filming my dogs with this tiny camera

vlog by julien

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  1. Razan Alsayed

    Razan Alsayed

    Dag geleden

    Ok I’m in love with this camera. I know my shots won’t be as cool as yours but I’m very inspired by your professional videos🌼. It’s £300 tho gota save up from now 🙆🏽‍♀️

  2. Mrmeble


    Maand geleden


  3. Xander D

    Xander D

    8 maanden geleden

    vegans eatin pills for vitamins,,,,just eat the food then you dont need vitamins

    • KR


      4 maanden geleden

      Most people take vitamins...mainly non vegans lmao

  4. ravioli


    11 maanden geleden

    Bunny is the Easter bunny Kermit is the crybaby Peach is the daddy's girl Marbles is the dead one

  5. 🐋🐋🐋


    Jaar geleden

    The dynamic range is kind of garbo, anything dark is a staticky blocky mess. Understood, it has an extremely small sensor.

  6. Jackie Jones

    Jackie Jones

    Jaar geleden

    meanwhile my dumbass wants this with a wrist strap so i can film my own POVs on roller coasters

  7. Hey Its Angel

    Hey Its Angel

    Jaar geleden

    Julien:I feel pretty weak and tired ~*cuts to the them running on a treadmill at the gym*~

  8. AphyNGodiva


    Jaar geleden

    How do you get those extremely close to the ground shots, like the one with marbles at 4:07 Are you just extremely talented at bent-over shooting or do you have a tripod/selfie stick that you use? I can't bend over and walk I always end up tripping over myself!

  9. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller

    Jaar geleden

    Next dog yall get should be a french bulldog call it little Julien ♡

    • Truth Teller

      Truth Teller

      Jaar geleden

      Hilarious Stalky & Totally adorable

  10. hannah ;p

    hannah ;p

    Jaar geleden

    i cant wait until leach gets old and loses her teeth like a real cement

  11. Rat Queen

    Rat Queen

    Jaar geleden

    Can u do one where u attach it to them lol

  12. Tami Eshelman

    Tami Eshelman

    Jaar geleden

    Another tuber I watch has one as well. He personally had problems with it focusing and rooming, bc he couldn't get the settings right I guess

  13. Eleanor Ford

    Eleanor Ford

    Jaar geleden

    Julien! was the osmo also doing the sound recording for this footage??



    Jaar geleden

    Whats that nme of the camera?

  15. Effy


    Jaar geleden

    Thanks Julien! I just bought mine from Amazon. Greetings from Mexico 😊

  16. Mike Stevenson

    Mike Stevenson

    Jaar geleden

    Pretty awesome camera in such a small package! You should do more review style videos, you're good at it. P.S. Kerm was a great troll.

  17. Kayla Michelle

    Kayla Michelle

    Jaar geleden

    can you please do a video of the best beginner cameras

  18. Andy Online

    Andy Online

    Jaar geleden

    I got the camera but my phone case doesn't let it connect to my phone so does anyone know what case Jenna had on the phone at 2:20

  19. Cyn D.

    Cyn D.

    Jaar geleden

    I kinda really want Julien make a short film, I love how he edits his vlogs

  20. Summer Wachtel

    Summer Wachtel

    Jaar geleden


  21. Mo r

    Mo r

    Jaar geleden

    *yeah no thanks for the price of 599 Australian dollars!!!* how about advertising something a bit cheaper for those of us who don't have your daily allowance please and thankyou 😂

  22. christa janes

    christa janes

    Jaar geleden

    How are you vegan while eating chicken and dairy products?

  23. Katie Bearr

    Katie Bearr

    Jaar geleden

    OMG BIG MOOD I went vegan a few months ago and people always wanna talk to me about how vegans cant get all their nutrients and I'm like yeah but a fucking hamburger and fries is a balanced meal???

  24. Jose Pablo Treviño O.

    Jose Pablo Treviño O.

    Jaar geleden

    Wow, I need this 😍 but I don't got the money so yeah...😔

  25. Tiffany Hammon

    Tiffany Hammon

    Jaar geleden

    Does the link have a coupon code with it?

