Why Earth Is A Prison and How To Escape It

We are trapped on earth. Controlled by an ancient debt to the universe...
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Overpopulation - The Human Explosion Explained


  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • DX P

      DX P

      20 dagen geleden

      Who made this video

    • Karen Hunt

      Karen Hunt

      Maand geleden

      I thought there was no gravity - helium balloon theory ?

    • Neenv Ghosh

      Neenv Ghosh

      Maand geleden

      If u knew what happened in 2020

    • dogan haaydarolu

      dogan haaydarolu

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      Man your so cool 239 Like's And 5.9 Dislikes

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      Zeno90 Dj

      3 maanden geleden

      yeah, ariane 6 or whatever, it never launched because of C O R O N A

  2. Ivy Hernandez

    Ivy Hernandez

    50 minuten geleden

    Hahaha is my day to

  3. The Brick Yard

    The Brick Yard

    7 uur geleden

    In KSP I can get 1000000 tons into orbit with a 100 ton rocket, granted I had changed the gravitational constant

  4. Ghostnugget119


    15 uur geleden

    1:42 i feel really bad for this bird...

  5. Dreamriot


    23 uur geleden

    First we have to get rid of matter, then it'll be way easier!

  6. Sehaj Kaler

    Sehaj Kaler

    Dag geleden

    5:00 Flat earthers: 👀

  7. Anonymous Human being

    Anonymous Human being

    Dag geleden

    So how tf does Goku fly?

  8. diceprice


    2 dagen geleden

    Prison reform trapping ().$$$$$$&@1234567890--/:(@) points game in... movies 🎥 too .. show offs for lifetime boss still u know... well at least u got ur own realty’s and still get just dat difference.... only women is the plus play plug 🔌 but before yea elderly first ... the hear or difference or different and hear but find ur own journey through re creative or nothing and wait .. and thanks 😊 but something or someone or Any will takes chances even one ☝️

  9. Austin, Hobbes and Justin

    Austin, Hobbes and Justin

    2 dagen geleden

    Its 2020 did it launch or what?



    2 dagen geleden

    the soul does not exist, we are biological machines retaining memory/data and information, nothing more, period

  11. marcel luta

    marcel luta

    2 dagen geleden

    Our earth have a huge electromagnetic shild around our planet, which protect our planet of all the killer gama rays of the sun .Most likely mankind never leave this prison planet , because we still can not get through this huge electromagnetic shild .Who made it wanted we stay here and never escape .În my opinion Nasa never landed on the surface of the moon at all, their old moon fotage was a big fake maked somewhere in a hidden studio ,they tricked bilions of naive people with their fake moon landing .Moreover their moon fotage was ridiculouse a lot ,when they put their US flag on the surface of the moon,then the wind current blew it,like on the moon could exist some atmosphere.Milions of people's around the world are agree Nasa faked their moon mission it never took place , I have no doubs for sfmyspelling.

  12. D Smith

    D Smith

    3 dagen geleden

    Nah.. My People told Me somethings.. These niggaz are gonna Suffer forever..

  13. mr Nohax

    mr Nohax

    3 dagen geleden

    3:11 sounds and looks like something i would do lmao

  14. imane B

    imane B

    3 dagen geleden

    Why we want to go to space ? Everyone has his answer But we all agree we just want to and star trek /wars whatever drive us too.

  15. imane B

    imane B

    3 dagen geleden

    5:55 really beautiful thing to know There is no really straight line to anything in space

  16. David Augusto Jr

    David Augusto Jr

    3 dagen geleden

    How many times Kurzgesagt said "energy" 👇

  17. Pablo Pinés León

    Pablo Pinés León

    3 dagen geleden

    I really love that you guys use european examples such as Ariane 6

  18. gooch


    4 dagen geleden

    This is crap

  19. MK knight

    MK knight

    7 dagen geleden

    Loadofshit ..not buying anything from here

  20. jacques taljaardt

    jacques taljaardt

    8 dagen geleden

    So instead of "fighting" gravity, it would be better to manipulate it.

  21. Semaj Bonds

    Semaj Bonds

    8 dagen geleden

    among us

  22. hof987rec ;gop'sep

    hof987rec ;gop'sep

    8 dagen geleden

    That's cool and all, but we need "Why School Is A Prison and How to Escape It"

  23. Isekai Nebula

    Isekai Nebula

    8 dagen geleden

    So...I wonder, if there were oxygen in space (let's just imagine, no additional pressure for us I promise!) what would happen if a bird tried to get higher and higher? I thought gravity grew weaker as we get higher, would the bird encounter more difficulties as it get higher nonetheless? (excluding temperature difficulties etc...this is just about gravity)

  24. mkara RBLX

    mkara RBLX

    8 dagen geleden

    6:04 it says "This is not a rocket"

  25. Jordy 229

    Jordy 229

    9 dagen geleden

    I don’t really want to...

