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BTW Thank you for sticking with me during my time off. I appreciate you all. This song means a lot to me and if taking a lot of weight off my shoulders. I feel like everyone needs to hear it. Don't forget to leave a like and comment. I will be in the comment sections replying heavily for this one more than ever.
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Shot By: Moses Israel
Produced by: Lex Nour Beats
#Gotham #Batman #Joker #Dax
I think that we’re headed down the wrong road
Fakes real and they say real’s fake woke
False prophets on these screens everywhere we go
But what did you expected when dumb people got smart phones
More memes cool make it all a big joke
Crown your fake kings and let them sit up on your fake thrones
You’re young now but just wait until you grow old
When life gets real you’ll remember all these words I wrote
I went roaming walked multiple ways
For 40 nights 40 sleeps yes multiple days
In the dessert no food water searching for the answers but you listen to these people who got nothing to say
You wouldn’t know real if it slapped you right in the face
Ain’t for the culture I can tell by the sh*t you embrace
I’m in Gotham but my minds in a different place
So F*ck your co-signs, money, and your radio play
I be shaking when I write my music
I’ve been anti-v*olent but don't push me cause I just might do it
They won’t give you no credit cause they know you’ll use it
And that’s what happens when the master starts fearing the student
In this city you’re a number they don’t see you as human
Just a puppet they replace for their games and amusement
In a city full of angels with the biggest influence I see demons with a platform who just fucking abuse it
In Gotham..
Everybody knows everybody
if you ain’t got a blue check you Ain’t anybody
Redo, repeat, sleep, double tap, see copy
Lost souls unaware they’re turning into dead zombies
Everywhere you look is plastic all fabricated
Everything you’ve seen on tv was exaggerated.
Don’t nobody see you till you get a million
followers and when you do they treat you like you’re someone and you’re validated
What do you do?
How much money you make?
Who do you know?
What do you drive?
Where do you stay?
And while you’re answering those questions
They’ll be calculating how much of it they can see themselves trying to come in and take
If you’re fragile don’t you even try come to this place
They gon' build you just to break you then rebuild you to break
Let you reach your own limit then heroically save and that’s exactly how Gotham turns you into a slave
In Gotham
Everyone goes and they lose they’re souls cause they can’t control in Gotham
Everyone lies
it’s an eye for an eye
you will lose your mind in Gotham
Everyone goes and they lose their souls cause they can’t control in Gotham
Living in Gotham
Living in Gotham
Living in Gotham
Living in Gotham
Nobodies from here
But everybody come here
Wanting to be famous till they realize the price of fame brings close everything that they once feared
Consumed by the algorithm it becomes clear life’s a simulation all controlled by a puppeteer
blind people leading blind people driving cars to a destination that is unclear while they can’t steer
1 year 2 years 3 years 4
Drugs alcohol addiction morgue
Fake friends women gold digging as a sport
who convince you, you should live a whole life you can’t afford
Nobody sees you, you’re continuously ignored
Everybody wants fame they don’t care what it’s for
They don’t wanna build theirs,
They’re just tryna take yours
This is dog eat dog in this messed up world
You think you need this place but you don’t
Happiness is not a physical place you call home
Did you ever wonder why you feel like you feel when you take that time away from your phone
Fake shit goes viral we know this won’t
They’ll say they care but will never show
Gotham isn’t just a place it’s a mind state
Watered by the thoughts that manifest what you grow
In Gotham
Everyone goes And they lose they’re souls cause they can’t control in Gotham
Everyone lies
it’s an eye for an eye
you will lose your mind in Gotham
Everyone goes and they lose their souls cause they can’t control in Gotham
Living in Gotham
Living in Gotham
Living in Gotham
Living in Gotham
Don’t Tell them how you feel cause I promise they won’t call back
Everybodies in it for money so it’s all bad
Killing off my demons I’m rapping this in all black
I ain’t gotta
I ain’t gotta
I ain’t gotta
I ain’t gotta
Prove nothing to Gotham they ain’t done nothing for me... for me


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      Right now? I’d do anything. Yup. Go as dark as you can possibly think. If it meant I had my own you tube fallowing if I had enough money to pay bills. Make my own music videos. Anything.

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      Just a follow back will be OK by me or a face time with you

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      I don't wanna be famous I wanna be loved if I made songs I wouldn't make them for money or fame I would make them to express my feelings and show people what they did to me and why I be feeling the way I do and what made me who I am

  2. Moinuddin Kassmi

    Moinuddin Kassmi

    5 uur geleden

    Was just scrolling a bunch of Dax vids while I was waiting for the dear mom vid. 5 months later, every word said is still relevant. Dax is a goat

  3. Kai Parker

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    one of the rappers who actually got something to say

  4. lilalien angel

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    The dislikes are people who would do anything to be famous.

  5. lilalien angel

    lilalien angel

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    This is the first of your songs that I ever heard. That was about 2 weeks ago. Now I'm a full fledged fan. Thank you for what you do.

