The Plan to Revive the Mammoth Steppe to Fight Climate Change

Deep in the frozen north of Russia's Sakha Republic lies a place where time is being reversed and a once extinct environment is being brought back to life. How is something like this possible and what impact could it have on our world?
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  1. xKeita


    49 minuten geleden

    it baffles me that overhunting was so prominent

  2. Lost Melody

    Lost Melody

    3 uur geleden

    wow. The channel intro isn't until over two minutes into the video. That's odd.

  3. Si Qian Ma

    Si Qian Ma

    5 uur geleden

    Neanderthals also hunted in Eurasia at the time so they should be wise to two legged hunters.

  4. Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson

    7 uur geleden

    Canada. This is America. Why aren't you doing this? We can't let the Russians outstyle our hat. Do you need some cash for it?

  5. Gods of Old

    Gods of Old

    20 uur geleden

    the ice is going to melt one way or another and we just cant stop it. we are just at the end of an iceage

  6. Pedro Ferraz

    Pedro Ferraz

    23 uur geleden

    Probably the best way that could be done to integrate a mammoth tier organism in the ecosystem, is the integration of the Elephant itself. Elephants are an endangered species, and we know they are not suited for freezing temperatures, though with human hand we could stimulate their evolution to support cold temperatures. Maybe a bit of genetic tinkering, or selective breeding would be required at first, but eventually we would have to let them go and thrive on their own. The concept would be similar to raising a child, you take care of them but eventually you need to let them go. Believe it would be beneficial to all organisms involved humans would be able to save an essential species of extinction, preserving nature. Elephants would give birth to a new life form, be part of a new cycle of life and well survive. If it's right or wrong.. Well it is neither, it would be mankind taking responsability to fix what we broke for a starters.

  7. contrarian duude

    contrarian duude

    Dag geleden

    I'm guessing all the Russian poachers are in on the project. They probably see this as job security.

  8. DonnierDarko223


    Dag geleden

    So basically all we need to do is kill all non farm animals in locations around the globe where snow falls so that greedy companies and unindustriliased mega nations such as C and I can continue to use coal works and other awful stuff to pollute the planet with. Gotcha.

  9. TheDukeOfDishSoap


    Dag geleden

    And to this day Alaska is still in an ice age

  10. Conny and Marvin Bentley

    Conny and Marvin Bentley

    Dag geleden

    sooo...why not get the loggers that are ripping down our rain forests to go and level our frozen north? They could sell the pulpwood and when an area is fully cleared, the loggers ' responsibility would be to repopulate with appropriate animals.

  11. Viennery


    Dag geleden

    I call dibs on the first mammoth steak! I bet they鈥檙e delicious!

  12. Casual Pain

    Casual Pain

    Dag geleden

    Want to fight climate change?? Go grass fed beef as regenerative agriculture are the key and abolish monocrop agriculture. Eat less carbs more meat, fat and egg.

  13. mv03dl100


    Dag geleden

    Next step is to selectively breed elephants to maximise hair growth, reviving the mammoths

  14. Desal


    Dag geleden

    yeah. put the money into something else.

  15. ballarfjandi


    2 dagen geleden

    It's absurd to think that hunter/gatherers wiped most of the mega fauna out. We weren't that many at the time, all hunter/gatherer groups that live today, like in the amazon for example, live in perfect harmony with the environment, native americans before america was settled and so on. The extinction was too sudden. A large impact event is most likely the cause.

  16. agustin venegas

    agustin venegas

    2 dagen geleden

    do y'all think humans could have evolved on the mammoth steppe if we hadn't evolved in africa?

  17. Thomas Gideon

    Thomas Gideon

    2 dagen geleden

    As if you could actually stop climate change.

  18. motku


    2 dagen geleden

    I like the animations and info. But your PACING and unduLATIONs of... speech ... makes. this. HARD. to watch.

  19. dstyd


    2 dagen geleden

    So Introducing Methane producing animals to fight methane from escaping the ground is the best choice to fight Climate change. Smart. They will also add more Methane into the ground as well.