  26. Teeny Dragon

    Teeny Dragon

    Jaar geleden

    Does anyone know what that outro song is?!

  27. AmazingJane


    Jaar geleden

    3:06 I feel personally attacked

  28. Shania Unitato

    Shania Unitato

    Jaar geleden

    The way Jenna says "ah shit" in this video gives me life.

  29. Yzabelle Delosreyes

    Yzabelle Delosreyes

    Jaar geleden

    please please please make more videos with the osmo. i got one myself and i would love to see more of what you create with it

  30. Elksin_93


    Jaar geleden

    I want it but it's over $300 so idk man 😂 Maybe when I actually have a job I'll invest

  31. Machond


    Jaar geleden

    you use so much tech im still surprised you dont do more reviews

  32. Jack Drummond

    Jack Drummond

    Jaar geleden

    i don’t do any cinematography or anything but i still find these types of videos pretty interesting

  33. Virginia Joy

    Virginia Joy

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna is Right-eye-dominant. What an utterly useless fact that I now know...

  34. Kai Davis

    Kai Davis

    Jaar geleden

    more dogs pls

  35. Sandvich Man

    Sandvich Man

    Jaar geleden


  36. Brittney Herrington

    Brittney Herrington

    Jaar geleden

    Im not a vegan but your tea is so true!!! Some people just have a hard time with things they don't understand 🤷

  37. Aries


    Jaar geleden

    ugh julien's vlogs are so therapeutic, i love it so much

  38. Soul Sounds

    Soul Sounds

    Jaar geleden

    Hey Julien, how did you create standing/sitting desks for you and Jenna? I've been looking at some of the office supply stores and not finding anything good. What did you use, dude? Thanks!!

  39. Millie Cedillo

    Millie Cedillo

    Jaar geleden

    This was great, could you show us your computer?

  40. Apollo


    Jaar geleden

    Wow those footages are beautiful

  41. GabbyAUBY


    Jaar geleden

    if it wasnt $599 probably

  42. Ms. Laika The Husky

    Ms. Laika The Husky

    Jaar geleden

    Interesting camera, love the size and the quality of the shots are really decent. 💯

  43. Monster Kid Radio

    Monster Kid Radio

    Jaar geleden

    Turns out this OSMO camera won't connect to my Samsung Android phone. :( Of course, I didn't find this out until after I bought it.

  44. Lizzie Liz

    Lizzie Liz

    Jaar geleden

    I don't know why but you reminded me of past man bun Julien in this video 😂😂😂💛

  45. Slippery Shrimps

    Slippery Shrimps

    Jaar geleden

    Julien has dad energy

  46. hannah harless

    hannah harless

    Jaar geleden

    I really like this video it’s so helpful and informative!! I don’t know anything about cameras and you explained the pros of this one really well

  47. kelsie j

    kelsie j

    Jaar geleden

    just got mine for Christmas because of this video! please make more using this camera or a tutorial plzzzzzzz

  48. Wolfferoni


    Jaar geleden

    Those vitamins aren't even much. Like, most women need iron supplements because periods, B12 is given to animals which omnivores eat so they don't think they're supplementing but they are, people take omega 3 for brain health, and zinc is something anyone can take for the cold even though I'm not sure that either omega 3 or zinc are proven to have much of an effect. Doesn't hurt to take it if you can afford it. The only supplement vegans need is B12. Other stuff depends on the person. Swallowing pills doesn't make me wanna vom but I have a fear of choking on them.

  49. L K

    L K

    Jaar geleden

    i really love editing and i don’t do it at all now that I’ve graduated from film school but i want to get back into it and i have nothing to film but myself so im thinking of starting a youtube channel so i can practice my editing and be more confident as well. bc of your experience with this camera and its size and quality for a pretty reasonable price (as long as i don’t eat taco bell for a few months) I think im gonna invest. your vlogs are always so nice to watch even if nothing super thrilling is going on but just the way you hold the camera is so natural I feel like I’m talking to u over facetime and that’s kind of what i want to do too. thank u julien for inspiring me to tap back into my creativity and for showing us how this lil bad boy works xoxo

  50. Jeanny Telleria

    Jeanny Telleria

    Jaar geleden

    hey Julien solomita , my friend Jonathan is really hoping to get your attention. He's trying to do something special for a friend of his and he's sent you details on Instagram and tagged you on twitter hoping together we can get ahold of you and make something special happen for the holidays!

