Why Red Bull doesn’t want Gasly at its top F1 team

Pierre Gasly has been one of the stars of the 2020 F1 season, but his performances have only earned him a new deal with AlphaTauri for 2021, rather than a promotion back to Red Bull in place of Alex Albon. With Albon’s future looking shaky, and Red Bull short on alternatives in its own driver pool, Edd Straw looks at the reasons behind its decision to keep Gasly at the second team, rather than give him another crack alongside Max Verstappen
Gasly to stay at AlphaTauri for 2021
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  1. david orama

    david orama

    Dag geleden

    Maybe it was Gasly said NO to returning Red Bull in 2021. Given a choice between AT and RB I think Gasly would choose AT... it’s clearly working for him there...

  2. Mikhail Fong

    Mikhail Fong

    Dag geleden

    Drop Max. Is he a champ YET? So what's the difference? Nobody can beat the merc pu hybrid. Max won some Gasly won 1 Albon on podium Kyvat on podium... Unless max drives a merc.. then we'll see the true picture. I bet max or ricciardo or even Russell can win in a merc

  3. Ed Honcho

    Ed Honcho

    Dag geleden

    He had a seat at varsity team but he was too slow, reason why they still don’t want him now.

  4. Dave Medrano

    Dave Medrano

    2 dagen geleden

    I think all of this guys are amazing drivers. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to manhandle this cars, mentally,physically not easy people.

  5. Tommaso Simoncini

    Tommaso Simoncini

    3 dagen geleden

    I thought was Gasly who didn't want to join Red Bull again....

  6. Sukanya Varadarajan

    Sukanya Varadarajan

    4 dagen geleden

    Marko said "he cannot equal max" but yea even albon is not any better Gasly won a race and Albon got only a podium that's a bad desison Albon doesn't deserve this I think :(

  7. Victor V

    Victor V

    8 dagen geleden

    I can't believe everyone is ignoring the much more glaring issue. Why in the hell is Kvyat still at Alpha Tauri, or F1 at all for that matter? Gasly has no business at RB, no question about that. But damn, get him someone as a wing man at AT that can earn some points.

  8. Barry


    8 dagen geleden

    Pretty straight forward why they won't give Gasly the seat again. Would be foolish to give it to a guy who you just dropped. Give it a few years and he may be back

  9. Cristobal Rivera

    Cristobal Rivera

    9 dagen geleden

    Don’t need to go back to the “main” team if now they brothers or equal. He is the top on his team.

  10. ImJustGamingHD WF

    ImJustGamingHD WF

    12 dagen geleden

    I watched Arrav's video on this before I watched this video and he stated that Christian Horner said that the Alphatauri car was easier to drive and that both cars is more suited to max Verstappen instead of both drivers. I may be wrong or he may be wrong.

  11. R Carguy

    R Carguy

    13 dagen geleden

    Gasly has had better races than albon

  12. Denzel Raz

    Denzel Raz

    13 dagen geleden

    REDBULL is 51% owned by a Thai billionaire..

  13. Gerry D

    Gerry D

    14 dagen geleden

    Outside chance Perez might take over from Albon 🤔

  14. Manyor Kebbianyor

    Manyor Kebbianyor

    14 dagen geleden

    The problem with redbull is that they only focus on 1 driver

  15. Dalton Sikhosana

    Dalton Sikhosana

    14 dagen geleden

    Yeah think he is more sad he wasn't considered rather than actually wanting to go back cause why would you want to, Go to Renault in a few years when Alonso inevitably blows up or quits

  16. Bob Nelson

    Bob Nelson

    15 dagen geleden

    RB has designed a car around Max; a car that nobody else can drive decently. Gasly is better off a Alpha Tauri.

  17. Mirko Ragni

    Mirko Ragni

    16 dagen geleden

    In my opinion Gasly is a great driver and he should look for a seat outside the Red Bull family, maybe at Renault or McLaren. He wasn't fast in the first half of 2019 (as Albion isn't now) because the Red Bull car is specifically designed for Max Verstappen and since he has a very unusual driving style is difficult for other drivers to adapt. If Red Bull doesn't change their approach they will never find a good team mate for Verstappen Who can match his performance. We are seeing a similar situation in Moto GP where the Honda of Marquez is designed only for him and his team mate is always struggling to catch up his pace.

  18. Xezo


    17 dagen geleden

    Just goes to show how good Danny Ric

  19. BMWm6e63


    17 dagen geleden

    Career suicide to join red bull with maxs requirements no. 1 and you just have to support him in his car in terms of setup. Redbull need to change strategy and work as a two car team instead of one.