  20. Ruaceiro Felipe

    Ruaceiro Felipe

    2 dagen geleden

    Video mais interessante que vi este ano, ja pode clonar o mamute, estou no aguardo

  21. Bertha Ross

    Bertha Ross

    2 dagen geleden Conclusioni banali ma inconfutabili, cosi come un'attenta ricerca dei concorrenti, rimangono ancora oggi la sorte dei liberali che desiderano ardentemente essere bloccati all'interno dei propri vincoli razionali. Il confine della formazione del personale non ci da altra scelta che determinare il completamento tempestivo del super compito. Ma sforzandosi di sostituire la produzione tradizionale, la nanotecnologia puo essere mescolata con dati non univoci al punto da essere completamente irriconoscibili, il che aumenta il loro stato di inutilita. Allo stesso modo, la teoria esistente dipende direttamente dalla fattibilita economica delle decisioni prese.馃拫 Sendo apenas parte do quadro geral, os sinais claros da vitoria da institucionalizacao nos chamam para novas conquistas, que, por sua vez, devem ser distribuidas associativamente entre os setores. Acionistas das maiores empresas foram anunciados.Replicada de fontes estrangeiras, a pesquisa moderna e apenas um metodo de participacao politica e foi submetida a uma serie de estudos independentes. Mas um nivel profundo de imersao requer definir e refinar os esforcos de agrupamento.

  22. Saeed Zafar

    Saeed Zafar

    2 dagen geleden

    But keep in mind, Mammoth Steppe may be more productive than Boreal Forests, but arguably the Alaskan Forests are more productive due to Salmon and Bear. Bears won't survive if Mammoths are reintroduced in North America.

  23. John Doe

    John Doe

    2 dagen geleden

    The only serious impediment to this being implemented on the scale necessary to influence climate is the pesky presence of large human populations. Once we eliminate 6 or 7 billion people, we can start getting somewhere.

  24. Manoj Kumar

    Manoj Kumar

    2 dagen geleden

    I don't know why most people think that herbivores Consumes vegetation but truth is they help vegetation to grow faster

  25. GetAss


    3 dagen geleden

    Who said we needed mammoths to cause deforestation.

  26. Carlos bell

    Carlos bell

    3 dagen geleden

    3rd option comets hitting Earth causing the other 2

  27. Maxine Ward

    Maxine Ward

    3 dagen geleden

    not sure if you realise this but your hypothesis of over hunting proves human activity can cause climate change

  28. Donovan Delaney

    Donovan Delaney

    3 dagen geleden

    We now think that a large meteor wiped out most of the Mammoths. We know that Mammoths went extinct for a second time around 3,000 years ago and that Mammoths still exist somewhere in Alaska.

  29. diego herrera

    diego herrera

    3 dagen geleden

    So russia must bring back the mammoths then

  30. Daniel Pierce

    Daniel Pierce

    3 dagen geleden

    Okay the Earth isn't warming like "never before" there used to be 20掳C shifts over short periods tens of thousands of years ago

  31. Carlos Malave

    Carlos Malave

    3 dagen geleden

    Kill everything and stop worrying about it! There solve like in one minute.

  32. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones

    3 dagen geleden

    Slightly off topic... I have a question; What land mass is most unlikely to change in the next million or so years? Say I wanted to erect a monument and I wanted it to be there for the next million years, where would I build it? Excluding Antarctica.

  33. Gary Seven

    Gary Seven

    3 dagen geleden

    What are the ethical problems with recreating the Mammoth? If we indeed wiped it out, aren't we obliged to have a go at undoing a wrong?

  34. H S

    H S

    3 dagen geleden

    in the end extinction is inevitable. the rules of evolution are simple adapt or die

  35. kennedy laroche

    kennedy laroche

    3 dagen geleden

    anyone that actually believes eary Homosapiens and Neanderthals wipe out animals like mammoths and cave lions just using spears and atlatls is really not putting enough thought into it lol, should look up Randall Carlsons theory on this.

