleden

    I fucking love you guys

  65. Nadhi Kedir

    Nadhi Kedir

    Dag geleden

    Thank you for this conversation

  66. Sarah Nicholas

    Sarah Nicholas

    Dag geleden

    Her gaslighting really pisses me off. She needs to lose her pride and admit she is the abuser.

  67. Jackson Magical

    Jackson Magical

    Dag geleden

    In today's society smart men don't have anything to do with women, not because all women are bad and not because they are all the same but because at any moment she can be and once it happens it's too late for you and their will be nothing you can do about it. The question is would you put your head in an crockadiles mouth just because your told it won't bite it off and because theirs a chance it won't or is that just a risk that you don't feel like talking.



    Dag geleden


  69. Brandon Clark

    Brandon Clark

    Dag geleden

    To exude that level of narcissism and control over another human being and that not be deemed a red flagged as abuse simply because of his gender is some of the most toxic behavior our society enables, pretty shitty.

  70. Jackie Rios

    Jackie Rios

    Dag geleden now into bruised makeup .....she is a hot mess. Depp needs to sue her for deformation. She needs to pay for his loss of wages. Point blank!

  71. Jackie Rios

    Jackie Rios

    Dag geleden

    Heard is a narcissistic calculated abuser. She planned this. Can't stand listening to her BS. Her deposition was a WTF moment. She was smirking at questions about abusing him. And not once answered a direct question. Omg 😱 .I will not be watching anything this trashy chick is on.

  72. Breakup bigtech

    Breakup bigtech

    2 dagen geleden

    The Sun is a tabloid paper.. Complete trash. And it has nothing to do with this story that I'm saying that. Idk what the most biased tabloid of Canada is, whatever it is, it might only be weak competition for the Sun..

  73. Andrew B

    Andrew B

    2 dagen geleden

    Fuck cancel culture. Who fucking cares about their jobs. So much suffering just to add more. And society has the say in who suffers most.

  74. Virologiclist25 AKA: Josh P

    Virologiclist25 AKA: Josh P

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm not too familiar with Johnny depp situation but now that I know and see what's going on it's just a real sad shame when will women be held accountable for their actions like men are smh this world sucks.

  75. missdimples1982


    2 dagen geleden

    Please keep talking about this issue, what is happening to JD is wrong, and will continue to happen to men all over the world

  76. Morgen Glende-Michalski

    Morgen Glende-Michalski

    2 dagen geleden

    Poor Sir Depp. She literally admitted to assault, and this world is equal?? Fuck her

  77. Jenine Grasc

    Jenine Grasc

    2 dagen geleden

    I taught my girl to defend her self, but I would no more teach my girl to be violent towards another person than I would teach my son. That woman is a criminal. Period. She does nothing to help women. A complete embarrassment.

  78. Feed El Stick

    Feed El Stick

    2 dagen geleden

    I think that women are actually still treated as children, in a way

  79. Archerpool


    2 dagen geleden

    During the case Heard brought in witnesses that the judge himself contradicted her statements. The judge himself pointed out that Heard’s stories were inconsistent. Witnesses came in and said Heard started all the violence. Video and audio evidence that Heard was abusing Depp. Professional advice from photo experts said that Heard’s images were faked and medical experts said there was no way Depp cut his finger himself. Literally everything that seems factual was in Depp’s favour, Depp admitted to hitting her in self defence. The judge’s official ruling states that he’s ignoring the evidence, witnesses and advice and chose to rule that Depp was an abuser. The judges ex-wife, whether we know this to be true or not, has come out and said that they got divorced because he was having an affair with Heard’s lawyer. The whole thing is ridiculous it’s like two kids telling their parents that the other hit them and so the parent looks on the camera and see’s the girl hit the boy and so the parent punishes the boy. WB have fired Depp, while they’re currently in negotiations with Heard over extending her role in Aquaman 2 along with giving her a solo film. Depp also wasn’t going to take the case to court, but only chose to after WB came out in his defence and received backlash. He wanted to show them loyalty and they repay him by firing him and elevating his abusers career. Shit doesn’t even make sense. All this aside, Heard can act as well as a fish can run.