  20. Aaron Machado

    Aaron Machado

    18 dagen geleden

    It’s a smart decision because in AT Pierre can focus on himself rather than get bombarded by “oh max did great why didn’t you” that both him and Albon are accustomed to. This isn’t just that but with Yuki rumored to join AT, I’m worried that they could end up ruining his career as well. He himself has stated he’s not up to the physical demand of F1 yet and with Marco saying “focus on F1 not in F2” it’s setting him up for failure rushing a driver into the sport half cocked. Personally what would be better is to keep Albon in F1 but at AT, sign hulk to develop a better car that isn’t such a diva that even Max has said needs a lot of improving and let whoever consistently finishes higher above the other in each race (I don’t say championship points because that can come down to factors outside of the drivers control) get the RBR seat in 2022 with Yuki getting signed in 2022 to AT after maturing in F2 for 2021. This approach of “sign everyone and expect them to win” approach may work for some but when you have a driver like Gasly who struggled in 2019 and Albon who lost all confidence after his shunts with Lewis. You get to the point where maybe it’s the team’s environment that costs you assets

  21. Richard Atkins

    Richard Atkins

    18 dagen geleden


  22. Timmy Schnitzel

    Timmy Schnitzel

    19 dagen geleden

    This a polite version of Gasly not wanting to return to toxic Red Bull.

  23. Ano Niem

    Ano Niem

    19 dagen geleden

    Why not get Hamilton to RB? I am sure Max has no problem Lewis being the first driver at RB. Put Hulkenberg and Bottas in a Benz, and we will have exciting races. However, I am sure Hamilton would reject to have Max as his teammate.

  24. Thierry Dubus

    Thierry Dubus

    20 dagen geleden

    I'm French so I sorta know how we behave. This is where I would look more than anywhere else and I would remind the comment made by Marko/Horner during his Red Bull tenure: "Pierre should focus on his driving rather than try to explain to Newey how to build an F1 car"... Bourdais, Vergne, even Prost at the time had s***t reputations in their respective teams which lead to them being sacked -only saving grace for Prost was he was with a French team so they knew and could accept/handle it.

  25. Kevin McFlannigan

    Kevin McFlannigan

    20 dagen geleden

    The problem of Red Bull is that the have an outstanding first driver and they're just looking for a Bottoas in another suit. Keeping Max' back clear and being the obvious number 2 in the team. And thus Pierre does not fit into the team. Cause he's an amazing driver by now and also not willing to always being second

  26. Ian Vincent

    Ian Vincent

    20 dagen geleden

    Danni kvyat hasn't exactly been bad and never really deserved to be dropped from red bull he didn't look far off riccardo who we know is very quick when they were in the same car using this as a benchmark I'd say that gasly is probably 3ird or 4th fastest on the grid behind max Lewis and maybe Ricardo but clearly did not get along with driving maxs car just as albon didn't

  27. Evol Punk

    Evol Punk

    22 dagen geleden

    perez replacing albon would be fun.

  28. Ploosh


    22 dagen geleden

    Didn’t someone recently say that the Red Bull car was designed for Max, and he has his cars in a way that are near-undriveable for other drivers?

  29. pew


    22 dagen geleden

    Gasly deserved better in another team preferably Renault once he is done with AT

  30. French Connexion Racing

    French Connexion Racing

    22 dagen geleden

    Let him sharpen his knife in Alpha Tauri so he can join Alpine at his best.

  31. Edison73100


    23 dagen geleden

    I agree not him

  32. Trueno AE86

    Trueno AE86

    23 dagen geleden

    Red bull/helmut marko proved how much they're clowns by how they handled Gasly

  33. Evan Ouk

    Evan Ouk

    23 dagen geleden

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  34. 陳鵬


    24 dagen geleden

    Red Bull is like that toxic group of pretty, popular girls in high school

  35. cyril thompson

    cyril thompson

    24 dagen geleden

    The Red Bull car is built around Verstappen. It needs a different style of driving . The Alpha Tauri is an easier car to drive. The Red bill car doesn't suit anyone who isn't Verstappen. Anybody else will have difficulties driving the car. Even if a top notch driver is brought in.

  36. More Gone

    More Gone

    24 dagen geleden

    This video should be titled “why gladly doesn’t want to go to Red Bull”

  37. Zaher


    24 dagen geleden

    So you are just stating what is obvious but there was no answer to the main question, why Gasly is not in the Redbull seat! Is Albon up to the challenge of Max! No! is Gasly performing better, Yes! I'm sorry but please put in better quality videos

  38. Chris Kelleher

    Chris Kelleher

    25 dagen geleden

    Red Bull needs Danica Patrick.

