The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:
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Our Video on Neutronstars:
Our Video on the Information Paradox:
Black holes are the most powerful and extreme things in the universe and they are wildly weird and complicated. What would happen if you fell inside one and what are they really?
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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    8 dagen geleden

    Ok, phew. So we are done explaining any properties of black holes forever. If we ever talk about black holes in future videos we'll always link to this video. If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:

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    Wait question arent particals and antiparticals basicilly anti-matter? Because the mass of the black hole doesnt just dissapear

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    Haider Al hsani

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    Jorge Biavath

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    Panos Patsialidis

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    the red tailed shark

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    Its my opinion that when black hole dies then a new universe starts. Look at big bang theory. something incredibly small did boom and all that was created! Look at atomic bombs. When atoms are used there they just- boom. Black hole is like a giant atom

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    Violin Bros

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    Austin Martin

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    Team Rocket

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    Someone Himself

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    the cclicker

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    I feel like singularity is too sci-fi to be a real theory. Black holes are basically just heavier neutron stars, probably made out of the same neutron soup, or in case of supermassive might just be quark soup and everything that gets in gets split into base particles. Seems much more reasonable to me

    • Bồ Công Anh

      Bồ Công Anh

      6 uur geleden

      Yes. Singularity is not reality its a mathematical error result when the theory we used has been breakdown at the extreme condition. because so far we knew nothing is infinite in the universe and that mean we need a new better theory called quantum gravity to explain what is going on.

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    Typical Khaios

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  38. WarmWeatherGuy


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    7:40 Spin has units of radians per second or RPM, not the same units as velocity. 0.9c is not a unit of spin. To get speed you need to specify a radius and you said the radius was 0.0.

  39. Muhammad Umer

    Muhammad Umer

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    Phil O

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    Space and time are constant, the way atoms experience space and time depends on their proximity to other atoms

    • Bồ Công Anh

      Bồ Công Anh

      5 uur geleden

      Nope. space and time are relative. even space is relative. in a gravitational field,suppose there are two identical height people. one stand on the top of Everest,one at the sea level. from the point of views of the person at sea level,the person on the top of mountain is slightly taller. from the point of views of the person at the top of the mountain,his height appear normal,but the person at the sea level is a bit shorter height. this is a real consequence of relativity.

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    gabriel nheon

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  56. Jan Solo

    Jan Solo

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    So you say in a Black hole is another Dimension? The singularity is 1 Dimensional, the ringularity is 2d and everything Else is 3d (besides time)

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    Physics Villain

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      Bob Smith

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