  26. Ian McFerran

    Ian McFerran

    9 dagen geleden

    Gravity. 🤦‍♂️🤣



    9 dagen geleden

    The lie always gets exposed



    9 dagen geleden

    Prison is freedom freedom is prison

  29. Sophia Wilson

    Sophia Wilson

    9 dagen geleden

    Theory a million years ago a prison ship crash 😵 on earth about 16 people survive 7 males and 9 females survive and mate with natives on planet.

  30. Hong Lo Van

    Hong Lo Van

    10 dagen geleden

    If Earth is a prison, it must be a Norwegian one because it is quite a beautiful prison. Enjoy your time in jail, guys.

  31. Ruby Doobie

    Ruby Doobie

    10 dagen geleden

    So we never went to moon

  32. I gotta kill something

    I gotta kill something

    10 dagen geleden

    It's not complicated. It's easy to understand. It's figuring out how to build a rocket that's the hard part.

  33. TheGoddessIAM.com


    10 dagen geleden

    Earth is Flat. How do I know? Sea-Level; All our oceans are flat and there are no level surfaces on a ball. The globe Earth is a prison... for your mind, making you think Earth is only so big, so you never try to go beyond the poles to find more land.

  34. The Boss

    The Boss

    11 dagen geleden

    Gravity convinced my body to fall down when I tripped. How narcissistic of Earth to think to be at the center of everything that we do

  35. Ryan Gray

    Ryan Gray

    11 dagen geleden

    Well it’s a luxury big nice prison that u can do anything in

  36. Rave 0231

    Rave 0231

    12 dagen geleden

    but helium can escape the earths gravity because its so light. Fuck the mainstream

  37. Emma Rae

    Emma Rae

    14 dagen geleden

    Our lovely earth turns out to be hell

  38. CRAYTH


    14 dagen geleden

    The ariana 6 was rescheduled to 2022 april

  39. M Syathiry

    M Syathiry

    14 dagen geleden

    That's cool, just we need "Why Elsagate Is A Prison And How To Escaoe From It

  40. YuShen Gaming

    YuShen Gaming

    14 dagen geleden

    In HINDUISM is called MOKSHA

  41. 彩虹實況


    15 dagen geleden


  42. Ronald Mcdonald

    Ronald Mcdonald

    15 dagen geleden

    Now think of gravity as karma n youll understand everything

  43. Postcat MCV

    Postcat MCV

    15 dagen geleden

    Imagine if We Killed Newton, This Will Not Exist

  44. Mr. Fowler

    Mr. Fowler

    15 dagen geleden

    Poland can into space

  45. Elyssa Cranford

    Elyssa Cranford

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    Banana for scale😂😂

  46. Erica Burkhalter

    Erica Burkhalter

    15 dagen geleden

    Can someone please tell my why we cant die if we want too?

  47. Josh Dyment

    Josh Dyment

    15 dagen geleden

    we call this phenmenon gravity. UMMMMMMMMMMMM HELOO??????? GHM

  48. Random Hum

    Random Hum

    15 dagen geleden

    Why YOU are a prison that you HAVE to escape

  49. Bryson Joaquin

    Bryson Joaquin

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  50. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    15 dagen geleden

    Death. The answer is death

  51. Necmi Kumral

    Necmi Kumral

    16 dagen geleden

    Prison break : Earth

  52. Gillian Mason

    Gillian Mason

    16 dagen geleden

    Unknown On the 22nd September 2020 ..... Adelaide Australia's first launch to the edge of Space. Look up Australia's Space Agency.

  53. Philipp Stangl

    Philipp Stangl

    16 dagen geleden

    "This world is a prison"

  54. Weird Rando

    Weird Rando

    16 dagen geleden

    Well if there is a youtube tutorial on how to escape it, it aint a good prison.

  55. marios Ram

    marios Ram

    17 dagen geleden

    what, it isn't a prison now??

  56. Chrissie Heavey

    Chrissie Heavey

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  57. Fat Man Jackson

    Fat Man Jackson

    17 dagen geleden

    I want to escape from Saturn's influence.

  58. Jaffe Blaha

    Jaffe Blaha

    17 dagen geleden

    The real things keeping us here in the first place, are those people with the small hats and big noses.

  59. Rafey Saiful

    Rafey Saiful

    18 dagen geleden

    can some one tell me how Kurzgesagt is really good artist

  60. Nihad Aliyev

    Nihad Aliyev

    18 dagen geleden

    06:03 Tintin's dog Milou: It's not a rocket

  61. Kyro Lazioko

    Kyro Lazioko

    19 dagen geleden

    Instead of thinking of it as a prison, perhaps it's a safety net to keep us safe from whatever's out there that we shouldn't be messing with.