  39. TheFoxhole78


    25 dagen geleden

    The reason vercrashens last 2 team mates haven't been able to match him is because Red bull are building the car solely to compliment his driving style, they don't factor in the team mates driving style, if they designed the car to the middle ground you would find they would most likely be more evenly matched

  40. gordon james

    gordon james

    25 dagen geleden

    Red Bull are always building up drama ,Gasly better off

  41. Moises Duarte

    Moises Duarte

    25 dagen geleden

    no one wants to sign up to be second place to third place ...

  42. Scott Smeaton

    Scott Smeaton

    25 dagen geleden

    I can’t help but think the Red Bull hasn’t been designed to suit Max’s driving his style...not his team mates! And why would Gasly want to go back to Red Bull?

  43. Aiden Romine

    Aiden Romine

    25 dagen geleden

    No one gonna mention he’s somehow 1 point behind Albon 👀

  44. 426dfv


    25 dagen geleden

    I wont be going to Red Bull even if requested. Redbull environment is so toxic. It only evolve within Max. Every time i saw Marko, it makes me want to sneeze.

  45. sultanabran1


    25 dagen geleden

    best thing for gasly is to finish his contract with red bull and leave them. he's shown he can stay in f1 withouth red bull. just like carlos sainz.

  46. XRS83


    26 dagen geleden

    Leave Gasly where he is at Alpha Tauri. Both him and Verstappen are phenomenal drivers, but they don't fit in the same team. Let Gasly grow and gain even more confidence until he get's the attention of one of the big teams. As soon as he makes a step forward out of the Red Bull programme, I'm sure both him and Verstappen will be able to contest Hamilton. And although I admire Hamilton's performance over the last few years, I think everyone would agree that there would be nothing better for the F1 sport to have 3 drivers fighting for that top spot.

  47. Andrew Mooney

    Andrew Mooney

    26 dagen geleden

    This channel is outstanding

  48. Isaiah King

    Isaiah King

    26 dagen geleden

    Red Bull should test Robert Kubica out. He was held back with his car previously, but I bet he would do good.

  49. DjGizmo412


    26 dagen geleden

    Gasly is going to Renault in 2022. Ocon gone Gasly in

  50. LonelyVEVO


    26 dagen geleden

    I'd think the pressure to perform isn't as high at alpha tauri as redbull. And I think Christian understands finding someone to match a drive of max's calibre is going to be hard. If gasly isn't up to the challenge of fighting max then he should be where he can perform best.

  51. Nuch


    26 dagen geleden

    Just a note: Hulk is not favorite for that seat, as it was said that he hasn't even had any talks for it. Pérez wouls be considered the favorite for that seat. For better or for worse.

  52. Shawn Elliott

    Shawn Elliott

    26 dagen geleden

    If I was him I would stay at AT, if for no other reason than the much better color scheme and livery of the two teams lol. I won't lie, I love the AT livery/color scheme.

  53. Victor Hugo Villena

    Victor Hugo Villena

    26 dagen geleden

    Gasly will be Renault N1 driver in a few seasons

  54. Pieter Stedehouder

    Pieter Stedehouder

    26 dagen geleden

    He is better off at AT as frontman.

  55. Spacedout


    26 dagen geleden

    To be honest the 2nd seat at Red Bull isn't good enough for Gasly, it's not that he can't do better than Albon, it's that he will get better results in Alpha Tauri

  56. descent815


    26 dagen geleden

    Redbull will NEVER be a contender cause they are there own worst enemy!

  57. Jose Goncalves

    Jose Goncalves

    26 dagen geleden

    Where is Albon going then?

  58. TMCT SimGaming

    TMCT SimGaming

    26 dagen geleden

    Gasly has to leave Red Bull. He needs to stay one more year with alpha tauri, and then, look for other opportunity, most lickely Renault.

  59. Alejandro Garcia

    Alejandro Garcia

    27 dagen geleden

    Hey mate, why in your video you don't even consider Checo as an option to fill 2nd RB seat? Honest question.

  60. Who am I?

    Who am I?

    27 dagen geleden

    Basically RBR is scared that they look like even worse idiots if they promote Gasly again and he fails.

  61. vs string

    vs string

    27 dagen geleden

    Poor content

  62. Bill Kerman

    Bill Kerman

    27 dagen geleden

    I do not see the point. Let albon grow. I would give him a contract for next year to boost his confidence and he will perform better. The car is designed around max so there is not even any evidence hulkenberg will be within 0.3 seconds of verstappen. Albon has the pace. Redbull know its not albon. A 2nd driver like bottas that agrees to all team oders and is basically as fast as the first driver lewis something that is not normal. Only thing keeping him from being on lewiss level is tyre managment and the odd mistake.

