Minecraft's Most Unbelievable Seeds...

Minecraft's Most Unbelievable and Rarest Seeds... Minecraft seeds can make some Minecraft worlds look ABSOLUTELY INSANE, so today we showcase and look at the most craziest Minecraft Seeds.
Twitch: SipoverS
Twitter: SipoverS
Instagram: SipoverS
Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb
Not Minecraft's History on NLcameras or Glitches, or even the entire history of minecraft i guess, and not even close to Ranking Minecraft's rarest occurrences and Minecrafts most mind-blowing inventions. Dream could totally use some of these seeds for a manhunt speedrunner vs hunters... Or maybe even tommyinnit in a Minecraft Mod video.
DISCLAIMER: All of these seeds are Java besides the ravine, Some of the seeds in this video only work on certain versions, so if it isn't working try other versions like 1.12, 1.7.10, and 1.14.
-To find the landmarks, do /locate(biome) (landmark) like stronghold or village and you should be able to find the landmark.
Credits to reddit and the Minecraft@home team for finding the majority of these seeds, they're crazy.
- u/plebiain


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      10m view! Lesss gooo

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      Dude you past it by a lot...

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      Yessssss sub to everybody

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      @Jamal Magnus Yup, I've been using Flixzone for years myself :D

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      pro tip : you can watch movies at flixzone. I've been using it for watching all kinds of movies these days.

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    this is the only video that is not clickbait

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    You can't play that pristine paper mario music while showing that! Come on, man :D

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    this guy has 18 vids and 500k+ subs.this makes no sense to me

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    Such a buetiful video

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    7: 53, Sooo true🤣🤣🤣

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    What is the seed of seven wonder one

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      What seed is that

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    10 million this guy will be popular for about 1 month then die

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    This was so interesting to watch thank you!

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    Thank you

  14. 0rplum - m4rch

    0rplum - m4rch

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    Once i spawned in a world with mob spawn off, there was a pillagers raid tower thing I forgot what it’s called right next to a village.

  15. Cool Breeze

    Cool Breeze

    3 uur geleden

    The thing that blew my mind the most is that people found those spots in the seeds for the main menu camera pan. Like how, gotta be on the right seed, then gotta find the spot in a world that does nothing but grow. Like what

  16. JohnAndrew Eribal GAMING

    JohnAndrew Eribal GAMING

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    Ravine + Village = Ravillage

  17. Alex Pichardo

    Alex Pichardo

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    What are the cords tho

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    very interesting

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  20. Mandy Craddock

    Mandy Craddock

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    Bro imagine someone has a mod where if you chop the bottom of a tree it all falls down those exist btw and chops that villager house down

  21. Harysane875


    4 uur geleden

    I found a massive shattered savana seed "2436147868483378673" (mountain is at -499 218 -2629)

  22. Arie Yusuf Van Der Sluis

    Arie Yusuf Van Der Sluis

    5 uur geleden

    how is that even possible? the hight limit is 255?

  23. RGB Animations

    RGB Animations

    5 uur geleden

    One time, I spawned on an island with an ocean monument right next to it

  24. itz krizten

    itz krizten

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    6:32 so guys we did it

  26. os caçadores

    os caçadores

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  27. andrewinnit123


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    In my minecraft world near spawn is a village with 3 blacksmiths, the stronghold is under that village and if you build a portal in the village you will spawn right next to the fortress

  28. alex


    6 uur geleden

    full portal seed: 153528141396417860

  29. Brewster


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    Should have done the 1.17 lush caves among us seed

  30. a


    6 uur geleden

    sipover lied i built portal and threw used book and quill in on seed 20w14infinite and it didn't work

  31. -Mint Tea Chan-

    -Mint Tea Chan-

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  32. Tom Combs

    Tom Combs

    6 uur geleden

    All the seeds in the video : @ Exposed stronghold library: -4184000969893959047 @ Exposed stronghold staircase : -63618601650509525 @ Completed End-portal : 153528141396417860 @ Bugged End-portal : 8820529816979238 @ Floating jungle temple & island : 4232314645993285604 @ Desert temple house : -2658390636751341548 @ Village skyscraper : -6425161732431427921 @ Village in a woodland mansion : -9059045145664655421 @ Softlock spawn : 10931311583393626 @ Ocean monument inside a stronghold : 4201395632256542877 @ Ocean monument in a shallow pond in a mesa : 6106940150691661575 @ Mineshaft that go through bedrock : -1277438139 @ Beat minecraft without leaving the spawnchunk : -7099026225756889922 @ Official Herobrine beginning : 478868574082066804 @ Mountain in minecraft ressource pack & world selection : 3257840388504953787 @ Ancient minecraft title screen background : -7099026225756889922 @ Craziest snow mountain : 251 @ Tallest mountain possible : 7554908224900051322 @ 23 blocks tall cactus : 184693195438010998 @ Village isle surrounded by frozen ocean & mooshroom : -376042977865450385 @ Incredible spawn : 1866338692667258164 @ Pink sheep seed : 2942736505878736687 @ Seed n°0 : creashacks organzine @ Repeated cave : 107038380838084 @ Repeated mineshaft : 164311266871034 @ Repeated ravine (bedrock edition) : 1669320484 YW

  33. Jacob Moreno

    Jacob Moreno

    7 uur geleden

    I was lucky when I first played Minecraft because I spawned in a mineshaft

  34. A S T R O I K O N I K ψ

    A S T R O I K O N I K ψ

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    0:51 Imagine some new player gets this seed and thinks that's how the game works

  35. Vision Bondy

    Vision Bondy

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    Bro is in everyone's recommended

  36. Game Like Pro

    Game Like Pro

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    The seed 0 generets randomly because my world was too corupted

  37. 3n20 g4m3r

    3n20 g4m3r

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    Hey sipover í from brazil soo if my english is bad this is the reason .Ok a vein of 11 Diamond is rare?