  62. pokemon wiki

    pokemon wiki

    19 dagen geleden

    i just got an idea,what if it's not earth making the gravity?i mean,if all the galaxy or even whole universe is moving,what is it attracting or getting attracted to?or maybe,it's not being pulled or pulling sth soooo big,maybe it's the expandation of an explosion,like when we saw some explosions that they expand at first and at second place,it get back to the explosion centre spot.and even in that scenario,we don't know is universe expanding,or it's our imagination and we're going back to explosion centre

  63. abhishek tripathi kuberji

    abhishek tripathi kuberji

    20 dagen geleden


  64. DX P

    DX P

    20 dagen geleden

    Why is that birds

  65. DX P

    DX P

    20 dagen geleden

    Who made this

  66. Jason Duvall

    Jason Duvall

    20 dagen geleden

    Rocket science is actually pretty simple. It's just calculus, differential equations, and basic physics.

  67. Shaurya Kante

    Shaurya Kante

    20 dagen geleden

    These videos are getting weirder and weirder every time.

  68. Jasmine jan Co

    Jasmine jan Co

    21 dag geleden


  69. Efehan Ağtaş

    Efehan Ağtaş

    22 dagen geleden

    6:01 dog says: *This is not a rocket*

  70. Christopher Martinez

    Christopher Martinez

    23 dagen geleden

    A Omines item # " 7811111111111190

  71. Muhammad Rameez

    Muhammad Rameez

    23 dagen geleden

    Trun around whole earth in 90 minutes. Yes we can travel earth at that speed.....

  72. Muhammad Rameez

    Muhammad Rameez

    23 dagen geleden

    Fast as like as electricy

  73. Muhammad Rameez

    Muhammad Rameez

    23 dagen geleden

    How to expand energy when its not owing...

  74. GOD's Image

    GOD's Image

    23 dagen geleden


  75. Origami Jack

    Origami Jack

    23 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: Ok. So this is why getting to space is hard. KSP players: *dusts themselves off*

  76. Natanael Edsel Emery Rahmat 1530043

    Natanael Edsel Emery Rahmat 1530043

    24 dagen geleden

    Ariene 6 : Launches at 2020 Corona Virus : Let me delay it, shall we ?

  77. Mohammad Abir

    Mohammad Abir

    25 dagen geleden

    earth isn't a prison, it's a exam hall where we are being tested by ALLAH!

  78. Tyler Sather

    Tyler Sather

    25 dagen geleden

    1$ pp touch

  79. Hunew Reman

    Hunew Reman

    25 dagen geleden

    For those in the other Theme, this Video has been recommended to you for a specific Reason! There is a hidden Message behind this! The Truth is, is that the Earth is in Fact a galactic Prison Planet! The Frequencies in the Music from Today are here to programm our Dna, to make us primitive! The Music from today got this frequency "440Hz" and that is what makes us being imprisoned on this Planet. Why you ask? Well, the other Alien Races like the Reptilians are here since we came here and they enslaved us with their and out technology from today. They used their higher Technology to block the connection to the higher realms and to bring us to a Point to make us getting earthly Attachments, you have to remove them. Think about it, all these people who got killed, did something good wich was a Sign of "Danger", if you know what I mean. It means those who were able to help the Humanity wake up could pose an Error. This whole System we know is here to manipulate us, destroy us and the Planet. These Things have gotten out of Control like these ones. Music from today has become negative, try 432Hz or different Frequencies. Drugs, for a good Reason, to destroy us. Sweets, to block the Energy system, they are just like a Drug, if you don't get it, you'll go crazy. Try birken sugar, it's more healthier. The News, for Implants and manipulation, for Fear, Hate and negative emotions. Doctors with their Pills and Stuff, the Chemicals. Movies and Videos for negative Emotions and for manifesting negative Things. Cars, Ships, Boats, Busses, Planes ..., for the so called "fresh air". The Planes got Chemtrails, what are they? Have you seen the Strips in the Air? They posses Heavy Metal and Chemicals, we brave in. The Plastic in the Water in other Lands or more like on the whole Planet should be gone. We Humans have made about 6 Billion metric tones Plastic per Year! Fish, Animals eat Pastic and so do we. Find Solutions to these Things and your Life will become better but don't make your self crazy! And for those who played Fortnite, have you seen the Black Hole Event and the Numbers that has been shown to us? Search for those Numbers on NLcameras and put Hz right behind them, like for example "15Hz". All other Answers will come to you, be patient. Oh yeah, "The hidden Teachings of Jesus". *The Year 2032 will arrive soon*