  63. Robbie T

    Robbie T

    27 dagen geleden

    LEt him drive for Alpha Tauri for 1 more year..too boost his confidence leran with less pressure ..and if he keeps performing good in 2021 you can look in 2022 to give him his seat back at Redbull

  64. Kogure


    27 dagen geleden

    Here is a question... Would RB pick up Bottas, should Merc drop him next year? Seems like an obvious choice, if no one else is confirmed for the seat for 2022.

  65. Walter Jr

    Walter Jr

    27 dagen geleden

    Swap them one race. Both will have to prove that they can be close to Max and Albon beat Danyl as easily as Gasly does, which shouldn't be that difficult. But I tend to agree with Red bull on this, which pains me to say..

  66. Watercooledguy


    27 dagen geleden

    Gasly is better off at A.T. than he would be at RedBull. Why go up against Verstappen as a 2nd driver when Verstappen is clearly experienced and comfortable in that car, when you can be A.T. #1 driver in a car that you are experienced and comfortable in. Gasly will be fine at A.T. he will grow and learn which will make him a more attractive prospect for top teams in the future. For all we know, 2022 could be a complete mess with the new cars/regs.

  67. Hind Musaed

    Hind Musaed

    27 dagen geleden

    I want to see Perez in redbull

  68. Philip Battersby

    Philip Battersby

    27 dagen geleden

    Both Gasly and Albon are good drivers - none of them was ready for the RB16. I do think Gasly is the best choice if they are to chose a driver from the Academy - but they seem hell-bent in not doing so.

  69. So Isaidtogod

    So Isaidtogod

    27 dagen geleden

    RB put all their eggs in the Crash-happen basket. They can never be fair to #2 driver.

  70. stavros741


    27 dagen geleden

    Your biggest enemy is your team mate. If you can't deal with that pressure, then stay away and go elsewhere. Anyone would be hard pressed to compete with a Verstappen. Perhaps they should bring back Ricciardo, no?

  71. Yaaseen Abrahams

    Yaaseen Abrahams

    27 dagen geleden

    nothing wrong with gasly doing another year at alpha tauri to prove his worth

  72. Prime


    27 dagen geleden

    Gasly failed at RB even worse than Albon is now. Albon was beating Gasly when he was in RB, Gasly is beating Albon now. Its great that hes back now, but if he wants to be "surprised" about not being picked now he should have performed the first time. Wish him all the best tho.

  73. Matteo Innocenti

    Matteo Innocenti

    27 dagen geleden

    I just hope that Renault will get better and replace Ocon with Gasly in 2022

  74. Adrian-Cosmin Ciofalca

    Adrian-Cosmin Ciofalca

    27 dagen geleden

    We want Hulkenberg

  75. k0kuyo


    28 dagen geleden

    is this 3kliksphilip of f1??

  76. Christopher Nye

    Christopher Nye

    28 dagen geleden

    He shat down his leg last time thats why they dont want him back at the top team

  77. Harold Fernandez

    Harold Fernandez

    28 dagen geleden

    Why change a driver being the leader of the team to become the Verstappen squire? Maybe, just maybe, Gasly could turn AlphaTauri into a first-class team the next season.

  78. Justin Hall

    Justin Hall

    28 dagen geleden

    Its better for him not to go back to rb. They didnt really give him enough time to work thru his issues with the car, they jus kept giving him dirty looks and shaking their heads at him. Im glad hes doing so well this year and hope he stays with alfa or goes to alpine

  79. Chevy Chaze

    Chevy Chaze

    28 dagen geleden

    Put Perez next to Max 🤞 Perez has solid pace in all conditions top 3 or 4 car corrected And he'll invest in a solid engine program, But it's his tyre management and that might Not only make Max be more patient with the undercut, it's not always the best way but It may also bring Red Bull a tenth or 2 in tyre and car setups alone ?? And he likes front End like Max but don't get it twisted Max is the man he beats Perez but Perez matches Beats Ricciardo and Perez on pace would of had Ricciardo's podium today until Stroll's Royce pitted him ?? 🤔 Save that podium for Lance ? And give Lance the newly updated Stroll's Royce and Perez gets the old machinery half a second a lap slower and Perez ? Says nothing gets into the car of a team he trusted and beat's Lance every time 👍 Way To do it very classy mentality of a champion a warrior team player pace never in doubt A 0.100 off Max ? And Hulk I rate the dude, But too tall and he's had his time like Kvyat So Perez and Red Bull fit like a glove, Put Albon alongside Gasly, But that's up to Franz Mercedes: 1. Hamilton 2. Bottas Red Bull 1. Max 2. Perez Ferrari 1. Leclerc 2. Sainz Aston Martin 1. Stroll 2. Vettel Mclaren 1. Ricciardo 2. Norris Renault 1. Alonso 2. Ocon Alfa Romeo 1. Kimi 2. Mick Schumacher Alpha Tauri 1. Gasly 2. Albon Haas 1. Kvyat 2. Ilott Williams 1. Russell 2. Hulkenberg I had Kvyat to Williams, Hulk to Haas at first ? But either way F1 would become so much better !! 🤞😃

