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TAKING DOWN Our Off Grid SOLAR POWER Set Up | Why It Doesn't Work For Us

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We are making a huge change to our off grid solar power system. Our current system is no longer going to work for us due to our upgraded system bringing in 3 times the amount of power we originally were. This means we need to take all of our solar components down and rebuild our entire system.
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We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while we building our own debt free, off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant life.
Our house build is documented entirely on our main channel "Wild Wonderful Off-Grid" and our family life vlogs can be found on our secondary channel "Wild Wonderful After Show"


  1. Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

    Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

    12 dagen geleden

    Here is the link to our Solar Power Playlist! Thanks for watching guys! nlcameras.info/item/PLq7klqOTp1a9wv-2EYae6dzzf663mCvvj.html

    • Brian Boykin

      Brian Boykin

      7 dagen geleden

      *The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 signed December 27, 2020, provided a two-year extension of the Investment Tax Credit for solar. I thought of you 2 when I seen this, might help a little.

    • Gregg Davis

      Gregg Davis

      8 dagen geleden

      Definitely would love more details on the expansion. Is there a reason why you went with multiple charge controllers rather than replacing your current charge controller with one large one?

    • Sándor Farkas

      Sándor Farkas

      9 dagen geleden

      Üdv Sopronbol 🍷



      9 dagen geleden

      Thank you guys, it's very cool !!! So. Keep!!

    • Sandra Martínez

      Sandra Martínez

      9 dagen geleden

      Me encantan sus videos!! Esos amaneceres 🌅 hermosos que nos muestran es una bendición, saludos familia y super trabajo el de Josh 🏡☀️👍🏼🤗desde Piedras Negras, Coahuila 🇲🇽😘

  2. William Glaser

    William Glaser

    3 uur geleden

    Really should have just titled it Upgrading the solar system. Yet I guess you just want the views. Not going to watch it anyways.

  3. kyle bacher

    kyle bacher

    Dag geleden

    I wanted to ask what size wire and lengths did you go with for those batteries?

  4. Tency Ross

    Tency Ross

    2 dagen geleden

    Channel locks are super handy. My husband who is also an electrician uses them for everything. The electrician hammer as we call them. Would also be interested in all the wiring of the solar

  5. eStudy


    3 dagen geleden

    those batteries on the top should be fenced to make them safe because u never know...

  6. Bruce Alvarez

    Bruce Alvarez

    4 dagen geleden

    I think that guy using something other than channel locks to work on bolts is an imposter, where did he put Josh? Has a ransom note been found yet?

  7. The1Roddydog


    4 dagen geleden

    It's fantastic that you guys have done all the work yourselves but having Josh... As a licensed electrician (and part-time comedian)?... PRICELESS 🤣🤣👌💖

  8. Soko ســوكـو

    Soko ســوكـو

    4 dagen geleden

    حبيبي والله❤️😋

  9. Chicky Kahn

    Chicky Kahn

    4 dagen geleden

    You 2 are beautiful together keep up the good work ❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊

  10. charles evans

    charles evans

    4 dagen geleden

    now we all know who has been hoarding all the toilet paper

  11. Dark_Angel_of_Death


    4 dagen geleden

    Yes can you please go into details with wiring and hook up on the solar power you installed please!

  12. Marius Conrad

    Marius Conrad

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  13. James Edwards

    James Edwards

    5 dagen geleden

    Watching from the Bahamas, awesome job guys 👍

  14. Philippe Mace

    Philippe Mace

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    Bonsoir mes amis j'espère que vous avez passé de bonnes fêtes je pouvais pas vous répondre j'ai été couper pendant deux mois mon portable est tombé en panne et comme je pouvais pas me déplacer j'ai donc étais aux milieu du mois de décembre en deux fois pour avoir un portable qui mon bloqué la carte Sim jusqu'à que je prenne les cornes du bœuf et que j'ai demandé à coup Google de faire quelque choses pour me débloquer et j'ai demandé à mon amie de faire pression pour qu'il me débloque la carte Sim en quelques secondes cela à été fait alors j'essaie de faire le tour de mes amis et amies pour leur souhaiter une bonne année 2021 et une bonne santé surtout à vous mes amis et amies

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    Victor Alexandrescu

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  16. anak king Majidmb

    anak king Majidmb

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  17. Bryan Pulling

    Bryan Pulling

    5 dagen geleden

    What happened to using Tesla batteries for your solar setup?