  80. Sarah Michelle

    Sarah Michelle

    2 dagen geleden

    The system favored Amber Heard over Johnny Depp, but when it came to Brock Turner literally being caught r***ng someone, where were they? Three months? Innocent until proven guilty is not working- clearly.

  81. Bobiverse


    2 dagen geleden

    “How do you write women so well?” “I think of a man, then I take away reason and accountability” -As Good as it Gets

  82. Dominik Mees

    Dominik Mees

    2 dagen geleden

    5 years from now. Anyone Heard of Amber? "Amber who?"

  83. Huntzen


    2 dagen geleden

  84. M Morgan

    M Morgan

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm sorry this disheartened you so much, and it did me too, but its really good that you are covering this. I cant understand how anyone can listen to that audio and not understand that her actions were wrong, and that the things she says are hallmarks of abusers. "Its 'YOUR' fault that 'I' hit you".

  85. Abigail Slade

    Abigail Slade

    2 dagen geleden

    You guys rock

  86. Abigail Slade

    Abigail Slade

    2 dagen geleden

    No chance I will watch aqua man

  87. HotSkull51


    2 dagen geleden

    This is why the "believe" all women narrative is dangerous.

  88. Abigail Slade

    Abigail Slade

    2 dagen geleden

    I stand with JD, AH is a narcissistic lying biatch

  89. TheRoaming Savage

    TheRoaming Savage

    2 dagen geleden

    He is the one man with the means, resources, contacts, money, to fight false allegations. To fight false claims. To fight manipulative and abusive women. He still lost.... Now imagine all the men who aren't millionaires, well connected, or law savvy, etc. who go through this and suffer in silence because SOCIETY ONLY CARES ABOUT WOMEN! I am disgusted in the result of this. He has audio evidence of her abuse and psychosocial damage he did to this man, and she gets to walk away and continue her career, while Depp is broken, hurt, missing a finger, and career in ruins... This is what feminism is all about. False claims and exaggerations aimed at destroying men, PERIOD.

  90. Vulkan


    2 dagen geleden

    This is why i will never marry in west.

  91. Jimmy Selsmark

    Jimmy Selsmark

    2 dagen geleden

    And only the career of Johnny Depp has been destroyed by all this... and there are people out there that try to tell us that white men are priviledged...

  92. Floydrush2112


    2 dagen geleden

    Remember .."Believe ALL women"!! Men,.... ...shut up, ..and "Man up" !!

  93. TheAcad3mic


    2 dagen geleden

    Fuck the Sun. I live in the UK and its a disgusting rag not even worth paper its printed on. I'm so happy that print media is dying. And see all the feminists crying out.

  94. Jasmine Lowrey

    Jasmine Lowrey

    2 dagen geleden

    I've seen this so many times. It's really sad because I'm the one that sympathizes with the woman if she comes to me first. Then I find out that the man ONLY hit her because he was defending himself and unfortunately he has little or no marks, and she has one noticable one.

  95. Hopefnn


    2 dagen geleden

    When do people realize that social justice is no justice at all.

  96. Shanan Alexander

    Shanan Alexander

    2 dagen geleden

    Thank you for caring

  97. Shanan Alexander

    Shanan Alexander

    2 dagen geleden

    I want her gone. I want her completely out of Hollywood.

  98. Cheryl Miles

    Cheryl Miles

    2 dagen geleden

    There are so many people who will go out of their way to not watch a movie featuring Amber H.

  99. Jackson Gunner

    Jackson Gunner

    2 dagen geleden

    Why the hell did he marry this b? That is the real question.

  100. The Boxing Scientist

    The Boxing Scientist

    2 dagen geleden

    This is why you hit it and quit it, hump and dump, smash and dash. Guys should know by now that marriage simply doesn't work so I can't really feel sorry for Johnny Depp, he's from a time when marriage was still somewhat a reasonable thing for a man to do.