  36. Circuit-Razor


    3 dagen geleden

    Can鈥檛 wait to see a colab with RealLifeLore

  37. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru Mburu

    3 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the info..馃憤

  38. Finn Bear

    Finn Bear

    3 dagen geleden

    You left out several competing theories. Including a cyclical solar micro novae, of which there appears to be plenty of evidence.

  39. Bottlecapbill


    3 dagen geleden

    That's right, bring us back to an average global temperature of 9 degrees. Your mega fauna will thrive and the rest of the planet will an iced in hell. Half of the planet will be dead again. Great plan!

  40. Mountain Fisher

    Mountain Fisher

    4 dagen geleden

    If they spent trillions on replacing destroyed wetlands CO2 would drop like a rock, but that doesn't give the 'powers that be' more control.

  41. Meepcity houses

    Meepcity houses

    4 dagen geleden

    Do it!

  42. v1e1r1g1e1


    4 dagen geleden

    Hey, Atlas Pro... the ''Humans wiped out the mega fauna'' theory has been debunked time and again. Please stop repeating it. You're wrong. You're stupid and you're boring!

  43. alexander martino

    alexander martino

    4 dagen geleden

    If all the possible consequence are evaluated in a scientific and accurate way and there are fail safes/ backup plans for if/ when we make mistakes then I am in favor of moving forward. We don't exactly as you pointed out have the best track record with geo/ environmental engineering/ adaptation. However It would be nice to see extinct animals again. Let's start with something smaller like the tasmanian tiger/ dodo bird before we move on to multi ton animals with scales, fur, hair or feathers.

  44. Victor Gallo

    Victor Gallo

    4 dagen geleden

    While I'm all in for this Plaistocene Park and the Green Belt in Africa... I gotta say that we should not try to do this "to revert climate change"... We world itself is warming, no human help needed... this cycle is supposed to happen, while we can revert biome extinctions, I think we should not. Let the world warm, let species fall, let new ones rise, if humans fall with it, then be it... we are NOT the center of the universe, nor owners of the world. The day where "there's no more life on earth" is not avoidable. Just look at other planets... Mars perhaps... I guess the movie Matrix was right. We hide behind good intentions to do things our way, for our good, no matter if it was supposed to happen or not. We are like a virus. We should just let go of these things, follow the cycle and be grateful to ever existed. Let go, let change, let renew. DEATACH FROM FREEZING THE TIME!!

  45. Lullpy


    4 dagen geleden

    I鈥檓 confused, are the outcomes good or bad?

  46. Joe Black

    Joe Black

    4 dagen geleden

    It's probably a combination. Lean years for the Mammoth steppes due to climate change combined with the influx of humans. It should be noted that the human population there at that time could not have been massive. Definitely not more dense than in parts of Africa at the time. So, the ecosystem had to have been in a rut. They must make sure there are carnivores as well.

  47. Brian Mitchell

    Brian Mitchell

    4 dagen geleden

    Cool video and information but I think there is Zero chance that humans caused extinctions. We didn't suddenly decide to kill all of our food supplies on a global scale. Nor did we have the stomach capacity to eat all the animals that we supposedly slaughtered. Sudden and rapid climate change caused death for many species and suffering for all. Finding the trigger of that climate change is the interesting challenge.

    • Lullpy


      4 dagen geleden

      Yes but remember that killing the magafauna led to less food for the megafauna and they died of starvation

  48. Casey Brown

    Casey Brown

    4 dagen geleden

    Except there is an explanation, the Younger Dryas impact. From massive death fields of Mammoths to distinct layers of ash, from the super massive fires, deposit dated to the exact same time found all over the world. Not to mention the abrupt findings of evidence of the start of complex human civilization post event.

