How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body - The Microbiome

What happens when microbes talk to your brain?

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How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body - The Microbiome


  1. Asumhaloman


    8 minuten geleden

    Wow my gut must be screaming in torment from all this diet soda, really sorry about that

  2. DarkReaper PS4

    DarkReaper PS4

    22 uur geleden

    Why do I find this interesting than school I just get bored on school but these videos are interesting

  3. Sara Costa

    Sara Costa

    Dag geleden

    Where can I find the references for this video? In some of your videos you put the references written on the screen or on the descripition, but in several of then there is no references at all. I'm not criticizing. I realy realy love your work, but I just wanted to read some of the studies you guys metion on the video, thats all.

  4. 3D 3D

    3D 3D

    Dag geleden

    At the start,I thought I was doing to die with so many microbes 🦠 wtf 🤬

  5. Kylie Schultz

    Kylie Schultz

    2 dagen geleden


  6. GameMash


    2 dagen geleden

    By mother's bacteria they mean poop

  7. K P

    K P

    3 dagen geleden

    This video is gonna be....viral.

  8. Andres Jonathan Tantrawirawan

    Andres Jonathan Tantrawirawan

    4 dagen geleden

    6:22 *Error brain in a nutshell*

  9. Oliver L

    Oliver L

    4 dagen geleden

    Drink raw kefir



    5 dagen geleden

    This video makes no sense! It has no birds!

  11. faasd fer

    faasd fer

    5 dagen geleden

    This video is gonna be....viral.

  12. MrRedstone


    6 dagen geleden

    So... Poop transplants can *help* make overweight people lose weight and underweight people gain weight as well as reduce depression and keep it down? Why the hell are we not doing so? Millions of people suffer from obesity and depression, and millions of people are dangerously underweight. And the tool to a healthy lifestyle is right there.

  13. IsIs likes YoU

    IsIs likes YoU

    7 dagen geleden

    So basically what microorganisms are saying is . Its not your body ItS oUr BoDy *communism intesifies*

  14. Jake Schubert

    Jake Schubert

    8 dagen geleden

    I have a lot of sugar loving bacteria lol

  15. suager89 - gameplays

    suager89 - gameplays

    8 dagen geleden

    Maikel amarillo

  16. Rufus Blofeld

    Rufus Blofeld

    9 dagen geleden

    actually autism is not a diseases

  17. JoshuaChess


    10 dagen geleden

    this video is very satisfying even though i only searched “good bacteria in human body” randomly

  18. bob along

    bob along

    12 dagen geleden

    so slender people can now expect to be hit on by size-large people for some of their do

  19. Oscar Perez

    Oscar Perez

    12 dagen geleden

    3:39 tf is this eating

  20. Allysandra Ilagan

    Allysandra Ilagan

    12 dagen geleden

    Hi guys! if u care for the environment, please use Ecosia as your search engine. For every 45 searches u make, a tree will be planted somewhere. If you think this is fake, u can always check out their NLcameras channel. Stay safe guys :) bai bai

  21. the best dance of the night Hingano Kalauta

    the best dance of the night Hingano Kalauta

    13 dagen geleden

    Those immune system guys look awesome ☠️💪💪

  22. Arthur Melo Martins

    Arthur Melo Martins

    13 dagen geleden


    • Lucca Pugliesi

      Lucca Pugliesi

      13 dagen geleden

      oi kk

  23. Chris OFree

    Chris OFree

    14 dagen geleden

    The saying "you are what you eat" has never been more relevant than in this video.

  24. Sid Michael

    Sid Michael

    14 dagen geleden

    Can a damaged gut be restored? If yes, how?

  25. Sabrina Khan

    Sabrina Khan

    17 dagen geleden

    My favourite video from all the kurzgesagt videos is finally chosen: Microbiomes

  26. Wei Cao

    Wei Cao

    17 dagen geleden

    I can concord my microbiome lol

  27. P1tog1ros


    18 dagen geleden


  28. Mohammed jawad play’s

    Mohammed jawad play’s

    19 dagen geleden

    Rats: glad I’m not depressed Humans: uno reverse card

  29. YT Skeptical

    YT Skeptical

    21 dag geleden

    oh my god big foot just ripped open his chest

  30. Eren Jager

    Eren Jager

    22 dagen geleden

    Omg I was born from c section and pre mature... so uhh i’m dead?

