MAN UTD Away! | Behind The Scenes At Old Trafford! | Match Day VLOG | Ben Foster - TheCyclingGK

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The dream FA Cup draw!
Manchester United away!
Plenty of behind the scenes access from Old Trafford, in the tunnel, our temporary changing rooms, and even some Scott McTominay, who just happens to be a big Cycling GK fan!
Out on my bike in the snow on the Friday, arriving at our team hotel, what we eat to prepare for the game and then on the coach on our way to the famous stadium that is Old Trafford
Thanks for watching!
Ben Foster - The Cycling GK
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  1. Ben Foster - The Cycling GK

    Ben Foster - The Cycling GK

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    Thanks for watching you lot! Please give Ashton your love, the little man is an absolute star, stay strong mate😘

    • des endean

      des endean

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      Jog on ben Bachmann watfords number 1

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      Ian Clarke

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      Keep strong Ashton 👍👌

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      @revansavfc yes!

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      Known as express shahツ

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      Warren-Lee Carroll

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      Hiya Ashton! - You stay strong,young man!!

  2. Arikonisaho Rantsu

    Arikonisaho Rantsu

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    "come on the boys" 😂😂😂

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    iTz Liam02

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    What’s the golf game u play

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    Jonny G

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    Take care Ashton. Sending love

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    Kieran Weston

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    Best wishes Ashton. We are all here for you ❤️

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    Tommy Clayton

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    Keep fighting Ashton 👊🏻👊🏻

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    Sensible Guy

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    Wishing the best Ashton hoping yiu get well soon 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼

  8. Ellis Fletcher

    Ellis Fletcher

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    Love your vids keep up the cracking work

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    Brendan D

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    Get well soon Ashton, keep fighting lad!

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    Melitzano salatas

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    Get well soon Ashton❤️We love you❤️

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    Sean Shara

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    Good luck Ashton you're a strong boy you'll make it out spotless

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    This man is a genuinely sound dude

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    Get well soon ashton

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    Danny 1313

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    Stay strong Ashton 💪🏼👊🏻

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    Dylan Giblin

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    No one does it like Manchester

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    tomisin abiodun-akerele

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    get well soon ashton you deserve it

  17. Nitesh Patel

    Nitesh Patel

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    Ive always been a fan using you in ultimate team, and then Chris Stark on the TPCP got me even more into you

  18. Mason Pine

    Mason Pine

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    Someboy GK Ben foster

  19. Logan SEROCHI

    Logan SEROCHI

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    If Ben is the number one gk at Watford I would be worried to be benched in such an important game against man u

  20. HJ


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    Need more of Joao Pedro he is a hidden gem!!

  21. S T

    S T

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    Ben, did i win?

  22. Ian Clarke

    Ian Clarke

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    #KRO Ben. I’ll be looking to see you in some local sportives in the summer. I’ll try not to drop you 👍😂😂🚴‍♂️

  23. Alice M

    Alice M

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    Hope you get well soon Ashton!

  24. Lewis Bywater

    Lewis Bywater

    Dag geleden

    Nice vid lad, just an idea for future vids, could you put the GoPro in the net for your GK warmup? May be slightly interesting and at least make you some nice B-roll

  25. Danny Christie

    Danny Christie

    Dag geleden

    When you play at home how come you stay in a hotel the night before then travel to the stadium by coach ? I thought you all just met at the stadium at a curtain time on home games, loving the videos aswell keep up the great work 👍

  26. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

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    Very nice video...Great :)?

  27. Young Kubson

    Young Kubson

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    You are a legend

  28. Amy Millar

    Amy Millar

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    Hey new to finding you channel, loving the videos! Do you wrap you wrist and fingers for games if so could you show us? I' to keeping and want to know, thanks in advance if you do!

    • Charming nowhere to hide

      Charming nowhere to hide

      Dag geleden

      imagine Ben Foster saying "Good Morning" to you

  29. Rhys Englishby

    Rhys Englishby

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    Best wishes to Ashton keep fighting and stay strong stay safe

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    anurag gupta

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    Best wishes Aston stay strong mate

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    Morgan Rees

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    Stay strong ash !

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    Liam Jones

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    Get well soon Ashton!❤️

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    Best wishes to Ashton. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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    These vids are so entertaining

  35. Lewis Ridgers

    Lewis Ridgers

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    Ben what do u think about Rooney being derby manager just sayin your a good man

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    DSK O2

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    Get well soon Ashton

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    123 456

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    Ashton you've got it man, good luck mate!

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    tom sidwell

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    What type of goalkeeper gloves do you have

  39. Spencer Carle

    Spencer Carle

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    prayers with you Ashton, stay strong

  40. Jason Dwyer

    Jason Dwyer

    2 dagen geleden

    Ben how did you feel going back to play in old Trafford again and meeting your old pals you haven't seen in a while, were you nervous or excited

  41. Benny B

    Benny B

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    did you go for a bike ride in newbold in Leamington?

