Why Are You Alive - Life, Energy & ATP

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At this very second, you are on a narrow ledge between life and death. You probably don’t feel it, but there is an incredible amount of activity going on inside you. And this activity can never stop.
Picture yourself as a slinky falling down an escalator moving upwards - the falling part represents the self replicating processes of your cells, the escalator represents the laws of physics, driving you forwards. To be alive is to be in motion but never arriving anywhere. If you reach the top of the escalator there is no more falling possible and you are dead forever.
Somewhat unsettlingly, the universe wants you to reach the top. How do you avoid that and why are you alive?
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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • Necker


      6 dagen geleden

      wish you didn't put some memes in there, other than that. one of the best videos made by you!

    • zappozzz


      Maand geleden

      It is only for 14 days, not two months.

    • Thesilent One

      Thesilent One

      2 maanden geleden

      So can we do one were we do a simulation of what would happen if the atb evolved so it had more power or made more or found a way to store a little even if its a 0.0005% energy store it might do something 🤔 i would like to know if you like this one

    • Zain Ajjan

      Zain Ajjan

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      Do you respect Arabs?

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      Sena Bintoro

      2 maanden geleden

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Love your vids keep up the good work

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    islamic education ا ل م

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    Just what my parents say to me why are u alive really brings back some memories

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    0:55 : did you notice that the monkey was holding a slinky?

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    Absolutely amazing

  9. Alberto Eusebio

    Alberto Eusebio

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    “If this process is interrupted, you die” *Advertisement*

  10. Philosophy3 T

    Philosophy3 T

    3 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt is really good at explaining scientific facts and processes in a simplified manner, but its philosophy could use some work.

  11. Derpy Boio

    Derpy Boio

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    Why cant schools just use this

  12. samuel


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    Me in math exam: "Why are you alive"?

  13. The king of the sea

    The king of the sea

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    So what happens it the slinky goes too fast and calls the front of the escalator

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    Miles Edgeworth

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    Joycelyn Rego 6th A Jasmyn Rego 2nd D

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    7:43 captions: teaser of kurzgesagt:science war, coming in 2021

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    Jessielys Ortiz M.

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    How can I see through my body? Like we are made out of atoms and other things like bones and stuff so how can I see through my body?

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    Raiyan Lynch

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    I had to watch this about five times to get all of the memes perfect video for my science homework :D

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    You Are Already Dead

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    Victorillo 377

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    The question isn't why I'm alive at all. The question is why am I STILL alive lmao.

  24. Aftermath72


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    amoeba is protist not animal

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    Andrea Morales

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    Jonas LI

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    I have to admit that this video is just awesome. I deeply appreciate what you guys are doing.👍🏻

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    Mr Stupeh

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    5:57 So are we all related? Cringe so my aunt is just my sister

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      Mr Stupeh

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    Mr Stupeh

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    JoJo Cringe (No Offense)

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    Male Gardevoir

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    Kurzgesagt making a FOTNS reference was not on my list of things I thought I’d see today. I think I can safely say I’ve seen it all.

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  34. Deer in Headlights

    Deer in Headlights

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    8:14 learning things like this makes me feel extremely grateful for my body, and lazy.

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    Uriel Antonio Barcelos Avendaño

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    Today I saw this theme in biology class

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    We are alive to suffer

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    Spore vibes

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    Genesis Borero

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    "To be alive is to be in motion but never arriving anywhere". I didn't expect to find nihilistic content here 😂

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    The jose dimension

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    Conclussion: We are a Slinky

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    Solna Gastón UwU

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    “One of the biggest anime betrayals in evlolutiojary history” -Kurtzgesagt

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    swiggity swooty im chargin at that booty

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      I thought there was a hair stuck in my screen. I was like why won't this move!!!!. Is it stuck under my screen protector? That God it was just your profile picture.

  43. Main Klapzz

    Main Klapzz

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    Your mom so lazy..

  44. AeonAxis


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    But what happens if we reach the bottom of the escalator? :thonk:

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    Daniel catsup

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    for some reason this is the video I like the most 😊

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    hetchog DaReelYeman

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    Its so interesting that I will explode

  47. Iansimeon


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    Oh you don’t wanna use fake ATP adapters! 😂

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    Tofiu Games

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    Can you make a video about Warp Drive

  49. Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed

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  50. Mastermindyoung14


    12 dagen geleden

    Life is an uninterrupted chemical reaction which has been sustained for the last 4ish billion years; Life is an entropy pump, and we "live" in a portion of the bulk universe which has been optimized via blackholes evolution.