  6. Blue Flame

    Blue Flame

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    Dax is now my role model 🙏🔥

  7. Scorpion XD

    Scorpion XD

    2 dagen geleden

    I’m 10 It’s funny how I can understand all of these valuable messages but main stream rap. Will never let people. Like Tom MacDonald. Dax nf Hopson The two songs I recorded if you’re not out yet was inspired by them

    • Scorpion XD

      Scorpion XD

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      Which is not out yet I slipped up there

  8. Damien Walton

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    Love you my brother dax

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    Bro this man never fails to make some badass dc related songs

  10. Brett Dubreuil

    Brett Dubreuil

    2 dagen geleden

    Definitely seeing the message behind this. Story of my life lol

  11. Harmony Quinn

    Harmony Quinn

    2 dagen geleden

    It’s definitely no coincidence that you’re my new favorite artist. I’m obsessed with Batman & comics in general. Love this!

  12. Zachary Roberts

    Zachary Roberts

    2 dagen geleden

    Everybody has their own version of Gotham. You gotta be the one to over come those obstacles to be the best you, you can be.

  13. H.S.P Krom-van Rijn

    H.S.P Krom-van Rijn

    2 dagen geleden

    so a fire song. and getting to dress up like batman. im actually really jealous🔥

  14. mountainmandesigner


    3 dagen geleden

    Dax and Tom McDonald should do a song they both speaks fact's that would be a amazing song who agrees?

    • mountainmandesigner


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      Yes u are so rite haha

    • Mutant Hack347

      Mutant Hack347

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      There's already one, blame the rappers is the name I think

  15. Jenn Marie

    Jenn Marie

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    U ok?

  16. Brad Pankow

    Brad Pankow

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    The West = Gotham

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    Richiey Richard

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    Wow, I don't even know what to comment 💖💖

    • CannabisGrowsNPenguins


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      Welcome to the truth Richard 😁

  18. Vituko Vya Anita

    Vituko Vya Anita

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    dax...u the best

  19. Ryan


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    And that Batman suit was still better then the Gotham Shows suit lmaoooo

  20. Amber Fields

    Amber Fields

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    Brilliant truth.

  21. Red Hood

    Red Hood

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    Ayo next do a REDHOOD rap, i sense dope bars from that

  22. Jayden Black

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    This nigga is a rap bot... I mean rapgod

  23. Joseph Jimenez

    Joseph Jimenez

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    Dax u keep inspiring and staying humble bro. U get me through fire season as a firefighter out here. Maybe u could drop something on topic one day. I use to be a inmate firefighter now working as a firefighter legit . It can be done

  24. Josh Masterson

    Josh Masterson

    6 dagen geleden

    Just fire

  25. Husband and Wife Painting Team

    Husband and Wife Painting Team

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    I got love for you mang, Thank you. A king has 2 choices in spring Play Or prepare for war The second secures the peace to play

  26. Lord Chicken

    Lord Chicken

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    i love this song its just such a good song and the lyrics are so true

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    Happy singh

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    Pever Alice

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    Man just wanted a reason to dress up as batman

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    Albert CGarcia Zelldoeox

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    much respect from denver colorado usa 2021

  31. Brandon Woods

    Brandon Woods

    8 dagen geleden

    is it weird he looks amazing in a batman costume like he could easily be the next batman what would that be called? DaxMan Edit: i just relized this was an audition for batman

    • Danelle


      5 dagen geleden

      Lmao 😄😄

  32. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

    9 dagen geleden

    This world now is ghotam !oh shit!

  33. Jason Willis

    Jason Willis

    9 dagen geleden

    Iamgratefully for a message of mystery of beloved hopeful truth my church is nothing but natural love...not enough time to be grate so be grateful and entertain love compassion for ALLMANS life time ⏲️❤

  34. Deresia Bailey

    Deresia Bailey

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    Mohammed Saleh

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    1:35 Travis Scott be like

  37. MrRb120


    9 dagen geleden

    unfortantly the world its ruled by liers and fake people... but i wont never let it be and nobody should. your best music! love it "this is dog eats dog!"...

  38. SynaesTesiaDubstep


    9 dagen geleden

    I wonder why so many of what he say'd doesn't reach most of the people. Kinda hurts. One of tha realest. DAX

  39. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf

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    Batman could find dax in 2 minutes but couldn't rescue jason todd in 1 year

  40. kevin !

    kevin !

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    This gives me goosebumps

  41. Khaos


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    Bro ur actually so underrated FIRE ASF 🔥

  42. Brian Garletts

    Brian Garletts

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    Jesus have mercy on anyone standing in this mans way.

