Amish Girls See Airport For The First Time | Return To Amish

Maureen and Rosanna have decided that the Amish life is not for them and plan to fly to Florida.
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  1. Archie Redman

    Archie Redman

    9 minuten geleden

    Why do some groups of people do such insane things in the name of god,and with a straight face like its all normal to live today like it's 1658.Next time you get a tooth ache or want to travel to another country just put yourself back in 16 or 17 whatever year and see how that works out for you.

  2. Salzburg SF 49ers fan

    Salzburg SF 49ers fan

    14 minuten geleden

    Sad she couldn't fly, but happy she is descovering a new life. Religion, holds people back

  3. TDotsFinest


    15 minuten geleden

    whats with the electric lights??? lol

  4. Jim


    23 minuten geleden

    He is handsome, his teeth are just fucked though lol.

  5. Archie Redman

    Archie Redman

    26 minuten geleden

    I think her parents told her that if she leaves do'nt bother coming back,that shocked me as a parent.

  6. Szymon


    57 minuten geleden

    next episode Amish fly to mars with elon musk.

  7. CensoredMercy


    Uur geleden

    Its illegal to record in a bathroom D:

  8. I Love Manobo Tribe

    I Love Manobo Tribe

    Uur geleden

    I'm all giddy for the girl when her crush wrote his # on her palm ❤️🤗

  9. Virt Real

    Virt Real

    Uur geleden

    I bet it's all staged

  10. Kanda Rabi

    Kanda Rabi

    Uur geleden

    See what religions are STILL doing to people in 2021? Yeah time to slay those dragons me thinks.

  11. Louis Grossi

    Louis Grossi

    Uur geleden

    I know some folks are leaving nasty notes, i.e." The fact that the TV crew didn't bother to tell them that they need ID's to get on a plane is irritating me 🤨" misses the point of the story. I hope the reference to this message left does not start a barrage of hateful responses but this video is suppose to be about a whole different lifestyle crashing into the modern way of life in the United States, that we as human beings inherit the instinct to grow, learn and expand our consciousness not that the film crew didn't let these two lovable girls know about ID. Just my thoughts, Peace, Lou

  12. James Eadmer Dela Cruz

    James Eadmer Dela Cruz

    2 uur geleden

    Amish wearing rubber shoes?

  13. Bruce Frost

    Bruce Frost

    3 uur geleden

    There is a Huge Difference between the Amish and the Meningitis.

  14. FireMonkey


    3 uur geleden

    "How do you have social security without ID?" Everyone is issued a social security number and card when they are born. Also, you can't even try to help them since they don't have photo ID?

  15. N Y

    N Y

    3 uur geleden

    OK so why are they abandoning their families and community then? Despicable to come in and try and uproot two young people. What do we in the outside community have to offer them? Tik tok? Instagram? 25k a year working at a call center? Ridiculous.

  16. Zaroxs97


    3 uur geleden

    Is there more of those two girls or is that al they filmed?

  17. Felipe Dromundo

    Felipe Dromundo

    3 uur geleden

    Yeah right, and cameras all over the place and the so called taxi

  18. kevin dd

    kevin dd

    3 uur geleden

    Fake tv

  19. Avea Illium

    Avea Illium

    3 uur geleden

    They truly exist? Oh my god. Girls, I hope you live to your fullest.

  20. Tassie Devil

    Tassie Devil

    3 uur geleden

    These girls have a whole world to see.

  21. Patricia Chatterson

    Patricia Chatterson

    3 uur geleden

    seems fake

  22. RK Lift 67kg

    RK Lift 67kg

    3 uur geleden

    Boyyy the dude at the airport said “how do u have a social security w/out an ID” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  23. Echo DeGuy

    Echo DeGuy

    4 uur geleden

    It's good to see something different that's why it's so interesting to watch them.

  24. mam nadzieję

    mam nadzieję

    4 uur geleden

    This is so interesting to watch as a German because I can partly understand their dialect

  25. Blake Hargrove

    Blake Hargrove

    4 uur geleden

    Her affection for Daniel is wholesome

  26. Karlynn Ward

    Karlynn Ward

    4 uur geleden

    “How do you have a social security without an I.D?” Umm dippy, you get your social when you’re born.

  27. Karlynn Ward

    Karlynn Ward

    4 uur geleden

    Honestly David isn’t even that bad looking. If he fixes his teeth, he’d be a stud.

  28. Pamzwhut?!


    4 uur geleden

    I grew up around people with the same mentality their parents/family have. It's frustrating. Btw I'm from Philippines.

  29. Dire Consequences

    Dire Consequences

    4 uur geleden

    Being born in an extremely backward n conservative society is like being born with cancer. If ur own culture teaches u anti progress, isolationism and takes away all ur personal rights, it means that sth is wrong. SERIOUSLY WRONG.

  30. Kyra Murdock

    Kyra Murdock

    4 uur geleden

    yooo pause, dudes teeth😮

  31. Jeffie Boo

    Jeffie Boo

    4 uur geleden

    I am drunk af watching this and they seem so ill prepared. Why tf. I mean ...really.

