ENTIRE TANK DEAD! (how did this happen) | MD Fish Tanks

ENTIRE TANK DEAD! (how did this happen) | MD Fish Tanks
This is not good and I don't usually like making these kinds of videos, but sometimes these things happen and I have known it to cause people to give up the hobby. I need to show all the ups AND the downs. Bummer as I said in the video because any animal that dies under your watch is horrid, but we pick ourselves up, learn and move on!
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  1. MD Fish Tanks

    MD Fish Tanks

    18 dagen geleden

    This is not good and I don't usually like making these kinds of videos, but sometimes these things happen and I have known it to cause people to give up the hobby. I need to show all the ups AND the downs. Bummer as I said in the video because any animal that dies under your watch is horrid, but we pick ourselves up, learn and move on! Equipment (all affiliate links): Tanks: US amzn.to/2SOocHG UK amzn.to/2SPA24i Light: US (similar) amzn.to/2SNgbm7 UK amzn.to/2Fn9aW1 Racking: Shelving: US amzn.to/2SrYZ5k UK amzn.to/2GFWKJ2 Airpump (filter): US amzn.to/31z8FA9 UK amzn.to/37GIoUa Filter Sponges: US amzn.to/3dQLUfM UK amzn.to/3dS2k7K Mini shrimp net: US amzn.to/3oAEW3R UK amzn.to/35D22xZ Stainless shelving: US amzn.to/3d0UOH8 UK amzn.to/36Ao0Ug Media Bags: US amzn.to/34Kaf2N UK amzn.to/3lAj3z1 Stainless Lily Pipes: US amzn.to/2FqHpvR UK amzn.to/2RlfrnC Filter: US amzn.to/3iNeVtW UK amzn.to/2Fo774a

    • sarah K

      sarah K

      15 dagen geleden

      What type of fish are they?

    • Natedawg 307

      Natedawg 307

      16 dagen geleden

      Can you show more of Timmy the turtle?

    • Lagoon Aquascape

      Lagoon Aquascape

      18 dagen geleden

      unfortunately this is how unpredictable is this hobby. :-( I would have tried to move the fishes to another tank, in the past it helped me somehow. Perhaps some pollutants enter the tank or CO2 was too high? Boraras are hardy fishes despite the size. cheer up!

    • MiniMe Goldfinger

      MiniMe Goldfinger

      18 dagen geleden

      U should check pH lvl s in transport water and ur tank and get them close to each other before put them in. That was always a factor of mass death in the whole sale I used to work.

    • Forbidden Hanyou

      Forbidden Hanyou

      18 dagen geleden

      I know this is dumb, but the directions for that ammonia test say to shake it VIGOROUSLY for five seconds to get accurate results. I could see the test liquid was not fully mixed in. Just for future reference. :)

  2. Princess Sofiya

    Princess Sofiya

    17 uur geleden

    Same thing happened to me i had 3 goldfish 2 of them died the same day and the third one died after 2-3 days

  3. Trash Queen

    Trash Queen

    Dag geleden

    :c this is so sad. When I moved my fish over to their bigger tank the heater broke and I didn’t realise, so overnight a bunch of my fish died from freezing water 😭 I miss them so much

  4. Rainier van Slingerlandt

    Rainier van Slingerlandt

    Dag geleden

    I just loved the idea of making the back of your aquarium matted glass by adding the foil. I'm gonna do that as well on my new aquarium.

  5. Killah Priest

    Killah Priest

    2 dagen geleden

    overstocked and severely underplanted

  6. Giancarlo Nicolas

    Giancarlo Nicolas

    3 dagen geleden

    This happened to me. All of a sudden all my fish seemed to have a hard time “breathing” and died!! I still don’t know why?! I had them for about 6 years with ZERO problems!! Till this day I have no idea what happened!

  7. ROEG-Assassin XD

    ROEG-Assassin XD

    3 dagen geleden

    This is how my neon tetras died

  8. pavy415


    4 dagen geleden

    This happens to other people in NLcameras and the comments section " oh you don't know how to keep them, oh you did this wrong or did that wrong" happens to these other channels we get comments like " it's ok it happens, you did everything you could, no problem start over" smh🤦🏽

  9. Joseph birchall

    Joseph birchall

    5 dagen geleden

    I treated for ick ( cant remember which brand i used ), but had an oily film build up on everything about a week later despite me following the directions correctly and all my fish were at the top. It turned out that the medication reduced the oxygen in the tank so i immediately re-oxygenated the water which i believe saved my fish with the exception of a few. Might have been something similar and the fish that were left were to far gone.