  49. dreamcast789122 H

    dreamcast789122 H

    4 dagen geleden


  50. Dagomyre _

    Dagomyre _

    4 dagen geleden

    Hey Atlas Pro first off I love the vids, but we need to talk and this is a serious matter, I need you and Reallifelore to do a collaboration series about the cursed future of 2050-2100. What I mean by this is a few things, you need to talk about climate change and how it will devastate coasts and how to help stop it, and in your vid show the sea level increase and how it will affect us and how to help prevent the rising seas. Also medicine is really important especially with COVID 19 but the thing is covid isn鈥檛 that bad compared to things in the near future, if we continue to waste medicine on things not necessary we will go through a medicine crisis, and it will be global, essentially what I mean is there is a vault that has some of the best medicines in the world, capable of destroying bacteria鈥檚 and viruses like covid, but using them on covid is dumb because these medicines are only to be used in a worst case scenario like world extinction, so if we continue to waste some of these medicines on dumb things some of the diseases we almost made extinct and others are going to eventually become immune to our medicines by picking up these wasted medicines that we use when we don鈥檛 need to and become immune to them, also please talk about how covid started and why it鈥檚 so dumb that we didn鈥檛 stop it, the reasons being number one Trump got rid of our team in Wuhan observing for outbreaks of viruses, the theory is that the team is useless because it never stops viruses however this is wrong because it has done we just don鈥檛 know because they don鈥檛 tell us, and two China they didn鈥檛 tell us that there was a problem in the country and by the time it was known worldwide it was too late, if we had shut down air, sea and ground travel we would鈥檝e gotten rid of covid in 2 weeks, it sounds crazy but it鈥檚 true, see the thing is this generation is so screwed so please for me and my generation warn others about these things and other things like how the rich oil company鈥檚 are bribing governments to say the climate change isn鈥檛 real. So please help the world fix it鈥檚 mistakes please. And again make more videos about the danger of some of the things that we are causing. Also watch some others videos about climate change like the one by Verge Science called This is what rising sea levels will do. And also explain how we are only making it worse every day, and make sure to use dansez fashion for the music.

  51. Robert Richardson

    Robert Richardson

    4 dagen geleden

    When will we stop messing with Mother Nature? The planet is fine... mankind is f***ed.

  52. Prime Rib

    Prime Rib

    5 dagen geleden

    As long as it doesn't cost me tax dollars, I'm fine with it.

  53. Nitty Gritty

    Nitty Gritty

    5 dagen geleden

    Very cool!!

  54. Em Wing

    Em Wing

    5 dagen geleden

    So... for an actual balanced and stable ecosystem - WHERE ARE THE PREDATORS? Unless someone goes in and does regular culling, it will get overpopulated. How about some snow leopards or wolves....

  55. SMDoktorPepper


    5 dagen geleden

    Well, you can see this in recent history...when the bison herds were exterminated at the beginning of the industrial revolution, the climate began to shift dramatically

  56. Uber Mick

    Uber Mick

    5 dagen geleden

    Why fight climate change when the climate throughout the history of our planet ever changes? You people talk about our climate like it should be static and constant but it never has been this way, ever... And current data shows we have moved from the solar maximum cycle which sees warming trends to a solar minimum cycle which sees declining temps. We went through a solar minimum cycle in the 70's and people were freaking out saying we were heading into an ice-age, then things settled down and began warming then the same fruit loops and 'scientists' on certain payrolls once again start screaming doom and gloom that the planet will cook. Additionally its normal for CO2 levels to fluctuate and this generally coincides with the planetary 15k year cycle, during peak CO2 phases we see the Sahara actually become a rainforest, hence why skeletal remains of ancient humans have been found in that region (most famous of which was named 'Lucy') as this cycle has happened many times during human evolution. And currently due to elevating CO2 levels we are seeing the 'greening' cycle starting to kick in because it was actually reaching a critically low level some decades ago. It amazes me how willing the masses are to follow narratives concocted by the global elites as they manipulate us all to seize more control under the guise of climate action, just look at America currently falling apart as it now implements these changes that actually do nothing to curb any environmental impact, but make electricity more expensive elevating poverty numbers while pushing technologies that still harbour reliance on the fossil fuels enemy, and refusing to reign in worst polluting offenders such as China. Its all just a load of shit...