  32. double jake.

    double jake.

    5 uur geleden

    Good for you ladies, their is a big world out there. Life is about choices and good decisions.

  33. James Comer

    James Comer

    5 uur geleden

    You're on a TV show. Mom is already going to know. You think she doesn't know why these cameras are outside all the time? She had to sign off on that.

  34. PerpetratorX


    6 uur geleden

    Stay where you are, the outside world is a stinking cesspool.

  35. Zoe Drake

    Zoe Drake

    6 uur geleden

    This is fucking heart breaking man... omfg

  36. Anthony Celis

    Anthony Celis

    6 uur geleden


  37. Churck


    6 uur geleden

    To be fair, I act the same when I have to take the escalators



    6 uur geleden

    Go home your parents were right, I pray the lord protects you on your path.

  39. Maiku Tsukino

    Maiku Tsukino

    6 uur geleden

    At first I thought this was a joke TLC channel. The taller one started to use the word "like" in her sentences and the "cab driver" had teeth that just looked so fake. And after they leave their families they can't get on a plane! lol! I might watch the rest of this episode just for giggles.

  40. EH PA

    EH PA

    6 uur geleden

    A young whipper snapper named Matt Gaetz met them at the airport on FLA and they lived happily ever after.

  41. Bjørn-erik Michalsen

    Bjørn-erik Michalsen

    7 uur geleden

    If everybody lived like the Amish we would not have environmental problems

  42. Elliot Johnson

    Elliot Johnson

    7 uur geleden

    Daniel giving her his number is the best things that’s happened in the entire history of the world. Like genuinely the words “yes get it girl heck yes” came out of my mouth

  43. Donald umunawa

    Donald umunawa

    7 uur geleden

    These girls are wife material.

  44. Gaurav Singh

    Gaurav Singh

    7 uur geleden

    Which language are they speaking? I thought Amish only found inside America

  45. Peter Teoh

    Peter Teoh

    7 uur geleden

    Some religion just destroyed dreams and lifes of people. Either they destroyed their own people here, or they destroyed other people's lifes (eg, terrorists, ISIS, or Isreal attacking Palestine).

  46. les mercredis on porte du rose

    les mercredis on porte du rose

    7 uur geleden

    I am not Amish, and I have lived in metropolitan, urban settings all my life. But I'm gonna be honest, I'd still get hella stuck in that revolving door

  47. Cubsfan122112


    7 uur geleden

    I know it’s not meant to be funny. But it’s like Elf if real life.

  48. Guts and Grit TV

    Guts and Grit TV

    7 uur geleden

    This is so fake. How is a camera guy there? That would never happen. This world with the internet has become nothing but fake.

  49. Mike Folly

    Mike Folly

    7 uur geleden

    Amazing, you need ID to fly but if you ask for ID to vote for the president you are called a racist

  50. Minje Coyne

    Minje Coyne

    7 uur geleden

    This is so cute

  51. Concerned Commenter

    Concerned Commenter

    7 uur geleden

    This isn’t heartwarming, its depressing they had to live like this for years and had no say.

  52. Kelvin Lizardi Vlog

    Kelvin Lizardi Vlog

    8 uur geleden

    Where the second part 😭 (part 2)

  53. Cra5hWeld


    8 uur geleden

    This makes you appreciate what we have and how there are so many things come across

  54. Jaymie Adcock

    Jaymie Adcock

    8 uur geleden

    The deep advice notably release because panties summarily join onto a symptomatic package. dazzling, truthful chimpanzee

  55. Patrik


    8 uur geleden

    why don't they show anything positive about Amish living?

  56. Mat Ice

    Mat Ice

    8 uur geleden

    Religion has nothing to do with love, just control

  57. The League Of Justice Emma Jinn Goodwin Booth

    The League Of Justice Emma Jinn Goodwin Booth

    8 uur geleden

    How come no one bothered to tell these sweet girls they couldn't fly out without photo id

  58. It is true It is a fact

    It is true It is a fact

    8 uur geleden

    This ladies are beautiful and innocent. Iam a muslim girl and I share many things for religion wise but we are not strict this much. My wonder is how Armish culture survived this long in the west. Girls, you made the right decisions and I hope you all the best. Keep your religion and your morals where every you are.❤️ from 🇨🇦

  59. g C

    g C

    8 uur geleden


  60. Switzel


    8 uur geleden

    Her parents shelter her too much. The world is a scary place and she should not have to leave to experience it. Instead of lying to her, the parents should teach her the dangers of the outside world. The good and the bad. It’s clear she knows nothing about the outside, she did the right thing to leave.

  61. Banoen Adha

    Banoen Adha

    8 uur geleden

    "He got eat by a stairs like that" Thats kill me😂

  62. 337 337

    337 337

    8 uur geleden

    Gee, sounds like parents everywhere! This isn't an Amish thing, parents everywhere, immediately shoot down the hopes and dreams of their children, until you just give up and smoke drugs. Delicious drugs, mmmmmmm.