  10. Roy Hsieh

    Roy Hsieh

    5 dagen geleden

    its 2020, so its not your fault

  11. Kiragacash Illustrations

    Kiragacash Illustrations

    6 dagen geleden

    I haven't had this happen as of yet, been keeping fish since I was 12 :/ I am glad of this but I suppose I've also not experienced that learning curve yet

  12. smzubek


    6 dagen geleden

    Wait.... what happened to the new studio? Haven't watched in a while.

  13. Nick Bailey

    Nick Bailey

    7 dagen geleden

    ive dosed the correct medication b4 n bout 60 percent of my fish all died only happened the once tho

  14. rob lewis

    rob lewis

    8 dagen geleden

    I'd be blaming an ammonia spike from that aqua soil.

    • MD Fish Tanks

      MD Fish Tanks

      8 dagen geleden

      this soil doesnt release ammonia

  15. Pat Holack

    Pat Holack

    9 dagen geleden

    True Australians don't say G'day mate.... My family has been in Australia since you poms sent the first lot of convicts here, and I have never heard it once... Not from a Aussie anyway, just foreigners...

  16. Green Squirrel

    Green Squirrel

    9 dagen geleden

    Happened to me.. Lost 8-9 fishes in 3 days.... The rest ones doing great for 4 months now

  17. Eleanor Rhines

    Eleanor Rhines

    9 dagen geleden

    Baby axolotls are extremely sensitive and any person who breeds them will tell you it is trial and error!

  18. k9feces


    10 dagen geleden

    Years ago I was working with concentrated insecticide at work, I can home and started working in my tank and the shrimp started dropping like flies.

  19. Victoria Wolf

    Victoria Wolf

    10 dagen geleden

    Did you paint the shelves with black paint or did the shelves come in black?

  20. sofluid


    11 dagen geleden

    Either it was compromised immune systems or sensitivity to a possible pH swing which weakens fish and then again they become prone to diseases and infections. But seems that it was a bad batch but for these reasons its always veery important to drip acclimate fish as a habit. And never adjust the amount of water during water changes too drastically to maintain some stability.

  21. Proko & Co.

    Proko & Co.

    11 dagen geleden

    I'm glad I found your channel. I've dealt with 3 fish deaths(my first ever), 2 guppies kiled by their own, and then my betta yesterday without any explanation. No nips, no ick, ammonia and nitrites are 0, nitrates are less than 10ppm, no noticeable changes then a sudden death. Very disheartening, but glad I watched your video. I feel a bit less bad now.

  22. Ibrahim Khan

    Ibrahim Khan

    11 dagen geleden

    I lose my 24 chichlid in one night just because of heater crack😔

  23. Greenieravenclaw


    11 dagen geleden

    I started keeping fishes as a hobby because I was so lonely during lockdown. I've learnt a lot from your channel.. And frankly speaking... Losing pet fishes is traumatic for me the first time it happened..

  24. Noodle Aquatics

    Noodle Aquatics

    12 dagen geleden

    I had a bunch of fish die off from a hand sanitizer contamination, if you touched this tank first before others, the others may be fine, but you could have had the same incident I did. Theres a chemical in some hand sanitizers, Benzalkonium chloride, which is thought to be what killed mine off.

  25. Marie A

    Marie A

    12 dagen geleden

    Wow, those tanks are amazing! So beautiful.

  26. Jason Peculiar

    Jason Peculiar

    12 dagen geleden

    Great video as always bro, thanks. It's refreshing to see someone showing the bad side of the hobby too, for a change. Mysterious deaths are just part of fishkeeping sometimes, but......I did make a couple of observations in your video that I thought I'd mention. I notice while you were pouring in the new water for the emergency water change that you poured it through your fingers. This is not good practice in my opinion. As a rule, hands should be kept out of aquarium water as much as possible. I'm sure you know that even the tiniest trace amount of a detergent etc is all it takes to poison a tank (especially one so small) and as careful as we try to be we can easily have a lapse and still have a trace of something on our hands. Not just detergents of course, but traces of many other dangerous substances can be still on our skin. Grooming products, ink, oils, cooking ingredients etc etc. My other observation is in the same vein. When you removed the new fish from the bag into the net and drained the water, you did it right down in the sink where the net was touching the sink. Again, only the tiniest trace of detergent or similar is needed to cause a disaster. I know because I have made similar mistakes in the past. I appreciate that the supplier was honest about the ich problems etc but you did say that you had treated it and it had cleared up. so if they looked fine visually then I don't think an illness or parasite was the cause of the deaths, especially all the fish and so quickly. I suspect a wee toxic incident. Anyway, there's my 2P's worth. Apologies if I was preaching to the choir. Be lucky.