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    Elias Galvan

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    Clogged toilet

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  54. SadInk


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    umm, god created us.

    • Ugnius


      7 dagen geleden


  55. WigglyPineapple


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    NLcameras after recommending this after UNNUS ANNUS ended: haha me funny

  56. Mila Rabah

    Mila Rabah

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    I ask myself this every day ..

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    Crusader 2

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    All life is based

  58. LAMAW 0

    LAMAW 0

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  59. Ridisword


    13 dagen geleden

    Imagine if that first cell that had a mitochondria had tripped and got eatn by one of those less evolved cells...

  60. Dekubethememe YT

    Dekubethememe YT

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    Why are you alive" Im pretty sure everyone thinks this in their life at one point

  61. Stealth fox :3

    Stealth fox :3

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    5:40 so your telling me that the beginning of life came from a cell that liked vore? THIS ENTIRE PLANETS SUPER OLD GRANDPA/GRANDMA WAS A CELL THAT INVENTED VORE????????

  62. Shannon McIntyre

    Shannon McIntyre

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    No disrespect intended.

  63. Shannon McIntyre

    Shannon McIntyre

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    Candied Lemons

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    Arya Dev

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    my teacher posted this as an assignment to watch this and I think it was the best college assignment ever. other time being in elementary school when i got 5 donuts at a math competition

  66. Fleur


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    5:02 *NANI!?*

  67. magdyfawzybas


    13 dagen geleden

    Who designed Citric acid cycle and ATP reactions?How did some cells aggregate to form a single organ? How did a group of cells decide to unite to form a larger multicellular organism? How did the primitive cells get along together? What was the first organ formed and what was it’s job? How did this organ wait for the rest of the members to be a complete organism?

    • Lünkel


      11 dagen geleden

      @magdyfawzybas Nuclei, mitochondria, etc. are all things only found in eukaryotic cells. And we have quite a good grasp on how some of them most likely came to be. Even comparing the first cells to modern prokaryotes would not be a fair comparison as those also have billions of years of evolution behind them. Of course the problem of abiogenesis is currently unsolved. But because this is science we don't just give up and accept that it all magically popped into existence one day and we should never try to figure out how anything works, we instead work on improving our models. There are many different hypothesis for it (I personally am a big fan of the RNA world one) and it's the subject of current research. If you want to help figure this out, I would recommend getting involved in the field and directly participating in said research. If you think you already have a theory with better predictive and explanatory power than modern synthetic evolution, get it published and earn your nobel prize and eternal fame.

    • magdyfawzybas


      11 dagen geleden

      @Lünkel Well, how did the first cell come to life? there are too many problems for this to occur. First, the nucleic acid formation, second, the formation of the cell nucleus, then what about the cytoplasm ? cell membrane, other cell organelles like ribosomes, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and so on? can you imagine the evolutionary steps?

    • Lünkel


      12 dagen geleden

      That first questions makes no sense, nobody designs anything in evolution. And that last question seems to portray a very warped view of how evolution works. It's not like some bacteria come together and spontaneously magically transform into a heart which then floats around until it meets a liver formed in the same way and so on until you eventually get a human. Everything started out as unicellular. Those organisms eventually began forming colonies because this gives them a survival advantage, which we can still observe in many bacteria and such today. Over time in certain branches the cells became more integrated with each other until you get the simplest multicellular life, something like modern sponges. Being part of this bigger organism then allowed groups of cells to very slowly specialize, a steady trend which eventually lead to the evolutions of organs.

  68. 002


    13 dagen geleden

    5:00 5:03 LMAO luv it

  69. grocmojj grocajj

    grocmojj grocajj

    13 dagen geleden

    no one: not even me when depressed: Kurzgesagt: Why aRe yOu aLiVE?

  70. Prabha shankar Tiwari

    Prabha shankar Tiwari

    13 dagen geleden

    infinity war references

  71. grocmojj grocajj

    grocmojj grocajj

    14 dagen geleden

    I never thought I would hear the phrase "anime betrayals" in a professionally made educational video.