  18. hsm_ epic_return

    hsm_ epic_return

    5 dagen geleden

    Mega upgrade.

  19. Tajr


    5 dagen geleden

    They'll find that shelf long after the shed and the house are gone

  20. Made In The Woods

    Made In The Woods

    5 dagen geleden

    Love the solar setup. There is nothing like providing your own energy and being conscious of your usage! Great video guys!

  21. James Wulzen

    James Wulzen

    6 dagen geleden

    General "Chuck" inspecting the goods, he passes the final word.

  22. HUGO Delgado

    HUGO Delgado

    6 dagen geleden

    She is a HARD WORKER!!!

  23. legrena


    6 dagen geleden

    likely one of the best channels on NLcameras

  24. Vrio vrio

    Vrio vrio

    6 dagen geleden

    Got to cover and secure up those busbars. Super deangeous

  25. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor

    6 dagen geleden

    Where did you find all the great music for this video?

  26. Peter Nice

    Peter Nice

    6 dagen geleden

    Do you have your sense of taste and smell back yet?

    • Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      6 dagen geleden

      Our taste has greatly improved but isn't 100%. Our smell has not come back quite as much as our taste has

  27. Matt Swartz

    Matt Swartz

    6 dagen geleden

    The solar system is neat. But the toilet paper supply is awesome!

  28. Nick Brodziak

    Nick Brodziak

    6 dagen geleden

    You two, and your children, are beautiful. God bless you all. It's very touching to me, to watch you interact with each other, your kids, and the animals. You give me hope for mankind.😊

  29. On foot

    On foot

    6 dagen geleden

    I love the video thank you the video is very entertaining and inspiring

  30. Brandon Knight

    Brandon Knight

    6 dagen geleden

    What do those batteries weigh like 25lbs?

    • Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      6 dagen geleden


  31. Mellifluous Fable

    Mellifluous Fable

    6 dagen geleden

    Imagine living across from these two and needing to borrow a tool. "I don't suppose you've got a.." Josh - "I've got every model they've ever made from 1982 up to present day - which colour do you want?" 😌

  32. Fenn Latham

    Fenn Latham

    6 dagen geleden

    Yes Yes Yes to the electrical work, you've made me curious enough to want to work as an electrician in the future. Lots of love from the UK

  33. craig limon

    craig limon

    6 dagen geleden

    Love the narration summary.

  34. Forever Evolving

    Forever Evolving

    6 dagen geleden

    I'm working full time and living in a tent in the desert of Arizona with only a 15 watt and a 7 watt panel and a 400 watt inverter. Lol. Works for me.

  35. Neb Radojkovic

    Neb Radojkovic

    6 dagen geleden

    I love you all!

  36. Sid Dean

    Sid Dean

    7 dagen geleden

    you can tell a commercial electrician is in the house !! Unistrut can do anything w prior planning. Congrats

  37. Michael Lewis

    Michael Lewis

    7 dagen geleden

    Somewhere I missed swapping out the Tesla batteries that were originally there.

    • hsm_ epic_return

      hsm_ epic_return

      5 dagen geleden

      Yes you did.

  38. Rodney Noseworthy

    Rodney Noseworthy

    7 dagen geleden

    Josh must of found it so hard doing all that work without his channel lock pliers! Let’s see if it can last. Lol!