  27. Mateusz Dobrowolski

    Mateusz Dobrowolski

    12 dagen geleden

    Great videos. Subed

  28. MrMaverick004


    12 dagen geleden

    Hey MD/Comment Section! Are the backgrounds you use just window tint? Or do you have a special brand? Sorry if you've been asked 100 times already!

  29. jaybajan


    12 dagen geleden

    some jones town shit happened in that tank

  30. Rick Snyder

    Rick Snyder

    13 dagen geleden

    I know how you feel, I lost my entire tank (45 fish). Never could figure it out all parameters were good, no new fish added to the tank, etc. They all just dropped where they were at in an instant. Only two Green Corys survived.

  31. Swish Celadon

    Swish Celadon

    13 dagen geleden


  32. Fish Are Friends

    Fish Are Friends

    13 dagen geleden

    Ich doesn’t go quick... it takes 3 weeks Water change was insufficient too. If it’s a poisioning, 75% x 3

  33. Mason Veselik

    Mason Veselik

    13 dagen geleden

    The problem is you started with 13..unlucky

  34. Emberframe FFN

    Emberframe FFN

    13 dagen geleden

    @MD Fish Tanks maybe it was the hand sanitizer, it causes brain haemorrhaging in fish, and organ failure as well. there was a whole thing about it.

  35. 2 gb ram gamer

    2 gb ram gamer

    13 dagen geleden

    How to pronounce "but" Just say buh

  36. Rafiq rafi

    Rafiq rafi

    14 dagen geleden

    What's the plant you have in your new tank? It's very lively and vibrant.

  37. Hieu TV

    Hieu TV

    14 dagen geleden

    Wow fish drama is so riveting.

  38. Robert Nowak

    Robert Nowak

    14 dagen geleden

    ph drop ? co2 overdose ? or even both ? sorry for your loss

  39. Shandi's thoughts & trys

    Shandi's thoughts & trys

    14 dagen geleden

    Meaby a co2 spike due to the tank being moved. I had this happen before, I also add activated charcoal for under my substrate. It absorbs a lot of the nasty potential things

  40. JustMyFish


    14 dagen geleden

    It’s just something that happens. Small fish very vulnerable to the slightest temperature change. That’s the problem I had 0.1 degree deep or Rise would kill him. From my experience.

  41. 1tank2tank 3tank4

    1tank2tank 3tank4

    14 dagen geleden

    Gutted for you loosing fish! It’s always sad. I have had Chili’s in a nano for a good while now and they are great little fish - good luck to the new batch in their new home.

  42. Arya Dewabrata

    Arya Dewabrata

    14 dagen geleden

    What is that? Fish or frog

  43. Jesse Prince

    Jesse Prince

    14 dagen geleden

    This exact same thing happen to me i checked ph,ammonia etc..everything was perfect i did have ich but i believe i over medicate and all my fish die😪 i was so discourage i bought a new batch of fish and everything is ok now



    15 dagen geleden

    Get some more turtles to accompany Timmy but get yellow bellies so it would be like a mix

  45. Meaghan B

    Meaghan B

    15 dagen geleden

    You're right, it hurts when animals under our care die. Even when we do everything right. I am glad you shared this though and showed how to check the tank.

  46. Katedagreat


    15 dagen geleden

    Videos like this are good. There are upsetting parts of the hobby and it's important to show that. Death is part of fishkeeping and sometimes you just don't know what did it. Probably some disease you couldn't see to know it needed treatment, it just happens. I've always had a bit of die off with little guys. Nanos often seem quite fragile in my experience. Luckily I've never had a whole batch go.

  47. lawrencemacd63


    15 dagen geleden

    Did you check the ph it might have crashed🐠🐠 🤔

  48. Norwood C Hester III

    Norwood C Hester III

    15 dagen geleden

    It happens man. Fish can be fine at the stire and you bring them home and boom. Dead fish.

  49. Frosty Gamer

    Frosty Gamer

    15 dagen geleden

    those guppies are really nice looking !

  50. David Corcoran

    David Corcoran

    15 dagen geleden

    oh no

  51. Ronald Wong

    Ronald Wong

    15 dagen geleden

    The new fish in the Green Net is touching the bottom of the Sink. Not a Clean Start.

  52. Tate Hill

    Tate Hill

    15 dagen geleden

    You are a Class ACT!,, Im glad I found your channel,, THIS is a tough reminder of Our hobby,, ty for sharing!

