Minecraft Pig FACTS

30 seconds of FACTS all about Minecraft's PIGS!
Did you know any of these facts? Here's the history of the Minecraft Pig, Minecraft Muddy Pig, Minecraft Porkchop, and EVEN the Minecraft Cooked Porkchop. Did you know how to ride a Baby Pig in Minecraft Java Edition or about the Minecraft Earth Mottled Pig, Pale Pig and Spotted Pig? Bet you didn't know that with lightning, Pigs turn into Piglins!
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  1. Chao Nimama

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    Liam Deraco

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    APHMAU!!!!!!! πŸ˜―πŸ˜²πŸ˜―πŸ–πŸ·πŸ–πŸ·πŸ½

  3. Agent Sauce and friends

    Agent Sauce and friends

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    Technoblade never dies!!!!!

  4. liam arkin arcilla

    liam arkin arcilla

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  5. Jett Dillon

    Jett Dillon

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    Did anyone else notice that there were some you tubers in this video

  6. Itz Me Cika

    Itz Me Cika

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    Thumbnail : Techno Blade With Team Pig

  7. DawKiinSan Yin

    DawKiinSan Yin

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    I was waiting for technoblade to show up

  8. Bacon Facility

    Bacon Facility

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  9. Gautham Deepak

    Gautham Deepak

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    Facts of technoblade..

  10. R.G21


    Dag geleden

    Fun Fact: you can breed pigs with beat roots

  11. kiwii_ dude

    kiwii_ dude

    Dag geleden

    Him: kills a pig at start of game Technoblade wants to know your location

  12. Lariyah Mom

    Lariyah Mom

    Dag geleden

    Nobody:... Me:Realized characters are youtubers AND NOONE TALKED ABOUT HOW AHPMUA WAS IN IT

  13. Fimy32


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  14. Emerald Princess

    Emerald Princess

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  15. زياد GAME-OVER

    زياد GAME-OVER

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    please stop this vedios

  16. Kevin1 Project

    Kevin1 Project

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    APHMAUUUU!!!!!!!!! SEMPAI!!!!!!!!!

  17. iConYusufGaming334


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    the last tip everyone knows

  18. Tessie Pajarillo

    Tessie Pajarillo

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    I saw ampmau

  19. Julius Chan

    Julius Chan

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    Wait What the Aphmau the Videos

  20. LimeBlocks


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    Pigs now hold swords and kills a green minecraft man

  21. Facu B. Luciani

    Facu B. Luciani

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    Where potatoes and Zun Tsu?

  22. Khelsea Clyde Buban

    Khelsea Clyde Buban

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    Aphmau was in the vid

  23. Crystal Smith

    Crystal Smith

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    Woaw hold up a minute did I see UNSPEAKABLE I LOVE UNSPEAKABLE

  24. Mapotat


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    Mojang just loves mc earth instead of java :')

  25. ceyhan yΔ±lmaz

    ceyhan yΔ±lmaz

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    Oh! Hey unspeakable!

  26. Jayden chris Calabia

    Jayden chris Calabia

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    Is, sorry

  27. Jayden chris Calabia

    Jayden chris Calabia

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    Why us aphmau there?

  28. Ddarkon


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    Where is pigs can pvp ?

  29. Sheila Marie Salom

    Sheila Marie Salom

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    Wow!!unspeakable is here too?!im the biggest fan of unspeakable!!!!!!

  30. Π’Ρ–Ρ‚Π°Π»Ρ–ΠΉ Π‘Π°Ρ€Π°Π±Π°Ρˆ

    Π’Ρ–Ρ‚Π°Π»Ρ–ΠΉ Π‘Π°Ρ€Π°Π±Π°Ρˆ

    3 dagen geleden

    Jorj is Dream???

  31. Christian Matthew

    Christian Matthew

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  32. Teodor Todorov

    Teodor Todorov

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    Hmmm usefull... That with minecard

  33. idk what to do

    idk what to do

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  34. Gamers 1440

    Gamers 1440

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    Everybody gangsta till they add pig as a block facts.

  35. Goth UT

    Goth UT

    3 dagen geleden

    That fact that I remember when a pig turned to the mob I got scared and bolted it πŸ˜‚

  36. Dan Jehiel Papa

    Dan Jehiel Papa

    3 dagen geleden

    Pigs are now my favorite block

  37. Naomi David

    Naomi David

    3 dagen geleden

    Creepers were supposed to be pig's

  38. WojkareQ


    3 dagen geleden

    ah yes. Pig block.

  39. s n

    s n

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    I’m surprised that techno wasn’t in the entire video instead of one time

  40. Elizabeth Cook

    Elizabeth Cook

    4 dagen geleden

    oh god why are there so many aphmau comments anyways good video but im leaving i cant stand it here

  41. Crissy Baldovino

    Crissy Baldovino

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    Was That Aphmau????

  42. Irha Dichoso

    Irha Dichoso

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    I think i just saw aphmua



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    Is that the girl is aphmau

  44. Happi Camille

    Happi Camille

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    The pigs on Minecraft were cool. I wish there were multiple kinds of pigs

  45. Jennie Elabbassi

    Jennie Elabbassi

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  46. Master w a u d ?

    Master w a u d ?