  80. ender gamer2007m

    ender gamer2007m

    25 dagen geleden

    at the end u said that the rocket is launching in 2020 uhhhh it is november 2020 and it didnt launch due to a plague and stuff

  81. Nicholas Chen

    Nicholas Chen

    26 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who has noticed that the Earth in the intro spins clockwise

  82. Herschel Henry

    Herschel Henry

    26 dagen geleden

    What if Earth is a spiral mountain

  83. Wolfy Playz Roblox

    Wolfy Playz Roblox

    26 dagen geleden

    One kurzgesagt video: explaining why it’s important to get a good amount of sleep Me watching at 3AM: Interesting

  84. Max_MX 11

    Max_MX 11

    26 dagen geleden

    Primero tengo que escapar de Latinoamérica, despues hablamos

  85. Anton


    26 dagen geleden

    I want my spaceship back

  86. Genuz


    26 dagen geleden

    1:14 Windows Error sound in the background lol

  87. Pierluigi Avvanzo

    Pierluigi Avvanzo

    26 dagen geleden


  88. Andrew Cool

    Andrew Cool

    26 dagen geleden


  89. Ian


    27 dagen geleden

    Sylvanas Concurs.

  90. Arturo Contreras

    Arturo Contreras

    27 dagen geleden

    the iss orbit explanation put a smile on my face

  91. kanaal die ik niet meer ga gebruiken

    kanaal die ik niet meer ga gebruiken

    28 dagen geleden

    Guys that rocket aint gonna lauch right now

  92. paul skillman

    paul skillman

    29 dagen geleden

    So what? Be happy.

  93. Agustin Herrera

    Agustin Herrera

    Maand geleden

    At least some ppl left South America

  94. MafloBLITZ !

    MafloBLITZ !

    Maand geleden

    Yep Bois we did it, we cheat the system, we steal energy from the earth only to pay back in rocket fuel, how is it that we are paying our debt to the universe with the universes money???

  95. MafloBLITZ !

    MafloBLITZ !

    Maand geleden

    Kurgesarg: makes all science as simple as possible Kurgesarg: continues to use complex words kids can’t understand.

    • MafloBLITZ !

      MafloBLITZ !

      27 dagen geleden

      @Average Man ive simply moved on from using big words, since u used that tactic to higher degree than I can, there’s no point in adopting loosing factors of an argument. Oh fuck, your laughing me.... hmm start insulting me.

    • MafloBLITZ !

      MafloBLITZ !

      27 dagen geleden

      @Average Man idk if u did it get it but half the time I was being sarcastic, when saying, intellectual, I am mocking you, read it, don’t glance at it

    • Average Man

      Average Man

      27 dagen geleden

      @MafloBLITZ ! After that response I can't take you seriously. Dude, pull a thesaurus back in. Consistent reuse of terminology constructed in such a repetitive manner has me laughing at you now. You're not very smart and it's pretty clear you've run out of "big words" to enact with. What a joke lmao.

    • MafloBLITZ !

      MafloBLITZ !

      27 dagen geleden

      @Average Man my apologies for not taking NLcameras comments seriously, and not using commas properly, or accurate wording. Using “not usin comma” is a sorry excuse of an insult. So, basically your saying that I am arrogant for assuming I posses intellect??? If I am a kid that’s some pretty strong wording coming outa a lil guys mouth, sorry, I mean a big guys mouth. I must admit you do posses intellect, beyond that of a child’s mind, most kids be like “dis dud be do S teir sciontisht.” I don’t mean to be rude, hence the fact that you clearly posses intellect, but since I see I’m dealing with an intellectual, no arrogant person who thinks they maybe posses any intellectual property, could insult you to a degree that you feel insulted. Anyway I really like arguing with intellectuals. This was like an email... oh btw you may b an intellectual but it looks like you copied that from somewhere, ik that was a bad joke but I didn’t want to leave you feeling too bad with your sad comedic reference.

    • Average Man

      Average Man

      28 dagen geleden

      @MafloBLITZ ! The utter hilarity in your absolute arrogance regarding any intellectual property you may possess; yet complete inability to properly formulate a coherent sentence is baffling and has me amused. Check your fuckin commas big guy.

  96. Imrose Alam

    Imrose Alam

    Maand geleden

    Well if only i was able to see the future or some how travel back through space and time i will definitely warn u about 2020 its not a good. ...time 😅😔

  97. AditG 26

    AditG 26

    Maand geleden

    6:38 no, 2020 we have problem to do

  98. james brice

    james brice

    Maand geleden

    Yaaaawwwwwwn... .

  99. Reem Gg

    Reem Gg

    Maand geleden

    Me: Hey look at this rocket Kurzgesagt: Acctually it's a Negative Potential Energy Repaying Machine. Me: what why

  100. Mini Pills

    Mini Pills

    Maand geleden

    Banana for scale