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2020 Audi RS6 Avant vs Chris Harris | Top Gear: Series 29

This series has seen a fair amount of luxury supercars up to now, so it's high time Chris Harris reviews a sensible, dog-friendly family wagon. Albeit one capable of 190mph. It's the new Audi RS6 Avant.
Want to see how the RS6 stacks-up against the Lamborghini Urus? Watch the full rival test on Top Gear this Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.
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  1. Martin Stillman-Jones

    Martin Stillman-Jones

    6 minuten geleden

    Lets hope you don’t need replacement door mirror glass - not mirrors.....just mirror glasses. Mine were stolen but mirrors are OK. Dealer quote for repair is a staggering £2,589.78 - for 2 x mirror glass (only) ! #Audi

  2. Erum Zehra

    Erum Zehra

    9 uur geleden

    Just like carwow

  3. Omar Lucman

    Omar Lucman

    Dag geleden

    Wagons are the best, but gotta be honest here in the 3rd world our roads will break those wheels open. Only reason why SUVs (real ones not those lifted sedans) dominate the hellish roads. Station wagons will always be my the DREAM car

  4. SHIFT570


    2 dagen geleden

    BTS Question; 0:32 - 0:38 How did you guys make the ground shake like that? Dig a hole and place grass/dirt/plants on a board and hit it from below with a rubber mallet? I need answers...

  5. claudiu craciun

    claudiu craciun

    2 dagen geleden

    E63S is quicker, but the rs6 looks better... If they would give 700horses would be the ultimate avant car!

  6. Subodh Khanal

    Subodh Khanal

    3 dagen geleden

    Nice Rolex Chris!

  7. A A

    A A

    3 dagen geleden

    Where can we watch the full episode?

  8. Fernando Freitas

    Fernando Freitas

    3 dagen geleden

    Great best avant ever Audi RS6 ultimate family car

  9. sam castro

    sam castro

    3 dagen geleden

    Chris Harris will love anything that goes sideways with ease

  10. K B

    K B

    4 dagen geleden

    All car journalists rave about estate/wagon cars. They NEVER mention the down sides. I've used many of them for mini cabbing and have first hand experience on what they are like to live with. 1. Noisy. The road noise comes through the cabin, in fact it acts like an amplifier. The cover flaps about. You can never have the window open while driving because the cover noise becomes unbearable. 2. The back is ALWAYS caked in grime. You can wash your car and ten miles later it looks like crap. 3. You look like a grandad. 4. All smells come through to the cabin. You can't have a petrol/ desiel can (even empty) because the cabin will stink of fuel. Pair of old boots or trainers, forget it. 5. Longer in length means harder to find parking space. 6. Floaty ride. Suspension is designed to be fully loaded so unloaded the ride is dreadful. Yes, great when you need to carry something big, but most of the time they are horrible. Hire a van instead of getting an estate car. All estate car are HATEFUL vehicles!!

  11. Igor Freitas

    Igor Freitas

    4 dagen geleden


  12. SOUL CAR


    4 dagen geleden


  13. karthikeyan Rajendiran

    karthikeyan Rajendiran

    5 dagen geleden

    Does the car really does that sound when it the boost is at its max. I would love that feature if it is true. 0.50sec

  14. Lanre Oladejo

    Lanre Oladejo

    5 dagen geleden

    Looks how Tiny Chris appears in the driver’s seat.

  15. John Candy

    John Candy

    5 dagen geleden

    Boring... Boring... Boring...

  16. Ce Opbed

    Ce Opbed

    6 dagen geleden

    Nobody say you are doing bad but you are tring to be lika old top gear which it is impossible. Try something new.

  17. Pierre Alvarez

    Pierre Alvarez

    6 dagen geleden

    This new RS6 is bland, engine sound is crap, high revs feel like you're driving a VW. Interior feels like cheap made platic parts. The C7 was much more enjoyable.

  18. florin Radu

    florin Radu

    6 dagen geleden

    I will definitely take an X3 or X5 competition in style 😎, much better in everything. Mr Harris haw much audi pay you to say those bulshitttttt words?????

  19. RAY NL

    RAY NL

    7 dagen geleden

    It makes me sad that Chris is involved in this crap. I loved his old own channel and I loved his work for EVO and Autocar. This looks like a fake Chris Harris to me. The constant cuts and millennial editing makes it unwatchable for me.

  20. mayorofthenonsense


    7 dagen geleden

    I hate Top Gear. Why can’t it just be Chris Harris driving the car and talking about it? Why the stupid music and camera angles?

  21. mao at

    mao at

    7 dagen geleden

  22. Julien O

    Julien O

    7 dagen geleden

    Ok I want a familly now!

  23. Bruno Drawings

    Bruno Drawings

    7 dagen geleden

    But its the slowest in the competition

  24. djw nakata

    djw nakata

    7 dagen geleden

    Half the weight and half the power would be a lot more fun I reckon, hire a van when you need to transport things with the change out of £90k.

  25. Bradley Bishop

    Bradley Bishop

    7 dagen geleden

    Ultimate car!