  39. Adam Maina

    Adam Maina

    7 dagen geleden

    You are a great inspiration. You are so driven and resolute and yet you do everything so cheerfully. Your children are growing up with great memories imprinted in their minds. I can only compare you to Gridlessness channel in Canada. Just a quick question for you seeing that you are a very knowledgeable electrician. Is there a particular reason why you chose Simpliphi batteries over Discover AES 7.2KWh?

  40. Бахтияр Азизов

    Бахтияр Азизов

    7 dagen geleden

    Молодцы!!! Вы супер!!!

  41. Brian Boykin

    Brian Boykin

    7 dagen geleden

    *The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 signed December 27, 2020, provided a two-year extension of the Investment Tax Credit for solar.

  42. mmanut


    7 dagen geleden

    Please, break down the system. That is very interesting. Thank You, Vinny 🇺🇸

  43. Zonis


    7 dagen geleden

    Where do you purchase your solar panels?

  44. life after death

    life after death

    7 dagen geleden

    So... did it work or not?

    • Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      7 dagen geleden

      In the video we tall about how the set up does not work because we are adding 20 new panels that will result in us bringing in 3x the power. So the entire set up needs to be reconfigured with added components and a new layout. Everything in the power house had to come down

  45. Rebel Yell

    Rebel Yell

    7 dagen geleden

    Probably too late but would love to see/hear: 1. full wiring video 2. Calculation on # of charge controllers 3. Calculation of amps to batteries and how you make sure that is not too high with multiple controllers.

  46. marie demick

    marie demick

    7 dagen geleden

    You two are such a beautiful couple💛❤

  47. The Arizona Homestead Project

    The Arizona Homestead Project

    8 dagen geleden

    yes, more details

  48. Tony S

    Tony S

    8 dagen geleden

    Cute couple

  49. brennan mcfarlane

    brennan mcfarlane

    8 dagen geleden

    How much was the hole kit .

  50. Jerm k

    Jerm k

    8 dagen geleden

    If you don't mind me asking, What do yall do for income?

  51. Reza Ghoroby

    Reza Ghoroby

    8 dagen geleden

    Thank you Josh and Erin and I love you guys and I love your video as always . God bless you all and be safe , healthy all family together be happy .

  52. Kevin


    8 dagen geleden

    Any chance you guys can start posting videos on Rumble too?

    • Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      8 dagen geleden

      Yes! We are already there 😊 We recently joined as "wildwonderfuloffgrid" and are working on uploading all our content. Once our original content is all uploaded we will start including our new videos. Hope to see you there!

  53. Tabitha Propst

    Tabitha Propst

    8 dagen geleden

    I'm so glad I came across your channel. Especially since you're so close to home.. I saw you's at Walmart awhile back but didn't want to invade your privacy. I love watching your videos! -Erin, your editing skills are on point and have improved tremendously! Great job!

  54. Don Martin

    Don Martin

    8 dagen geleden

    Do you post on other platforms such as Rumble or GAB? I really enjoy your content but will be deleting NLcameras soon.

    • Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      8 dagen geleden

      Hi Don! We recently joined Rumble and have started to upload our videos there. Our Rumble name is the same as our name here but that platform doesn't use spaces- wildwonderfuloffgrid So far we only have the very first 5 or 6 but we will be steadily uploading all of our content there and once we are caught up to "today" we will begin uploading our new content. We hope to see you over there! Thanks for supporting our channel here on YT while you were on the platform 😊

  55. Clyde baker

    Clyde baker

    8 dagen geleden

    OMG he's not using channel locks ! I swear I didn't think he knew how to use sockets and a ratchet. Lol

  56. Roger Decker

    Roger Decker

    8 dagen geleden

    You have wonderful commentary and writing. I thoroughly enjoy listening to you throughout the videos you make. You should think about writing a book about your life and your adventures with Josh. I have a journalism degree and your voice and writing are some of the best I've heard. thank you for what you do.

  57. Floyd Seaton

    Floyd Seaton

    9 dagen geleden

    I noticed the use of sockets early in the video and wondered if the channel locks were lost, thanks for the info at the end.