  80. irou95


    28 dagen geleden

    If they asked bottas a bit earlier he could have actually joined RB.

  81. Hose B

    Hose B

    28 dagen geleden

    Unpopular theory: Without Max, Red Bull would be fighting for fifth in the championship. Corollary: Max will never be able to win the WDC with that team, and very few others would get anywhere close.

  82. silverwing honda

    silverwing honda

    28 dagen geleden

    Easy to see the old fart in charge of redbull does not want to lose face regarding the decision to demote gasly😬

  83. kirk stanton

    kirk stanton

    28 dagen geleden

    RBR are not the “top team”... they’re structured as a brother and sister teams, both cars essentially should have the potential to perform equally or better than the other... Gasley works better with the Alpha Tauri team, and I don’t understand why anyone would want to be team mate with Max. I genuinely cannot see red bull winning a constructors with Max considering how well that car is spec’d for him.

  84. Arif Khan

    Arif Khan

    28 dagen geleden

    It should be Nico or Chico

  85. Claire Sim

    Claire Sim

    28 dagen geleden

    He's has found a comfort zone with Alpha and has the support he needs to grow even more. Still needs to grow into that spot.. and this is the crew that will get him there.

  86. Optikification


    28 dagen geleden

    Gasly looks good when his teamm8 is shite.

  87. Just Simon

    Just Simon

    28 dagen geleden

    I understand Horner's reason and i do believe it is better for both Gasly Red Bull that he stays at Alpha Tauri right now.

  88. rikkierikkie


    28 dagen geleden

    In my opinion it's because they have already been there done that. Everyone seems to have forgotten how nervous and panicky he was many times when thing didn't go his way in the Red Bull.

  89. Smily Penguin

    Smily Penguin

    28 dagen geleden

    Nico Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulkenburg

  90. Arjun Singh

    Arjun Singh

    28 dagen geleden

    Remaining at alpha tauri is a better position to be. There is absolutely no need to be thrown into the pit with the lion. He is a very good driver and does not need to go through the same cycles as Vettel and Riccardo. Vestarppen is very good no doubt but I think Gasly gets too focussed on the details, he needs his own time to develop.

  91. Chris Cotonou

    Chris Cotonou

    28 dagen geleden

    They don’t want him because then they have to admit they made a mistake. The ‘difficulties’ of the car argument would scrub up better if he wasn’t getting too 5 in Formula goddamn 1.

  92. Adder


    28 dagen geleden

    Gasly:"shut up I dumped you first!"

  93. Christopher Ramirez

    Christopher Ramirez

    29 dagen geleden

    Watching this after a 4th place quali for Gasly

  94. Lui Cordero

    Lui Cordero

    29 dagen geleden

    Unless youre lewis hamilton, any teamate of max will be deemed a failure..

  95. Kerem Ozurun

    Kerem Ozurun

    29 dagen geleden

    Dont think that it should be a want issue for red bull, i think gasly and many drivers should never ever consider beeing redbulls second... unless management changes, with setup policies and equally prepared cars(part wise), so only then it can be down to the driver... even mika said that "redbull is a one car team".

  96. Morriitz


    29 dagen geleden

    If you give him a Alpha Tauri painted RedBull he will probably be up there with Max

  97. H DHIL

    H DHIL

    29 dagen geleden

    Because if gasly goes to rb and dosent preform, then they will surely blame rb and not the driver

  98. Carlos Geli

    Carlos Geli

    29 dagen geleden

    He can easily go for the Alpine team after the 21 season to replace Ocon or if Alonso decides to leave early.

  99. Geoff Hales

    Geoff Hales

    29 dagen geleden

    They are not axing Albon fools

  100. You Have One New Message

    You Have One New Message

    29 dagen geleden

    I wouldn't want to move to Red Bull if i were Pierre, that team has set their whole team around Max, anyone going in to that team is going to be getting very little attention from the engineers or management. Horner claims the sister team car at Alpha Tauri is an easier car to drive ! Okay if you say so 😂