  63. atlbraves1983


    8 uur geleden

    They ready to get those cheeks clapped

  64. Daniela Saikik

    Daniela Saikik

    8 uur geleden

    So much male bs in religion

  65. Nick Maurer

    Nick Maurer

    8 uur geleden

    Kimmy Schmidt

  66. Kendall A

    Kendall A

    8 uur geleden

    I was just grinding coffee yesterday. ☕

  67. Gabestew


    9 uur geleden

    poor dudes. ive met the amish in lancaster and most arent like this, they usually let them leave at a certain age and give them the choice of staying with that lifestyle or not.

  68. Damion Shitan

    Damion Shitan

    9 uur geleden

    I feel like an Amish girl during COVID a prisoner. The person at the airport asks how do you have social security without ID. Birth certificate. What a Moron. that idiot should be fired.

  69. Jeff Burnham

    Jeff Burnham

    9 uur geleden

    How did the boy get his hands on Drano in the first place? I didn't think the Amish used chemicals like that.

  70. Tara J. Fitzgerald

    Tara J. Fitzgerald

    9 uur geleden

    Wow I hope these girls find the help the need.

  71. tyr8338


    9 uur geleden

    I hope for the best but two uneducated girls without any money, marketable skills and place to stay or any work to provide for themselves? I would say how it will most probably end but I might get banned ;)

  72. Green Pill Theory

    Green Pill Theory

    9 uur geleden

    as if being a kid isn't hard enough already...

  73. Justin Fleagle

    Justin Fleagle

    9 uur geleden

    If anyone actually believes this is real I will question your sanity. No. They're not real Amish.

  74. King


    9 uur geleden

    wow........ do you know how much it will cost to buy the next available seat for a flight???

  75. Humbled Hermit

    Humbled Hermit

    9 uur geleden

    Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior.

  76. AAAxxx


    9 uur geleden

    Amish people use Pirex.... FAKE

  77. double A

    double A

    9 uur geleden

    "How do you have a social security card without an id" what kind of idiotic statement is that

  78. ibrahim wasim

    ibrahim wasim

    9 uur geleden

    I literally thought the title said Anish Giri.

  79. Peter


    9 uur geleden

    What language were they speaking, it sounds germanic

  80. Rull Mourn

    Rull Mourn

    9 uur geleden

    We just gonna skip by, [when he was young he drank draino.]...huh.

  81. jolene pickle

    jolene pickle

    9 uur geleden

    This show feels fake.

  82. captain Alex

    captain Alex

    9 uur geleden

    amish parents get angry and feel "betrayed"? ok time to show them what a ship replyer I'm not talking about the titanic

  83. cat crazy

    cat crazy

    10 uur geleden

    What ended up happening to these beautiful girls? They can't go back home, cant get on a plane and probably have no money 😞

  84. Trickybuz


    10 uur geleden

    NLcameras recommends weirdest shit

  85. Ash Williams

    Ash Williams

    10 uur geleden

    Typical rude airline employee with zero sympathy for anybody. Classic airport/ airline attitude/ experience.

  86. crandf


    10 uur geleden

    I wonder how much the show pays them or their family for doing this show?

  87. Swagster OG

    Swagster OG

    10 uur geleden

    "How do you have a social security without ID?" Considering you use your social security card to GET an ID this dude's a tool

  88. Evans Pare

    Evans Pare

    10 uur geleden

    Why does there curiosity give me strongggg Mako Mermaid vibes!

  89. Timothy L

    Timothy L

    10 uur geleden

    Religion is stupid

  90. Zynphie


    10 uur geleden

    3:55 is the real life Timmy Turner when he's all grown up and got some surgery to fix his teeth. He got scammed

  91. Cameron Gage

    Cameron Gage

    10 uur geleden

    Daniel needs an orthodontist!

  92. Par


    10 uur geleden

    More proof about how stupid and restrictive religion is

  93. Indra Gunawan

    Indra Gunawan

    10 uur geleden

    Rosanna's mom is wise. there is actually nothing out there.

  94. Rogita0329 Proud child of God

    Rogita0329 Proud child of God

    10 uur geleden

    "If you leave dont worry about coming back" that, yuh see that woulda make me storm out there and never come back, if you want yo act soo neglectful and be like "i dont care of you leave i never cared about you" i would just leave because i would feel unwelcomed

  95. Sydney Robinson

    Sydney Robinson

    10 uur geleden

    i would rather just sit in my outhouse in peace 🤣🤣🤣

  96. Lindsay Turner

    Lindsay Turner

    10 uur geleden

    I was only looking at that guys teeth

  97. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

    11 uur geleden

    I used to think Amish were extremely bizarre and weird but I finally just realized they’re simply just from a different time.

  98. AfroSamurai215


    11 uur geleden

    Damn.... Daniel's teeth has teeth.😶