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    Toby Attax

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    Get well soon Ashton

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    imagine Ben Foster saying "Good Morning" to you

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    Sean Michaels

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    Stay strong and positive Ashton we’re all wishing well for you

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    Jeff Badu

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    Best wishes Aston, prayers up🙏🏾

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    Keplyr Myst

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    Hope you get better soon Ashton lad 👊

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    Dwayne mcaree

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    Ashton stay strong mate

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    Unavailable 337

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    Come on you boys 2-0 against Huddersfield

  49. thyirezdh


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    The way he respects everyone I just love it like even when he doesn’t start he is praising the other goalkeeper. Love u Ben❤️

  50. Mr. John Eevie Dean

    Mr. John Eevie Dean

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    Ben Foster, top top guy

  51. Jake Cameron

    Jake Cameron

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    Best of wishes Ashton hope your feeling ok stay strong we’re all here for u

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    Joshua Robertson

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    best of wishes ashton stay positive!

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    Rikaz Farhan

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    Good person

  54. Mike Carney

    Mike Carney

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    Sending Ashton lots of love, keep fighting little man, goalkeepers are tough fellas I was one myself :) Stay strong :)

  55. Linus Muschalle

    Linus Muschalle

    2 dagen geleden

    Could you do a giveaway without Instagram for those who haven't got Instagram? Thanks mate

    • Conal O'flaherty

      Conal O'flaherty

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      Why don’t u just get insta it’s not hard

  56. Lewis Jones

    Lewis Jones

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    Get well soon Ashton

  57. Sean Coyne

    Sean Coyne

    2 dagen geleden

    Hey Ben, Thought you might enjoy this article about recipes with ketchup as the secret ingredient: Cheers

  58. chicken


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    Bro man pulls views

  59. Lisa Atkinson

    Lisa Atkinson

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    I’d love to have the shirt but my mom probs won’t let me 😔

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    Richard Kail

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    All the best Ashton! You fighter! Stay strong young man. You got this! ❤❤❤

  61. Kaan Lister

    Kaan Lister

    2 dagen geleden

    If you don't start the game you should give the keeper who starts the go-pro to put in the net

  62. Cassie


    2 dagen geleden

    Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

  63. Cassie


    2 dagen geleden

    Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

  64. Gazza Bowers

    Gazza Bowers

    2 dagen geleden

    Ben are you injured against Huddersfield ??.

    • Kevin Brown

      Kevin Brown

      2 dagen geleden

      I was wondering the same

  65. louisfifa655


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    bro, I really like watching your vids in lockdown and i want watford to come back to the premier league

    • Cassie


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      Very nice video...Great :)?

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    Joe Richards

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    Get well soon, best wishes Ashton! ❤️💙

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    Goku Ninja

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    its so cool seeing a pro footballer managing to vlog in the small periods of time keep up the good work

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    Ardi Haxhiaj

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    Get well soon Ashton❤

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    dj gamer23101

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    Is they a donate website for Ashton coz I'll donate

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    Jack Ellison

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    He’ll be the new Watford manager when he retires.

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    Jordan Delaney

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    Foster your a absolute tank mate!! Best Wishes Aston buddy stay strong!!❤️👊

    • Jordan Delaney

      Jordan Delaney

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  72. Liam Voller

    Liam Voller

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    Best wishes Ashton. Another great video. Ben, where do you get your watford cycling Jersey from??

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    Pantograph Productions

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    Stay strong Ashton, keep smiling lad 💪

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    Ricky Rose

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    All the best Ashton 👊⚽️

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    Alasdair MacIver

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    Rash Ford shirt is an ok replacement because you couldnt getPhil Jones shirt

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    Henry Does Stuff

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    Best wishes Ashton. Stay strong. Come on

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    love the content

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    Cagiesthread 10

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    Tommy Bad

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    Being a footballer is the best job in the world hands down. It's not even a job it's a hobby and they get paid an individual's average annual salary within a WEEK. They live in a bubble and you can see that. Great channel and content. Thank you Ben! 👏👏

  81. George White

    George White

    3 dagen geleden

    Best NLcameras channel out there, could you do a video talkin about that little girl molly you helped out. A brilliant example of why you come across as a top bloke. Ben foster, you little beauty

  82. Tyrone Maco

    Tyrone Maco

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    Good keeper you mate

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    John Marshall

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    Ben ... you are a legend mate 🙌🏻

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    Ross James

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    Ben foster absolute legend of the game a great inspiration to younger players and always up for a laugh. 👏👏

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    otto matuassa

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    I know im late but my prayers are on you Ashton.

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    skatepark bro

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    Get well soon ashton

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    Kenzie Edwards Evans

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    stay strong ashton

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    Aristidis Ntalachanis

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    Best wishes Ashton, stay strong and positive!!!

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    Pegasus Airborne

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    Legend. Just received the Frankenstein gloves!! They will be sent to my dad! Thanks Cycling GK!

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    Luka Petrović

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    Get well soon Ash lad!!!

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    Lewis Stephens

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    No brainier this. Ashton deserves the shirt more than ever. Put a smile on his face. Ashton all the best son hopefully you can pull through and all goes well👍🏽🤞🏽

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    Swaggarino Blackarino

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    Yes Ben.

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    Arne Van Wynsberghe

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    You're a lovely bloke Ben,top man,great channel.Stay strong Ashton young man :D

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    Hi Ben can you friend me on Strava

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    Ashton, stay strong and keep going! It may be a tough journey, but no doubt you are a fighter destined to win it! Thinking of you and your family. Can't wait to see you in England's goal! Love

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    Lucas Wolfenden

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    I love this man top goalkeeper no matter what the score

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    After watching these videos I’ve brought the cycling go on fifa and he just as good on here as he is irl excellent

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    I can't win the shirt i don't have Instagram