  43. Nicol Ambush

    Nicol Ambush

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    Finally I found a local rapper who sound better than dax ❤️👌

  44. Dadoo Ranks

    Dadoo Ranks

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    I luv this nigerian rappor💪💪💪

  45. Timothy Edwards

    Timothy Edwards

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    Gotham is real

  46. Adityalonkat Lonkat

    Adityalonkat Lonkat

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    He is super fast rapper

  47. Brandon Blanks

    Brandon Blanks

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    Real talk. I love the real

  48. Robert ANTONIEWICZ


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    But I’m the devil👿hahaha

  49. Brandon-Brad Kok

    Brandon-Brad Kok

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    Dax is just in my head. This damn game needs superheroes

  50. NyaraiTV


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    Dax l only discovered you today but make sure lm not alone through your music. I been binge listening all day. And you've made more an impact on my life in one day than anyone in 17 years of my life. Thank you. Keep making your music and speaking for others that dont have a voice. ❤❤

  51. M 1 2 9 7

    M 1 2 9 7

    13 dagen geleden

    This is like the perfect chorus for Francis Ngannou. Change "in gotham" to "Ngannou, everyone goes and they lose their souls. Cus they cant control Ngannou" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. shitze von volkstigen

    shitze von volkstigen

    13 dagen geleden

    Needed to get some insight on los angeles or hollywood samething about all the famous people who go there and sell there soul to the devil for fame I don't get why would you sell your soul and go to hell just to be rich and famous it don't make any sense I'm not special no one is special but dax most of the people that like your music just like the beat or the music and I know that's not what your intent is I think but all the question and answers you give in your music I've been asking my entire life and it's nice to know there's someone like me

  53. John Melody Me

    John Melody Me

    13 dagen geleden

    So Accurate about this life.

  54. Nat Is the name

    Nat Is the name

    14 dagen geleden

    “Fake a bit go viral, this won’t” wow 😳 facts

    • Nat Is the name

      Nat Is the name

      14 dagen geleden

      But deserves deserves more love!!

  55. Nat Is the name

    Nat Is the name

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    Deep meaning this should be more out there it so many facts!!

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  61. MAD MIKE


    15 dagen geleden

    Amazing song but I think many lose the point of the message with "gotham" have a feeling people get stuck on batman and fail to relate. Which is unfortunate.. I have no place to judge your work.. its leagues above anything I can do. Just some thoughts from the outside.

    • MAD MIKE

      MAD MIKE

      15 dagen geleden

      Just trying to figure out why a song as impactful to me as "dear God" didn't do just as well if not better

    • MAD MIKE

      MAD MIKE

      15 dagen geleden

      Of course those who can, this song hits home so hard and its so powerful. Masterpiece.

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    iconic game

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    dope cant describe dax

  66. Thomas Hollis-Tiopira

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    Dax is up there with eminem forreal man

  68. Kerry Flemington

    Kerry Flemington

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    This is by far my favourite song of you Dax. It shows you how people really are and what the world revolves around these days. Great song, really underrated. The best line in my opinion is: “They don’t give you no credit cause they know you’ll use it and that’s what happens when the master starts fearing the student...” great line🤯🙏🏾

  69. Meek Bhoy

    Meek Bhoy

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    My bro: Dax is really one of a kind... Me: absolutely, he's the 🐐

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    dude i love this stuff thanks man im glad someone sees it your music is doing exactly what it deserves if youre ever in dayton ohio hit me up man

  71. blood bank

    blood bank

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    Hey man I think we should do a track together I'm a comedian, actor and Impressionist but I can also do rap I've done rap for ages but not for a career but I would be down to do a track

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    Blast this song toooooo muchhhhhh such a good beat and awesome words love it

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  76. Righteously Humble In Jesus’ Way

    Righteously Humble In Jesus’ Way

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  77. Righteously Humble In Jesus’ Way

    Righteously Humble In Jesus’ Way

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    I can’t believe I haven’t left a comment on this video until now. My bad, Dax.

  78. Cam H

    Cam H

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    This song is really good

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    Hazedwonder The

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  82. Ghost Of Sparta

    Ghost Of Sparta

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    this is amazing! some of the best i've heard since the 80's and 90's era.

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  85. Mitchell m

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    We gotta protect Dax b4 the industry start looking for him, exposing everything in high tier music thats perfectly sound and pulls in attention too real problems.

  86. Mitchell m

    Mitchell m

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    Nobody is talking about the message of his Lyrics.

  87. Amy Lawrence

    Amy Lawrence

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    dax this so good

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  89. Grey Is Colorful

    Grey Is Colorful

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    Dax is out of Eminem’s world

  91. Kongowho mr popo

    Kongowho mr popo

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    Das was playing the role of jason tod the robin, when jason tod was being tortured by the joker.

  92. Kongowho mr popo

    Kongowho mr popo

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    Dax was playing the role of jason tod

  93. Loopdah


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    if I was a hero I’d also wanna kick ass listening to this song

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    Insidious Kid21

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      Devin McMullen

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  95. Prayer of The Day

    Prayer of The Day

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