  53. crackex99


    15 dagen geleden

    5:34 ....OMG

  54. Nirvanaquatics


    15 dagen geleden

    I think this has happened to every fish keeper at some point. It always breaks my heart, but the most frustrating part I think is not being able to tell what went wrong.

  55. Ostravia


    15 dagen geleden

    I just lost 7 silver dollars any my fully grown sailfin. Saved the rest I think. I think it was a bacterial infection but don’t know what happened. Water ok all other cichlids are ill too. It happens to the best of us.

  56. John G

    John G

    15 dagen geleden

    are you using co2?

  57. BEAST Otto

    BEAST Otto

    15 dagen geleden

    Same happened with mine too 😔

  58. Eric


    15 dagen geleden

    some kind of 🐟 infectious disease

  59. PaulZyCZ


    15 dagen geleden

    Restart the old tank or leave it empty for some time.

  60. M A

    M A

    16 dagen geleden

    There’s often a bacterial infection following ick and their immune system may have just had too much?

  61. Janet Ellis

    Janet Ellis

    16 dagen geleden

    Can you have the water tested?

  62. CJ Hughes

    CJ Hughes

    16 dagen geleden

    Swimming at the surface could be a sign of low oxygen levels perhaps? At least that would be my guess. Sucks though man, take care.

  63. Subhaneil Sengupta

    Subhaneil Sengupta

    16 dagen geleden

    I had a dozen of neon tetras for over 1 month. Then I decided to get 12 more. Within 2 weeks after adding the new fishes all of them were dead. May be the second batch was not healthy or may be it was ammonia. Till date I don't know what happened. They are just fishes but like u said it really hurts when something under your care dies.

  64. rhyan lumilay

    rhyan lumilay

    16 dagen geleden

    It happens also to me awhile ago when I test the water the ammonia spikes.

  65. Leeuwtje007


    16 dagen geleden

    I just lost 5 cherry shrimp, I don't know the cause. So so bad :(

  66. Richard DeSimone

    Richard DeSimone

    16 dagen geleden

    Heater fail

  67. King of the Ring

    King of the Ring

    16 dagen geleden

    many diseases in fish can be healed by general cure, try that out

  68. King's Aquariums And Ant World

    King's Aquariums And Ant World

    16 dagen geleden

    So sorry for you loss of your fish, least you come on here and show us, I hope all is well with the aquarium. keep up the amazing work

  69. Sara Gold

    Sara Gold

    16 dagen geleden

    Can you do necropsies on tiny fish?

  70. Ri-Pixelated


    17 dagen geleden

    This happened to me. I lost my whole aquarium of goldfish....I had them a year

  71. Alex's ss

    Alex's ss

    17 dagen geleden

    same thing happened to me with ember one had ich and treated and was good for 3 or 4 months and suddenly became sick and died but others are all fine

  72. Alex's ss

    Alex's ss

    17 dagen geleden

    there's no fish keeper that can save every fish its simpily inevitable



    17 dagen geleden

    MD, you shouldn't be draining the water and restart that tank, further investigation and testing should be done in order to find the answer. But since you already tested the water and it is perfect, then you should try putting the plants into another clean tank and test with a fish. But doing this you will have to sacrifice a few fish by testing the sand, air pump, etc - I am not sure is this a good idea but if you can find the cause, it would be a life changing for the hobbyist since most of us encounter such devastating event once a while. Thanks for sharing your ordeal too.

  74. jay dickyyy

    jay dickyyy

    17 dagen geleden

    I think it was the shop not quarnting them ,,, I had 8 micro rasbora die realy pissed me off as I kicked myself for it even tho my water was spot on!! Went back to the shop and they was in aquartine was so angry!! The UK is kinda crap for shops tbf

  75. marnick fortuin

    marnick fortuin

    17 dagen geleden

    Lead poisoning... You plant leads. You should check them. They are highly poisonous once corrosion starts.

  76. Dharminder Singh

    Dharminder Singh

    17 dagen geleden

    I think ,Fishes died beacuse of unhealthy condition from seller ..this is hard part of this hobby..you can get bad news some times

  77. UMBRA


    17 dagen geleden

    This happened to me this week. All my shrimp (had babies too) and my khulis died.

  78. samuel sandeen

    samuel sandeen

    17 dagen geleden

    they might have gotten neon tetra disease. i've read about it, it only effect tetras, but its uncurbable.