    4 dagen geleden

    0:26 no

  47. Lily_Of_The_Vally


    4 dagen geleden

    *can u imagine if technos skin was like the old pigs*

    • Elizabeth Cook

      Elizabeth Cook

      4 dagen geleden

      his masquerade skin looked kinda like the old pig texture

  48. eyad ly

    eyad ly

    5 dagen geleden

    You ckrase πŸ˜‚

  49. garcia S

    garcia S

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    5 dagen geleden

    Techno after seeing this: This is illegal!!!

  51. Adir 2000

    Adir 2000

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    Im the only one saw aphmaus skin

  52. Olivia Stenson

    Olivia Stenson

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    I’m not into mynnctsft

    • Elizabeth Cook

      Elizabeth Cook

      4 dagen geleden

      did you have a stroke halfway through writing this comment

  53. Abdul Nekkaa

    Abdul Nekkaa

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    He didn't say pigs was crepper

  54. Ximena Cortes

    Ximena Cortes

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    Was that aphmau the NLcamerasr

  55. Guerrieri Family

    Guerrieri Family

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    Why when you say minecraft earth you say minecraft dirt

  56. β€’ Midnight & Sakura β€’

    β€’ Midnight & Sakura β€’

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    I saw aphmauuu

  57. SeriouslyCracked


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    Fun fact: all his videos is 27 seconds long

  58. XxPhoenixplaysStudios101xX


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    Name every youtuber aphmau dream George unspeakable techno block facts IIBALISTIC Squid and the peinguin guy which did mc mods

  59. Cat Black 5000

    Cat Black 5000

    6 dagen geleden

    Wheres the creeper fact?

  60. Prototype Infinite

    Prototype Infinite

    6 dagen geleden

    Do you mean they become zombie pig man when struck by lightning not piglins

  61. NowNow


    6 dagen geleden

    Damn I remember when pork chops used to look like steaks

  62. Funny dude

    Funny dude

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    Technoblade triggers right now ngl

  63. windows 7

    windows 7

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    I see aphmau

  64. Jeffrey Pama

    Jeffrey Pama

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    Omg I saw ahpmau!!!

  65. Ana Lopez

    Ana Lopez

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    Fun fact: you forgot technobladge

  66. krishna .s

    krishna .s

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    Sometimes u talk so fast and I can't understand anything 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 But still I love u r facts ❀️❀️

  67. Elia Elly

    Elia Elly

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    Wait is that aphmau

  68. MeowThra Gaming

    MeowThra Gaming

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    I had a pig named hamword he got struck by lightning and tuned into a piglen

  69. Diyonight


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  70. RoleplayRyan


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    Wait, why was Aphmau in this short

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    Krxwtokfan Sag919

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    I just saw aphmau

  72. Doren Oren

    Doren Oren

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    This guy using utubers skin and i friken know all of them πŸ‘

  73. Ban Brando

    Ban Brando

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    some one remember zombie pigman

  74. Tiffany gallea

    Tiffany gallea

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  75. Aiden Nabhani

    Aiden Nabhani

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    Oh techno doesn’t just enslave human orphans 0:11



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    I dont know there have aphmau is looking to camera



      6 dagen geleden


  77. Unlisted Music

    Unlisted Music

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    I saw A bunch of youtubers

  78. david weller

    david weller

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  79. Switch Memory

    Switch Memory

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    You tubers unspeakable gaming dream ballistsquaid aphmau gerogenotfound

    • Switch Memory

      Switch Memory

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      And tehcnoblade

  80. Paula Reynolds

    Paula Reynolds

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    Was that a Aphmau- ;-;

  81. Adi Khoja

    Adi Khoja

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    Alternate Title: Man talks super fast about pigs.

  82. ElClay XD

    ElClay XD

    7 dagen geleden

    block facts FACTS: if he don't put technoblade in the thumbnail β†˜οΈ

  83. Yossdo 07

    Yossdo 07

    7 dagen geleden

    Pigs used to look wide

  84. Sushike


    7 dagen geleden

    since Minecraft Earth will be gone soon... let's all just hope that variation of existing mobs will be added to the game like imagine having variation of pigs

  85. Jayden


    7 dagen geleden

    Technoblade is a half human half pig hybrid

  86. Ashley Farrell

    Ashley Farrell

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    Me : Awwww the baby pig

  87. Lili Lin

    Lili Lin

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    Why Aphmau is there

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    i saw aphmau again

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    Omg there is aphmau

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    Thessalonica keziah Deloso

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    Did you see aphua

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    Why aphmau here not complaining but why

  93. β€’ Squishy β€’

    β€’ Squishy β€’

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    Okay but why is technoblade slaving his own blood

  94. Cool gamerzzz Zzz

    Cool gamerzzz Zzz

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    Techno blade will be happy about thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  95. alfelita bituin

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    Who here believes that Jesus died for them to go to Heaven when they die and whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting lifeπŸ™πŸ˜”

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    I saw aphmau

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    Rainbowkitty Channel Cat

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    is that Aphmau?!

  99. minebirds LJubb

    minebirds LJubb

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    Minecraft techno blades used to look like THIS

  100. Marisa McMillin

    Marisa McMillin

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    You forgot how when they tried to the pig IT BECAME THE CREEPER