The 2020 Super Luxury Private Jet Flying Experience

The 2020 Super Luxury Private Jet Flying Experience. Imagine having the whole plane to yourself without sharing!
I was invited to try out the new Comlux 767BBJ in Zurich. The plane affectionately known as "SkyLady" has recently undergone a major refurbishment and upgrade program.
The flight attendant gave me a tour of the large plane. Inside the Comlux 767BBJ SkyLady, the multi-room cabins are divided into 6 independent areas; with a massive ensuite bedroom, a lounge room that can be converted into a second bedroom, a dining and meeting room, First Class, Premium Economy and crew rest area. It can fit up to 51 passengers.
The plane flew around Switzerland and Northern Italy for around 1.5 hours, with some very nice scenery en-route. I experienced the ultimate luxury in private aviation. A multi-course fine cuisine meal was served by Bijoux catering, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also enjoyed the super fast 2KU band internet connection on-board.
Besides its comfort and connectivity enhancements, SkyLady is equipped with an all-new ionisation system; this system improves air quality in the cabin, by removing viruses, bacteria and spores in the air and on surfaces and by eliminating annoying and noxious odours.
For more details: Visit Comlux on


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    Looks wonderful pure luxury, may I ask what you do with all the amenities kits and pyjamas , I’m a beauty blogger and I’d love to see the difference with kits , products and brands that different companies use . If they give any benefit whilst flying or just a cute extra to take home . The quality of products and the pyjamas and slippers . Could you please help directing me to the relevant person whom I may contact regarding reviewing these products, thank you Sam it’s a pleasure eBaying your videos xx

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