  58. Productivityist


    9 dagen geleden

    Thanks so much for the kind words about my Skillshare class, Erin! Glad that what I shared in that class has helped you... - Mike Vardy aka "The Productivityist"

    • Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      9 dagen geleden

      Woah so cool to see you here on our channel! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for putting together such a great class!

  59. mark davis

    mark davis

    9 dagen geleden

    Yes, I would like to see a detail build out of your upgraded system.

  60. Tommy Nikon

    Tommy Nikon

    9 dagen geleden

    Interesting.....250+ people who think they're electricians. I think they have some wiring loose.

  61. Art Vanderhoff

    Art Vanderhoff

    9 dagen geleden

    wondering if you ever looked at wind as a supplement during bad days?

  62. Mônica Andréia Da Silva

    Mônica Andréia Da Silva

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    Traduz please 💓🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  63. flyover news

    flyover news

    9 dagen geleden

    Surely the ceiling in that building has joists you could have tied to and supported the batteries. A lot simpler than the brackets.... just saying

  64. علي عباس

    علي عباس

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    هل ممكن الترجمه عربي

  65. Diffuse Gaming

    Diffuse Gaming

    9 dagen geleden

    well atleast know where all the toilet paper is! jk - great build!

  66. ateamofone


    9 dagen geleden

    What are your thought on a windmill.

  67. Maggie Vedrenne

    Maggie Vedrenne

    9 dagen geleden

    It's really great too the both of you too laughing and smiling together. It's really wonderful.

  68. Jeff Eastman

    Jeff Eastman

    9 dagen geleden

    Josh moves REALLY fast when he’s doing electrical work, but still explains everything in detail... you can tell that he absolutely knows what he’s doing. Great work.

  69. jamesstar8876


    9 dagen geleden

    당신은 아내에게 힘든일을 시키군요. 하지만 아내가 너무 아름다워서 부럽다.



    9 dagen geleden

    very cool ... happiness for your family ... I'm from Kazakhstan ... do you know about Kazakhstan? 👏👏👏

  71. Dragan Savić

    Dragan Savić

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    ❤️👍 Serbia

  72. Joe Biz

    Joe Biz

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    My favorite family. Ur awesome.

  73. Mike C

    Mike C

    9 dagen geleden

    Yes, would love to see as much detail on the set up as you can show!

  74. Jeff Tucker

    Jeff Tucker

    9 dagen geleden

    nice video editing, which one of you does it?

  75. Terri Diemert

    Terri Diemert

    9 dagen geleden

    GREAT show guys, really informative. 👍👍💪

  76. Kirkuleas


    9 dagen geleden

    Please go into more detail been waiting for more electrical work

  77. AnUnstableGuy


    9 dagen geleden

    Kudos to Josh for offering 3 hours of explanation in just 22 minutes for my simple mind to understand. Need more Chuck screen time pls.

  78. Seth Blankenship

    Seth Blankenship

    9 dagen geleden

    Great video y’all... quickly becoming my new favorite channel.

  79. pm6550


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    You didn't tell us the specs to the new solar system? please tell us :)

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    Football Player Game GAMERPTY

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  81. Michael Jr Ladouceur

    Michael Jr Ladouceur

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  82. Michael Jr Ladouceur

    Michael Jr Ladouceur

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    I like your NLcameras channel

  83. Kevin Kemp

    Kevin Kemp

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    Danilo Lima

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    r r

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    David Bonde

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    musa hamud

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    Earl Snapp

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  91. Cathy Storrier

    Cathy Storrier

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    Claralidia Velazquez

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  93. Sherry Clune

    Sherry Clune

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    I bought nearly the same setup from AltE, also. It's perfect timing for me to watch you guys install this. Thanks!

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  95. Northstar Prepsteader

    Northstar Prepsteader

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    Wow, all the different skills you needed for building a house! Did you know electricity before you built?

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    William Ellis

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