  51. DarKrow_


    Jaar geleden

    Shout out to Lil_Lexi at 6:09

  52. Forgotten Angel

    Forgotten Angel

    Jaar geleden

    Lol Jenna. My puppy loves to lay on my blanket and I will literally give her all the blanket and be cold before I would let her be uncomfortable. So I get you!

  53. MD_Mule


    Jaar geleden

    I love y’all and the dogs but Kermit looks like a deformed ostrich

  54. Carlee Kime

    Carlee Kime

    Jaar geleden

    the people at DJI are fucking wizards what the hell i want one

  55. Sophia


    Jaar geleden

    Marbles vlog camera💖

  56. Alyssa


    Jaar geleden

    I don't even know if you'll even see this comment now, but question about the camera! Is it user-friendly enough that an older person (i.e. my dad) could figure out how to use it? Or is it too technical? I might want to get it for him for Christmas, maybe, but don't want to if he can't figure it out.

  57. Sydney Martinez

    Sydney Martinez

    2 jaar geleden

    I hate to break it to you dad but you sponsored as hell

  58. naty214


    2 jaar geleden

    tape that camera to your dogs please. *a dog's life tour*

  59. Sammie J Shaw

    Sammie J Shaw

    2 jaar geleden

    Vegans be popping pills like ...

  60. Vlogs by Thomas

    Vlogs by Thomas

    2 jaar geleden

    OMG Julien your cinematography is so amzing on point. Thanks for your vlogs :-)

  61. Sahda


    2 jaar geleden

    300 dollars?! I want it😭 why do i have to be so broke

  62. Lauren Lewis

    Lauren Lewis

    2 jaar geleden

    is that the raw audio or did you use a mic

  63. Karen Galiano

    Karen Galiano

    2 jaar geleden

    i will never not be amazed at julien’s eye he’s a major inspiration

  64. tashadoll22


    2 jaar geleden

    I was totally interested in this lil' guy but..... DAS EXPENSIVE

  65. Jaime Garner

    Jaime Garner

    2 jaar geleden

    This is like an updated version of the old Flip Video cameras. I like it, the video quality is pretty great.

  66. Guinevere Pendragon

    Guinevere Pendragon

    2 jaar geleden

    This tiny camera + a waterproof case would be AMAZING! That quality tho

  67. Adela Malina Dragut

    Adela Malina Dragut

    2 jaar geleden


  68. Brazen Hussy

    Brazen Hussy

    2 jaar geleden

    WHERE DID YOU GET THE D GUMMY?? I have to take extra D but I’m pregnant and it’s super hard to take any swallow pills with out vomming. I’ve looked at like four places and didn’t find any D

  69. Beccination


    2 jaar geleden

    come at us with those awesome product reviews!

  70. Shana Leigh

    Shana Leigh

    2 jaar geleden

    I really want this camera. Who wants to give me a Christmas present? lol

  71. Tuel


    2 jaar geleden

    That camera is almost 400 dollars bb i get paid 8.25 bb i cant afford

  72. TheBinarySon


    2 jaar geleden

    Vegans are still inferior. And I don't eat lunchables.

  73. Ariana's World

    Ariana's World

    2 jaar geleden

    Jenna’s tea is so true

  74. Gin Sims

    Gin Sims

    2 jaar geleden

    So can the Osmo connect to Galaxy S9? Or is it just iPhone??

  75. Rose Oswin

    Rose Oswin

    2 jaar geleden

    I'm getting a job. I need this.