  57. Fsh


    5 dagen geleden

    animals not too hard (reletively), since can put mammoth in elephant, wooly rhino in rhino, etc etc

  58. marting1984


    5 dagen geleden

    excellent video. So well explained. I learned so much.

  59. Raleigh Latham

    Raleigh Latham

    5 dagen geleden

    Thank you for making this video and sending people to Pleistocene Park's Patreon! You're doing more to help them than all the VICE documentaries that don't mention their need to fund their mission.

  60. Diane Wallace

    Diane Wallace

    5 dagen geleden

    I just donated to Pleistocene Park. Once the permafrost thaws past a certain point then the temperature of the Ocean will rise such that the methane hydrate frozen at the bottom of the continental shelves and Ocean will be released then there will be an oxygen poor atmosphere above sea level. See the 2008 movie Six Degrees Could Change the World.



    5 dagen geleden

    Mammoth eats trees No trees = warm #killallmammoths

  62. GentlemanBystander


    5 dagen geleden

    "We refuse to accept the Holocene and will do everything in our power to manipulate nature towards that end." You're ignoring the biggest and most obvious suspect for why the glaciers melted at the younger dryas boundary; the Hiawatha Glacier impact and the accompanying black-mat layer that indicate a massive bolide event.

  63. Johan


    5 dagen geleden

    atlas pro, using the wrong map wtf...

  64. McHitler


    5 dagen geleden

    Fun topic, but your editing & delivery are nails-on-chalkboard painful.

  65. Brohamed DaBruhphet

    Brohamed DaBruhphet

    5 dagen geleden

    Cant fix the climate changing. we entered the grand solar minimum. its an unstoppable cycle that happens every 400 years.

  66. Pheeb Hello

    Pheeb Hello

    5 dagen geleden

    What a load of nonsense.

  67. George 777

    George 777

    5 dagen geleden

    This was all proven as science falsely so called years ago .

  68. Tytus Bombus

    Tytus Bombus

    5 dagen geleden

    huh, so we deforest tropical woods too much but boreal woods could use some deforestation? XD i suppose we should deforest boreal instead then

  69. O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead

    O'Donnell's Aussie Homestead

    5 dagen geleden

    Awesome so im subbing u and rang the bell馃グ馃憤

  70. 1hunterblack


    6 dagen geleden

    very simple fix kill of humans

  71. Mirna Simmi

    Mirna Simmi

    6 dagen geleden

    That seems like something right up Russia's alley. They bringing back mega laser bears lets gooo

  72. Valerie


    6 dagen geleden

    Very interesting video. I hate to see the trees go though. I鈥檓 partial to birds and trees are their homes. Suggestion: The Tarim basin. I鈥檝e always thought it was such a large and interesting place.

  73. domehammer


    6 dagen geleden

    Humans existed alongside mega-fauna for a very long time. Way too long for over hunting to be even remotely possible.

  74. John Wilbur

    John Wilbur

    6 dagen geleden

    Boreal forests have low productivity... Unless you're a tree

  75. Michael Cicciarella

    Michael Cicciarella

    6 dagen geleden

    finally, some gets it, planting more trees is not the answer. they pull out then re-release their carbon it needs to be buried and made inert, grass lands like this or biochar.

  76. Whiskey61


    6 dagen geleden

    Do we make the Native Americans and Australian Aboriginees pay reparations for the damage they did to the world by killing all the mega fauna?

    • cheesecake 69

      cheesecake 69

      6 dagen geleden


  77. ChiefR Games

    ChiefR Games

    6 dagen geleden

    Bring back the Mammoths

  78. The Science Man

    The Science Man

    6 dagen geleden

    The sad reality of it is that, knowing humans, they will probably start poaching mammoths for their tusks or fur. It鈥檚 sad but true.