  31. Valerie Ramos - Lasmarias

    Valerie Ramos - Lasmarias

    22 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt pls tell me aboat the imuun cells

  32. Brigham Dobson

    Brigham Dobson

    22 dagen geleden

    that ape looked like it nut while being tered apart

  33. Jalapeño and Banana Productions

    Jalapeño and Banana Productions

    23 dagen geleden

    Microbes are so strong that soap can't even kill 99.91 but only 99.9

  34. Pedro Maciel

    Pedro Maciel

    23 dagen geleden

    Very good video! "Made then less sensitive to insulin", i think it's wrong

  35. Recep S.

    Recep S.

    24 dagen geleden

    "-But we have gained a powerful ally, if we can just keep the peace"...

  36. ernesto briceno

    ernesto briceno

    25 dagen geleden

    Yep it’s fun a be viral bigtime

  37. NightwishTarja


    26 dagen geleden

    well in fact, the microbes which are considered good, are just playing the good guys, while it fits them... well in good measure egoism it is good for us, but what if they stop playing good... who will help us with digestive and immune mechanism? we are totally dependent on them, if they betray us we are doomed

  38. Jalloh Cherif

    Jalloh Cherif

    27 dagen geleden

    seriously loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  39. Jalloh Cherif

    Jalloh Cherif

    27 dagen geleden


  40. Jalloh Cherif

    Jalloh Cherif

    27 dagen geleden


  41. Jalloh Cherif

    Jalloh Cherif

    27 dagen geleden


  42. Critika [Salihmeylani]

    Critika [Salihmeylani]

    27 dagen geleden

    "There are butterflies in my stomach" *Oh yeah, its all coming together.*

  43. manpreet boparai

    manpreet boparai

    29 dagen geleden

    That’s why people say listen to your gut...

  44. Hannan Kruger

    Hannan Kruger

    Maand geleden

    Poop transplant...why did I have to be knowledgeable of such a thing?

  45. Elianna Spenst

    Elianna Spenst

    Maand geleden

    just that one guy with a funnil in his butt

  46. Elianna Spenst

    Elianna Spenst

    Maand geleden

    watch Cells at Work its an anime all about the human body

  47. Thefaceguru


    Maand geleden

    I trust my gut for sure now

  48. Sarita Girkar

    Sarita Girkar

    Maand geleden

    So there is a fuckin poop bank ?

  49. Tay of the BADGER

    Tay of the BADGER

    Maand geleden

    so werd

  50. CursedBot


    Maand geleden

    Germaphobes look away Actually watch it

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    YOGA for a healthy life

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    This is an epic vid

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    Anases Gaming

    Maand geleden

    Who else is learning about hmthis in 7th grade i am

  53. Kom Phatak

    Kom Phatak

    Maand geleden

    Don't know why I am watching this video again and again...too cute

  54. George Shaw

    George Shaw

    Maand geleden

    Stupid question. Thats if this is read. What about people with high motabalisum? (If thats how it spelt?)

  55. sababa


    Maand geleden

    6:16 ye idk about this

  56. Violet B.

    Violet B.

    Maand geleden

    Im not alone! I have an ally!!! CUTE! .... sorry i make you depressed and autistic tho. Let’s try to fix that together!

  57. Tino


    Maand geleden

    I found it. I finally found it. The only Kurzgesagt video I haven't already watched and left a like on. FINALLY!!!!!!

  58. blue dragon

    blue dragon

    Maand geleden

    autism is not a disease!

  59. Desiree Manalo

    Desiree Manalo

    Maand geleden

    “The Microbiome wants us to have a healthy brain” Me: drinks one whole cup of wine My Guts: I WILL KILL YOU!

  60. Anshu Yadav

    Anshu Yadav

    Maand geleden

    Poop transplant ........ what could get more disturbing?

  61. J Zorzella

    J Zorzella

    Maand geleden

    A SHIT TRANSPLANT!?!?!??!?! 😳

  62. Daniel Mak

    Daniel Mak

    Maand geleden

    so i rule the internet cuz im a micro organism on here

  63. Gerald Tovar

    Gerald Tovar

    Maand geleden

    the poop transplant part made me think when i have diary i should just deal.with it

  64. Extinct Documentary Game

    Extinct Documentary Game

    Maand geleden

    This video just summed up like a quarter of my 7th grade science in 7 minutes...

  65. Roblox’s 1# Top Hat

    Roblox’s 1# Top Hat

    Maand geleden

    How does it feel that this video is probably getting more views because of this pandemic.