  76. sydney jade spracklen

    sydney jade spracklen

    2 jaar geleden

    Apparently taking iron and zinc counter act each other

  77. theycallmedudaa


    2 jaar geleden

    Kitchen troooooooollll

  78. Bropollo


    2 jaar geleden

    Anyone know where to get a vegan/vegatarian Non-heme Iron supplement? For real I cant find some anywhere

  79. greygohst


    2 jaar geleden

    totally unrelated, but i get so happy every time i see jenna's bob ross painting in the background

  80. Samantha P

    Samantha P

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien your vlogs always catch me in the feels.

  81. Alyssa Brown-Carleton

    Alyssa Brown-Carleton

    2 jaar geleden

    A trick for taking pills: take a mouth full of water then put your pill in your mouth and swallow. It helps me so much

  82. TRS Cubes

    TRS Cubes

    2 jaar geleden

    Were you paid to do this?!

  83. Bruna Goulart

    Bruna Goulart

    2 jaar geleden

    damn your vlogs keep getting better every day man...

  84. Leticia Curumaco

    Leticia Curumaco

    2 jaar geleden

    Omg i need this

  85. Melissa Lykins

    Melissa Lykins

    2 jaar geleden

    2:55 Fucking teaaaa bitch. Lol, I converted to a vegetarian diet thanks to you guys and my dad hates it lol. I'm from a small town, so it's not very common but people kill me with their comments sometimes. Anywho, I found out I was pregnant a couple months ago (Dink Fam is going to have a new addition OH MY GAWD) and thought about filming some of the process and that little camera would be perfect! Thanks for the review, I've gotta try it! Love you guys! ❤️

    • Melissa Lykins

      Melissa Lykins

      2 jaar geleden

      Look into the small drone DJI just released, a review or look into how to use it would be pretty cool!

  86. Hannah E.

    Hannah E.

    2 jaar geleden

    You should buy a bunch of cameras from wish and review them

  87. Greenjeans


    2 jaar geleden

    "The Office" commercial music at the furniture store.

  88. Chickpea Pasta

    Chickpea Pasta

    2 jaar geleden

    That’s a super cool little camera! I don’t film things but I like watching other people talking about filming and editing.

  89. Really Mikki

    Really Mikki

    2 jaar geleden

    It's so cool and super cheap for the quality of this camera . Decent vlog camera are known to be 800-1110 usd. Definitely a great camera for beginner vloggers and for any vloggers really on the go. No one always wants to carry a heavy vlogging camera around or have shaky phone vlogs . I totally recommend this as well .

  90. JoeWest


    2 jaar geleden

    Why are you taking all those very specific vitamins? Do you have a iron deficiency and the others the same because I was a vegan until I couldn't do to health reasons and all I took was a multi and the rest I got from the food I ate

  91. MayaWilson


    2 jaar geleden

    am I the only one who fckn dies from the way they say kermit

  92. Tory LeBourdais

    Tory LeBourdais

    2 jaar geleden

    he should plug that in the living room and just have it record so that way we can hear Kermits whining in a day like they always say he does (totally believe you btw)

  93. soup


    2 jaar geleden

    kitchen troll

  94. BB Barrios

    BB Barrios

    2 jaar geleden

    You guys make my life better also Julian I have IBD I’m vegan gluten free to cuz if it

  95. Emily Connell

    Emily Connell

    2 jaar geleden

    The camera looks cool, but I’m not about to drop $350 on a camera that’s the size of my hand lmao

  96. cgi.vampire


    2 jaar geleden

    Could you do more videos talking about your tech gear and your recommendations? I really enjoyed getting a "julien" glimpse into this camera & would love to see more videos (maybe with more dialogue about pros/cons too)!

  97. Estmos Mos

    Estmos Mos

    2 jaar geleden

    Can your dogs do agility?

  98. aliece brianne

    aliece brianne

    2 jaar geleden

    This camera probably costs more than my tuition

  99. Chelle Eve

    Chelle Eve

    2 jaar geleden

    Osmo.. = OStrich MOtion .. I get it now lmao

  100. Gigi


    2 jaar geleden

    I love the video and I definitely need that camera 😅