  26. Holymoly s

    Holymoly s

    7 dagen geleden

    Audi has come a long way

  27. Xx abcderhasistimc xX X

    Xx abcderhasistimc xX X

    8 dagen geleden

    The new Top Gear is so boring and shit same time

  28. John Smalldridge

    John Smalldridge

    8 dagen geleden

    Make your kids puke up their last meal handling!

  29. Nicholas Ringhof

    Nicholas Ringhof

    8 dagen geleden

    Nothing comes near a Bavarian V8.

  30. NEWcars UA

    NEWcars UA

    8 dagen geleden

    come to my channel ...

  31. Vitalii Panfilov

    Vitalii Panfilov

    8 dagen geleden


  32. Jacek Mis

    Jacek Mis

    8 dagen geleden

    You gonna need a lot of changes to Secure well your stuff inside 😂👍

  33. Blk Pig

    Blk Pig

    8 dagen geleden

    Nice one Chris!

  34. timmy


    8 dagen geleden


  35. GSA


    9 dagen geleden

    Sliding midget

  36. BiggDogg 816

    BiggDogg 816

    9 dagen geleden

    Harris needs his own Gig again! Stat!!!

  37. Paoby Obounou

    Paoby Obounou

    9 dagen geleden

    My son is going to be smiling, not my wife

  38. Carl Thornton jr

    Carl Thornton jr

    9 dagen geleden

    Love the RS6.

  39. Ghost13 C.T.K.

    Ghost13 C.T.K.

    9 dagen geleden

    I'm off to try and find some Blake's 7. See ya...! 👻🙏😷

  40. Jogle


    9 dagen geleden

    this is controversial but I actually like this current version of top gear. obviously it's not as good as the original but i think if i forget OG top gear and ask how does this hold up, I quite enjoy it. If you can't stand this version just go and watch the grand tour. And in fairness it has had moments that have made my die of laughter like the original. like paddy's back wheels falling off or in this latest episode him getting dragged underneath the water when he attempts to water ski. Flintoff has little gags and whatnot that are just funny and he has a bit of car knowledge to back it up and as most of the comment section says, harris is just great.

  41. Peter Battle

    Peter Battle

    9 dagen geleden

    Is Chris Harris getting smaller?

  42. Bobby Brew

    Bobby Brew

    9 dagen geleden

    I share the same opinion of Shite Ugly Vehicles as Chris Harris. Performance estates all the way.

  43. Be Offensive

    Be Offensive

    9 dagen geleden

    Horribly ugly..would love to see the sedan

  44. Róbert Sás

    Róbert Sás

    9 dagen geleden

    People need to get on with the old trio subject. None of the new presenters intended to replace Clarkson and the rest. I'm a massive fan of the old top gear but things changing..there is always old content to watch. Personally I enjoy the new Top gear, made me laugh

  45. sergio govani

    sergio govani

    9 dagen geleden

    Not a fast car wach drag race on CARWOW last car on drag

  46. drsupremo88


    9 dagen geleden

    The editing as always top notch

  47. Bert Brys

    Bert Brys

    9 dagen geleden

    The man driving the car seems to having hair, or am i mistaken?

  48. Abraham Samuel

    Abraham Samuel

    10 dagen geleden

    Drifting with whole family in the car, 5 minutes later cleaning up their vomit. Audi knows their customers too well

  49. Nacho Nachete

    Nacho Nachete

    10 dagen geleden

    I miss the Clarkson, May and Hamond years....

  50. Silently Sceptical

    Silently Sceptical

    10 dagen geleden

    Nice Audi RS6 Avant advert, featuring the awesome Chris Harris. The BBC had better get used to making these when nobody has to pay a licence fee.

  51. Lebogang Mangena

    Lebogang Mangena

    10 dagen geleden

    This guy can skid any car I tell you

  52. h hr

    h hr

    10 dagen geleden

  53. cupko1986


    10 dagen geleden

    The car barely went sideways and you got Chris Harris behind the wheel, something is wrong there 🤔

  54. Jase 87

    Jase 87

    10 dagen geleden

    Paddy is making Top Gear unwatchable for me. Tell him to stop shouting and calm down.

  55. Michael Ov

    Michael Ov

    10 dagen geleden

    why is it so ugly

  56. Muzammel Haque Mukul

    Muzammel Haque Mukul

    10 dagen geleden

    Is it faster than E63s?

  57. Hassan Azam

    Hassan Azam

    10 dagen geleden

    Does he really have to have his watch visible? So crass

  58. Francis Coop

    Francis Coop

    10 dagen geleden

    It's becoming all too clear that these brief clips posted ahead of each weeks Sunday broadcast of the current format of TOP GEAR are actually the only few minutes within the 60 minute timeslot that's worth watching.....please just ditch Chris Harris's childish side kicks - stop the rehash of previous episodes when the other Trio were at the helm in the vein attempt to capture past glories ('Car versus Fighter Jet' and 'Road Test of three Super Cars from your Childhood' are just a couple of recent but all too frequent sad examples....) and just create some original programming......

  59. Add - J

    Add - J

    10 dagen geleden

    Yes! Another Chris Harris video! We all like Chris! The rest are all meh

  60. piffiiiiiiit


    10 dagen geleden

    Did Hyundai have some leftover i30n front ends?