  72. Nidhu J John

    Nidhu J John

    14 dagen geleden


  73. Mark


    14 dagen geleden

    But why did atoms turn into organic matter?

    • Ugnius


      7 dagen geleden

      It's explained by Abiogenesis process

  74. YS NIROB


    14 dagen geleden

    What if you get to know that all this stuffs all of this are modified by only one and he is allah.

  75. ZL C

    ZL C

    14 dagen geleden

    I bet 90% of people don't know what Septillion means without searching

  76. Ardens KLOPHER

    Ardens KLOPHER

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    Firenzar Frenzy

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    Nishy Suji

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    “Why are you alive?” Not a bad question

  79. Gabsare Sarg

    Gabsare Sarg

    14 dagen geleden

    I remeber in high school when they talked about ATP its so bizarr you canbearly belive it. Its a very veey strang thing. It was hard for me to memorize the names and processes involved because its so farfetched and dosent seem to have a lot to common sense logic. Its not inuitive at all. Thanks for the video!



    15 dagen geleden

    Every body is complex.Easy to say but Hard to understand properly.

  81. BushidoBrownSama


    15 dagen geleden

    5:05 nice

  82. OhhThatOneGuy


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  83. VexCrafts


    15 dagen geleden

    *why are you alive?* y'know, i wonder that too..

  84. Derg Derg

    Derg Derg

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  85. zero two

    zero two

    15 dagen geleden

    Wow anime betrayal lolol hahaha hahaha first time hearing that in a educational channel lolol

  86. Shaurya Mittal

    Shaurya Mittal

    16 dagen geleden

    When is entropy vid coming?

  87. Cio Chick ́n Nuggets

    Cio Chick ́n Nuggets

    16 dagen geleden

    5:06 insert steve harvey's "nani?"

  88. Caleb Jackson

    Caleb Jackson

    16 dagen geleden

    I really want to believe in evolution. It’s so cool, but genesis chapter one says no, so that’s why I’m a creationist.

    • Lünkel


      12 dagen geleden

      By far the majority of christians accept evolution, even the vatican does. Biblical literalism is definitly not seen as a good thing by most. And you should not believe in something "because it's cool". That doesn't seem like a very good basis for epistomology.

  89. Boi ima shlap u In da face

    Boi ima shlap u In da face

    16 dagen geleden

    3:52 Plants: am I a joke to you?

  90. someguy 1935

    someguy 1935

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    this is realy interesting

  91. Psyle Ofthewoods

    Psyle Ofthewoods

    16 dagen geleden

    Please do a video on the theory of evolution : micro and macro evolution. Has it been 100% proven? !

  92. H1Husk1


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    Universe really tryna vibe check us

  93. not a cat

    not a cat

    16 dagen geleden

    you dont have to force memes in your videos, it's entertaining even without them

  94. Ellizo


    16 dagen geleden

    I’d rather live off of Kurz than go to actual school Imagine actually paying for education LOL

  95. Vihaan Shandilya

    Vihaan Shandilya

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    Love from INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  96. [AP-Student] Junzenry Moreno

    [AP-Student] Junzenry Moreno

    17 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, finally, a cell figured out how to eat the sun Me: Wait that's illegal

  97. Matteo Corente

    Matteo Corente

    17 dagen geleden

    that's the 2nd biggest anime betrayals in evolutionary history

  98. Michelle Chan 詹郁琪

    Michelle Chan 詹郁琪

    17 dagen geleden

    A human studying a atom is just a bunch of atoms trying to understand themselves 🤯

    • Craig Judd

      Craig Judd

      14 dagen geleden

      @Harshraj Chundawat Apparently it's Alan Watts, but Sagan said "We are a way, for the cosmos, to know itself."

    • Harshraj Chundawat

      Harshraj Chundawat

      14 dagen geleden

      @Craig Judd If I am not mistaken its Carl Sagan's quote right

    • Craig Judd

      Craig Judd

      14 dagen geleden

      We are the universe experiencing itself.

    • Eduard Pop

      Eduard Pop

      14 dagen geleden

      Take this dank like and delete this damn comment, my brain is self-destructing rn.

  99. shubham15feb


    17 dagen geleden

    What does it mean we that cell says Nani??

  100. SpaghettiSax


    17 dagen geleden

    the "we'll explain in another video" thing is like not being able to answer a question during a debate and pinning all the work on your partner