12 Types of Students when the Teacher is GONE

Things take an odd turn when the teacher isn’t around in class... What’s next for the students in Titan Academy? Who will be the new teacher?
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  1. JianHao Tan

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    Stay tuned for next week’s episode. I promise you will see at least 2 new tea.. I mean characters 😏🤭🤐

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    Me downloaded state of survival and went in: Me: OH HELL NAH- Edit: wait Walking dead- Meh fren’s nickname ish called walkin ded



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    4:26 Finally someone who cares debbie

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    omg i need more grace chloe and jian hao duo moments

  5. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

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    lol one on my class when the teacher was gone we did a “sword fight” using rulers we were only 9 😂

  6. tommyogurt


    Uur geleden

    "Nobodys taking over titan academy" rainer reverse foreshadowing

    • nieooj gotoy

      nieooj gotoy

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      Am the sleeper

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    Felix Chaiyanto

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    Is the zombies real😰

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    Fruice Buddy

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    5:15 does that mean it is Rainer sunny, Dezhong timmy?

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    I miss miss Shirley 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 miss shirley 😭😭

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    Beth :D

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    Diana's Love Map No love/unknown: - JuLynn - Nicole -Fiera -erica - zar - tasha - Jasmine Couples/estimated couples: 1. Terry, Vincent, Jianhao -link to- Denise 2. Tyler, Kai -link to- Crystal 3.Ryx,Kevin, hamza - Peishi 4. Hakim - link- Vicky 5. Abby -unkonwn- Trev 6. Timmy -link to- mummy 7. Tiffany, Debbie -link to- Ben 8. Sunny -link to- Chloe This is what I made out of the love map... its not 100% accurate but i tried :/

  11. Sunil Poudyal

    Sunil Poudyal

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    Don’t stress do your best

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    roblox kids!

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    Miss sherlyyyyy✨

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    Ben has to start being nice to Debbie 😭😭😭

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    Cleverly sounds like Ren yi xiang

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    Omg timmy likes ducks

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    12:38 I DIED.

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    sI am ver

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    12:40 showtime

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    Ben is just keep on making debbie sad.

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    • Mohd Reduan Alidin

      Mohd Reduan Alidin

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    • Mohd Reduan Alidin

      Mohd Reduan Alidin

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    • Mohd Reduan Alidin

      Mohd Reduan Alidin

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  21. RyGuy 101

    RyGuy 101

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    T1T5 tita N4T1 nati . Classes in the future AC4D acad YM49 ymed

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    Am the sleeper

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    Omg no wayyyyy i have played that exact same gamee its so goood

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    I do I miss her so much😭

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    0:32 oh can you tell him to give me the milk plz

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    Jareth Marroquín

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    Teacher: no eating in class The students in the back: 2:54

  28. Max Karlsson

    Max Karlsson

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    I like when mr dan goes. I’m your only p e teacher ah ah ah ah

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    Nickname Vlogs

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  30. Badsha Noordeen

    Badsha Noordeen

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    I wanted an episode of a fight between N4T1 and T1T5 I stans T1T5

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    Disna Perera

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    Denise is looking different :D

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    seeni gzty

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    Cleverly is just sitting there doing work and staying cool, calm and collected

  33. Arthur Satria

    Arthur Satria

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    2:26 The Snackers 3:12 Japanese Foods 3:26 Kai Trappung Sunny

  34. hakim hashim

    hakim hashim

    17 uur geleden

    I like the part when the student accidentally fall water on the other student and the other student drags the student out

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

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      The fact that Jian Hao adds a sponsor secretly is just, weird.



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    When your school is gonna be A real school

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    Yu-Chan :3

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    Denise is literally Ms Sherly in a different font

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    please also play the walking dead please

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    HAHA 12 types of kids at 3am not clickbait funny moments scary dame tu cosita found

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    Promo code of state of survival :JianHaoSOS

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    Where is the real Denise. I miss Denise.

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    Anupama chelamkuri

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    Why does Kevin come inside class N4TI even when he is suppose to be in his class that time

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    Fun fact: Cleverly is JianHao

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    “First my daddy,now Miss Shery”

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    How fortunate were eating lays

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    Translate T1T5 and B00B5 to letters, T1T5 and B00B5 are classes that used to exist



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    Jamella Berja

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    The fact that Jian Hao adds a sponsor secretly is just, weird.

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    5:05 lol

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    I want madam soot beng back just for a little while...

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    Dragon_Master BGplays

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    Dan just does the swagjutsu at 12:37

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    Manny it is ✨Mr lakosh✨ 😂

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    omg the part where kai was dreaming of crystal and him was so CUTEEEE

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    C'mon I miss Miss Sherly already ❤️

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  57. • ShadowDazzle Gacha •

    • ShadowDazzle Gacha •

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    Timmy: Who's gonna take over our class? Me: The monitors and monitress?

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    JakeJo 939

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    15:23 look at the right, that girl is a zombie but she is doing her hair stuff

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  60. sasilekha sj

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    What happened to

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    Hey,I love ur videos,but i also like sports . Can u help me tell Mr.Dan that my favourite subject is PE and my favourite sport is jumping jacks?

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    Damn dude the foreshadowing was massive and we never saw it coming



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    I think zhen kai is hell crazy

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    I am officially adopting timmy😶🖐

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    Pritika Author

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    Denise is the next teacher in titan

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    First of all how did you get to play games with no internet

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    Oof Live forever

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    I love how Ben is really sweet in rl but here he is like so mean

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    Omg the way they died by singing

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    That one kid: It’S LEgallY aLlOWEd tO lEAvE cLAsS iF tHe tEaCHer iS mOrE ThAn 15 MInUtEs lAtE

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      SAME I rushed back here

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    remember timmy’s first day of school and he was scared wanted to be homeschooled and wanted his mom I miss that

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    The new batch is good but the old one was better

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    why does denise look soo different?

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    Aeden kayla De leon

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    I love how they mentioned mr.muthu raja lmao i miss him

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      Mr.muthu raja sucks ( jk jk i miss him )

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    Soo has miss Sherly ACTUALLY left? Like the whole group?

    • LEGO Potter Productions

      LEGO Potter Productions

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      No, watch the newest episode

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    Duc Hoang

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    Cleverly might be Denise 2.0 lmao

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    Looks like Cleverly predicted the future

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    2:10 *how come they dont come for Cleverly's brain? he is really smart🤓*

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    "nobodies taking over titan academy" Hits different now...

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    6:54 you are watching a youtube video, you are not playing it.

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    Wait I'm still confused So there is a real school named titan academy or is it something made up by jian hao 😬

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    17:25 Relatable as a sibling

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    I really wish they have one episode in which they give a guy who likes Debbie romantically and also spends time with her , so Ben gets jealous see what he missed

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    Time stamp 12:09 what kind of school has a secret lab chair sitting around there must be some school