  61. TheGrandTour08 BMW08

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08

    10 dagen geleden


  62. Down Shifts

    Down Shifts

    10 dagen geleden

    Can we have his full review on it pls?



    10 dagen geleden

    The over editing of this video gave me autism.

  64. Robin Hunter

    Robin Hunter

    10 dagen geleden

    My Lotto win blue though.

  65. Etienne Laine

    Etienne Laine

    10 dagen geleden

    Anyone know where I can buy that jacket?

  66. Hoonatic Bloggs

    Hoonatic Bloggs

    10 dagen geleden

    You just know it’s gonna bankrupt you the moment the warranty runs out

  67. Anton


    10 dagen geleden

    I’ll take an M5 over this.

    • Nathan Manning

      Nathan Manning

      10 dagen geleden

      Personally I’d take the Audi because I think it looks better but the M5 is definitely faster.

  68. xl xxl

    xl xxl

    10 dagen geleden

    Chris harris porsche gt3 rally car TEST DRİVE OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LİNK Porsche gt2 rs and gt3 There is no better car than these two on the world

  69. Tshenollo Maunye

    Tshenollo Maunye

    10 dagen geleden

    Chris Harris is G O T. How do you slide Audi's Quattro?

  70. Hervé Chretien

    Hervé Chretien

    10 dagen geleden

    Let’s enjoy these family super cars before CO2 regs simply kill them and we will all be driving Renault Zoes 😟

  71. Stephen R

    Stephen R

    10 dagen geleden

    Only Chris could drift a Quattro...

  72. SubMan65


    10 dagen geleden

    Chris +RS6 + Non date Sub = Boom

  73. Cha Ga

    Cha Ga

    10 dagen geleden

    Never liked estates but this best here is changing my mind

  74. Nick C

    Nick C

    10 dagen geleden

    So glad estate cars are still being made. Sick of seeing school run suvs all over the road.

  75. baldrick650


    10 dagen geleden

    Such a shame that Chris Harris finally made it to Top Gear, when no one wants to watch it anymore

  76. Dhruv Singh

    Dhruv Singh

    10 dagen geleden

    this is why i am an audi fanboy lmao

  77. Ketan Sharma

    Ketan Sharma

    10 dagen geleden Jeremy Clarkson funny moments

  78. PROCESSOR302


    10 dagen geleden

    This car will get you and your family into A&E very quickly indeed.

  79. Najeeb Sheikh

    Najeeb Sheikh

    10 dagen geleden

    Can we, umm, hear the actual engine sounds? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  80. ΒΞΔΝ


    10 dagen geleden

    Havent they made this Avant beast since the 90's? Why is everyone acting like this powerful wagon is a new concept?

  81. Gustavo Probst

    Gustavo Probst

    10 dagen geleden

    Still much slower then the other states.... and i came out last

  82. Commander Reventon

    Commander Reventon

    11 dagen geleden

    Chris Harris is the only person who reminds on what Top Gear used to be.

  83. George Booth

    George Booth

    11 dagen geleden

    I would love one

  84. George Booth

    George Booth

    11 dagen geleden

    That RS6 is a beast

  85. franciscus geradus

    franciscus geradus

    11 dagen geleden

    Nice steel Rolex Chris 👌

  86. Mr Rain

    Mr Rain

    11 dagen geleden

    Actually think the new (non-hybrid) Panamera Turbo S Sport Turismo is the ultimate family car - faster, nicer interior, more desirable badge 👌

  87. theboss


    11 dagen geleden

    Tiff and Chris should make Top Gear.

  88. Luke Waring

    Luke Waring

    11 dagen geleden

    92k for an audi so i could buy ,a family car ,a super bike and a fun 2 seater roaster for the same money. Cannt see why I would want an audi.🤔

  89. thejoeyg


    11 dagen geleden

    whatever they are paying chris i feel its not enough

  90. Makgale Marcus Mathale

    Makgale Marcus Mathale

    11 dagen geleden

    Except the M5 exists.

  91. Vincent KC

    Vincent KC

    11 dagen geleden

    Is Audi finally reliable?

  92. Elliot Jackson

    Elliot Jackson

    11 dagen geleden

    Absolute dream car!!!

  93. Hatta Fadzil

    Hatta Fadzil

    11 dagen geleden

    The wheels are too big for me

  94. Fil G

    Fil G

    11 dagen geleden

    Holy s#&@ an actual car review on TG lol

  95. Damian Ka

    Damian Ka

    11 dagen geleden

    This is not Top Gear, this is Shit Gear

    • Roranger126


      11 dagen geleden

      Bottom gear

  96. Nopeus


    11 dagen geleden

    What a senseless car.

  97. abc xyz

    abc xyz

    11 dagen geleden

    Whatever they do it's a dead show

  98. VRM


    11 dagen geleden

    And still the C7 performance is much faster

  99. John Cross

    John Cross

    11 dagen geleden

    In those performance figures they should include the £90k to £20k depreciation times.



    11 dagen geleden

    But not as quick as a merc or bmw watch carwow audi have flopped big time