  79. Gifted Minds

    Gifted Minds

    17 dagen geleden

    I really love the passion you put behind every tank!! You sir are one of my favorite creators on NLcameras. My video on my tank set up will be coming soon. Hope to get a comment or suggestions from you. Keep up the videos love the progress and growth!!

  80. Lando W.

    Lando W.

    17 dagen geleden

    I lost a bunch of Otocinlus and a few Ghost shrimp in a 2 day period. I think my water heater spiked a temperature surge for some reason which may have caused their demise.😪

  81. Lucy G TV

    Lucy G TV

    17 dagen geleden

    Water temps?

  82. Annabel Hawksworth

    Annabel Hawksworth

    17 dagen geleden

    That’s a big shame. Nothing worse than when something happens for no reason that you can see, the ammonia testing positive would have almost been great because you’d have known the issue and the water change would have fixed it. Kudos for showing the ups and downs. 👍🏻 real

  83. Tortue Géniale

    Tortue Géniale

    17 dagen geleden

    I’m sorry for that man ☹️

  84. Justin Voluck

    Justin Voluck

    17 dagen geleden

    What size tank are those cubes? I like them.

  85. M. Syaiful Gufron

    M. Syaiful Gufron

    17 dagen geleden

    My goldfish and Guppy die two days ago

  86. Loach Lover

    Loach Lover

    17 dagen geleden

    I appreciate the ominous music.

  87. Davi Fernando

    Davi Fernando

    17 dagen geleden

    Something similar happened to my aquarium too, i lost all my fishs. I'm very sad now☹😔😭

  88. Lauren Oss

    Lauren Oss

    17 dagen geleden

    Chili Rasboras are super sensitive to changes in their environment. I bought 18 from my LFS and only 12 made it past the quarantine tank and the move into the 29 gallon. Broke my heart into a million pieces. I'm scared to get more to add to my school because of it

  89. Kiran Jeffery

    Kiran Jeffery

    17 dagen geleden

    Guys i need help, i really want to get back into fish keeping because i moved overseas and lost them all and my parents dont want me to, how do i get them ok with it or let me get fish again ?

  90. Raiden


    17 dagen geleden

    It could be old tank syndrome basically something just kills a majority of your fish there's also new tank syndrome same thing happens parameters are just fine but everything or nearly everything is dead

  91. Carbon King

    Carbon King

    17 dagen geleden

    I just bought 5 of these same fish and mine all died too!

  92. Joseph Karthic

    Joseph Karthic

    17 dagen geleden

    This kind of videos is almost on all experienced fish keepers channel... They just don't know the answer why.... In my humble opinion its the substrate in a tiny glass tank which swings many parameters... Nature has 100% water change every second but in a closed tank its not.. So invisible bad things accumulate in substrate even though you clean it every week.. The water parameters can't stay stable as in a bare bottom tank bcoz the substrate interacts with old water every second and brings down ph gh etc.. Then the weekly water change changes it again even a tiny bit.. So there's always stress.. Bare bottom with lots of water changes will avoid sudden unexplainable deaths.. This is just my opinion...

    • remhk *

      remhk *

      17 dagen geleden

      Very good explanation. Thank you🙏

  93. professorM


    17 dagen geleden

    Weird. The fish could be carrying columnaris. It could kill in 24-72 hours especially in small fish.

  94. Chewligan


    17 dagen geleden

    Did you look at them with your upside down head ?

  95. Julia Pilarska

    Julia Pilarska

    17 dagen geleden

    Hi MD, very sorry for your loss it's sad to see a whole tank die like that. If the fish were showing signs of ich/ick there isn't anything you could have done. The disease kills fish very quickly especially young ones like you had. Because the fish were so small they may not be able to handle the full dose of medication. Maybe if your next batch have ich you can try using the heat and salt method. I have heard people have good results with this method and don't have to use medication at all.

  96. Florian Goetz

    Florian Goetz

    17 dagen geleden

    How about a spike in CO2 ? Is that tank supplied with CO2?

  97. rockkinroll1


    17 dagen geleden

    Thanks for showing us this I really appreciate you showing the things that happen because the more fish we have the more possibility of something going wrong and of course all part of the hobby and nothings perfect 👌

  98. Mike


    17 dagen geleden

    what's that water change pump you used?

  99. Alexandra V

    Alexandra V

    17 dagen geleden

    How do you clean the filter??

  100. Alexandra V

    Alexandra V

    17 dagen geleden

    Something is eating my plants - the weak ones. Can anyone help me treat it? I am afraid it will eat the healthy plants too. There are small holes in the plants and the final process looks like it was desintegrated. Anyone????