  66. Avatar Allstar

    Avatar Allstar

    Maand geleden

    6:17 sounds like something that would be done in South Park

    • Jon M

      Jon M

      Maand geleden

      Lmao they did last year hahaha amazing episode

  67. Joseph Van Paul

    Joseph Van Paul

    Maand geleden

    Nah mate i'm never taking someone's shit in myself to get slim

  68. Hà Thăng Lâm Hà

    Hà Thăng Lâm Hà

    Maand geleden

    Moi moi moi moi moi moi moi

  69. Hà Thăng Lâm Hà

    Hà Thăng Lâm Hà

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    Đầu cắt moi

  70. Ian


    Maand geleden

    Now, if only we could cure the rampant disease that makes these poor people's eyes blink at different times! I'll bet it's lupus.

  71. GXY The PsicloneYT 2020

    GXY The PsicloneYT 2020

    Maand geleden

    how is autism a desease? i have autism you know. i might have schizophrenia.................................... and i do not have cancer i know.

  72. Sooper


    Maand geleden

    So, by eating random stuff I actually breed different types of bacteria? For some reason this sounds really cool

  73. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    Maand geleden

    Transferring poop... interesting.

  74. Bertold Szekeres

    Bertold Szekeres

    Maand geleden

    I wonder who came up with the idea of shit transplant first and what the reaction was to it.

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    Sandeep k

    Maand geleden

    Good one

  76. Jinnie George Pogue

    Jinnie George Pogue

    Maand geleden

    Do you have a specific plan 🤔

  77. Logan Feng

    Logan Feng

    Maand geleden

    I watched this video twice on my own and one because my teacher told me to I watched on my own first. You are awesome keep up the work!!!

  78. 91 23

    91 23

    Maand geleden

    no joke. use the feces of healthy people.

  79. canan yenid

    canan yenid

    Maand geleden

    An amazing video

  80. Maximilian v. W.

    Maximilian v. W.

    Maand geleden

    Where are the sources?

  81. Hygiene Food Safety

    Hygiene Food Safety

    Maand geleden

    Such a brilliant way to explain our microbiome. Well done!

  82. R.C -w-

    R.C -w-

    Maand geleden

    Basically gut bacteria are just our versions of mithocondria

  83. Alexander B

    Alexander B

    Maand geleden

    So basically there's a chance that one day there'll be capsules full of Microbiomes that everyone shoves up their bumbs to make them overall healthier? I'm in

  84. jazzy tan

    jazzy tan

    Maand geleden

    imagine having to get a decal transplant tho

  85. Yufeng Yan

    Yufeng Yan

    Maand geleden

    subsribe to yufeng yan

  86. Carl Soto

    Carl Soto

    Maand geleden


  87. Joshua Klenczar

    Joshua Klenczar

    Maand geleden

    3:41 yo that’s gonna fall carry with two hands and also probably want to touch the top bun You monster

  88. OrangeLemon


    Maand geleden

    6:25 uh what

  89. Daniel How-Tien Liew

    Daniel How-Tien Liew

    Maand geleden

    The animation is on point.

  90. Remi


    Maand geleden

    Me, who's born via c-section: great.

  91. gar


    Maand geleden

    So my Guts or controlling to me

  92. Beata Rzepka

    Beata Rzepka

    Maand geleden

    nice video but from bill and melinda gates fundation....🤑🤮

    • Sooper


      Maand geleden

      @12D_D21 I think he believes into Bill Gates conspiracy lmao

    • 12D_D21


      Maand geleden

      Why are you against a foundation that works for research on medicine?

  93. Saad Haosawi

    Saad Haosawi

    Maand geleden

    Do about the madness

  94. Ahmad Fauzan

    Ahmad Fauzan

    Maand geleden

    Microbes:lets land in this human body they are our descendants since the first microbes exist anyway Human:hippity hoppity you now get the vaccinity

  95. Spinny Boi

    Spinny Boi

    Maand geleden

    Microbes are good and im happy those fellas are around

  96. dan 17000

    dan 17000

    Maand geleden

    4:44 Two major jojo references: One; too much four in a number. Two; very Joseph joestar of you doing a kid younger than your grandson.

  97. Wan Tjhen

    Wan Tjhen

    Maand geleden

    And once we die ... the microbiome will be our primary decomposer

  98. Two Pancakes

    Two Pancakes

    Maand geleden

    Why do these microbes look cute in the thumbnail

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    axolotl 377

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    6:20 wut

  100. Declan Wolf

    Declan Wolf

    Maand geleden

    Person: no one loves you Me: YOU FOOL! I AM FULL OF BACTERIA THAT LOVE ME

    • Declan Wolf

      Declan Wolf

      Maand geleden

      @12D_D21 Eat different food to kick them out.

    • 12D_D21


      Maand geleden

      But what if they’re thinking: “What a shit home this is!”?