  38. gatinho live

    gatinho live

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  39. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

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    Just imagine having all of these anomalies on your map, I would’ve been thinking I was cursed and blessed

  40. Nkateko Gana

    Nkateko Gana

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    The villagers and the pillagers are living together that is weird but rare

  41. Haroon


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    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

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      This is all Herobrine's work for sure

  42. OmerIsKewl


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    1:38 so we're just gonna ignore that floating zombie?

  43. Imagine


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    10:30: The mineshaft when I can't find how I got in there

  44. Billy Gaming!

    Billy Gaming!

    9 uur geleden

    Ill tell u my friends seed so 1st a temple we found and then we find a village but then I went mining and found the strong hold without eyes idk seed though

  45. Joy M.

    Joy M.

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    Is 9:20 fake?

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    La tuya por si acaso

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    Ur mom 8:52

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    hi i am dead pig



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      @Jay's Random Videos lmao

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      Jay's Random Videos

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      You got me XD

  51. helferichh :D

    helferichh :D

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    when im writing the tallest mountain seed, im in forest, and i don't see any mountain (i tried much times writing this seed and nothing ;/), is that on bedrock edition, or i must go to some coordinates?

  52. ElSaltaCohetes


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    Yo, where is the SalC1 shout-out?

  53. Toniovray


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    And i thinked i was lucky with my mineshaft inside my strongold lol

  54. Grant Reineck

    Grant Reineck

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    Are these java or bedrock

  55. Andrew Ithaca

    Andrew Ithaca

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    The seed for the infinite ravine on bedrock?

  56. S


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    This is all Herobrine's work for sure

  57. Sheila Raber

    Sheila Raber

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    these seeds do not work

  58. Aisyah Salvia

    Aisyah Salvia

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    interesting seeds aside, I gotta give props for the narration aswell! I think it's all perfectly timed with the edits and you really kept the flow going, love it!

  59. Joelle Wolff

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  60. Regina Scharnau

    Regina Scharnau

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    8:12 What are the cords ?

  61. AoffyDosy


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    11:10 Oh!!! That's the famous Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon!! 😂

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    2:20 doofenshmirtz evil incorporated



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    The Meme Factory

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    I wish he would give us the coordinates

  65. Ice cube

    Ice cube

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    These seeds acting kinda sus

  66. Windows Vists Bruh editon

    Windows Vists Bruh editon

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    AMONG US pero en Minecraft 😱 [Me toca IMPOSTOR] nlcameras.info/wiki/aX3LnaxvnWWo03o/video

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    everybody gangsta till herobrine actually shows up in these seeds

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    This popped up in my recommended and has so many views. Minecraft fighting the algorithm?

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    11:09 Wrong Seed

  74. Jesper Ohlson

    Jesper Ohlson

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    What are the cords of the tallest mountain possible

  75. Soleil Brisé

    Soleil Brisé

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    The seed at 1:10 as also something at coordinate -2389 51 51 BIG FAT Mama ruined portal next to a stronghold

  76. Just a random guy on the internet

    Just a random guy on the internet

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    the ocean temple one dosent work, its just an ordinary temple chilling there

  77. Beanyboxer


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    World generation be like Water, Tree, Ocean, *STRONGHOLD*, Grass block, Tree

  78. Crash Bandicoot 2

    Crash Bandicoot 2

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    Its not april fools right ?

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    The coordinates?

  81. Doby Cat

    Doby Cat

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    Road to 1 mil

  82. Master Hawk

    Master Hawk

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    What is the coordinates for the complete portal?

  83. Em&m _

    Em&m _

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    9:19 portal glitch

  84. gaming by nature

    gaming by nature

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    0:34 seed of this pls

  85. JakeyYT Crescencio

    JakeyYT Crescencio

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    me looking for copy seeds

  86. Mcmwp 26

    Mcmwp 26

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    I typed these in and couldn’t find anything

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    Is there a girlfriend seed?

  88. Kristy games

    Kristy games

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    Ok i was play on this seed and I don't ni how but the seed was random

  89. Rom_playz


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    Beautiful, my friend

  90. Emir Prog

    Emir Prog

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    How can I see the seed of where I stand?

  91. Charkel


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    Thx for the version numbers for the seed for enyone wanting to try them out. A$$*ole

  92. shaquana jones

    shaquana jones

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  93. Isak s

    Isak s

    17 uur geleden

    I used to have a really cool seed back in the days. i spawned in at the foot of a mountain, and when i walked around it did it turn out that only a small piece of the mountain was actually connected to the ground, the rest of the mountain was sloping out and underneath the mountain did I find a village with a big pond.

  94. Gui Lherme

    Gui Lherme

    17 uur geleden

    Plot twist: All worlds generated in Minecraft are the same (with XYZ in different places) and the seeds only determine X=0 Y=0 Z=0 and the place where you spawn.

  95. Krish


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    The way you give us informaton made me sub you

  96. 任意の人ikki


    17 uur geleden

    Anybody know the coordinates for snow mountain?

    • Sipover


      17 uur geleden

      356, 200, 748

  97. Nobody


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  98. Minion3822


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    4:26 the middle top looks like a someones face

  99. NxP_BeNdYpLaYz


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  100. Jerzy Sielicki-Baryłka

    Jerzy Sielicki-Baryłka

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    cool video i like how there was actual fun content all the way through and not a lot of talking about nothing to make it longer