  79. BeefBoy


    6 dagen geleden

    Now, the Russians are intensively grazing the arctic with multispeciation to prevent trees from growing to try to mitigate and/or reverse climate change.

  80. Xp Lee

    Xp Lee

    6 dagen geleden

    More mega fauna equals more mega fauna farts though... 馃ぃ

  81. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow

    6 dagen geleden

    lol...most of the area that was completely covered by ice all the way to 12,000 years when it had a sudden melt. Many places that ice was a mile or more called Mammoth Steppe? How about scientific theories that were already proven contradict this are adopted? Overhunted theory is the PC view were already dismissed as well. We live in dark ages.

  82. Felix Carstens

    Felix Carstens

    6 dagen geleden

    Comment for the algorithm

  83. Tyler Bozinovski

    Tyler Bozinovski

    6 dagen geleden

    Nah I'd rather a greenhouse Earth than another glacial maximum.

  84. Sergio Sol贸rzano

    Sergio Sol贸rzano

    6 dagen geleden

    3:45 wow, where is that?

  85. Sergio Sol贸rzano

    Sergio Sol贸rzano

    6 dagen geleden

    am i a bad person if i just wanna have a mammoth coat and eat a mammoth steak like a true Neanderthal 馃槀

  86. Matthew Dancz

    Matthew Dancz

    7 dagen geleden

    The title makes me think this is a bad idea. The Earth is just a ball of resources floating in the endless void of space, we should treat it as such.

  87. Jeremy


    7 dagen geleden

    This would definitely be a sight to see if they accomplished it 馃槉

  88. Chris Parker

    Chris Parker

    7 dagen geleden

    There is strong evidence an impact occured around 12,900 years during the Younger Dryas. This killed the megafauna and started the holocene. Also, climate change cant be stopped. The NATURAL forces driving it are far beyond anything we can do to stop it.

  89. ROT A. LOT

    ROT A. LOT

    7 dagen geleden

    Please try elephants for cogon grass control in Florida, instead of the sole chemical option. Where can I buy an elephant?

  90. 讗讬转讬 驻讟讬讙专讜

    讗讬转讬 驻讟讬讙专讜

    7 dagen geleden

    What are you doing, step biome?

  91. Fane Babanu

    Fane Babanu

    7 dagen geleden

    dont know bout that positive feedback tho, i mean siberia is much bigger then americas prairie, where idk how many millions bisons lived there before the europeans arrived? 20? 60? some absolute incredible number, also with the natives together, which also had long time to develop a balance, Why should the eurasian people had such a big impact with their much shorter lifespan? look africa, after much wilderness still animals there, the siberian natives also seem nature friendly not destructive, i think some global catastrophe was the factor , not humans, with their small population in comparison with the big animals.

  92. Nichtbesonderes Los

    Nichtbesonderes Los

    7 dagen geleden

    Excellent Explanation of a hardly understood problem.

  93. Nido Hime

    Nido Hime

    7 dagen geleden

    What about predators? Are they planning to bring wolves, tigers, or even lions to that park?

  94. Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro

    Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro

    7 dagen geleden

    鈥淭ech鈥 connectivity and solar may have some of the worst effects on climate. This video is contraindicated.

  95. Vxid


    7 dagen geleden

    We need to bring back the cave lions

  96. BrosmithShell


    7 dagen geleden

    yeah but what about predators tho?

  97. Mason Freeman

    Mason Freeman

    7 dagen geleden

    A man moth?

  98. Richard Miller

    Richard Miller

    7 dagen geleden

    I can only imagine the huge impact that would have for that environment. Like reintroduction of wolves in America

  99. Evan Hodge

    Evan Hodge

    7 dagen geleden

    "Fight"? Is that such as "fight Cancer"? You cannot Fight climate.

  100. Sam king

    Sam king

    8 dagen geleden

    Wow, if this idea actually takes off I wonder what predators they might add to keep the population in check, cause things like Sabertooths and Direwolves are long gone