Plastic Pollution: How Humans are Turning the World into Plastic

Modern life would be impossible without plastic - but we have long since lost control over our invention. Why has plastic turned into a problem and what do we know about its dangers?
This video is a collaboration with UN Environment and their Clean Seas campaign, If you want to take action to turn the tide on plastics, go to and make your pledge.
We also partnered with askscience on reddit - on you can talk to experts and ask questions about about plastic pollution today!
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    After I watch this, I started to recycle

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    I saw a version of King Midas where he wore metal gloves, honestly that was probably the smartest version of King Midas where he found a way to stop turning things into gold but still had the ability to do so.

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    humans before plastic: use plastic to save paper cuz it cuts down trees! Humans now"Use paper to stop plastic! Humans in in the future: Use holograms.

  21. chow033


    14 dagen geleden

    Plastic is the worst invention in human history. This product killing our planet and we will extinct because of plastic very soon. Please stop use it.

    • Comrade Darwin

      Comrade Darwin

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      what? A much easier solution would be to expand recycling infrastructure, most plastics can be recycled there just aren't enough plants to do so.

  22. Allysandra Ilagan

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    Hi guys! if u care for the environment, please use Ecosia as your search engine. For every 45 searches u make, a tree will be planted somewhere. If you think this is fake, u can always check out their NLcameras channel. Stay safe guys :) bai bai

  23. Blitz6804


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    6:25 And it's even worse when you are the type of person who will reuse their single-use plastic bag 5-6 times before discarding it.

  24. James O'brien

    James O'brien

    18 dagen geleden

    Whats a substitute for all this plastic then, you cant just be going around saying 'hey dont use plastic cause its bad' like you said if you buy reusable cotton bags its has to be used over 1 thousand times to equal one bag. You need to offer solutions rather they saying dont use it because no one knows what to use then if you ban plastic.

  25. Francis ralph Baldo

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    This might be a world war PLASTIC (BAD TIME) but to fight back use metal don’t use plastic

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    Why on earth did you not include a comment on Hemp Plastics ? FFS? Disappointed with this vid

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    will you guys make a video on the plastic-eating bacteria?

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    Can't you just burn plastic as fuel? It has already been done with gasification. I guess that wouldn't be doing the atmosphere any favors but that's better than keeping it solid.

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    I like how if you turn on the captions at the start of the intro it says "catchy into plays"

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    The rest of the story of King Midas: "Then, the gods had pity on him, so they told him to wash his hands in a particular river/stream. (Sorry, i forgot it's name.) Then, when he did, the gold was washed away from his hands, then everything he had touched, that did turn to gold, turned back to normal. Then, at a party, the king insulted Apollo, which angered Apollo. He then turned Midas' ears into Ass' ears."

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    America is still the biggest producer of waste, human and otherwise.

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    J Barnell

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    I use one of those hard plastic straws, wash and use it literally everyday, for the past year, along with about 4 others. as for reusable bags, I own three, but haven't been using them due to covid sooo

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    Random fact: every week you consume a credit card amount of plastic

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    So, how bad is it, really, when single-use plastic ends up in a landfill? Do microplastics get into the groundwater? Do scavengers end up eating plastic and dying? I ask because I live in a city about 800 kilometers from the coast. I don't think much of our plastic trash is making its way to the ocean. I'm concerned that people will cut down on plastic use and feel like they've "done enough" for the environment.

  52. Eduardo Ayala

    Eduardo Ayala

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    I really think plastic is ok. Plastic helps keeping stuff clean. But there's a clear line of when it's just too much. I was wondering if the breakdown time of synthethic polymer could be shortened, while reducing plastic. Also not just plastic, but most forms of polution.... if returned to nature in it's simplest form, nature should know what to do from there.

  53. Rose Egbo

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    guys install ocean hero to clean the ocean of plastic. but i use seva where it is the same thing but gives children food to the ones that don't have any.

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    I have solved a way to not use plastic straws I've done this a lot when I was younger and that is to use wafer sticks you can eat em after drinking the drink🍴🍻

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    6149865 2yago 20h12 t515102020

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    Fortunately, this video has Vietnamese subtitle.

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    I think i should reduce use plastic as much as i could.

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    Say no to dispoable plastic? Okay. Say no to ever stepping foot in a grocery store. And say no to eating any food.

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    You can use hemp to make plastics

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    If only we could invent a plastic magnet.

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      @Donald J Putin gravity

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    I like how the captions for the intro say catchy intro misic



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    Why didn't midas wear gloves.



      Maand geleden

      So what midas should have done is cut the gloves in every finger joint so that there would be a gap there and also cut slices in palm area to curcumflate some more movement there four now he has gold gloves and he can move his finger and he doenst have to turn everythin inta gold And while cutting midas should be very care full so that he doesn't touch the gloves before hand or he could tell some one his workers to cut it the way he wants for him as he is king



      Maand geleden

      @user_404 hmm about tha- 😂

    • user_404


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      It would turn into gold too which would make it useless since you can’t bend your fingers.

  96. OrangeLeaf36


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    Just make gloves then. gold gloves don't turn people into gold and that way, he can still live happily. (with flaws of course)

    • HoboGrifter


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      The gloves would have gotten stuck in one staye

  97. Leviathan


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    why dont you make reusable stuff from plastic. and any way plastic bottles are reuseable you can rinse them out and fill them with water and store them in your fridge. or you couls melt them down and make other things from it.

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    Scp-610 plastic

  99. Villager #9

    Villager #9

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    Wait, what if we gathered all the plastic and sent it into a black hole. We then stop producing so much and use paper, cardboard, metals instead??

    • Marcus Lopez-pierre

      Marcus Lopez-pierre

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      We first need to travel to a black hole, which would take hundreds of thousands of years

  100. Mr. Mr

    Mr. Mr

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    Let’s make a GMO that is always hungry for plastic or whatever